The Top 10 Best Chicken Coop Reviews & Guides

The Chicken Coop is the basic chicken rearing equipment you need if you are looking to grow chickens.

Due to the latest movement trying to promote self-reliance and sustainability, backyard chicken rearing is growing.

Subsequently, to successfully grow chickens in your backyard, you need the best chicken coop.

What is a Chicken Coop?

The Chicken Coop is where your chickens should sleep and lay their eggs. Therefore, it is important for their survival and productivity, so you need to get them the best chicken coop.

The features of a basic chicken coop are:

  • A secure latch on the door.
  • Roosting bars for the chickens to perch on.
  • Cloth-covered windows are made from hardware to keep predators out.
  • Nesting boxes filled with soft straws or pine shavings where they’d lay eggs.

Main Purposes of a Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop has two Main Characteristics;

  • Shelter and Protection – A chicken coop must provide shelter and protection for the birds. It must also be spacious enough for the chickens to live comfortably, enough space to flap their wings. Space must also be enough to build comfortable nests and have a walkabout.
  • Hygenic Safety – Hygiene is an important feature of a proper chicken coop. The chicken coop must be hygienic as it should have proper ventilation, changeable flooring, and enough room for humans to clean. As it is known, birds need warmth – therefore, a good chicken coop should heat lamps or extra bedding and nesting material. Also, it needs to get more warmth through insulation.

There are two ways to own a chicken coop if you need one – it’s either you construct one for yourself or purchase from manufacturers.
To purchase the best chicken coops, you need to pay attention to details.

This article will review ten of the best chicken coop products you can find around and where to find them.

Where to Place Your Backyard Chicken Coop

Chickens are extremely vulnerable to environmental hazards, so it is important to be cautious about where you place them. Firstly, you have to make sure that you place your coop in a partially shaded, dry spot, as you should never leave it under direct sunlight.

During evening time or periods where your chickens are left unsupervised, it is wise to place them in a coop with a concrete base. This concrete base will help prevent predators like foxes from digging into the coop from under the floor. You can also opt to bury bricks under the ground outside your coop to discourage predators from digging.

However, it is wise to place your coop on the grass generally – this is because hens love to peck on the ground. The movable structure of the chicken coops allows you to switch between both locations.

Reviews: The Best Chicken Coop

Here are our top choices in safe and effective chicken coops reviews

  • This particular chicken coop is designed to house not just chickens but also other animals like rabbits, ducks, roosters, and other small animals.
  • Made from a block of solid rain-resistant fir wood, it has the durability to keep your animals safe from most weather conditions. It has raised housing areas and caged running areas, and these features afford your chickens plenty of space to live.
  • The cage comes with a nesting box with an easy-access open/close rooftop that allows you to give your animals food and water quickly. Also, it aids the collection of eggs and the environment’s cleaning. Here are some of the reasons why you should get this chicken coop;
  • Accessible and secure: It comes with two doors, and both include a metal locking system and open/closing nesting box that allows for easy access into both cage areas
  • Weather-resistant: The cage is made from solid rainproof fir wood, and this helps the cage withstand unfavorable weather conditions, as it is highly durable
  • Easy to clean: The removable bottom sliding tray feature aids in easy cleaning of the cage. It also has metal wire fencing for ventilation.
  • Comfortable living space: This chicken coop comes with a sliding door and a ramp that allows your chickens to have easy access to the comfortable, raised housing area
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Nesting Spots20%95
Total Score100%97.75

  • The Aivituvin is a chicken coop recommended for about 4-6 large chickens or 6-12 Bantams. It has nice features that make it the right type of chicken coop to have in your backyard. Some of the outstanding features include;
  • Large Chicken Coop: The SnapLick Formex has 4 nesting spots with removable dividers; it also has three 36” roosts.
  • Sturdy: It is built to be water and chemical-resistant while resisting impact and ultraviolet rays.
  • Easy Maintenance: With large adjustable ventilation, easy access for egg collection, and a removable litter tray – it is built for easy maintenance that requires little or no stress.
  • Easy to assemble: The beautiful thing about this chicken coop is the easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain mode. In addition to both, it is also easy to assemble as you need no tools to do that. All you have to do is snap together.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Nesting Spots20%95
Total Score100%96.5

  • The manufacturers have redesigned the Pets Imperial Monmouth chicken coop to enhance its quality further.
  • Some new features have been added to help improve the security and the easy-to-use nature of the chicken coop.
  • Some of the features you can find on the Pets Imperial include:
  • Galvanized metal pull-out tray: The galvanized metal pull-out tray is built to enhance easy cleaning. It can be slid out from the hen house’s front, making it easy to remove.
  • Also, there is a new feature of a floor under the tray to stop your birds from being hurt while cleaning the tray. It can contain 3 to 4 birds depending on the size.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Nesting Spots20%95
Total Score100%95.25

  • A long-lasting chicken barn made from Eco-Flex, which is a blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts.
  • It is resistant to moisture, warp, crack, and split.
  • Eco-Flex’s advantage over wood is that it does not expand and contract like wood. Therefore, the structure will remain intact for much longer than wood.
  • If you are looking for a chicken coop that will last long without maintenance, the Eco-Flex is for you.
  • It is non-absorbent for easy cleaning and has a removable roof to collect eggs.

  • This PawHut 88” wooden chicken coop is made with a quality that will match your expectations. Its outdoor fenced run, large living area, and two-section nesting box allow for diverse options. You can either allow open air flow in the coop or close it up for climate control during the winter months. Some of the features that help the PawHut 88” a good option includes;
  • The nesting box for chickens to comfortably lay eggs.
  • Multiple doors for easy access.
  • Hinged roof and door for easy cleaning or refilling of food and water.
  • Attached run that gives the chickens room to roam.
  • Heavy-duty wires keep birds in and predators out.
  • Removable droppings tray that ease cleaning.
  • Efficient Design: A large indoor living space, an outdoor fenced run, and a hinged roof are part of the design that makes this chicken coop a great buy.

