Top 14 Best Corn Snake Enclosures: Reviews & Guide

The key to a healthy pet snake is in the housing facility. Go around pet shops, and you will see multiple options of reptile enclosures.

Perhaps you might ask, ‘what could be the best corn snake enclosures to buy for?’

Read on, and you’ll find out!

Trending Enclosures for Corn Snake

Like all snakes, a cage will be desirable for corn snakes. They are easy to maintain and so best-recommended for first-time snake keepers. This snake specimen is incredibly tame over time with proper handling. With that, corn snakes deserve a pleasant home with complete details.

Pet shops are now offering varieties of snake enclosures, wherein picking the right one seems crucial. I can feel your struggle seeking the best corn snake enclosures might help.

The snake cages below are loved by many snake rangers, just like you. Each model is discussed briefly, including great features with pros and cons.

How To Choose The Best Corn Snake Enclosure?

Corn snake enclosures are either store-bought or own-made; these days, you can choose the prior. Starter snake keepers should buy a cage that best suits their pet. Picking the right enclosure for a corn snake is easier than other pet’s cage, with quite a few options to choose for.

Before buying the best corn snake, such should meet all of the following requirements:

  • Enclosure Type – First, you need to have a firm decision on what type of enclosure you will buy. Go for “tried-and-tested” cages that will work best for corn snakes. The market lets you choose in between four cage options, including:
  • Glass Terrariums – They are the most accessible enclosure on pet stores. It allows maximum viewing in all corners. Place a heat lamp on its screen lid to control humidity and temperature inside the cage. They are also cheap.
  • Plastic Cages – It provides more privacy for corn snake. Heat and humidity stay constant because of their solid edges. Most plastic cages do have built-in lighting and a heater. They last longer than the prior cage type.
  • Wooden Vivarium – They offer easy access to pets through its sliding glass door. The pet is more secure with its solid sides. It allows better air movement to benefit corn snake. Adding electrical components could be easier with wooden enclosures.
  • Faunarium – This option is at a low cost, suitable for smaller species. Some reptile shops place multiple faunarium in a large vivarium containing a baby snake. They are plastic-made with ventilated lid. It is a good start enclosure while waiting for your corn snake to grow.
  • Hygiene – Corn snakes are not messy. They swallow dead rodents and other meals wholly without any residue in the cage. They eliminate waste irregularly, and it dries quickly during warm seasons. Regardless of such a thing, the cage should be spot-cleaned habitually. Use a reptile-safe disinfectant in scrubbing the cage. Always check on the drinking water and change it daily.
  • Size – Juvenile corn snakes normally require a 10-gallon enclosure, but you can start with a 20-gallon tank. The reason is corn snakes may outgrow the cage after a few months. Adult corn snakes can live actively in a 40-gallon tank or larger.
  • Temperature – Snakes rely on external heat sources as they cannot warm their bodies from within. Corn snakes naturally warm their belly under the sun, which is impossible when they live in a cage. They require a thermal gradient temperature. It does well with 75-degrees and 85-degrees on the cooler and warmer side, respectively. Some heat source is an under-the-tank heater and a basking lamp—no need to worry about night temperature as it naturally cools down.
  • Lighting – Lighting is as important as the adequate temperature inside the cage. Snakes do not demand daily exposure to UV light as other reptiles. To keep a corn snake healthy, a UVB light source is essential. Proper enclosure lighting also improves your viewing experience on your corn snake’s true coloration and beauty.
  • Security – If you wonder whether corn snakes are escape artists or not, they are. With that, addressing the situation should be your prime goal. Look for an enclosure that is durably built to ensure no escaping issues. Keep in mind your pets while cleaning the enclosure, for they might be thinking about escaping.
  • Closable Inlets – Closable inlets may seem insignificant but play a vital role in every reptile enclosure. This allows light and heat source to be built in a terrarium. The more closable inlets seem more favorable. Ensure proper tubing placement not to harm the pets.

