The Top 15 Best Chinchilla Toys Reviews

Chinchillas as pets demand many toys in the cage to ease their boredom. The best chinchilla toys must meet the pet’s physical and mental development needs. We will show you various toy options for chinchillas in a bit.

A good combination of chinchilla toys is necessary to enhance the pet’s body and mind workout. They can gain so much energy and happiness with the toys surrounding them. In this way, the pet can entertain people even more. That is how important toys are for your furry friend.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Toys are not simple to find in the market. Here are some things to consider in buying toys for chinchillas:

  • Safety – Considering toys made with natural materials should be your priority in looking for the best chinchilla toys in the market. As chinchillas have a chewing habit, it is important to give them non-toxic toys. Also, check whether small parts exist on a toy. Those parts are dangerous to your pet’s overall health, as they may lead to choking hazards.
  • Assortment – Chinchillas become easily bored with the same toys in their cage. Let the pet enjoy several toys every week to ease the boredom. An assortment of toys supports the pet’s active mind in a day. Take care not to block up the cage with so many toys.
  • Type – Chinchilla toys are available in different forms to satisfy the pet’s needs in every area. They also support chinchilla’s natural behaviors, such as chewing, climbing, and many more.
  • Easy to Install – Some chinchilla toys require no assembly inside the cage, while others need a bit of installation. See whether the hooks are durable enough to keep the toy in place while the pet is playing. Most of the chinchilla toys need to be hung for installation, and some need to be placed in the corner of the cage.
  • Easy to Clean – Our pets also need a clean environment to play with. Other toys are made of fabric, which is not easy to clean and machine washable. Wooden toys must not get wet during cleaning as their quality may deteriorate. Better look for chinchilla toys that are washable or, if not, easy to wipe.

Reviews: Best Chinchilla Toys

If you are one of the chinchilla keepers, you will want to know our top favorite toys for a chinchilla. They are available online and in pet stores, all at affordable prices.
Each toy has to meet every need of the said furry pet, including physical and mental needs.

Let’s proceed to the first toy product of the list!

  • Chew toys are the best alternative for the pet’s oral hygiene. These are apple tree sticks about 6-inch long each. It ensures the healthy growth of the chinchilla’s teeth and promotes fun while chewing the sticks.
  • It’s 100% organic and natural apple tree branches rich in vitamin C and other nutrients good for chinchillas. It has a sweet taste and safe for other small pets. No pesticides are added to the chew sticks.
  • Each package holds an unsure number of freshly picked apple branches. But it is about 100g worth of products. This chew toy is somewhat pricey to some pet owners.
  • It can be stored for a long time due to its less moisture feature. Some pets won’t like to eat apple branches and make them a normal toy.

  • Among the best chinchilla toys for chewing is the Kaytee Perfect Chews. They promote good oral hygiene for the pet with disposable and chewable woods. It differs from the previous chew toy greatly in price and informs.
  • It consists of wood balls, a wood log, mini wood pears, and blocks of various colors. The colors on the woods doubly attract the pets. They are chewable on which chinchillas may chew the toy quickly.
  • A metal kabob holds the woods as chinchillas enjoy chewing them. You may hang the toy in any pet’s habitat through its hooks. It gives your pet easy access to play and chew the toy.
  • The product is disposable, and so you can throw the toy remains after your pet enjoys it.

  • Alfie Pet provides a chew toy and a nesting place for chinchillas. This multi-use toy ideal for small furry animals. It is a great addition to your pet’s small home that delivers a natural look.
  • The wooden platform is large enough to secure your pet while playing on it. It can be attached to any metal cage to satisfy a chinchilla to eat and sleep above ground level. They are away from falling off the surface.
  • A resting surface is necessary for nocturnal pets like a chinchilla. They will feel comfortable while sleeping on the wood platform.
  • There are hanging chew toys added on the platform. However, the placement of toys is difficult for the pet to access. But overall, this toy option promotes environmental variety inside the cage.

  • Sometimes a cage is not enough for pets to explore new things. A playpen is another way to let chinchillas be entertained over time. It provides a spacious interior for the pet to play around safely in mind.
  • It is available in two different sizes, including medium and large playpen. The choice will depend on the number of chinchillas in your care. It is perfect for small animals as bigger pets may tip the playpen over.
  • The playpen is out of water-resistant material with an 8-panel design. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with its removable zippered top. You may close the top to highly secure pets for outdoor use.
  • It comes with a carrying case and a collapsible travel bowl. You can bring it anywhere with no assembly required, and it is easy to store.
  • Playpen promotes physical activities and mental stimulation towards chinchillas.

  • A variety of toys is essential for chinchillas to stay active and smart. ZALALOVA offers ten different chew toys that support mental stimulation for small pets. They will never get bored inside the cage. Keepers are also better off as there is no need to buy toys separately.
  • This toy collection includes various wooden chew toys, like bell roller, rattan ball, dumbbell, and many more. All toys are made of natural and non-toxic material with a touch of anti-corrosion technology.
  • The materials used are sun-dried, safer for pets to chew on. They are also bite-resistant and can retain their beautiful shape after several chewing times.
  • These chew toys are MSDS approved, thus became the first choice of most chinchilla keepers. First-class wood is used, with strict control of the dehydration rate when the toys get wet. And yet, do not rinse the toys with water or alcohol to deform the wooden blocks.

