The 15 Best Air Purifier For Pets: Product Reviews and Buying Guide

Unwanted pet odor is one of the problems dealt with by most pet owners. Bathing your pets may not be enough to freshen up the indoor for the next cuddles.
Quality and best air purifiers for pets are necessary to eliminate the small particles causing bad odor. Let us take you to everything you need to know about the said pet essential throughout this post!

Indoor air is sometimes more polluted than the air outdoor, especially in owning pets. Some people are sensitive to odor produced by pets, leading to allergic reactions. Pets bring in airborne germs they might get outdoors, which results in poor air quality.

The good news is you can clear up the air you breathe day and night by investing in an air purifier safe for pets. Options will be shown later on for you to choose from.

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What to Consider in Buying an Air Purifier for Pets?

Getting rid of invisible allergens in the air is very difficult without using particular tools. There will always be dust left around your home right after a thorough cleaning, and that is a real deal.
Owning multiple pets is a plus not to achieve pure air indoors. The above tools help to restore fresh air all-day inside our homes.

Before you proceed to any air purifier’s buying step, you should read an easy buying guide to get the right product for you.

Below is a list of factors to consider in choosing which air cleaner to buy online or in physical stores.

  • Budget – Prepare a budget for buying an air purifier for your pet, as it costs higher than you think of. The high price is reasonable for its performance and usage. However, getting the best air purifier will still not break the bank. Choose reputable brands to ensure the best quality tool. Extra costs will be demanded later on for electricity and filter replacement, so better prepare for it. Keep an eye on the warranties offered to save up money for other uses.
  • Unit Size – Check the room’s size to put the air purifier and then decide the size of the product you will buy. This ensures all things will be set properly and so works best for the pets. Sometimes manufacturers are not giving real information about the size; that is why you need not rely on what you just read. If you prefer a bulkier air purifier, you may choose to buy older models that take a lot of space around the house. A product with a 1 per square foot of the house CADR rating is highly advisable. Always pick an air purifier that can cover up a large area.
  • Design – Not all air purifiers come with the same look. So, you can pick an air filter that will suit your home décor perfectly. They also come in various sizes, as discussed in the former. The tool is also available in many colors to complement any indoor design.
  • Filter Technology – An air purifier will never work without using filter technologies all through the operation. There are three types of filters that most brands incorporate into the product. It includes the following.
  • Pre-filters – Larger particles are being trapped by the pre-filters upon reaching its other parts. It may include the pet’s hair, dust, and other particles that may cause air purifiers clogging.
  • Carbon Filters – This filter type is responsible for eliminating unwanted smells indoor, including your pet’s odor. It helps to remove harmful gases and protect the household from inhaling them.
  • HEPA filters – Other than the bad odor and large particles are those microscopic allergens, which may trigger severe health problems. The most common particle that a HEPA filter deals with is the pet dander. It brings awful odor inside the house together with dust mites, mold, and pollen particles. Some brands do not include real HEPA filters you can be aware of. A HEPA filter can catch up to 0.3 microns of particles in the air. On the other hand, non-HEPA filters only capture 2.5 microns of particles, a lot bigger than with HEPA filter. Also, other air purifiers use extra ways to eliminate airborne germs. Some use UV lights, ionizers, or other technologies like plasma to remove bad odors. Others also put anti-bacterial agents on the filters to be more effective.
  • Odor and Temperature Control – The odor of your pet’s dander must be excluded by your selected air purifier to say its effectiveness for odor control. What’s more, it is its ability to control the indoor temperature at all times. These controls must work together for the betterment of your pets.
  • Noise Level – If you plan to place the air purifier in a room, the noise level should be considered. Even though all air filters normally make noise, there are some with quieter performance than the others. No worries, as air purifiers only produce white-noise, tolerated by humans and pets. More advanced models allow volume adjustments as they operate at different sound levels at various times of the day.
  • Light Indicators – Time will come when the filter requires a filter replacement and so light indicators warn you about such. The replacement process will happen every three months.

Reviews: Best Air Purifiers for Pets

below are some of our top favorites when it comes to Air Purifiers for Pets;

  • To top the list of the best air purifier for your pet is a 3-stage standard designed air purifier. It comes with a true HEPA filter and a carbon-based pre-filter at a reasonable price. A year of warranty is offered to the buyer. It can cover up to 360 square feet, whether in a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.
  • The 3-stage air purifier is equipped with an AOC carbon filter, a true HEPA filter, and Plasma Wave technology. They work together to eliminate small to large particles produced by pets indoors. It performs ionization to destroy pollutants in the air by producing positive and negative ions into plasma.
  • It has four fan speeds, from low to turbo speed levels. The speed level could be adjusted through manual operation. Low to medium speed levels allow silent cleaning of air while the remaining levels are for maximum cleaning and airflow. On the other hand, smart sensors are present to monitor the air condition consistently and then automatically adjust the speed, if necessary.
  • It also has a sleep mode that results in a dimmer light and fan speed adjustment not to disturb sleep. The cleaning operation will be just so quiet during rest hours.
  • The filter will last for a year, which requires being cleaned every three months. A filter replacement indicator LED will illuminate in times of change.

