The 13 Best Chinchilla Cages Reviews & Guides

Are you currently in the market for the best chinchilla cage? If so, then you’ve just landed in the right place.

Chinchillas are known for their giant ears and big eyes. They are also adorable; thus, loving them has never been difficult. These creatures are energetic too. On the other hand, Chinchillas love to chew, dig, and run; in fact, these rodents can even jump up to 6ft high.

However, it is worth mentioning that chinchillas need special attention and care to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying A Cage for Chinchillas

If you have a chinchilla or plan to get it, one of the essential things you can do is ensure that they have the best cage. Your chinchilla’s enclosure should be large enough so they can move comfortably.

Today, there are lots of chinchilla cages where you can choose from. To help you choose the right one that suits your chinchilla’s need, we have compiled and reviewed the best cages in the market in this guide.

But before we proceed to the product reviews, let’s first take a look at the essential factors that must be considered when buying a cage.

Here are some of the most important factors you need to consider when buying the best chinchilla cage.

  • Material – The material used in making the cage plays a significant role in the safety of your chinchilla. A wire cage with bars and a flat bottom can be a great option. However, a metal cage may last for a couple of years, making it a great investment if you can afford it. Moreover, when looking for a cage, always opt for a model without sidewalls, and have sidebars. Enclosed cages or plastic bins may cause your pet to overheat, so you should avoid such options.
  • Accessories – Chinchillas are smart, and they need a high level of physical and mental stimulation. That being said, consider adding accessories like hideouts, toys, and chews, and among others, in your cage to ensure that your chinchilla is happy. When looking for a cage, make sure that there is enough room for essential accessories like water bottles, food dishes, and dust bath containers. Fortunately, most cages come with a storage shelf or stand. This feature is very beneficial so that you don’t need to store your pet’s supplies/items in an additional space. Such shelves are spacious enough to accommodate hays, toys, treats, and house food.
  • Size – Aforementioned, chinchillas can jump up to 6ft height. Thus when looking for a cage, you should opt for the largest model that your lodging space can hold. If possible, look for one with several levels as it helps chinchillas mimic their natural intuitive manners. However, if you have a short space at home, consider getting a multistorey cage. This cage will offer your chinchilla enough room. But, in general, it is smaller in length and width.
  • Ease of cleaning – A properly-sized or large cage will reduce your cleaning time because your chinchilla will not roll in his/her muck often. However, if you’re planning to clean the cage every day, you can go for a cage that has a pan or deep tray. But make sure that the cage pan or tray fits according to the kind of bedding you are planning to use. For instance, a shallow tray or pan works best on fabric or fleece bedding since it lets you wrap the material around the tray and then clip it in place.
  • Accessibility – Choose a cage that offers optimum visibility as well as accessibility so that you will be able to interact with your chinchilla better. Also, consider a cage that has large doors. This feature will also make tweaking, decorating, and cleaning your chinchilla cage with ease.
  • Escape-proof – Chinchillas are entirely covered with dense majestic fur. Therefore, don’t be fooled by the chubby body of your pet. Keep in mind that if the space between the bars lets your chinchillas squeeze their heads out, there is no doubt they can escape with ease. So, as a piece of advice, consider getting a cage with no more than ½-inch of bar spacing.
  • Safety – When buying a cage, make sure to choose a model that will not compromise the security and safety of your pets. Select the one that will keep your furry friend well-ventilated and protected. A well-ventilated chinchilla cage will prevent heat stroke, especially in a humid environment. When it comes to the cage’s base, it should be durable and sturdy but not wired. Make sure that the base will not hurt the feet of your chinchilla. However, you may want to line the cage’s base tray using paper or fleece bedding to make sure that your chinchilla is comfortable. Bear in mind that these creatures are brutal chewers. That is why you should avoid plastic ones. But if you obtain an enclosure made of plastic material, make sure that the material is heavy-duty, well-covered, and, most importantly, chew-resistant.

Reviews: Best Chinchilla Cages

Here are the 13 best cages that are certain to offer your chinchillas a safe, comfortable, and fantastic home.