  • Small pets such as chinchilla love to explore in tunnels. This tunnel can be expanded up to 23” long. You may attach it to other crinkle tunnels for added exploration among the pets. It may be too short for larger chinchilla breeds.
  • It has fuzz-E funnels to make it easier to connect with other crinkle tunnels. The tunnel originally comes with 6” diameter long, which will expand eventually.
  • A hide and peek opening in the tunnel center encourages pets to have fun while exploring the tunnel. It is out of polyester and durable cotton material that provides a good space for the pet.
  • The tunnel’s interior offers a cozy environment for the pet to rest on. Proper airflow is possible inside the tunnel, thus promotes comfortable playing time.
  • It can withstand multiple items of washing for better use.

  • Your chinchilla pet also loves to jump and climb over a hammock in their free time. It is a secure location inside a cage wherein the pet can have a time of rest. They can also play in the hammock with more safety in mind.
  • You can choose between many color designs of pet hammock that is easy to install. Four hanging chains and hooks are included to firmly attach the hammock to the cage. They are rust-resistant and durable enough to secure the hammock.
  • The hammock bed is made of soft cotton material to provide comfort to the pet. It has refined stitching to make the material last longer. It may not be that easy to clean because of the cotton material used, but machine washable.
  • It’s not only a good place for rest, as it also includes a hammock toy. Your pet can play while staying on a soft surface.

  • To provide an hour of happiness toward the chinchilla, a chew toy with unique features is highly recommended. This one is different from the previous chew toys on the list. It has inner components that are primarily subject to chewing. They are called loofah pieces that keep chinchillas’ teeth cleaner.
  • It is in a carrot-shaped chew toy and is colored with vegetable-based paint safe for pets. Its attractive design easily captures the chinchilla’s attention to ease its boredom.
  • The chew solution is multi-textured, which is more effective for chewing pets. Some chinchillas might chew the material quickly, as said by the users. Thus, it requires several times of replacement and a set of expenses.
  • It supports both physical and mental stimulation for the pet. The loofah materials act like floss for a chinchilla. The only problem would be the wooden outer frame that might wear out the pet’s teeth.

  • Ware Manufacturing is simply providing a feeder in the form of a hay ball. Make sure your chinchilla likes hay as a diet for this feeder toy to work. It can be hung anywhere inside the cage with the included metal attachment. You may pick from various colors that will suit the cage’s design.
  • It is a spherical wire toy that will hold a couple of hays. You can mix pellets with fresh hay for healthier feeding. Replace any wet hay in the feeder to prevent bacteria growth.
  • The metal is powder-coated and chew-proof for the pet’s safety. It helps keep the cage clean while reducing messy spills and wasted food falling off the surface. A little bell is added beneath the feeder toy to deliver a stimulating sound for the pets.
  • Physical and mental stimulation are greatly benefitted from adding a hay ball inside the cage. But some small animals do not like eating hay, which is to be considered before buying this feeder toy.

  • If your concern is the space needed while adding chinchilla toys, Kaytee has to offer a toy that won’t take too much room. The Lava Ledge encourages the chinchilla’s natural jumping behavior in a cage. You can even add multiple ledges to allow better jumping exercises for your pet.
  • The toy can be attached to any wire home. It is built with pumice rock in different colors to make enclosures livelier. They are shaded with pet-safe food colors to allow chewing for pets. It, therefore, helps to maintain clean and healthy teeth toward chinchilla.
  • They come in a compact size; thus, multiple pieces are necessary to achieve an area that allows constant jumping exercise. It makes chinchilla’s home nearly similar to its natural habitat.
  • Excessive chewers can quickly wear down the ledges, resulting in many replacements. It is inexpensive; thus, buying another set does not demand to break the bank.

  • It is another natural chew toy for chinchillas that promotes healthy teeth. Each purchase includes three chew toys, such as apple chew sticks, timothy hay balls, and Micky lava block. This is a high-quality molar toy for small animals other than chinchillas.
  • These chew toys help relieve digestion problems like intestinal inflammation and mild stomach pain. It has no industrial pollution that may harm the pet. Plus, they are 100% natural made.
  • The applied chew sticks and hay balls are great alternatives for pets to chew rather than their cage and other home furniture. They come in a hanging ladder form that is easy to install on cages.
  • The added Mickylava block is out of mineral salt stone that benefits the pet’s teeth. It also sharpens the nails of the pet smoothly.
  • JanYoo also offers a pack of seven chew toys for your chinchillas to enjoy

  • Swinging and climbing are other hobbies of chinchilla pets that a wood hamster stair can provide. The wooden material allows chewing to grow your pet’s teeth. It has a bendable design for better cage attachment.
  • GNB used natural pine wood with a natural smell and non-toxic feature to keep small animals safe. It sustains a natural wooden color without any coating to deliver a natural-looking habitat for chinchillas.
  • The wood bridge can be attached to the cage using a quick link fastener and high-quality washers. It is easy to mount in different positioning.
  • The stairs are small feet friendly, and never let your pet fall off unintentionally. It develops coordination and balancing skills once the pet walks on the wooden stairs.
  • This one offers endless fun for chinchillas that can be bought in a colorful set.