  • The Ecolinear chicken coop is both stylish and functional. It has a large inside area and extra spaces for the chickens to move around. Also, its nesting box can hold two chickens at a time. The Ecolinear is built perfectly for the chickens to lay eggs. Some of the good features of the Ecolinear include;
  • The built-in window for air circulation.
  • A pull-out tray that helps to ease cleaning.
  • Solid wood construction offers durability.
  • It has a green asphalt sloping roof to protect it from water penetration.
  • It has hinged doors that allow for the refilling of water and food.
  • A large area runs for good living quality.
  • Its heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh helps keep the chickens in and predators out.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It can hold up to 2-4 chickens, depending on size.

  • The PawHut 114” gives your chickens space to run, play, and rest. Its dual exterior detachable allows you to customize multiple configurations to fit various sizes. It has a large 2-tier living house and ramp for easy up and down access. This backyard chicken coop is made from fully treated and grooved fir wood that has been coated with a water-based preservative.
  • With the combination of durability, function, and style, the PawHut chicken coop is a perfect home for your birds. Some of the features of the PawHut 114” are;
  • Multiple doors for easy access and cleaning.
  • Steel wires that enclose the run to help protect your chickens.
  • A dual detachable run that allows for multiple configurations.
  • A 2-tier main house design gives chickens lots of room to rest and be active.
  • A 2-part nesting box that allows the easy extraction of eggs.
  • Ramps that allow the chickens to enter the raised housing area easily.

  • The PawHut 83” is constructed from high-quality fir wood with a treated finish. The space available in the indoor area and the sizable fenced outside area provides your chickens with two options – either hide from the elements or enjoy the sun. These two options also mean that you can either allow for airflow in the coop or close it up for climate control during wintertime.
  • Several accommodating features are available in this chicken coop, like the chicken nesting box with a hinged top. There are also perches inside the chicken coop for your chickens to roost on during the day or night. This chicken coop also spots a ramp that allows quick access to the inside and the screened windows that allow proper airflow and ventilation. Some of its cool features include:
  • A large outdoor run: This chicken coop has a hen house attached to a wide-open fenced enclosure that allows the chickens plenty of room to move around. They can move around freely without the fear of predators.
  • A compact footprint: The compact, low footprint design of this chicken coop makes it easily fit a smaller space. The design makes it easy to own a chicken coop without sacrificing a whole lot of room.
  • Easy access: The rooftop opens to the inside, making it easy to clean and maintain.

  • The portable wooden chicken coop is one of the best chicken coops you can find around. Some of its good features include;
  • Large outdoor run: On the PawHut 98”, the hen house is attached to a wide-open fenced enclosure that allows the chickens’ plenty of room to move around without the fear of predators
  • Sturdy and Secure: The chicken house is attached to a galvanized chicken wire fenced enclosure, which allows the birds to move around without fear of predators. Also, its security features include a lockable metal bolt door.
  • Proper design: The PawHut is well designed to accommodate your chickens – the design includes a chicken nesting box with a hinged top that offers an easy way to deposit and collect eggs, a door that acts as a ramp, and slide slots that aid ventilation. It also includes the chickens’ perches to roost on during the day or night.
  • Movability: The wheel on the PawHut makes it easily moveable, creating a healthier environment.
  • Also, moving the chickens to different locations can result in happier chickens and better quality eggs.

  • The Advantek Tower Chicken Coop is a great feat for your backyard. This chicken coop is a safe place for your chickens to roost.
  • The construction was carefully thought about as it provides features that are of great help to you in rearing your chickens.
  • The material used for its construction will help it last for years.
  • Also, the ease it is constructed helps ease access to the chickens while promoting ventilation.
  • Its easy assembly also makes it attractive, while it comes in a beautiful auburn color.


We have laid the foundation for a brilliant backyard chicken rearing model with a good choice from the above-listed best chicken coops.
The benefits you get by using some of the best chicken coops for your chicken rearing are numerous.
It helps you reduce workload, ease the stress of managing your chickens, and keeps your environment clean.

Index Table: Top rated Chicken Coops

1Best Choice Products Outdoor Poultry Cage - Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House
  • Water-resistant
  • Secure
  • easily Accessible
Best Choice Products97.75
2Aivituvin Wooden Chicken Coop - Large Outdoor Hen House
  • Large Size
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy Assembly
3Pets Imperial Monmouth - Large Chicken Coop
  • Secure
  • Floor Under Tray
Pets Imperial95.25
4New Age ecoFLEX Fontana - Chicken Barn Coop
  • Moisture and Crack Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain
New Age97.4
5PawHut 88 Inch Coop - Wooden Backyard Hen House
  • Multiple Doors
  • Hinged Roof
  • Large Space
6ECOLINEAR Wooden Chicken Coop - Safe Chicken Coop
  • Built-In Window
  • Pull Out tray
  • Solid Wood Construction
7PawHut 114 Inch Wooden - Customizable Backyard Chicken Coop
  • Easy To Clean
  • Dual Detachable Run
PawHut 114 Inch96
8PawHut 83Inch Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop Covered Run - Nesting Box Coop for Chickens
  • Quality Wood Construction
  • Large Outdoor Design
PawHut 83Inch97
9PawHut Wooden - Safe Chicken Coop
  • Secure
  • Sturdy Design
  • Lockable Door
10Advantek The Tower Chicken Coop - Coop for Chickens
  • Long Lasting Materails
  • Great Features
  • Safe

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