The Top 13 Best Brushes for Rabbits: Reviews & Guide

Your cute bunny is your little bundle of joy. Its plush and soft fur makes it look like a fluffy ball of cloud hopping everywhere.

But, Are you making sure that your bunny’s prized fur stays lush and healthy?

Although you think it looks fine, you might want to reconsider and take your bunny’s fur grooming seriously.

So, now is the time for you to start looking for the best brushes for rabbits to keep your pet’s fur stay nice and fluffy.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Brush for Rabbit

Here are a few features to consider in a Good Brush for Rabbits;

  • Materials – The brush’s structure depends on the materials used to create it. And you need to pick one according to your bunny’s needs.
  • Plastic Brushes – The most popular types you will find in the market today are plastic frames. These are the most affordable options. They are also easy to handle and lightweight, preventing discomfort and hand fatigue even when using them for hours. The problem with plastic is that it can be quite flimsy. They tend to break easily since they are a bit flexible than other materials.
  • Wooden Brushes – Wooden rabbit brushes are not only stylish and elegant, but they are also durable enough to last for several years. They do not break easily even if you accidentally drop them on the floors and won’t budge even with a nibbler. However, wood can be hard to clean and accumulate mold and smell if not maintained properly.
  • Metalic Brushes – Metal brushes are the most reliable and durable materials used for rabbit brushes. Although most metal brushes are heavy, some newer models have a lightweight design. These brushes are also super easy to clean with just water and some soap. However, some metal brushes tend to have a bulky design, which causes hand fatigue and can be too rough on your rabbit’s sensitive skin and fur.
  • Bristles – The brush bristle can also be made of various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. If you want the best brush for your bunny, you need to consider the bristles’ toughness. Rabbits have sensitive fur and skins. Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose a brush with plastic tips or rounded edges to provide softer combing without scratching its skin too hard and hurting your pet. Plastic bristles are the softest option you can find; however, they can break easily, particularly if you have a fussy bunny. Meanwhile, metallic bristles are stronger, but they can be too sharp or rough n your rabbit’s skin. Some brushes combine materials— metal or wooden bristles with plastic tips. These brushes ensure an effective combing that does not break or bend easily but is also soft on your rabbit’s skin.
  • Handle – The best brushes for rabbits are those that provide you comfort while using. Since grooming and combing is not something that most pets look forward to, you might need to use the brush for at least half an hour or more. Thus, you will need to look for a brush that is not only sturdy but provides a comfortable handle. Handles are typically made of wood or plastic, and it is up to your personal choice when choosing the right one. Some rabbit brushes feature rubbers on the handle for a better grip and allow you to have full control when combing your pet. There are some with bigger and wider handles so you can exert less pressure on your fingers and palm, preventing blisters and calluses. And there are even some brushes that features collapsible handles, making them more portable so you can carry them with you anywhere you go without occupying too much space.
  • Dual Surfaces – If you want value for your money, consider those 2-in-1 combing brush. These brushes have one side that will help in the shedding process, while the other one helps massage the fur to stimulate its growth. This kind of brush can be quite effective when the season changes and your pet requires losing and shed more hair.
  • Your Pet’s Age, Breed, and Fur Thickness – The age and breed of your bunny should also be considered when buying the best brush for rabbits. Younger bunnies have tender and delicate skins as well as elderly rabbits. Thus, they need brushes with finer bristles that are not too rough on their bodies and fur. Meanwhile, adult rabbits tend to have tougher skin and fur; thus, they can withstand harder bristles. Different breeds have unique characteristics. Some rabbit breeds, such as the New Zealand White and Chinchilla, tend to have sensitive and delicate skin and fur. They are easily irritable and can be easily injured with hard brushes. Meanwhile, Holland Lop breeds have hardy bodies and fur to tolerate some tugging and rough brushes. Some bunnies tend to have thicker fur than others in terms of fur. Thicker furs that are prone to mange require harder bristles. For thinner and finer furs, smaller and finer bristles should be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it normal for my bunny to shed a lot of furs?
A: Yes. During the shedding period, rabbits tend to shed a lot of furs. Don’t worry, though; the fur will eventually grow back.