  • Measuring 31” long, 40” high, and 20.5” wide with 3/8” wire spacing, this cage from Prevue is perfect for big chinchillas, rats, and even baby ferrets.
  • This cage has metal ramps and stable platforms, making it sturdy and can survive years of use. Moreover, it has rooftop doors and big front doors that let you access your pet easily. Another good thing about this chinchilla cage is that it features a bottom grille and a removable plastic tray. With such features, cleaning is like a piece of cake.
  • The Prevue Chinchilla Cage, on the other hand, has wire inserts that go through the tray. This will help separate your chinchilla from its waster to ensure that your furry stays healthy and clean.
  • In addition to that, it is equipped with a wind-bell latch at the bottom that offers additional protection to your furry friend. It will also prevent your pet from pushing out the tray without the grating.
  • Design-wise, it sports a practical look and has a shelf at the bottom for storing supplies, treats, and extra food.

  • Are you looking for a sturdy cage for your chinchilla? If that’s the case, you may want to consider this one from Quality Cage Crafters.
  • The Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion is heavy-duty, and it is made to last for a couple of years.
  • This model has metal and wood parts, which is a great advantage, given that these creatures can chew plastic components.
  • Moreover, the cage has four levels, and each level is located at an ideal height so that your furry friend will jump and land on the next one comfortably.
  • It also features a full opening top and a door on the cage’s upper part. Aside from that, it comes with four movable and, at the same time, replaceable pine shelves.
  • Below this cage, you will also see a big door protected with metal door guards. Last but not least, it features a sheet metal flap that will prevent your chinchilla from escaping once you remove the tray.

  • This chinchilla cage from Midwest Home for Pets has a solid construction with many platforms and ramps.
  • The cage has a length of 36-inch and a height of 62.5-inch, making it one of the best options for making a small colony of rodents.
  • Further, this double-story cage has a flat bottom to protect your chinchilla’s feet from any injury. It also has flat-bottomed ramps and shelves. For better grip when jumping or climbing between shelves, the ramps are covered using Happy Feet covers. And for easy cleanup, you can remove both the shelves and trays.
  • The stacking design of this product will maximize vertical space. It also has wheels for easy movement around your space.
  • When it comes to the wire bars, they are actually durable and long-lasting and can offer enough ventilation for your furry friend to prevent overheating. The ½-inch horizontal spacing allows a great airflow while being small to prevent injury and escape.
  • For easy accede to your chinchilla, every level of the cage has full-width double doors.
  • You can attach different accessories such as water bottles, toys, wheels, and even hammocks with this cage.

  • This four-level chinchilla cage from Exotic Nutrition is made of metal and extremely durable.
  • The metal cage is 100 percent chew-proof and scratch-proof. What’s more, it features solid metal floor bases and wide metal shelves, making a huge environment to explore.
  • The Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage offers a lot of room for housing a chinchilla and other small mammals like rats, ferrets, prairie dogs, and degus.
  • Like other cages in this list, it is also easy to clean thanks to its slide-out removable trays. The shelves and trays have approximately 1.5-inch borders keeping muddles inside the enclosure.
  • The whole cage is finished professionally with a powder coat that is animal-safe to ensure a sturdiness that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Nevertheless, the Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage is approximately 58 inches tall and 20 1/2 inches deep.

  • Unlike other cage options for chinchillas, this one from Homey Pet is relatively smaller. That being said, this product is ideal for housing one chinchilla though it can also accommodate two.
  • The main material utilized in this product is plastic, but the wires are made of metal; thus, it is still safe for your furry friend.
  • On the other hand, the plastic base is separate from the cage. What’s more, it features a wire overlay and a urine guard. This will contain waste, but it will keep it away from your chinchilla to avoid infections and diseases. For easy cleaning, the tray that comes with this cage is removable.
  • When it comes to the assembling process, you don’t have to use any tools. As a matter of fact, this advantage sets Homey Pet chinchilla crate apart from others.
  • The cage is equipped with two doors that you can find in front while the wires are spaced 4/5-inch apart.
  • Moreover, it is finished using a safe powder coating to prevent corrosion and rust while keeping the cage safe for your furry friend.