Reviews: best Corn Snake Enclosures

these are some of the best available enclosures for Corn Snakes

  • Flat Packed Glass Terrarium supports ease of transport because it folds flat when not in use. It takes a few steps to assemble the terrarium with an instruction manual’s help.
  • After five minutes, your pet’s home is ready.
  • You can pick between two size options that will suit your pet’s needs.
  • To save more room space, opt to buy terrarium stackers to achieve multiple enclosure layers.
  • The watertight base is raised to provide a heater and heat cable. It comes with a cable pass that can hold four lines firmly and is durable.
  • Optimum airflow and natural light penetration are achieved through its removable top mesh screen. There is a flexible side vent for superior airing.
  • The pet is highly protected due to the cage’s anti-escaping safe lock.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Spacious.
  • Some reported damage pieces.

  • Beginning herpetoculturist can go with this habitat kit for reptiles.
  • Pick the medium size which fits on corn snakes. Within the package are all the components necessary for your pet growth. It includes decoration items, jungle plants, dishes, bedding, and a care guide.
  • The care guide talks over the installation process and maintenance of the terrarium. It is a full-glass enclosure with a rainforest theme on its background.
  • The habitat offers a natural-looking ambiance for snakes.
  • It has dual front doors with escape-free access.
  • Feeding the snake will not allow escaping and cleaning the cage. The front-window allows continual airflow. The top metal screen provides additional airflow. Choose the right bulb in building a lighting system.
  • All-in-one package.
  • Has easy access.
  • The light fixture may have some issues.

  • Exo Terra Natural Terrariums come with twelve different dimensions. Each provides enough space for specific numbers of corn snake you plan to have.
  • Price varies depending on the enclosures’ size.
  • Ground dwelling pets like snakes would enjoy its extended ground surface, deeper than aquariums. Putting up deep layers of the substrate is amenable to its waterproof base. It can be mounted to add up a substrate heater to keep the bottom still ventilated.
  • Use the dual front door for maintenance and feeding. They are pivoting doors and not sliding doors that keep debris away from its opening.
  • Uninvited guests cannot easily enter the tank. Thanks to its specially designed lock.
  • Another way to feed the pet is through the removable stainless steel cover. It also helps to enhance ventilation.
  • Has closable inlets for wiring.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Offers deeper surface.
  • Poor packaging.

  • It seems like Exo Terra has something more to offer with its Outback Terrarium.
  • This enclosure is right for adult corn snakes. It is a 20-gallon tank, roomy enough for grown snakes. The way it looks is comparable to the same brand’s terrarium previously mentioned.
  • This model is more expensive than those before Exo Terra reptile enclosures. It is a limited edition, so grab yours as soon as possible.
  • It won’t be that expensive without reasons. The hand-painted Outback 3D Rock background might be one reason it has a high price.
  • Its dual doors are escaped-free and allow full viewing of your corn snake. Its front window design enhances ventilation.
  • There is also a stainless steel mesh cover for added airflow. Closable inlets exist for easy wiring of the heater and other electrical components.
  • Offers a lot of space.
  • Has an excellent front door opening.
  • Easy access to the interior.
  • Pricier than other terrarium models.

  • Other snake keepers choose a critter cage in providing a home for their pet. It does not differ greatly from other enclosures mentioned earlier. Critter Cage has improved safety with its premium lid feature. Escaping will be highly prevented with this enclosure.
  • It offers a tropical paradise or dessert oasis sense of appearance to your pet as if it lives in its natural habitat. Its top-frame is durable enough to resist escaping. That promotes easy access to the interior with its sliding door.
  • There is a built-in lockable latch for extra security.
  • Your pet’s health is considered with the additional wired accessories to hang on water bottles and food dishes.
  • A heater can also be added inside the cage through the wiring ports. Air enters the cage’s premium top lid for proper ventilation.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Has tight top covering.
  • Decent-looking critter cage.
  • No front opening.

  • If you are looking for a jam-packed enclosure for snakes, look no other than Hagen Starter Kit. All of the requirements your corn snake demands are included within one cost.
  • You will get the starter kit at a reasonable price.
  • The purchase includes a 20-gallon tank, bedding, heater, thermometer, light fixture, hide cave, water bowl, and a care guide.
  • There is no need to buy each part separately and promote cost-effectiveness on every buyer’s part.
  • The tank’s size is suitable for an adult corn snake. It provides enough space for the pet to crawl around.
  • With all the included essentials, it is easier to take care of your corn snake with great convenience in mind.
  • It is the keeper’s responsibility to buy additional stuff, such as the bedding, when it becomes extinct.
  • Cost-effective enclosure.
  • Great for first-time snake keepers.
  • Good customer service.
  • The pet will outgrow the hidden cave.
  • An issue on the heater mat.