However, if you notice that your rabbit sheds when it’s not supposed to or if its fur never grows back, then it can be a sign of skin infection. You need to take your bunny to the vet for a checkup for such cases.

Q: What causes bunnies to lose fur?
A: There may be several reasons for it. Other than the shedding seasons, the most common reason for bunnies to lose fur is parasite infestation, including lice, fleas, and mites. These parasites can make your bunny’s skin itchy, causing it to scratch off its fur.

Again, it is best to take your bunny to the vet for any remedy or medications for such cases.

Q: How often should I brush my bunny? Why do I need to brush my bunny more during the shedding season?
A: The answer to this is complicated. In general, it is recommended to brush your bunny every 3 days or 2 times a week.

However, things can change when your bunny starts shedding. Remember, rabbits shed fur 3 or more times annually. And the shedding period is highly critical for them. If the hair is not removed when shedding starts, your bunny’s fur may end up matted.

And matted fur can cause problems such as extra-sensitive skins. Other than sensitivity, it can also introduce whole new other issues in your pet, such as odor and parasite infestations.

Thus, you must brush your bunny every day during its shedding period.

Reviews: The Best Brushes for Rabbits

Here are some of our Top Picks in Combs and Brushes that are ideal to use on Rabbits;

  • Boasting a 4.5-star rating with over 900 reviews on Amazon alone, this de-matting comb from reputable brand Pet Republique is indeed a great solution for rabbits with thick fur prone to mange and matting.
  • It features dual-sided 12 + 23 teeth designed to detangle even the densest and longest rabbits’ coats.
  • The 12 teeth are for stubborn tangles, while the 23 teeth side helps with de-shedding your bunny.
  • The comb bristles are very sharp inside but feature rounded outer edges, so it offers a safer combing experience for your rabbit.
  • Also, it features ergonomic and non-slip handles that prevent hand fatigue during long hours of a grooming session.
  • Pet Republique also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty for risk-free buying.
  • Not only that, in every purchase from them, 15 percent of the profit is donated to the American Animal Rescue Society, so you can also feel good about your purchase.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Reduce Loose Hair25%95
Total Score100%96.75

  • Another must-have bunny comb set, this one from Daksha, offers excellent value for your money. This grooming kit includes two grooming tools for your adorable bunny— a gentle grooming glove and a rabbit comb for shedding.
  • The shedding comb features an adjustable strap that fits perfectly on your hand. Its design makes it one of the most comfortable and simplest rabbit brushes for grooming.
  • The ling bristles feature soft silicone tips that prevent scratching on your pet’s sensitive skin while giving him a gentle massage.
  • On the other hand, the grooming glove is excellent at removing loose fur from your rabbit.
  • It is made of flexible and soft silicone that prevents bruising and irritability on your pet’s skin while giving him a massage.
  • Daksha also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee for risk-free buying.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Reduce Loose Hair25%95
Total Score100%95.5

  • With a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, the Dougez Rabbit Grooming Brush is Amazon’s Choice for “Rabbit Brush.”
  • At an affordable price, this vibrant grooming comb for rabbits features stainless steel teeth that can easily remove mats and mange as well as trapped dirt and dander on your pet’s fur.
  • Not only that, but it also has anti-static teeth.
  • It also features a rotatable slicker for easy clean brush, making it suitable for short and long-haired rabbits. The comb also has round head tips that will not scratch your rabbit’s sensitive skin.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic, the handle of this comb features memory silicone that prevents hand fatigue for long hours of grooming and combing sessions.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Reduce Loose Hair25%95
Total Score100%94.25

  • Although this brush is marketed for dogs, it does not mean that it can’t handle your bunny’s delicate furs.
  • This slicker brush can be purchased alone, or get it in a set of two if you have several bunnies to groom.
  • The brightly colored brush features slim metallic bristles specifically designed to help in the de-shedding process.
  • Its flexible pins and rubber base also contours to your bunny’s body for effective and safe grooming.
  • Meanwhile, its handle features sturdy plastic fully equipped with anti-slip rubber grips so you can have full control of the combing process without causing wrist pains or hand fatigue.

