15 Best Chicken Waterers Reviews: Keeping Chickens Hydrated

Chickens are more prone to dehydration than any other farm pets due to feeds consumption.
Keeping your chickens hydrated is necessary for their overall health.
And so, having the best chicken waterers in the market could be your top priority.

Whether taking care of chicks, ducks, or quails, a chicken waterer is necessary.
It provides enough clean water for farm pets all the time.
A sufficient water supply will save them against heatstroke and other health issues.

Best Chicken Waterers: A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Being in charge of the flocks will demand you to invest in sound facilities, including poultry hydration.

Now that you are searching for some of the best chicken waterers in the market, here is a quick buyer’s guide for you. Choosing the right water tank would seem simple, but you might still end up with the wrong product.

You should consider important factors in buying a particular chicken drinker that best suits your needs.

  • Price – Prepare a budget before deciding which model to buy. Most chicken waterers are affordably priced. Keep an eye on the price to check whether it is worth buying or not. The price sometimes has to say about the quality of the product. Rightly-priced items have the best features to offer.
  • Durability – Another great factor to consider is the chicken waterer’s durability. It will depend on the materials used, such as heavy-duty plastic or steel-made water tanks. Also, pay attention to how the waterer is built. It speaks of how durable the product will be.
  • Style – Chicken waterers are available in various styles. Pick the model that will suit your pet’s needs with comfort. Some are hanging-style, while others are placed on elevated surfaces.
  • Water Capacity – Most poultry keepers prefer higher water capacity. They may leave their farm pets alone without the worry of insufficient water supply.
  • Ease of use – Choose a product that is easy to setup. Most models include brackets for setting up purposes. Some products do not even require assembly, which is a great choice for many.
  • Safety – There are heated chicken waterer models, so considering safety is important. Be mindful to follow the setup guide provided.
  • Refillable – Some products require disassembly to be refilled with water. Look for water tanks that are easy to refill, even without doing anything else on the equipment. It benefits both the keeper and the chickens.
  • Energy-Efficient – Heated chicken waterer requires electricity when needed. 60-watts of power will be enough to make the equipment work at its best. The best thing here is not that the waterer needs to be plugged in. It just happens during the winter or cold season.
  • DIY Chicken Waterer – This option is reserved only for those who have the ability to build things with their hands.

Reviews: Best Chicken Waterers

It would be difficult for anyone to choose the best chicken waterer in many different markets.
So, I cut down the list from hundreds to 15 products. From the product list, pick the chicken waterer that will give comfort to the life of your chickens. Now, let’s see our best choices!

  • This tool can be used for all seasons, especially during winter. It keeps the water from freezing at low temperatures due to its materials.
  • Just hang the poultry fountain on the chicken coop door to provide water for the pets.
  • It works through 100-watts of power. There is a 150-watt built-in heater used when necessary.
  • It can contain 3-gallons of water and stock up from the bottom without removing the top reservoir. You may refill it with the use of a hose, water jug, or a 2-liter bottle.
  • An instruction sheet is included to put up the water equipment easily. There is an attached cord on the red base to plug in when needed.
  • They also include watering nipples to install the waterer on a side-mount design easily.
  • The tool is Teflon-coated to prevent calcium build-up and corrosion. It also increases durability for longer use.

  • The easy-fill poultry drinker can provide a drink for over 100 chickens in a day. It doubles the capacity of the first product, about 6.25-gallons of water.
  • Plus, Harris Farms is a trusted brand in selling high-quality chicken equipment.
  • They use high-graded and BPA-free plastic material to enhance durability in all seasons. You can place the waterer anywhere in your backyard or inside the coop.
  • It has a carrying handle for easy transport or hanging.
  • Restocking the drinker is done by holding it upside down.
  • It has a modern design, so refill from the top without the fear of spilling water. The base has to float when filled with water up to the rim.
  • The downfall is it overflows when not being closed tightly.
  • Better check it out before carrying it over to your pet’s coop. You can easily clean the drinker and make it ready for the next use.

