The 15 Best Bird Toys Reviews & Guide in 2020

Most birds love to play in a cage. The best bird toys are one of the best things that must be added in a habitat of any bird breeds. It would be better if you are caring for multiple birds in one cage, so they can play around together.
These particular toys help the birds to live happy and healthy, and feel like living in their natural world. Wanna know which one is the best for your feathered friend?
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How to Choose the Best Bird Toy Online?

Consider the pet’s safety as a priority in choosing of bird toys. They love varieties, so buying more than one toy is highly recommended. It must provide the physical and mental needs of your pet, not just for fun.

Birds want to play toys in variety that helps both their physical and mental needs. For you to know whether the above toys are the best for your pet bird, here are the factors you should consider in deciding which to buy:

  • Price – Buy a bird toy that will suit your budget. Several toys are affordable for most bird keepers to buy. High-quality bird toys might be pricier and yet gives value to your money.
  • Types of Bird Toys – There are six types of bird toys you can choose from. Each type will depend on your pet’s needs and interests.
  • Chew Toys – Chewing is one of the bird’s habits in the wild, especially the parrots. Chew toys are made of edible wood material. It benefits the beak growth of birds.
  • Exercise Toys – Since the physical needs of birds must be met, exercise toys are highly advisable. It could be a swing or ladder that encourages physical movement.
  • Foraging Toys – Feathered pets work for their food in the wild, and so foraging toys should be added in the cage. They are recommended by avian experts.
  • Shredding Toys – To ease the boredom of birds in a cage, shredding toys would help. It can be torn down by the birds to relieve stress. It offers more fun toward birds and will not hurt your pocket that much.
  • Comfort Toys – While in the wild, birds like to cuddle with each other on a soft surface. Comfort toys were made to provide security on birds. They can rest on this type of toy as well.
  • Preening Toys – Over-preening could harm birds, if not dealt with immediately. There must be an outlet to satisfy their need to preen. A rope is a great example of preening toys you should buy.
  • Material Used – Bird toys are made of different materials that are safe for all bird breeds. Some toys are out of acrylic material, which is easy to clean and highly durable. There is also a bungee cord that is away from tangling. For feather plucking is a fabric-made bird toy. Those made of wood are good for chewing. It should be natural wood with a non-toxic finish to keep the birds safe. Smaller birds will be happier with plastic toys as they can easily crack the toy for fun. The most popular bird toy material is a rope that allows preening.
  • Attachments – To ensure the toy will not break into pieces while the birds are on the play, the attachments must be durable enough. The most common attachment is C-rings, which are safe for active birds. Avoid buying toy products that have keychain ring and split rings as attachments. They can harm bird toes due to their size and shape.

Things to Avoid
Apart from the things to look for are the following reminders to prevent any danger in a birdcage. This is the reason why you need to be careful in choosing toys for your pet. Keep an eye with these factors:

  • Toxic Substances – Most of the bird toys are painted and so check out whether toxic substances are used or not. Your goal is to keep the birds happy and healthy.
  • Numerous Toys – Though birds love to play varieties of toys, too much toy will cause stress towards the pet. It may affect the comfort inside the cage.
  • Small Parts – As birds have chewing habits, toys with small parts might be dangerous for them. They could choke on the parts, which may lead to death.

Top 15 Bird Toys Reviews

There are several bird toys in the market nowadays, and picking what is best could be difficult. We ranked down the list to fifteen (15) of our favorite bird toys online.

Some of the toys below have the same features but from different brands. Find out what these toys can do towards your feathered pet.

  • Your pet may love to see its reflection every now and then. This toy has mirror-polished to get the attention of birds. It adds entertainment to birds at any time of the day.
  • It is composed of multiple colorful hanging toys, which are a great addition in a cage.
  • You can hang the toy either vertically or horizontally, whichever will suit the cage’s design. It has two quick link connectors and a movable design for easy assembly.
  • Metal rings are used for attachment to keep the toy in place.
  • It is made of acrylic pacifiers and metal spoons that encourage entertainment towards birds. They are made durable and safe for the pet. The materials are brightly colored to allow reflections.
  • They produce sounds that are not too loud for birds. It aids boredom felt by the pets inside the cage.
  • The metal rings are prone to rust when water splashes them. But, birds will not surely destroy the toy easily.