  • The Mcage New Large Wrought Iron Double Cage can a great for beginner chinchilla owners.
  • This cage comes with a slide-out divider ideal for making two separate compartments for housing male and female chinchillas.
  • Every compartment has a total dimension of 30 3/8-inch by 18 5/8-inch by 36 ¾-inch. It also one door on every side. Aside from that, the product is finished with a textured and non-toxic powder-coating that gives it a great look.
  • The cage also has removable ladders and platforms. Moreover, it is effortless to clean thanks to its tray and pull-out bottom grille. Also, it has a wide storage area below. For easy maneuverability, the cage’s stand is equipped with casters.
  • Nevertheless, if you think that the storage area uses excessive space, you can remove the stand and rest the enclosure on a stable and solid surface.

  • If you are looking forward to adopting a horde of chinchillas, then the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Cage is for you.
  • This 4-level wrought iron chinchilla change offers a lot of room to accommodate a dozen of these loveable pets. What’s more, it can provide constant airflow.
  • Keep in mind that chinchillas like to climb their way up. That being said, the manufacturer of this product ensures that the material used in making the ramps is wide and durable enough for your furry friend to walk over.
  • However, assembling the cage is quite tricky and requires some fastening. But as soon as you are finished, your chinchilla will have an architecturally sound homemade from stainless steel with a stylish Black Hammertone finish.
  • Further, with this product, you will create two cages. As a result, you can separate the males from the females easily when needed.
  • The cage has full-width double doors. Meaning to say, you can access your adorable pets easily. The doors also make cleaning a breeze.
  • Much like other cages, this one is also equipped with casters so that you can move it without any hassle. There is also a storage area where you can keep your pets’ things.
  • Although this cage is initially made for larger critters, your chinchillas can also take advantage of it, given that you surround the enclosure with mesh/weave wiring.

  • If you are in the market for the best cage that can accommodate a single chinchilla, then look no further than the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation.
  • This cage is well-made, making it safe from destruction. It will also prevent your smart chinchilla from escaping.
  • On the other hand, the product features a solid floor that is easy to clean. Also, it has a secure and large door for easy access and casters for wheels for easy transportation.
  • Because of its smaller size, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is movable and lightweight.
  • Further, this model is simple to clean thanks to its large door that offers great access to the whole cage.

  • This three-level chinchilla cage from Mcage is a budget-friendly option that is best-suited for beginners.
  • The Mcage Chinchilla Cage has several features usually present in its more expensive counterparts. In fact, this includes 0.5-inch bar spacing to make sure that your pets will not escape. Aside from that, the cage is chew-proof.
  • Measuring 24-inch by 16-inch by 24-inch, this cage is spacious enough to create a habitable setting for two chinchillas. Also, it comes with three levels for your adorable pets to explore. It is finished with an epoxy that is pet-friendly to offer it a pleasant shine.
  • Further, it comes with a pull-out bottom tray and a removable wire grate floor that makes cleaning easier.
  • It is also worth mentioning that this cage is foldable, making it ideal for travel. Moreover, it features easy to carry handles and is light in weight.
  • Even though it doesn’t come with a stand, you easily rest it on flat surfaces such as a table or desk.

  • The Living World Deluxe Habitat can comfortably accommodate two or more chinchillas. Measuring 46.9-inch by 22.8-inch by 24-inch, this cage only weighs around 19 pounds.
  • With its substantial space, there’s no way your furry friends will feel crowded, not to mention its distinct 2-level design.
  • This cage comes with an elevated balcony where your pets can sit and relax. Furthermore, your chinchilla will also enjoy peace because there is a cubbyhole below the balcony that they can use.
  • On the other hand, this product comes with a hay guard and water bottle that you fasten outside the enclosure to maximize space.
  • Another good thing about this cage is that it comes with a deed plastic bottom. You are certain that poop and shedding will not scatter on the floor with this feature. The bin’s solid surface will also prevent the small feet of your chinchilla from becoming sore.
  • When it comes to accessibility, you can see dual lid openings at the front and another one at the top. As a matter of fact, this feature makes maintaining and cleaning the cage a lot easier because you will reach any part of the enclosure.
  • This cage also provides great airflow to keep your furry friends fresh and cool.