  • Established pet brand Small Pet Select offers the HairBuster Comb, a de-shedding comb for dogs, rabbits, cats, and other small pets.
  • This patented comb easily grabs any loose hair or fur from your pet for a faster shedding process.
  • This comb features rounded tips that will not irritate or scratch your rabbit’s skin, making the entire grooming and shedding process pleasant and bearable.
  • Not only does it help in de-shedding, but the comb also stimulates the fur regeneration process by massaging your pet’s skin and encouraging blood flow.
  • Meanwhile, the slender and sleek design allows you to grab and use the brush for longer periods comfortably.
  • Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip ensuring that your hand will not slip or turn sweaty.

  • This slicker brush from Poodle Pet features an innovative design that makes cleaning easier and quicker for fuss-free grooming.
  • This rabbit brush helps remove loose hair, tangles, and trapped dirt on your pet’s fur with its reliable, solid stainless steel massaging pins.
  • After all the brushing, you won’t get frustrated with the cleaning process. With just a press of the button on the handle, the sturdy pins will retract back into the box.
  • As they retract, all pet hair buildup, as well as the collected dirt, slides right off the pet, cleaning the brush easily in just a few seconds.
  • The slicker brush features a handle with ridges and grooves placed perfectly where your fingers go when gripping the brush for your own comfort. This makes it super easy to hold and prevents slipping.

  • The vibrant, two-toned Slicker Brush from PETPAWJOY is designed for all kinds of fluffy pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs.
  • This reliable pet brush gently eliminates any loose undercoat, removes tangles, trapped dirt, dander, and knots on your pet’s fur.
  • The brush features rotatable bristles— the ^ shape can be used for grooming and de-shedding, while the v shape is suitable for massaging your pet and encourage blood flow and fur growth while preventing skin disease.
  • The Slicker Brush also features rounded white tips to protect your pet’s sensitive skin from scratches and bruises.
  • For your comfort, it features an ergonomic handle with an anti-skid grip for full control when brushing.
  • For convenience, the brush also has a specially designed hole on the handle so you can easily hang it for storage.
  • You also get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 15 months limited warranty with lifetime customer support.

  • Hertzko’s 2-in-1 pet brush allows you to choose the right rabbit brush to do the job. It features densely packed bristles on one side to help remove all loose hair and dirt from your pet’s topcoat.
  • On the other side, the pin comb works in detangling, removing mats, and loosening dead undercoats. For safety, the pins have rounded ends so that they will not scratch or damage your rabbit’s sensitive skin. Not only that, but the rounded ends also massage your pet to increase blood circulation and encouraging healthy growth.
  • Comfortable and durable, this double-sided brush features a comfortable grip with anti-slip rubbers that prevents your hand from slipping or getting sweaty.
  • Its ergonomic design also means less strain on your hand and wrist for longer grooming sessions.

  • Like the previous self-cleaning brush, this one from CleanHouse Pets also offers a fuss-free grooming and cleaning process.
  • Works on most coat types, thick, curly, short, long, or tangled, this durable pro-groom brush can handle it all.
  • Although marketed towards cats, this brush is also suitable for bunnies and dogs.
  • Featuring solid stainless steel pins, this brush quickly removes all dirt, loose hair, and tangles, leaving your bunny’s coat smooth, shiny and fluffy.
  • After the grooming process, a simple press on its button will release the bristles back into the brush and pushing the collected hair and dirt to come right off.
  • Meanwhile, the textured and rubberized handle helps provide a solid grip, preventing hand and wrist fatigue so you can groom your pet for hours. What’s more, is that you get a lifetime warranty, so if the brush stops working, the seller will replace it for life, no question asked.

  • Give your adorable bunny a cozy massage all the time, especially during bath time, with this bath massage brush from DELE. Featuring silicone-based bristles makes bathing easier and ensures that your pet coat is manageable.
  • It is super soft and less sharp than other common rabbit brushes, so it will not hurt or scratch your pet’s skin.
  • Although soft, this brush is also firm, so it deeply cleans your pet’s skin and coat and removing dead undercoats and loose fur.
  • What’s more, it has no metal that could rust, and its silicone material makes it super easy to clean. Just rinse it in clean water and allow it to air dry.
  • Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and will not slip while brushing your pet’s hair.
  • Multi-purpose, you can also use this brush in cleaning your bunny’s fleece bedding with its thick tips. This is great for keeping your pet’s blankets nice and soft and totally fur and dirt-free.