  • This one is for middle-sized spaces but can cover up to 361 square feet of a room. It is sleek in design and perfect for the living room. The product’s cost is very affordable for pet owners to pay for.
  • Mighty Air Purifier features a four-stage filtration process with a vital ion system. It produces an electrochemical reaction to reduce harmful particles in the air. It has a washable pre-filter for better cleaning performance. The deodorization filter is a plus in maintaining good odor indoors. A true HEPA filter is also included to achieve a 99.97% germs-free air.
  • There are three manual mode fan speeds that will automatically alter base on the indoor air quality. It changes every minute to see how the air you are breathing is. In addition to that is an eco-mode that whenever the device detects no pollution in the air for 30-minutes, the fan will suddenly stop. This helps to save up energy over time.
  • It has no wifi and smartphone integration, unlike the bigger air purifiers. Its fan speed’s auto mode sometimes goes in a very high setting. The three fan speeds may not be enough for some users.
  • You can schedule the times of use through its timer feature. Select among 1/4/8/12 hours of operation according to your need. It can consume a maximum of 77-watts peruse with quiet operation.
  • Change the filter whenever the indicator alerts you.

  • From Coway, the Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier offers a different level of air cleaning for pet owners. Its overall feature has a balance of design and technology to ensure quality air indoors. It covers up an area larger than the previous air-cleaning devices of more than a thousand square feet.
  • A dual filtration system reduces airborne matter up to 99.97%. Your pet’s dander, molds, and hair will be slowly eliminating along the cleaning process. It can clear indoor air two times in just an hour with an activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter. It can filter the air of large spaces without compromising its value.
  • The system is also made up of a washable pre-filter to catch up with even larger particles. It is equipped with five fan modes, including smart, sleep, and low to high-speed levels. It creates a maximum noise of 43.2 dB at the highest speed setting.
  • Smart technology helps the air purifier to adapt to the surroundings upon adjusting the fan speeds. It never compromises energy-efficient operation over time. It is also built with powerful dual suction for better operation. Smart Air Purifier will turn into its quietest operation at night. Thanks to its sleep mode!
  • You will be warned when filter replacement is necessary through a brightly-colored LED ring. Do not neglect to check on the pre-filter to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Aside from pet dander, another cause of unclean air indoor is their fallen hair. It becomes the biggest concern of many pet keepers since then. This compact pet air purifier could be the solution to purifying the air your households breathe. It also removes the pet odor with its high-performance system.
  • It is designed to compact, unlike the other air purifier options. Setting the device in place is a lot easier with such a feature. It can be either vertically or horizontally, depending on your liking. Despite the size, it offers three filtration process plus a permanent pre-filter. TrueAir Pet Air Purifier has two carbon zeolite filters responsible for eliminating airborne allergens.
  • On the other side, this device can only cover up small rooms of about 140 square feet. It is suitable for minimal upkeep and yet performs very well. Small particles cannot escape from this pet air purifier through its high-performance HEPA filter.
  • Expect an ultra-quiet operation all day by setting the system into clean whisper mode. If you desire quicker air cleaning, set the mode to medium setting. The process is just simple, even for beginners.
  • There are no replacement filters available in the market. However, the HEPA filter can be vacuum cleaned when needed. Carbon filters are available in different models. It is easy to replace the carbon filter by simply removing the unit’s front.

  • Guardian Technologies stretch onto every buyer a 3-year limited warranty upon purchasing the Elite Pet Air Purifier. The company has promised the best defense against pet odor caused by allergens. It may purify the air indoors four times per hour in medium or larger rooms about 100 to 300 square feet.
  • Its filters can last in less than a year while effectively removing odors and other particles in the air. It is a 3-in-1 air purifier equipped with an electrostatic HEPA filter, which can cancel even 0.3 microns of germs indoors. The pre-filter is responsible for trapping other large particles from entering the system.
  • It has an activated carbon filter responsible for dealing with unwanted odors from pets and other home matters. A UV light technology works to kill airborne bacteria in the house that a mere air purifier cannot do.
  • They offer different models of air purifiers safe for pets. It takes account of the tabletop air purifier, console air purifier, tower air purifier, etc. Each works according to the user’s demands.
  • You may adjust the fan speed into three-speed settings. At night, select the lowest fan speed level to achieve quiet operation. It also features an optional UVC light for a better air clean routine.
  • It does not only eliminate airborne particles but also stops bacteria growth indoors through the added antimicrobial agent.