  • To achieve a desert setup enclosure for your pet, go for lower-sized terrariums. They have a deeper far end for ground-dwelling reptiles like corn snakes. It comes in different sizes that will suit your pet’s growth.
  • This glass terrarium has 24x18x12 inches, suitable for medium-sized snake breeds.
  • With its lower height, the light fixture will be closer to the animal, helping them grow faster. Make sure the heat will not hurt your pet by regular monitoring.
  • You can easily watch your pet’s daily activities in a full-view mode. Its front opening is hinge designed to provide easier access.
  • Below the front door is front window ventilation to allow airflow. There is a sliding top mesh lid for additional airing inside the terrarium. Use the closable inlets to connect wired components.
  • Has built-in lock.
  • Good-looking foam background.
  • Excellent Build condition.
  • Requires using tank clips.

  • A full-grown corn snake requires a larger enclosure to have better comfort. Perhaps a 34-gallon tank offers a great deal of space for growing corn snake. This is beyond the required tank size and yet a desirable one.
  • Putting the terrarium together takes only five minutes by reading on the installation notes, the same as knocking it down. Other décors are excluded, on which sold separately. It has a foam background that stimulates the natural environment for the pet.
  • Maintenance and feeding are easily done with its large front door opening with a specially designed lock. The doors open separately to avoid escaping. UVB and infrared lighting enter the terrarium through its full-screen top ventilation.
  • It can be detached while cleaning the enclosure’s interior.
  • You can install heatwave rocks, sensors, and other essentials within the terrarium through some closable wire or inlets.
  • Has mounting base for under tank heater.
  • Disassembled flat.
  • Well-secured inlets.
  • Not finely woven top mesh.
  • The door has no knob.

  • Though vertical enclosures are not highly recommended for snakes, Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit has something to offer.
  • Vertical terrariums are suitable for arboreal animals or those who live on trees. Since corn snakes love to crawl, it is counted as part of the enclosure options.
  • It offers great space not just for the pet but also for the substrate and feeding dish. The terrarium is good for baby corn snake due to its compact design.
  • It has a mini halogen dome with a light bulb to provide proper lighting for your corn snake. A more efficient heat amount is also provided through the halogen bulb.
  • They say the halogen bulb is better than the incandescent light bulb in providing heat.
  • A locking latch is incorporated on the front door opening for added security upon your escape artist pet. Its top opening is also hinged for easy feeding and cleaning the enclosure’s interior.
  • Comes with light and heat source.
  • Recommended as a starter kit.
  • Some reported a fault on the door’s installation.

  • At this moment, Carolina Custom Cages’ Terrarium could be the largest among the previous enclosures.
  • It’s available in 18 different models that will fit how many corn snakes are in your care and purchase accordingly.
  • It is delivered with tougher cardboard and extra Styrofoam to protect the cage against UPS abuse.
  • It will be sure that the enclosure will come round unharmed and ready for use.
  • This model features hinged doors with key-lock security. Sliding doors are made for larger terrariums.
  • It is built with a deep waterproof base to contain as much substrate as needed. You put some cage accessories that suit corn snake needs. On top is a mesh screen to deliver proper airing inside the large terrarium.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Offers more space to hold beddings.
  • Well-packed.
  • ZnO door handles.

  • For more than 10 years in service, Repti Zoo also created a Mini Terrarium for reptiles. The previous cage models are suitable for a grown corn snake; this one is for juveniles.
  • Regardless of its dimension, the enclosure still provides a comfortable home for corn snakes.
  • It is a visually appealing enclosure with its size.
  • The cage does not require installation and is ready to use. The Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium is a vertical enclosure on which you can put a tree branch at the center for the snake to crawl on.
  • It has a different designed door opening, a lift-and-pull sliding door. This makes every access simpler than the usual front doors. The top has a metal screen that allows proper ventilation and overhead heat sources.
  • There are feeding ports on its covering, functional and appealing. The top covering can be removed in decorating or cleaning the cage.
  • Well-built terrarium.
  • Has crystal clear glass panels for easy viewing.
  • Confusing product size description.