  • A bird perch encourages physical activity through a climb and exercise on its surface. It is suitable for budgies and another small breed of birds. The perch is available in different sizes to suit the bird’s growth.
  • It is a flexible rope that can be easily twisted and bent to make it more interesting for birds. The rope is soft, with rounded support to relieve pressure on joints. Aggressive chewers might tear down the rope due to the cotton fibers used.
  • This will help birds to develop good grip strength and makes their feet more tender. It holds its shape for the bird not to fall to the ground while resting on the perch.
  • On its ends are easy-twist plastic attachments to allow easy installation in cages at various positions. JW considers the visual interest of birds and therefore made a multi-colored braided rope. It is handed washable to remove the mess made by birds.

  • If you are looking for a variety of bird toys at a single price, BWOGUE has something to offer. It consists of five different hanging toys to meet your bird’s physical and mental needs. They are all easy to set up inside a cage.
  • This multi-function toy set includes almost all types of bird toys. It includes a chewing toy, bells, and swings for your bird to enjoy.
  • Owning multiple birds will benefit from buying this product set. There will be no need to look for toys separately and thus time-consuming and even costly.
  • They are all colorful and adding more fun to a birdcage. Most parts are made of natural hardwood to keep the pets safe. Durable materials are used like steel wire on the swing and brass bells.
  • The stands used are soothing to a bird’s feet. And so, he can stay there for a long time. Difficult to open clips are the main problem upon the toys that will affect the installation process.

  • This is another bird perch on the list that offers its unique features. Pets made sure to create a bungee bird toy that is almost similar to other regular perch. The only difference could be the enticing sound made by its bell on the bottom. Plus, the spinning action it offers due to its spiral setup.
  • It is intended for cockatiels used. They have a chewing habit that might destroy the bungee toy, as it is not made for chewing. If that happens, better to monitor the bird from time to time.
  • The semi-rigid wire is surrounded by a cotton fiber that has no harmful materials added.
  • You may twist the rope into different shapes to stimulate the bird’s senses while playing on it. Its colorful design adds up beauty in a cage and can easily attract birds.
  • A pear hook is used for attachment. The problem would be its loose woven design, which may injure the pet anytime.

  • A mini flying trapeze renders a new type of bird activity inside the cage.
  • It is simply a swing toy with a seagrass platform that helps to exercise bird’s feet. Small birds will enjoy resting on this toy while chewing on the seagrass, which cockatiels love the most.
  • Avian professionals highly recommend this bird toy due to its enrichment benefits.
  • It is more than just a toy. Devoted chewers may quickly destroy the swing’s platform, which is a huge problem.
  • The swing could be hanged in a cage through colorful plastic chains.
  • It stimulates the bird’s interest due to its colorful design. There are also multi-colored dangling toys added on the swing to provide more fun on birds.
  • Those colorful designs promote not just physical activities but more on mental engagement. They won’t feel bored while staying in closed doors.
  • This swing toy allows both playing and sleeping for birds. It gives more room for other bird toys to be added in a cage.

  • Some birds have to hide once in a while to have some rest, just like a parakeet. Naturals Coco Hideaway could be the best toy to hide on.
  • It is created with sustainable material and has a natural texture good for bird’s feet.
  • The hideout is mounted to the side of a cage with the use of the included quick-link attachment. It comes with a ladder that allows the birds to walk on it.
  • The ladder is made of small wooden logs that are safe to stamp on.
  • Parakeet can use the coco hideaway to form a nest and create a tiny home for a while. It is styled with a Hawaiian theme.
  • The material encourages beak and foot exercise in a great way.
  • Small to medium-sized birds are to whom it is made. The natural sisal rope that holds the bird toy is very durable against chewing.

  • It is a shreddable bird toy you can buy online and on pet stores. This is a perfect choice for birds with extreme chewing habits, like cockatiels.
  • It could last for months, as long as other bird toys are present to catch the pet’s attention. Not adding anything else, bird kabob will not last long.
  • Most breeds of birds cannot resist to pithy woods on which this toy is made.
  • They are soft and not be too hard for birds to chew on. It has no paint added, thus safe for shredding. Its plain look makes the kabob unattractive for birds, and yet they cannot resist.
  • There is nothing else more benefitted than the bird’s beak in providing such a toy in a cage. It is a hanging shredding toy with a string hanging material.
  • They say the string might harm small pet birds.
  • Bird Kabob is biodegradable, which benefits nature. Other birds shall be happy with that good news.