  • This Harris Farms’ poultry drinker offers lesser capacity than the previous about 3.5-gallons of water only. It features a hanging handle made of metal for a stronger grip.
  • The handle helps to prevent spillage while in use.
  • They are cheap and ideal for small flocks. It is made of long-life plastic and can accommodate 56 chickens.
  • To avoid spillage, its twist-lock system helps.
  • This semi-opaque style drinker makes the water level visible. You can easily say when to refill the container. Turn the green button upside down to fill up the container with water.
  • There will be no opening on the unit to empty it with water.
  • It will be all through the transparent plastic built.
  • You may purchase the Manna Pro Harris Farms Heated Poultry Drinker Base to use the tool even in cold weather.
  • Its overall construction can stand for regular cleanings.

  • This will be a great choice for keepers of 3 or 4 chickens. It is a gravity-style waterer that provides water at a constant rate.
  • Its capacity is 1-gallon per refill. The tank and base require a separate purchase and yet at an affordable price.
  • The water tank can withstand both heat and cold due to the heavy-duty polystyrene materials used. It is a transparent jar to monitor the water level visibly.
  • The water will not easily overheat because of its well-construction.
  • It comes with a wide and blue-colored base that can strongly attract chickens to have a drink. The flocks can easily access clean and freshwater through its base.
  • The screw-top lid is a way to refill the tank with water without leaks.
  • Assembling the water tank is so simple with its screw-on design. An excess of water will never be a problem with this tank due to its gravity-fed design.

  • This one is more durable than the other options because of its galvanized steel material. It can stand firm all-year-round while hydrating up to five chickens every day.
  • Its price is reasonable for how it is built.
  • Little Giant once again made a gravity-style water tank with double-wall construction. It has an inner and outer tube, both works for convenience.
  • A locking pin holds the outer tube to keep steady throughout. Its top design stops chicken from nestling as rolled edges are built for safety.
  • It is designed to maintain a constant water level and is tested for leaks. You can add a heater base in winter to avoid water from icing.
  • It is compatible with an electric base heater.
  • The material is rust-resistant and easy to clean.
  • There is a handle for extra convenience in placing the chicken fount anywhere in a coop.

  • This product comes fully assembled. You need to place it on an elevated surface to give space to the nipples. Its unique feature has horizontal nipples that help to prevent leakage.
  • It has a better top design that stops chicken from roosting. In this way, the tank is kept clean all the time. You can get the 5-gallon model to provide water for four hens for ten days, depending on the weather.
  • The plastic material used is BPA-free and 100% high-quality. It does not require assembly, so easy to install in a coop. When installed in a chicken coop, the tank will be kept in place with great security.
  • It has a removable top for easy refills with a hose or a jug.
  • RentACoop 2-Gallon Chicken Waterer comes with instructions, so there are no worries about doing it. Monitor the water level now and then.

  • Thermo-Poultry Waterer is available in two models, heated and unheated models. Both are economical in terms of power usage of about 60-watts.
  • This keeps water at the right temperature, whether in cold or warm weather and includes a 6-feet length of a power cord.
  • With an easy-flow design, it provides easy access to drink for chickens.
  • There will be no messy, muddy ground along the way, and you can easily clean the water filter tray. You can also fill the tank with ease.
  • It has an integrated handle on its side that differs from the other models.
  • The bottom part has a spill-proof cap that eliminates water wastage when you assemble the tank. No draining process is needed to remove debris; spray it with water.
  • It has a no-roost top design to discourage chickens from roosting on top of the water tank. Chickens will have no right to mess up the water.
  • For added safety, the equipment is MET listed.

  • This poultry waterer is not meant for baby chicks but adult ones. It has automatic controls to avoid overflowing the water supply. You can quench your farm pets with ease.
  • However, it is not appropriate for freezing temperatures.
  • It looks different than the previous chicken waterers, for it comes with a unique cover design. The cover has a magnetic feature to keep it in place.
  • This protects the water from dirt and even prevents chickens from roosting on the tool.
  • It provides an endless and automatic flow of clean water supply of about 10 gallons. Filling up the tank with water requires using any standard 0.75” garden hose. It has a hose attachment for easy setup.
  • It is out of a heavy-duty plastic bowl, which ensures excellent durability.
  • There are minor adjustments available in setting up the water tank. The process will be easy, which brings great results.