  • Kaytee has to offer another kind of toy for chinchillas to hide. Your furry pet needs to play outside the cage sometimes, and a hideout is necessary to make it happen. The company offers a variety of hideouts made of different materials.
  • A wooden hideout allows chewing because of the wooden materials used. They also offer plastic hideout and yet safe for pets. Durable plastic is used in making this type of hideout.
  • Hideout is important for chinchillas to nest and rest. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. It is ideal for small home pets like hamsters, sugar gliders, and many more.
  • You may get any of the three hideout sizes, from small to large. So, better check your pet’s size before deciding which model to buy.
  • It is so affordable and easy to install in and out of cages. It has a huge entryway to allow small animals to enjoy the hideout.

  • This tunnel is perfect for playtime and naptime for small pets like chinchillas. It differs from the first tunnel on the list as this one is made for hanging setup. It’s a play tunnel that releases fun for the pets.
  • It has four durable straps use for hanging the play tunnel to any wire pet home. It gives a secure resting spot for chinchillas inside the cage. Other small animals can stay on the play tunnel with great security in mind.
  • It is sold in various colors to meet any cage design. You may choose according to your liking thereof. They are machine washable and very hygienic for small pets.
  • The polyester fabric material provides a comfortable spot for chinchillas to rest after a long day of having fun. It is highly ventilated, thus brings great comfort for the pets.
  • Multiple chinchillas can stay in the tunnel at once. It won’t break into pieces even though the pets run inside the tunnel.

  • A single toy will never be enough for chinchillas. They demand multiple toys to play with at once to ease their boredom. These activity toys are composed of chew toys made of loofah materials. It helps prevent chinchillas from chewing their cage or other furniture in the house.
  • They have a natural taste on which small animals love the most. It includes loofah rings, loofah slices, and loofah French fries. A natural green plant is used to produce such chew toys. They are healthy and non-toxic for small pets.
  • The toys do not only bring happiness toward chinchillas but also keep their teeth healthier. The loofah chew toys come in different colors to attract pests greatly. Store them away from children because of their enticing appearance.
  • Observe your pet not to swallow the toy totally. If so, contact your vet in time to avoid further danger to the pet’s health.

Final Words
Overall, chinchillas are playful pets that need more than your attention. It is necessary to bring them various toys to enjoy with but keep in mind safety and comfort. Consider the best chinchilla toys above in completing your pet’s home essentials.

I hope this post helps you out in looking for the best toys for your furry friend. Please share it with other chinchilla owners!

Index Table: Top Rated Chinchilla Toys

1Sharllen Apple Chew Sticks - Chinchilla Toy
  • Chew Toy
  • Great for Oral Hygiene
  • Safe
  • Vitamin C Added
2Kaytee 4-Pack Perfect Chews - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Chew Toy for Oral Hygiene
  • Safe
  • Disposable
3Alfie Wooden Platform - Chinchilla’s Toy
  • Large Platform
  • Secure
  • Safe
4Ruff N’ Ruffus Portable Pet Playpen - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Water Resistant
  • 8 Panel Design
  • Promotes Physical Activities
Ruff N’ Ruffus97.6
5ZALALOVA 10-Pack Wooden Chew Toys - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Non-Toxic
  • Sun Dried
  • Chew Safe
6Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel - Chinchilla Toy
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
7WINOMO Pet Snuggle Hammock - Chinchilla’s Toy
  • Cotton
  • Safe
  • Cozy
8Kaytee Carousel Carrot Chew Toy - Chinchilla Toy
  • Chew Toy
  • Flossing Design
  • Eases Boredom
9Ware Manufacturing Hay Ball - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Treat Dispenser and Hay Keeper
  • Chew Proof Design
Ware Manufacturing96.6
10Kaytee Lava Ledge - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Natural Jumping
  • Compact Size
  • Pumice Rock
11JanYoo Chinchilla Roller Chew Toy - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • relieves Indigestion
  • Healthy Teeth
12GNB Pet Natural Wood Bridge - Chinchilla’s Toy
  • Natural Wood
  • Small feet Friendly
  • Colorful
13Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way - Chinchilla’s Toy
  • Hideout
  • Safe and Affordable
14Kaytee Super Play Tunnel Hanging Tube - Toy for a Chinchilla
  • Durable Hanging Straps
  • Hygenic
  • Fabric Materail
15Rieibi Small Animal Activity Toys - Chinchilla Toy
  • Non-Toxic
  • Colorful
  • Attractive to pets

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