Top 12 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages Reviews & Guide

When you see speed, the first thing you think about speed is a rabbit: cute little rodents that want to dig and hop.

People assume they know the best cage to contain such an energetic creature, but they really don’t.

Indoor pet rabbit owners need a home that withholds all their fast power.

This article will help you find a fun and safe list of indoor rabbit cages.

Look below to find something good from us.

Buying Guide for Best Cage for Indoor Rabbits

Finding a rabbit cage is fun. You get to walk around and see cages made in all shapes and sizes. The sad part, you got to find something that really works. Nobody at the pet store seems to know what to look for. That is where we come in. We will do our very best to help you, and your rabbit finds a cage that is top-notch.

  • Make Sure Cage is Easy to Assemble – Every cage you plan to buy must be easy to assemble. Assume your rabbit needs to be moved throughout the year. You might want to go on a vacation or go to your friend’s house. It would help if you had something that can unhook and hook back in simple snaps. Be prepared to be portable when moving a rabbit cage. Never get a cage that has to be bolted to the ground also. Easy to assemble and easy to move. It would help if you had a rabbit cage that you can carry with ease. It should only take one hand to carry your cage. It shouldn’t feel like carrying a car tire. Don’t make moving your hamster cage harder than it needs to be.
  • The Cage Must Have Large Space – Rabbits are small but not very small. They are used to running in the wild for miles. It would help if you got them a big enough cage for a table. Please don’t put them in a small box and make them think they’re in jail again. Be nice to your pet. Rabbits like to jump around too. You might want to get them a 2 level cage. It will help them work on their acrobatics and form a happy relationship with other rabbits. They’re going to being the house for a long time. It’s best to put them in something that makes them think they are outside when they are inside.
  • The Cage Must Be Very Durable for the Rabbit – Durability is a must. You know rabbits like to bite on things, right? Yes, rabbits tend to bite on a lot of things. Plastic is something to add to the list. If you plan to have an indoor rabbit, you should get strong and light. Don’t rely on the light frame to keep the rabbit contained. Your rabbit could break the thin fabric. Indoor rabbits don’t get out much, which means you need a cage that lasts years. If you buy a cage and it breaks after months, never repurchase it. Make sure the cage lasts one year or more. You are in charge of indoor rabbits. You don’t want to chase your rabbit around the backyard, do you? Make sure the cage is very durable for the years to come.
  • Water Bottles and Food Need to be Present – This is a given for most. Water and food need to be inside the rabbit cage. Rabbits move around a lot. When you go to work, your rabbit is probably running around and burning all sorts of energy. You got to put some resources in to keep the rabbit satisfied. When adding food, you got enough to prevent the rabbit from having poop problems. A rabbit is almost the size of a cat. It sill poop often if you feed it too much. Always feed the rabbit enough food. Plenty of water but enough food. This tip will save you from cleaning the cage every night.

Reviews: Best Indoor Cages for Rabbits

Here are our Top Picks for Best Cage for Indoor Rabbits;

  • A basic rabbit cage for your pet to hop and play. It’s very metal, and the cage requires no steps to assemble.
  • All you have to do is a purchase, and the cage comes to you complete.
  • There is a ladder for the rabbit to climb to the second floor.
  • Your rabbit can practice its crazy jumping moves. The cage has a wide-open view. You can watch your rabbit closely.
  • Each cage comes with a free rabbit water bottle and hay feeder.
  • You can save yourself the trouble of getting a separate water bottle. You will have all the essentials to give your pet the best indoor experience.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Easy Assembly30%100
Size & Space25%100
Metal Frame25%95
Total Score100%97.25

  • All white rabbit cage that has a ceiling opening. This cage has a plastic floor and a white metal frame. Your rabbit can sit and snuff all it wants. Cage is created with safety in mind and strives to provide your rabbit with max comfort.
  • The water bottle and hay feeder are omitted.
  • But, you get a nice clean rabbit cage to put in your place.
  • A small second floor is located on the side.
  • It takes up a small portion of space. A grey foothold with a ladder for a curious rabbit. Rabbits can hop on and take a nap. The rabbit can run around at a good pace and find a good view out the window.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Easy Assembly30%100
Size & Space25%95
Metal Frame25%95
Total Score100%96

  • A simple rabbit cage with two openings. You can open the cage from the side or the top.
  • Easy access for a person that is feeling lazy or wants to grab their rabbit in a hurry. You won’t have a problem picking your rabbit up with this cage.
  • The floor of the cage is light brown. A good color to blend in a wood environment or basic room.
  • The cage also comes with free rabbit supplies.
  • The product comes with a free water bottle, hay guard, ramp, second-level, and a free food plate. You will get the basics of what you will need to buy when you first get a rabbit.
  • New rabbit owners should definitely get one of these.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Easy Assembly30%100
Size & Space25%95
Metal Frame25%90
Total Score100%94.75

  • A black quick to set up rabbit cage. This cage folds and unfolds in seconds.
  • You don’t need to be smart to use this properly. It has one floor. There is no second floor, toys, or water bottles included.
  • You might need to buy more rabbit gear with this one. But, it is pretty simple and black.
  • You can take it and go.
  • The cage comes with two openings for fast access.
  • One opening is on the top. The other is on the side.
  • The opening is created with sliding technology.
  • You only need one hand to operate the cage. There is also a secure lock that can be operated by one hand—the best cage for people who want things to be simple.