  • Faunarium is one of the enclosure types for corn snakes. Exo Terra Faunarium could be the most portable enclosure on the list. It is ideal for travel while having your pet alongside. This is suitable for baby corn snakes because of its size. Some keepers use it as temporary housing for their reptiles.
  • It is made of stackable plastic that is safe for animals.
  • The faunarium is designed flat with a handle for easy carrying.
  • It is easier to disinfect with the said material than those glass terrariums.
  • There is a plastic door on top for easy access in feeding the corn snake. The quarantine is so transparent to allow proper viewing of the pet.
  • Great ventilation is not forgotten through the holes all around the faunarium.
  • Can hold water bowl and dishes.
  • Medium and large sizes are available.
  • Simple-looking yet likable.
  • For temporary housing only.

  • Zoo Med creates quality reptile products over the years. Like the other enclosures for a corn snake, they put up a natural-looking terrarium as well.
  • It costs less than the previous models and yet delivers the same features you are looking for.
  • You can pick between three available sizes that will suit your corn snake’s growth. The Naturalistic Terrarium allows both UVA and UVB penetration throughout its interior.
  • It accommodates a lamp fixture to provide heat and light for the pet.
  • It has a front and top airing source to keep your pet healthy.
  • Its full front opening has a snap closure to secure the pet. The screen top is made of stainless steel that will not corrode quickly.
  • Holds humid temperature.
  • Low-cost.
  • Provides heat and light source attachments.
  • The back wall started coming off after a week.

  • It is the second faunarium on the list. Lee’s Reptile Ranch is ideal for various reptile species, including corn snakes. It can contain small corn snakes and can be brought during travel.
  • The faunarium appears and works like the Exo Terra’s.
  • Most snake keepers adore this enclosure because of its compact feature, perfect for travel.
  • There are attachment holes for other cage accessories.
  • The lid works as a hinged viewer and feeder that prevents escape. It has a removable divider if you plan to pet more than one corn snake.
  • Good for transport.
  • Provides an ample space.
  • Has removable separator.
  • Only hold small corn snakes.

Final Say

To summarize, corn snakes will grow healthy with the best corn snake enclosures. They do not require high maintenance to survive in a cage. Just think of the essentials, and everything will go smoothly. You may consider the enclosures above in looking for the best home for your serpent pet. Other options are to be found online and in pet shops. Crisscross the basic factors before picking the best arena for your corn snake.

Index Table: Top rated Enclosures for Corn Snakes

1Repti Zoo Flat Packed Glass Terrarium - Corn Snake’s Enclosure
  • Size Options
  • Saves Room Space
  • Optimum Airflow Design
Repti Zoo98
2Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Additional Airflow Design
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Escape Proof
Exo Terra97.8
3Exo Terra Natural Terrarium - Enclosure for Corn Snakes
  • Pivoting Doors
  • Spacious
  • Durable Design
Exo Terra97
4Exo Terra Outback Terrarium - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • 3D Rock Background
  • Escape Free Doors and Lid
  • Accomodates Heaters and Electrical Components
Exo Terra97.6
5Zilla 15-Gallon Critter Cage - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Built In Lockable Latch
  • Accomodates a Heater
  • Safe Premium Lid
6Hagen Exo Terra Starter Kit - Corn Snake’s Enclosure
  • Large Size
  • All Essentials are Included
Hagen Exo Terra97.5
7Hagen Exo Terra Short All-Glass Terrarium - Enclosure for Corn Snakes
  • Size Options
  • Hinged Design Opening
Hagen Exo Terra97
8Repti Zoo Large Reptile Glass Terrarium - Corn Snake’s Enclosure
  • doors Open Separately
  • Large Size
  • Foam Backgroud
Repti Zoo96.5
9Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Compact Design
  • Ideal for Baby Corn Snakes
10Carolina Custom Cages Large Terrarium - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Durable
  • Top Mesh Screen
  • ready To Use
11Repti Zoo Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Ideal for Juveniles
  • Small and Compact Design
Repti Zoo96.8
12Exo Terra Faunarium - Enclosure for Corn Snakes
  • Easy Access
  • Top Plastic Door
  • Portable
Exo Terra97
13Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium - Enclosure for Corn Snakes
  • Natural Design
  • Accomodates a Lamp Fixture
Zoo Med96
14Lee’s Reptile Ranch - Corn Snake Enclosures
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

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