  • LV-H132 Air Purifier might look smaller than the other air cleaners but works very well. It is applicable on medium-sized indoors and cleans the air mightily. The air filter frees the air from smoke, allergens, and pet odor.
  • Levoit never used UVC light and anion, known as ozone pollutants and harmful for kids. It is 100% ozone-free and is very affordable for any pet keepers. Its efficiency to circulate fresh air indoors is therefore high.
  • This item has a three-stage filtration system that effectively eliminates air contaminants inside the house. It brings the best results over four times faster in an hour. The three filter types joined together to remove up to 99.97% of airborne bacteria and other particles.
  • Its size is so portable that you can install the device that easily. This air purifier’s look is so eye-pleasing that it can complement any home façade. It has two brightness settings suitable for both day and night use. You can turn off its light to get an ideal sleep at night.
  • The item operates in an ultra-silent mode as quiet as 25 dB of sounds. The indoor environment would be so peaceful as ever before.
  • The company has upgraded its motor’s stability to achieve a longer lifespan. One of its unique features is the customizable filter replacements.
  • Set the timer of how many hours you would like to open the air purifier.

  • This is the second version of BioGS; you can get in a sleeker and modern look. It is utilized with a brushless motor system, which results in a quieter operation. The product comes with a 5-year warranty to support the buyer when defects happen. It is somewhat pricier than the other choices but worth the penny.
  • It offers four filtration stages plus a deodorization process for cleaner air indoor. From pre-filtration that reduces large-sized airborne particles to freshening up the air, you breathe is executed. They used a high-grade activated carbon filter compared to typical models that effectively eliminate bad odors.
  • It is highly energy-efficient as interface light levels will automatically reduce when the device becomes idle. Additionally, BioGS 2.0 is Energy Star certified. It can operate up to 12 hours per day and still last up to three years of operation. The filters are replaceable and easy to clean.
  • BioGS 2.0 can clean up the air in rooms about 625 square feet twice in an hour. The range of noise you can hear is from 22.8 dB to 50.4 dB. The remote control is included for convenient use. A starter guide is also included to finish installation easier.
  • Moreover, BioGS 2.0 is an award-winning pet hair purifier with three overall awards since 2013. That is one of the reasons why most pet owners liked it.

  • Another tool to sanitize the air indoors is the PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier. It decreases restlessness as you can sleep better while breathing fresher air all day long. The air purifier helps to combat airborne irritants without human intervention. Just sit and cuddle with your pet on a couch.
  • This 3-stage filter air purifier is effective for a room up to 200 square feet. It performs a delivery rate of 80 CFM to clean the air you breathe. It has a compact design and very easy to install in one place.
  • Unlike the other air purifiers, PureZone never uses ozone generators to prevent causing lung-related sicknesses. They are 100% ozone-free. You will be guaranteed a 5-year warranty with their customer support team’s daily service. You can also get a free UV-C light bulb together with the device itself.
  • The built-in UV-C light provides a deeper air cleaning level by dealing with the smallest airborne particles. It supports the 3-stage filtration process to give better outcomes.
  • Pure Enrichment ensures an energy-efficient operation with the device’s automatic features. It has three timer settings with three fan speeds to help you save up energy by letting the device run continuously. The timer helps to preserve filters for longer use.
  • The filter reset indicator ensures the air purifier runs smoothly by replacing the filters when needed. This air cleaner only weighs 6-pounds and has a convenient handle for easy moving between rooms.

  • One of the best pet air purifiers in the market today is the Winix HR900. It is an upgraded version of the company’s most popular air purifier. It boasts a 5-stage filtration system that deals with pet-related particles in the air.
  • A Plasma Wave technology feature neutralizes the air but can sometimes affect sensitive users. No worries, as this feature can be switched off in just a snap. The other filtration system can filter even the smallest particles and the larger ones. A fine mesh on the pre-filter helps extend the other filters’ life.
  • It is specially designed to eliminate pet hair, and pet smells inside the house. Airborne allergens have no right to escape from the air purifier as well.
  • HR900 works best in medium-sized rooms up to 300 square feet capacity. It will leave indoors free from 99.97% airborne pollutants by eliminating even up to .3 microns of particles. Its true HEPA filtration system has great work in dealing with such airborne particles.
  • It has smart sensors for efficient operation, especially at night. This ultimate pet air purifier performs quietly while capturing harmful air particles and provides cleaner air.
  • It is built with plastic material and so lightweight for easy installation at any corner of the house. Only a few stocks are left online, so you better get yours now.