  • Specifically designed for all small animals, this affordable and lightweight brush is the perfect grooming tool for your little bunny.
  • This brush is made of durable plastic and has metallic pins on one side and soft and dense bristles on the other side.
  • The metallic bristles side is useful in untangling knots and mats, as well as removing all loose hair from your pet’s coat.
  • It also features rounded tips on the metallic bristles to prevent scratching and bruising on your pet’s skin while giving a gentle massage for increased blood flow.
  • Meanwhile, the side with soft and dense bristles is used to keep your rabbit’s coat stay lush and shiny while also removing trapped dirt and loose top hair.
  • Thanks to its innovative shape, this brush can also reach areas such as under your bunny’s legs or behind its ears.

  • Another convenient self-cleaning brush, this one from Safari, boasts a 4.6-star rating with over a thousand reviews on Amazon.
  • Cat owners mainly buy it; however, bunny owners will also find it useful for managing their rabbit’s fluffy coat.
  • This slicker brush features gentle stainless steel pins that will not corrode and slightly bend when using effective brushing.
  • The pins are soft and flexible enough to gently massage your pet’s skin and promote hair regeneration while pampering your little bunny.
  • The rugged construction of the brush also makes it highly durable.
  • Made from high-quality plastic, this brush features a long handle fully equipped with an anti-slip grip to prevent sweaty hands and slipping as well as providing extra comfort when grooming your bunny.

  • Featuring Odor Eliminator and Ozone Sterilization, this brush works on all cats, dogs, and bunnies of any coat type.
  • It has fine bent bristles designed to reach deeper into your pet’s coat and groom the undercoat as well.
  • After grooming, you can clean up collected hair and dirt residue by just pressing the button, saving you energy and time, and manually cleaning every pin.
  • For ergonomics and comfort when using, it features an extended handle with texturized grips to avoid slipping while grooming.
  • It comes with a 500mAh battery rechargeable with a Type-C charging interface.


Rabbits love being groomed and pampered. Thus, you will need to get the best brushes for rabbits to ensure that they are comfortable and look their best.

Consider buying from one of the above-mentioned rabbit brushes, make some bonding time, and brush, brush, brush their gorgeous, fluffy fur!

Index Table: Top Rated Brushes for Rabbits

1Pet Republique De-Matting Comb - Brush for Rabbits
  • De-Matting
  • Dual Sided
  • Ergonomic Design
Pet Republique96.75
2Dasksha Rabbit Grooming Kit - Rabbit Brush
  • Set
  • Flexible Soft
  • Silicone Bristles
3Dougez Rotatable - Rabbit Brush
  • Rotatable Slicker Brush
  • Stainless Steel teeth
  • Silicone Handle
4LilPals Dog Slicker Brush - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Metallic Bristles
  • Slim Design
  • Strudy Handle
5Small Pet Select HairBuster Comb - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Non-Irritating Bristles
  • Sleek Design
Small Pet Select97.4
6Poodle Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - Brush for Rabbits
  • Sturdy Pins
  • Gentle Against Skin
  • Durable
Poodle Pet97
7PETPAWJOY Slicker Brush - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Rotatable Bristles
  • Two Toned Slicker
  • Ergonomic Handle
8Hertzko Double Sided Pet Brush - Brush for Rabbits
  • dnes Bristles
  • Detangles
  • Durable
9CleanHouse Pets Self-Cleaning Brush - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Grooms and Cleans
  • Fuss Free Design
10DELE Pet Bath Massage Brush - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Silicone Bristles
  • Soft Bristles
  • No Metal design
11Living World Animal Combo Brush - Rabbit Brush
  • Durable
  • Metallic Pins
  • Soft dense Bristles
  • Two Sided
Living World96.2
12Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - Rabbit Brush
  • Soft Pins
  • Flexible Britles
  • Self Cleaning Brush
13Anysun Pets Hair Grooming Kit - Grooming Brush for Rabbits
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Ozone Sterilization

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