  • A toy that stimulates brain activity is essential for birds. Knots N’ Blocks is a multi-function bird toy that allows chewing and shredding.
  • The birds can untie the knots all-day. Without you asking, the untying of knots is another habit of pet birds. Featherland Paradise provides several knots to untie, thus satisfies the pet’s urge to do such activity.
  • It is visually enticing due to the colorful designs.
  • They used bright colors, which are more effective in catching bird’s attention. The knots are made of natural sisal and cotton ropes. They are so colorful and safe for chewing.
  • The blocks are also colorful, which makes the toy a great cage decoration. Its paint is not waterproof on which will leave stains when it gets wet.
  • It must be positioned in a place away from the water with the help of a pear hook. It won’t tear down easily when being chewed on.

  • Among the bird’s perch on the list, RYPET has to offer another perch design you might like. It is no ordinary perch made of rope, but of quartz sand.
  • Not just that, inside the quartz sand is a PVC plastic food-grade material. The platform is made stable by the combination of materials used.
  • They are non-toxic materials that help beaks and nails trimmed naturally. It also encourages foot exercise. The pets can also take some rest on the platform without falling.
  • It is best to place near the dishes and anywhere in the cage. The built-in bolt and metal wing make the installation easier as ever. The natural perch is easy to move around the cage.
  • It has a hard coating for birds not to easily chew on the material though it is safe for chewing. U-shaped design is available in blue and red colors. Only a single bird can stay on the porch for once, and it is too small for larger parrots.

  • Millet is a type of bird snack and now in the form of a bird toy. It is built with beads that could be wrapped around with millet.
  • Your bird will have a tasty treat all day long. The millet is sold separately at an affordable price.
  • You can hang the toy in a cramped cage into a spiral form.
  • It tolerates climbing for birds to enjoy even in a cage. It comes with colorful beads that easily attract small feathered pets.
  • The product is made in the United States to ensure better quality. It is designed for smaller birds due to its best feature.
  • There is a small bell on its bottom to produce sounds appropriate for birds.
  • Its pastel color greatly compliments any cage design. The quick-link attachment makes installation at ease.

  • Another set of the toy made for birds is a foraging system. This is a refillable canister that can hold as many bird treats to keep the pet happy.
  • It is perfect for parrots and other small birds with foraging behavior.
  • The box is made of transparent polycarbonate material. It is easy to mount on the side of the cage. You can fill the box with your bird’s favorite treats.
  • It has small holes where the birds will have access to the treat.
  • Undesirable behaviors in times of foraging are avoided with this bird toy. Once the pet finds out where the treat is, they feel very rewarding.
  • You may add some more treats when the box gets empty. The canister can be easily taken off the cage to replace the treats.
  • The foraging system is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

  • This toy is capable of outside the cage use. It is a tabletop playpen necessary for birds to develop an exercising habit. It serves as a playground for birds who love to spend most of their time having fun.
  • It is constructed with solid hardwood material, which is huge enough to accommodate even larger birds. They are also colorful to allow mental stimulation on birds.
  • The playpen is composed of a ladder, perch, and other bird toys. Its height is not too high, about 10-inches for safety. It is 100% safe for small birds too.
  • The base is laminated to allow easy cleaning, as birds sometimes leave their waste on the playpen. You can just wash it water to get it ready for the next playing hours.
  • Your pet might learn some skills through this playpen. Or teach him bird tricks from time to time.

  • With the best bird toys is a chewable toy. It will keep the bird’s busy while on a cage, thus prevents too much noise.
  • The busier your feathered friend is, the more it enjoys living in an enclosure.
  • The Nature Cluster is built with coconut shell, husk, oyster shells, cuttlebone, and veg-leather. Those are bird’s favorite to chew on.
  • They are edible and safe for the pet. Birds will have plenty of materials to chew on.
  • Its variety of textures is another reason why birds will be kept busy. They can step on the bird toy without it tearing apart.
  • It is sold in three different sizes, from small to large size. Therefore, any bird sizes could enjoy having this bird toy in a cage.
  • Planet Pleasures do not allow any returns or refunds upon buying their products. So, make sure this toy will suit your pet’s needs.