  • If you are looking for an inexpensive air purifier, Holmes has to offer something for you. Despite the price, Holmes Desktop Air Purifier can clean the air of a room of about 110 square feet.
  • Its dual positioning design makes installation at ease, whether placed vertically or horizontally. Besides, Desktop Air Purifier has a very compact feature placed on a table. This HEPA-type air cleaner will surely fit wherever space you are in.
  • It functions with a fan motor, which sometimes gets loud, unlike the brushless motors. This is not a great air purifier to be used at night. And yet, it is an effective tool in cleaning the air all day long.
  • Only two filters work together to provide fresh air indoors, including HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. They remove up to 99% of airborne particles and odor from the air. An optional ionizer binds fine particles, but it produces ozone, which can harm sensitive users.
  • The control settings are designed differently as compared to other air purifier models. There are sliding switches on its pop-off cover that allow easy adjustments. You can select between three-speed settings that meet the home’s need for cleaner air. Lower speed produces less ambient noise while maximum cleaning is met faster.
  • All in all, the device is built with the best possible technologies at an affordable price.

11 To add up on our list for best air purifiers for pet owners is a model designed for extra-large indoors. You can be sure to breathe cleaned air in a room of about 700 square feet. It also has an attractive design, which is best for indoors. Some buyers complain about customer service, which is not best, they quote.
Cleaning air becomes Alen’s passion through the years, thus pushed them to create a quality air purifier. It has four unique HEPA filters that eliminate up to 99% of harmful air particles. They work in various ways that result in better air indoors.
You may choose between its four fan speed options. It has a turbofan setting for maximum air cleaning, which produces a quieter pink noise than a white noise that sounds like rainfall. Its sound ranges from 41 to 56 dB so that you can sleep peacefully at night.
It is also armed with smart sensor technology with automatic, easy operation settings. A light ring will turn into different colors to indicate air quality levels. The colors are red, orange, and blue, wherein the blue color will turn on as the air gets cleaner. There is also a passive sensor that detects dirt and odor inside the house.

    • AeraMax 300 Air Purifier is known for eliminating cigarette odor in the house. Therefore, it is pet-friendly and is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.
    • The best choice is an odor eliminator that benefits users with asthma and other health problems. It can clean the room’s air up to 600 square feet coverage.
    • It has the power to automatically detect harmful air particles and bad odors caused by pets. Antimicrobial treatment is used on its true HEPA filter to eliminate any germs and viruses living indoors.
    • The carbon filter serves as the pre-filter of the device that works together with a HEPA filter. It also neutralizes airborne allergens with the help of PlasmaTruetechnology. The said ionizing function could be turned off, if necessary.
    • It will leave your home smell-free from odors other than the air particles. Four fan speed levels are available to achieve your desired air cleaning process. The noise level of AeraMax 300 is from 35 and below 60 decibels.
    • The HEPA filter can last up to six months while maintaining its high performance in cleaning the air. Filter replacements are available in stores at a higher cost. Keep an eye on the filter indicator light to check when to replace the filter.
    • It has a special mode intended for flu seasons. Anyway, the ionizer also creates a whining sound. Indicator lights may disturb your sleep at night as they are a bit brighter than the previous models.

    • This model is new to the market and quickly gained so much attention from the buyers. The reason could be more than its look as it reduces particulates up to 99% in larger rooms. Its only downfall is its HEPA filter, which is not a certified true HEPA filter but only a particle filter.
    • Blue Pure 211₊can only trap 2.5 microns in size air particles, unlike the other models that can capture as small as 0.3-micron particles. It is not a good choice for a household with respiratory illnesses like asthma.
    • On the other way, Blueair made the air purifier customizable to match any home décor. Its pre-filter skins are available in five colors. It is advisable to use it in rooms up to 540 square feet, but it will work better in rooms around 350 square feet.
    • It has a 2-in-1 filter, including a carbon filter, that can last for six months before the replacement. The filter type is eco-friendly and can last beyond six months, depending on use. To add up, the pre-filter is made of washable fabric, which can be used several times.
    • Its noise level is equivalent to a rainfall, not higher than 56 decibels. Set the device into its lowest speed to hear lesser noise like a whisper. The energy it consumes stays optimal, rated by the Energy Star.
    • The cleaner product is a bit bulky and not easy to move from place to place

