Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Whether you are new or experienced and wanting to create a dream home for your bearded dragon or a few bearded dragons, you will need the Best bearded dragon Enclosure to start with.

A bearded dragon enclosure can be anything from an Aquarium, terrarium, Vivarium, or even a Viqaqauirium in some cases.

This article looks at the different options in Bearded Dragon Homes and how to set them up.

Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Let us first take a look at the Different Options available to you when it comes to the perfect Enclosure for your Bearded Dragon;

  • Aquarium – An Aquarium is a top opening glass Container that is mostly used for housing fish because it is completely sealed. However, Aquariums can be converted into a reptile home with the use of a screen or mesh top. Aquariums are affordable, easy to come by, and excellent if you want to create your Bearded Dragon’s home from scratch.
  • Terrarium – The terrarium is a front opening enclosure built especially for reptiles and can consist of various materials, such as wood, PVC, or Glass. They come in different size and shape options and often in a full kit, including everything your need for a starter Enclosure.
  • Vivarium or Viqaquarium – The Viqaquarium is a land and water environment for reptiles amphibians and fish. It features a wet side and a dry side. However, I would not highly recommend it for bearded dragons. On the other hand, the Vivarium, many times confused with the Viqaquariom, is initially a live habitat used to research and study animals. The Vivarium may be small enough to sit on our desk and usually includes some form of a dual-door mechanism for entry and exit. Vivariums are usually clear containers of glass or plastic.

What Your Bearded Dragon Needs in Their Cage

Here are a few tips on your main needs for a Bearded dragon Home;

  • Tank – firstly, you will need to decide on the right type of tank that you prefer n a size that is adequate for a single or more Bearded Dragons.
  • Substrate – Substrate for the Ensloure is important. You will have the option of either sand, wood chunks, a fabric mat, or textile re-usable mat, or other substrates such as corn cob based substrates. This is also up to your preference.
  • Furniture – By furniture we look at fixed objects for entertainment and lounging. These include rocks, plastic plants, a food and water bowl.
  • Lights and Heating – You will need a UVA/UVB light, as well as a heating light for basking, and a heat source for evenings.
  • Water and Humidity – Keep in mind that bearded dragons are Desert dwellers, so they get most of their moisture from their food. An added water bowl is optional, and they do not need much more humidity than just proper ventilation.
  • Background Decor – Especially for Glass tanks or enclosures that are see-through, a natural background décor will ease and create a happy environment for your Bearded Dragon.

Features of a Good Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Here are some features that you need to consider when choosing the Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure for your Bearded Dragon;

Bearded Dragon Aquarium

  • Circulation – The enclosure must ensure proper air circulation, which is influenced by the height and materials used in the enclosure.
  • Insulation – An enclosures that retain heat easily will cost fewer energy costs than one that needs to be heated constantly.
  • Secure – The enclosure should be safe and secure with no areas of escape or designs that can harm a Bearded Dragon.
  • Easy to Clean – Look for a design that does not just clean easily but also thoroughly.
  • No Direct Contact with Heat Lamps – the cage’s design should be such as to allow for not contact with heating lamps and elements.
  • Non-Toxic – The materails of the cage must be non-toxic with no asrh fumes emitted.

Reviews: The Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Here we have some of the best available Enclosures for your Bearded Dragon, in a variety of Terrariums, Aquariums, and Viquariums;


The Exo Terra Glass Enclosure for Bearded dragons comes as a full kit with everything you need for a happy and healthy Bearded Dragon.

  • The Glass terrarium is ideal for Reptiles and amphibians, as well as for your bearded Dragon.
  • There is a patented front window design for optimal ventilation and a raised bottom frame for a substrate heater that is waterproof.
  • The Enclosure comes in a medium or mini tall option.
  • There are dual doors to escape free access and closable inlets for wires and cable management.
  • This is a full kit, including everything you need for your pet.


The Aqueon is a 10-gallon aquarium that allows you to create a perfect enclosure for your Bearded Dragon from scratch.

  • A High-Quality glass construction aquarium.
  • The edges are sealed with a safe and clean silicone making it completely waterproof.
  • The Aquarium has versatile uses for reptiles, fish, and amphibians.
  • You can create a lovely habitat for your Bearded Dragon from Scratch.
  • This is a ten-gallon large tank.


The TetraFauna allows you to create a wet and dry enclosure with this Viqaqaurium design for your Bearded Dragon.

  • An all in One Viqaquarium for reptiles, fish, and Amphibians.
  • The Tank offers a full kit with realistic features and waterfall basking areas with easy to climb ramps.
  • It comes with a 3 stage Tetra whisper filtration system.
  • Very easy to set up and to clean.


The Repti Zoo bearded dragon Enclosure provides a well ventilated and waterproof home, with doors that can open separately for feeding.

  • A large-sized tank that has a Foam Background.
  • There are double hinge doors for safety and screens for ventilation.
  • The front doors can open separately for easy feeding.
  • The setup is straightforward, and it is also an easy to clean design enclosure.


The Zilla reptile starter kit has everything a new Bearded Dragon owner needs to create a healthy and comfortable habitat.

  • An excellent starter kit for beginners.
  • Included is a Glass terrarium, reflective Dome, and Light Fixtures.
  • There is a Fresh air screen cover on the 10 Gallon tank.
  • The lights include a Night black Incandescent light and a White Spot Light.


This large-sized reptile tank from CalPalmy makes the ideal habitat for reptiles such as Bearded Dragons.

  • A large aquarium with see-through front panel doors.
  • The Tank is very lightweight, consisting of ABS plastic, and portable.
  • There is a dinner tray included and a raised platform design.
  • The Percent size for young Bearded Dragons.

Index Table: Top Rated Bearded Dragon Enclosures

1Exo Terra All Glass - Bearded Dragon Enclosure
  • Full Kit
  • Size Options
  • Raised Bottom Frame
Exo Terra98.4
2Aqueon 10 Gallon - Bearded Dragon Aquarium
  • High Qaulity glass
  • Clean Silicone Edges
  • 10 gallon Size
3Tetra Fauna Viqaquarium - Bearded Dragon Viqaquarium
  • All In One Design
  • Full Kit
  • Wet and Dry Environment
Tetra Fauna97
4Repti Zoo 34 Gallon - Bearded Dragon Terrarium
  • Glass Tank
  • Foam Background
  • Hinge Door
Repti Zoo97
5Zilla Reptile - Stater Kit Enclosure
  • light Fixtures Included
  • See-Through
  • Dome Shape
6CalPalmy Large - Bearded Dragon Enclosure Tank
  • See Through Front
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

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