  • JW Pet has to offer a super cute bird toy you can avail online or on physical stores. They make it clear to whom the toy is created for small birds.
  • The main problem with Shooting Gallery was its small parts that bring forth choking hazards. To prevent any more damages, proper supervision is essential.
  • It is brightly colored that includes a packed of toys like ducks and a spinning bottle.
  • The small bird toy has a carnival-like design wherein there are hanging chain balls ready to shoot the items. Your feathered friend will surely enjoy the shooting activity.
  • The bolt-on feature is used for easy attachment in a cage. Once the toy is positioned in the right place, the bird can start playing.
  • It is indeed a toy that encourages your bird to play around. This will lead your pet to be physically active even when living in a cage.

  • Since we introduced earlier a foraging system, this is another one you may opt to buy. It is a treat compartment that acts as a toy for birds at the same time. Parrots will surely love this bird toy.
  • Forage Wise is out of polycarbonate material. It is tough against any condition, especially on birds with extreme chewing habit. It supports the increase of the activity level of birds inside the cage.
  • Easy attachment is supported by the quick-link fastener and nickel-plated chain. It won’t easily fall off when the birds walk over it.
  • It has special locking keys on which the bird will rotate to get some hidden treasure. The treat will be dropped from the bottom of the foraging system. From then on, birds will enjoy a tasty treat down below.
  • The material is transparent, and so it is easy to determine whether you need to refill with treats. You may also wash the material with water and soap to make it more hygienic.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can purchase different types of bird toys in the market. They consider any kind of birds’ needs, like physical and mental needs. A feathered friend will be better off with varieties of toys in its habitat. They stay livelier and more active once the keeper provides more and more toys in a cage. It must come in a variety to meet all the needs of your pet bird.

Are you now ready to provide the best toys available for your feathered pet? Choose from the above, which greatly suits your pet’s needs.

Do share with us your ideas about bird toys you already have. Other bird keepers might count your recommendations on their list!

Index Table: Top rated Bird Toys

1Bonka Bird Toys Spoon Delight - Toy for Your Bird
  • Colorful
  • Mirror
  • Sounds
  • Hanging Toy
Bonka Bird Toys98
2JW Comfy Bird Perch - Bird Toy
  • Safe and Durable
  • Multi-Colored Design
JW Comfy97.8
3BWOGUE 5-Pieces Bird Parrot Toys - Toy for Birds
  • Multi Function
  • Colorful
  • Durable Design
4Petsvv Rope Bungee Bird Toy - Bird Toy
  • Perch Toy
  • Safe
  • Attractive Design
5XSuper Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze - Bird Toy
  • Fun Swing
  • Good Platform
  • Safe and Comnfortable
XSuper Bird Creations97.4
6Prevue Hendryx Naturals Coco Hideaway - Toy for Your Bird
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Safe
  • Hideaway Toy
Prevue Hendryx97
7Wesco Bird Kabob - Toy for Birds
  • Shredding Toy
  • Attractive Design for Birds
8Featherland Paradise Knots N’ Blocks Bird Toy - Toy for Your Bird
  • Multi Functional Toy
  • Great Boredom Buster
  • Safe To Chew On
9RYPET Parrot Natural Perch - Bird Toy
  • Sandy Perch
  • keeps Nails Filed Down
  • easy To Move Around The Cage
10Bonka Bird Toys Pastel Millet Holder - Bird Toy
  • Climbing Toy
  • Colorful Beads
  • Small Bell
Bonka Bird Toys97
11Paradise Toys Creative Foraging System - Bird Toy
  • Foraging Toyu
  • Refillable Cannister
  • easy Replaceable Cannister
Paradise Toys96
12Prevue Hendryx Tabletop Playpen - Toy for Birds
  • For Inside and Outside the Cage
  • Large Toy
Prevue Hendryx97.2
13Planet Pleasures Nature Cluster Bird Toy - Toy for Birds
  • Chewing Toy
  • Natural Ingredeinets
  • Edible and Safe
Planet Pleasures95.8
14JW Pet Shooting Gallery Small Bird Toy - Bird Toy
  • Bright Colors
  • Carnival Like Design
JW Pet Shooting Gallery94
15Nature’s Instinct Parrot’s Forage Wise - Toy for Your Bird
  • Encourages Foraging
  • Safe
  • Tough Materails
Nature’s Instinct97

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