    • This is a mid-range air purifier for a house holding so many pets. Most doctors even recommend this device for users with allergy problems. Honeywell ensures an improved quality of life for pet owners worldwide.
    • This air purifier can clear microscopic air particles in just a few minutes of operation. It’s true HEPA, and carbon filter deals with all kinds of airborne particles until they are all gone up to 99.97%. There is a light indicating when you need to change the filters without using any tools. The tool is a little noisy about level three.
    • The size and coverage of this device are very versatile. It can be placed in small rooms, circulating fresher air up to 80 square feet. It also works on bigger rooms up to 390 square feet of coverage.
    • You may set the device in between three cleaning levels. It is backed with SurroundSeal technology to prevent unfiltered air from coming back inside the room. It has a patented 360-degrees air intake, which brings maximum airflow.
    • No timer is built on the device, which can be an issue with energy consumption. The remedy would be turning off the air purifier when not in use.
    • Clean its pre-filter with a vacuum to sustain its effectiveness for the next uses.

    • To end up the list is another air purifier produced by Levoit. LV-PUR131 is a well-performing, three-stage air filtration device with a true HEPA filter. It has no use of ions or UV light throughout the operation, thus keeps the household safe.
    • It is a huge air purifier that can cover up to 322 square feet of room in just a few minutes. You can look for larger models made by Levoit online. Same as the previous air filters, it is consists of a pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. They offer the best performance in turning the air indoors into fresh and clean surroundings.
    • The last item has automatic sensors to provide a more convenient staying indoors. There is an auto-off timer; if you prefer, the air purifier will operate quietly while you rest. An upgraded model is available, which allows controlling the device via smartphone.
    • It can be connected to Wi-Fi for better controls. No remote control is included, but it is alright. Just set the device into sleep mode at night to avoid any trouble while sleeping.
    • It has the ability to monitor the air quality indoors due to its automatic features.

    The Final Thoughts

    Keeping the indoor environment, clean and fresh smelling is a challenge for most pet owners. You do not need to live in a messy or, worse,bad-smelling indoors. The above air purifiers could be the best solution in dealing with such problems. There are several good air purifiers online and in physical stores, you can afford to buy. With so many options, you should know how to pick the right tool for you. Check on our buying guide for better purchasing decisions.

    Are there any other good products left unsaid? Let me know in the comment box below.

    Index Table: Top Air Purifier for Pets

    1Winix 5300-2 3-Stage - Air Purifier for Your Pet
    • HEAP Filter
    • 3 Stage Design
    • Sleep Mode
    2 Coway Pets2.AP-1512HH Mighty - Air Purifier for Pets
    • HEPA Filter
    • Four Stage Filtration
    • Auto Mode Fan Speed
    3Coway Airmega400 Smart - Pet Air Purifier
    • Dual Filtration System
    • Quiet
    • LED Screen
    4Hamilton Beach TrueAir - Compact Air Purifier for Pets
    • Carbon Zeolite Filters
    • Ultra Quiet
    • Small Size
    Hamilton Beach97
    5Guardian Technologies Elite Pet Air Purifier - Air Purifier for Pets
    • HEPA Filter
    • UV Light Technology
    • Three Speed Fan
    Guardian Technologies97.6
    6LEVOIT LV-H132 - Air Purifier for Your Pet
    • UVC Light and Anion Free
    • Affordable
    • Silent
    7Rabbit Air BioGS2.0 Ultra-Quiet - Pet Air Purifier
    • Energy Saving
    • Three Awards
    Rabbit Air BioGS2.096.7
    8Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 - Air Purifier for Your Pet
    • Three Stage Filter
    • ozone Free
    • UV-C Light
    Pure Enrichment96.7
    9Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet - Air Purifier for Pets
    • Plasma Wvae Technology
    • HEPA Filter
    • Smart Sensors
    10Holmes HEPA-Type Desktop - Air Purifier for Pets
    • HEPA Filter
    • Small design
    11Alen Breathe SmartClassic - Air Purifier for Pets
    • HEPA Filter
    • Soft Sounds
    • Color Options
    Alen Breathe96.8
    12Fellowes AeraMax300 - Pet Air Purifier
    • Certified for Asthma and Health problems
    • Odor Eliminating
    13BlueairBlue Pure 211₊Air - Pet Air Purifier
    • HEPA Filter
    • Larger Room Purifier
    • Color Options
    14Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier - Air Purifier for Pets
    • good for Allergies
    • Fights Odors
    • SurroundSeal technology
    15 Levoit LV-PUR131 - Air Purifier for Your Pet
    • HEPA Filter
    • Large Room Capacity
    • Odor Fighting

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