  • An automatic chicken waterer is in demand these days because of its convenience. This tool can store 2-gallons of water for chickens.
  • It ensures fresh and clean water to be delivered to your chicks.
  • It saves your time in refilling the tank as it works automatically. Get a garden hose about ¾” and then connect to the device. Keep monitoring the water level to know when it needs to be refilled.
  • It is a bucket-style waterer that can quench up to 25 birds.
  • The material is BPA-free, thus provides clean and healthy water for chickens.
  • The bucket tank has built-in quick connects and four side-mounted water nipples for easy setup. You can either hang or mount the tank in a coop.
  • Its handle is handy in placing the tank in the right places or hanging it.
  • A float-valve style is also available and is equipped with electric poultry netting. Its color may vary as well.

  • To grow baby chicks, you may avail of Chick Nipple Drinker. It aids their hydration needs like no other.
  • It can contain a litter of water enough to quench up to 20 chicks. You can also hydrate four grown chickens with this drinker.
  • The nipple drinker is made of BPA-free plastic resin material.
  • It remains durable over all kinds of conditions. Some users are not satisfied as water flows out slowly from the tank. There is a hinged integrated cap on its lid for easy refill.
  • The drinker comes with a metal wall bracket and a lightweight wire bracket.
  • They allow versatility in attaching the waterer on a coop or a cage.
  • It fits on most poultry cages. No screws are included.
  • Purchase Premier’s Chick Heating Plates to keep the water warm during cold months.

  • If you desire plenty of water and feed supply for the chickens, you might be looking for a drinker and feeder set. Instead of buying a separate feed and water tool, Royal Rooster combined them in one item.
  • They come in a twin set, including a gallon of water tube and a feeder. Let’s focus on the chicken waterer.
  • The gallon drinker has two valve-operated cups at the bottom that satisfy the chicken’s thirst. It is ideal for up to 6 chickens.
  • Since chicken cages have limited space, it is designed with slim construction to set up inside coops easily. You can hook it onto the coop mesh or on a solid wall using four aluminum brackets.
  • They include a rain cover and UV-resistant due to ABS plastic and PVC material. It is intended for an off-the-ground setup to avoid debris on the water. The water level will not easily evaporate or invite algae growth as well.
  • Once the chicken taps the valve, the drinker cups will be activated for unlimited access to clean water.

  • Train your chickens on how to drink on a waterer by introducing them to the BAFX Bucket filled with water. Start with one chicken by bringing it closer to the bucket and put its beak directly on the nipple. The other flock will follow.
  • It is the same as the other bucket drinker on the list. It has four water nipples drilled at the bottom to comfort chickens.
  • There is a water filling hole with a removable rubber stopper. Remove the rubber stopper and then get a hosepipe or a jug to refill the tank. Put the stopper again to prevent dust from getting into the water.
  • Hang the water tank in a place that is accessible to chickens. It has a metal handle to keep it in place. The product will be delivered fully assembled.
  • You can easily open the lid for cleaning purposes. Keep in mind that its top does not close too tight, so be careful in lifting the drinker.

  • This has a unique square construction that is similar to a bowl. It is perfect for all-season due to its thermostatically controlled feature. You may use that feature when necessary, especially during cold months.
  • This water bowl is suitable not just for chickens but also for other birds. You can leave it anywhere in your backyard to quench farm pets.
  • It has a capacity of 1.25 gallons of clean and fresh water for your feathered pets. The cord has an anti-chew design to keep chickens away from electric shock. They won’t even try to destroy the cord when not monitored.
  • It has built-in 60-watt heater use when necessary. It helps to keep the water warm during cold weather.
  • The downfall is it has no top covering to protect the water from any other dirt. It would be best if you made a temporary covering as a remedy.