  • A giant white cage with a dark tunnel.
  • It is pretty big, but it provides your pet with mystery.
  • Do you have a rabbit that likes to hide in dark places? This is the cage you need to pick.
  • It has a tunnel that goes to a big room. Your pet will be able to be all alone whenever it needs to. The cage also comes with a leak warranty policy.
  • You can request a new cage for free if the cage leaks after a few days of use.
  • This cage can be used indoors but is also good for outdoor.
  • If you are looking for two in one, you can get this cage and be good. It can last a long time outside and protect the animal from outside threats.
  • An indoor rabbit owner might not want outside and inside cages, but people change over time.

  • The Hutch comes with removable wire netting above the bottom tray that allows for easy cleaning.
  • The design has two stories with a climbing ramp.
  • The hutch consists of natural Firwood painted with a non-toxic and waterproof varnish.
  • There are four caster wheels, and two of them are a brake, to move and fix the rabbit cage as you desire,
  • The hutch is very easy to assemble and comes with full instructions.

  • A rabbit cage that looks like a house.
  • It is colored in faded cream and red.
  • A nice and wealthy touch. Are you interested in putting your rabbit in the living room? This would be the cage to get. It lets you see what the rabbit is doing, and it looks really smooth. You get one house built into the cage and a second small level.
  • Your friends will think your so wealthy with this low-priced rabbit cage.
  • It comes with free rabbit supplies to help you save money. A water bottle, hay feeder, and bowl are available at purchase. You can stop thinking about that new water bottle you need for your pet. You can get yourself all set for next year in style.

  • A black metal rabbit cage with one floor. It looks like a house.
  • A meager price is priced for this one. It is not flashy, but it’s a rabbit cage. The wireframe is made with a solid, durable material. Not much space for your rabbit to run. It is a little small.
  • But, If you want to take your rabbit to your friend’s house, this would do the job.
  • There is no tool assembly for making this rabbit cage.
  • You get the cage built when you purchase. The cage will come all together, and you will get two separate openings. The door opens on the top and front—quick access for people traveling with a rabbit.

  • Probably the biggest rabbit cage you ever had. It comes with two levels of running around.
  • A ladder connects to the high second level. The color is black. Many holes are located on the side.
  • You can see the rabbit move in different directions. The cage opens with a giant double door opening. You can clean this cage very easily due to the giant opening.
  • The pan is designed to be leakproof.
  • Your rabbit will not be able to pee on the floor and get something on the carpet. Maybe you have been having trouble with this. Getting this rabbit cage will solve your cleaning problem and your floor problem.

  • A basic blue rabbit cage with climbing in mind.
  • Your rabbit has to move up the ladder to get to the top.
  • There is also a tight ledge on top for a bold rabbit feeling. The room is large.
  • Your rabbit can run around in circles. The base is made with plastic that has the ability to absorb dirt.
  • The cage is easy to assemble. You won’t have to read the manual long.
  • The top floor is connected to a platform where your rabbit can view heights. You can watch your rabbit watching you from a high position. Want your rabbit to be in high places? Then get a cage like this.

  • A skyscraper for your rabbit. Want your rabbit to climb all the time. Get them a rabbit cage that has 5 levels.
  • This cage is something else. It looks like a building on the outside. It is very tall and made with black metal frames.
  • Ladders connect each level, and the top is high.
  • Your rabbit will have to challenge its fear of heights like this cage.
  • The cage is big enough for your rabbit to sleep in.
  • The ladders take up half the cage.
  • The other part of the cage is an open space for the buddy to stretch. Put multiple rabbits in this cage and see which one is the fastest—a nice rabbit cage for rabbits who like heights.

  • The bunny cage is constructed in solid fir wood with a metal frame for dual security.
  • It comes in two levels and a ramp, so your rabbit can easily walk up and down.
  • It includes a run box with lockable doors to keep your rabbit safe and secure.
  • It features a very spacious area to play and rest.
  • The Product dimensions of 48 inches in length x 19.75 inches in width x 39.75 inches in height.


Indoor rabbits can exist in an environment that is comfortable. Don’t be stuffing your rabbit in tight spaces.
They act like humans. They need space and something to do.
Treat your rabbit with the best indoor rabbit cage you can find.
Don’t be cheap. Be reasonable.

Index Table; TopRated Indoor Rabbit Cages

1MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Ladders
  • Basic Design
  • Water Bottle Included
2Living World Deluxe Habitat - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Top Opening
  • Two Floors
  • Metal Frame
Living World96
3AmazonBasics Pet Habitat - Indoor Rabbit's Cage
  • Free Accessories
  • Water Bottle Includeed
  • Spacious Design
4Midwest Wabbitat Folding - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Easy Access
  • One Hand Operation
  • Accessories Included
5Petsfit Rabbit Bunny Hutch Wood - IndoorRabbit's Cage
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Leakproof
  • Tunnels Includeed
Petsfit Rabbit96.8
6Gutinneen Two Story Wood Bunny Cage - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Two Storey Size
  • Removable Wire Netting
  • Natural Fir Wood
7Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage - IndoorRabbit's Cage
  • Supplies Included
  • Very Appealing Design
  • Sturdy
Ferplast Krolik96.6
8Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Affordable
  • Easy No Tool Assembly
9Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation - IndoorRabbit's Cage
  • Two Levels
  • Spacious
10Ferplast Rabbit Cage - Rabbit Cage Indoor
  • Plastic Base
  • Climbing Ladders
  • easy To assemble
11Yaheetech Indoor Cage for Small Animals - Indoor Rabbit's Cage
  • Spacious
  • Connecting Ladders
  • Appealing Design
12PawHut Metal Frame - Indoor Cage for Small Animals
  • Ramp Feeding
  • Lockable Doors

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