  • Though it is relatively smaller than other cages, it is still wide enough to accommodate your chinchilla comfortably.
  • This best chinchilla cage comes equipped with wheels that make relocation and transportation incredibly easy. The wheels are actually lockable to prevent unwanted moving or sliding of the enclosure.
  • All the materials used in making this product are coated with a lead-free and non-toxic powder coat. In fact, this helps prevent rust and corrosion and prolong the cage’s life.
  • The bottom part of this cage is made of plastic. However, it has a wire insert to separate your chinchillas from their mess and waste. On the other hand, the plastic covers the cage’s bottom, but your furry friend will only have insignificant access to it. As a matter of fact, plastic is marketed as chew-resistant. It means, even though your pet reaches the plastic part, they will not be able to chew on it. Also, you can remove the waste for easy cleaning.

  • This 61-inch cage from Super Deal is made of premium metal that cannot be damaged and deformed easily. So you can be sure that your chinchilla will not be able to escape easily.
  • The cage has a coated and anti-rust frame to ensure a smooth surface. But aside from that, it also comes with removable slide-out trays that make cleaning a breeze. It will also help keep the mess or waste inside the enclosure out of the floor, making your pets clean and fresh at all times.
  • Like other cages, this product also comes with four durable and 360-degree swivel casters. The casters will allow you to move the cage with ease without making any noise.
  • It is also worth mentioning that this best chinchilla cage comes equipped with a durable push-button door lock to ensure that your adorable pet is safe at all times.

  • The Yaheetech 52-inch metal cage features five ramps and five different shelves. That said, you are certain that your chinchillas will enjoy endless hours of enjoyment.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a cage that you can assemble quickly, this is for you. You will only need about 20 minutes to assemble it.
  • Like other cages in this list, this one also comes with a slide-out tray. With this feature, you will be able to clean the cage easily. What’s more, it comes with a plastic food box an 8.5-ounce water bottle. The cage is secure and safe, as well. Actually, all the doors are protected with latches.
  • Finally, for full and at the same time easy access to the enclosure, this product is made with three enormous front opening doors.


Finding the best chinchilla cage is very important. However, the moment you choose the right one and set up your pet in there, you will be able to experience thousands of hours of fun as you watch your chinchilla socialize, play, and roll around in the dust bath.

All the products we have reviewed in this guide can be a great option. As a matter of fact, they can offer you chinchilla a comfortable and safe place to live in.

On the other hand, if you devise another idea for a cage but want to ensure that you are getting the best one, our buying guide can help you.

Taking care of a chinchilla is very satisfying. So if you’re planning to get one, don’t think twice before it is too late.

We hope that this content has helped you choosing the best cage for a chinchilla.

Index Table: Top Rated Chinchilla Cages

1Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose - Chinchilla’s Cage
  • Large Size
  • Wind Bell Bottom Latch
  • Practical Design
2Crafters Chinchilla Mansion - Chinchilla Cage
  • Strudy design
  • Heavy Duty
  • Large Size
3Midwest Home for Pets Deluxe Cage - Cage for Chinchillas
  • Double Storey
  • Spacious
  • Ramps
4Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage - Chinchilla Cage
  • Wide Metal Shelves
  • Removable Tray
  • Large Size
Exotic Nutrition97
5Homey Pet Three Tier Chinchilla Crate - Chinchilla Cage
  • Small Size
  • Plastic and Metal Cage
  • Two Doors
Homey Pet97.4
6Mcage New Large Wrought Iron Double Cage - Chinchilla’s Cage
  • Removable Ladders and Platforms
  • Large Space
7Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Cage - Cage for Chinchillas
  • Roomy Design
  • Extra Large Size
  • Full Width Doors
8Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation - Chinchilla’s Cage
  • Single Chinchilla Cage
  • Small Size
  • Durable Design
9Mcage Three Levels Chinchilla Cage - Chinchilla Cage
  • Spacious Size
  • Budget Friendly
  • Foldable Design
10Living World Deluxe Habitat - Chinchilla Cage
  • Elevated Balcony
  • Smaller Size
  • Plastic Bottom
Living World96.8
11Dreamhome Heavy-Duty Chinchilla Cage - Chinchilla Cage
  • Wheels and Stand
  • Non-Toxic Lead Free Coated Metal Cage
12Super Deal 61-inch Large - Best Cage for a Chinchilla
  • Premium Metal Cage
  • Anti-Rust Design
  • Swivel Casters and Stand
Super Deal97
13Yaheetech 52” Metal Chinchilla Cage - Cage for Chinchillas
  • Shelves and Ramps
  • :arge Size
  • Easy Assembly

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