  • Up to this point is an affordable poultry waterer with high-quality performance. The company offers high-class customer service with a year of limited warranty.
  • It is a heated drinker perfect for year-round use.
  • The poultry waterer features a built-in thermostat that provides heat up to 40-degrees F.
  • The electrical cord is increased to 16-feet, not to use an extension cord anymore.
  • Its conical lid shape prevents chickens from soiling the water on the inside. It keeps the water clean and healthy to benefit the chickens.
  • The lid is insulated to trap warm air from entering the waterer.
  • It has a drip-catch design with three nipples placed above the chicken’s head.
  • Please take advantage of its integrated lid handle to hang the waterer, so birds will slightly stretch up to drink.
  • The interlocking tabs on its base secure the lid. It, therefore, prevents water from leaking.

  • The kit includes a food-grade plastic waterer and a refillable drinking cup. You may leave your chicken at home with enough water supplies at ease. It refills the cup automatically without pushing any tabs.
  • The device is BPA-free. It can hold up to one liter of water to quench small flocks. Sturdy wire brackets are included that fit on most cages. The drinking cup comes with an elbow attachment, away from breaking.
  • The flip-cap cover on top allows easy refill. You can freely view the water level from the outside due to the plastic material.
  • This model is a no-drip guarantee.RentACoop offers a2-year extended warranty in case something bad happens to the product.

Final Words

You can end up with the best chicken waterer that will quench your farm pets from the above-products.
A waterer could be a great addition to your poultry setup to make chicken’s life easygoing.
Check on the best features the products offer to see whether they will suit your pet’s demands.
The buyer’s guide discussed all the important factors you must look for before deciding which to buy.
Overall, the chicken waterer does not only provide water but also completes the beauty of your coop.

Would you mind sharing your ideas with us? Tap the comment box below, and you can share your thoughts.

Index Table: Top Rated Chicken Waterers

1Farm Innovators All-Seasons Poultry Fountain - Watering Device for Chickens
  • All Seasons
  • Bottom Filling
  • Instruction Sheet Included
Farm Innovators98.9
2Harris Farms Harris Farms Easy-Fill Poultry Drinker - Chicken Waterer
  • BPA Free
  • High Graded
  • easy To Clean
Harris Farms97.8
3Harris Farms Hanging Poultry Drinker - Waterer for Chickens
  • Semi-Opaque Style
  • Twist Lock System
Harris Farms96.8
4Little Giant 1-Gallon Complete Poultry Waterer - Chicken Waterer
  • Gravity Style
  • Withstands heat and Cold
  • Wide Base
Little Giant97.6
5Little Giant Galvanized Double-Wall Founts - Chicken Waterer
  • Durable
  • Gravity Style
  • Large Size
Little Giant97.4
6RentACoop 2 gallon - Watering Device for Chickens
  • BPA Free
  • Removable Top
  • Two Gallon
7K and H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry Waterer - Waterer for Chickens
  • Weather Resistant
  • Spill Proof Cap
  • Intergrated Handle
K and H97
8Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer - Watering Device for Chickens
  • Magnetic Feature
  • Automatic Waterflow
  • Heavy Duty Plastic
Little Giant96.5
9Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer - Chicken Waterer
  • Bucket Style
  • Float Valve
Farmer Brad96.6
10Premier 1 Supplies Chick Nipple Drinker - Chicken Waterer
  • Nipple Drinker
  • Versatile Attachment
  • Fits Most Poultry Cages
Premier 197.3
11Royal Rooster Drinker and Feeder Set - Chicken Waterer
  • Twin Set
  • Rain Cover Included
  • UV Resistant
Royal Rooster96
12BAFX Products Chicken Waterer - Waterer for Chickens
  • Removable Rubber Stopper
  • Metal handle
  • Hanging Design
13Farm Innovators D-19 Heated Chicken Water Bowl - Waterer for Chickens
  • Versatile Uses for Birds and Chickens
  • Built in Heater
Farm Innovators95.8
14Premier 1 Supplied Heated Poultry Waterer - Chicken Waterer
  • Affordable
  • Conical Lid Shape Prevents Water Soiling
Premier 196.7
15RentACoop Automatic Fill Chicken Waterer - Watering Device for Chickens
  • No-Drip design
  • BPA Free
  • Food Grade Plastic

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