The Top 15 Crate For Puppy Training – Choosing the Perfect Crate for Pups

If you plan to keep a dog for a lifetime, the best crate for puppy training is to look for. There is no way to force an adult dog into a cage except by introducing a crate while still a puppy. It helps to deliver the training process that easies at a young age.

Observe dogs that are new to live in a barred enclosure. They might create ways to escape from the cage because that is unusual.
Crate training is not as cruel as some think it is. The training meets the pup’s daily needs, such as meals, grooming, social needs, and other daily training.

There are guidelines on how to do such pup training to avoid turning it into an abusive act.

In the end, pup keepers will enjoy many benefits in enduring crate training. Let us now look at our top 15 crates used in training puppies!

How to Choose the Best Crate in Training Puppies?

Now you have several options to start crate training for your puppy; it can be overwhelming to pick the right product.
You must go over some important things to be sure you are getting what your pup needs most.

Below is a list of features you should look for in buying your pup’s first crate for training;

  • Size – Pick a crate that provides enough room for the pet to stand and walk around. Check on your dog’s size before deciding which crate to buy. Keep in mind the comfort of your pet’s needs.
  • Material Used – Consider the material used in choosing a training crate for puppies. There are four basic materials commonly used by pup crate manufacturers that deliver various benefits and also drawbacks.
  • Plastic Crate – Plastic material is common for pet crates because it is lightweight and very easy to bring during travels. They are escape-proof and will keep your pet highly secure. Crates made of plastic are not space-efficient, as you cannot collapse them for storage. However, this type of crate is highly durable for well-behaved pups.
  • Metal Wire Crate – For dogs with extreme escaping behavior, it is perfect to undergo crate training through a metal wire crate. It is collapsible, unlike plastic crates, yet easy to re-assemble for the next use. It does not provide a high level of privacy towards the puppy due to the barred wires.
  • Fabric Crate – It is not an overall fabric-made crate but comes with rigid plastic or metal frame. It has mesh panels and multiple doors for proper ventilation. Its shoulder straps allow carrying the crate easily. It is machine washable. On-the-go dog keepers may like fabric crates with their ultra-portable design.
  • Wood Crate – Wood crate matches home décor very well. It is a pricey option and difficult to move around indoors. We cannot recommend wood crates to be used for training puppies. It can be difficult to clean, as some dogs have chewing behavior.
  • Ventilation – Dogs must get plenty of fresh air even inside a crate to live comfortably. Cages with mesh parts are best for crate training.
  • Easy to Access – A two-door crate is much better than a single-door crate for convenience matters. It is easier to load and unload pet stuff with such crates. If a two-door crate seems useless in your case, you may put the crate against a wall.
  • Easy to Clean – Your pup deserves a clean training crate to be more motivated to follow every command. Placing a plastic tray inside the crate is necessary to keep the floor clean. Whenever the puppy leaves a mess, just take off the cleaning tray.
  • Versatile – Dividers will help to achieve a versatile crate. Puppies grow faster than you could imagine, and so small crates may not be enough for the long run. A full-sized crate is better with dividers to create small quarters for the pet to do other things.
  • Security – Keeping the pet safe during crate training is important. Some crates do not provide secured doors, which are not good for dogs. Ensure that your dog has no power to escape from the crate by looking for an enclosure with great security features.
  • 15 Best Puppy Crate for Training – Dog crates do not come in common, and so choosing what kind of crate will be best for your puppies is difficult. To make things easy, we gathered the best crate for training puppies just for you. Each offers various features that will meet your pet dog’s needs.

Reviews: Best Crates for Puppies

Here are our top 15 puppy crates for training:

  • The first puppy crate on the list is from MidWest Homes for Pets. They are popular in creating a home training system for home pets. iCrate is available in the single and double-door model, but let us focus on the latter.
  • You can assemble the double-door dog crate in seconds without using any tools. It easily folds flat during storage and is so perfect for travel. Placing the crate onto wood will not leave scratches because it includes four roller feet.
  • It comes with a divider panel, a dog tray, and a carrying handle. The company also offers a year of warranty for the buyers to ensure a quality product.
  • It can hold a dog that weighs up to 90-pounds. The included panel allows expanding the crate as the dog grows. You may adjust the space inside the crate by moving the panel to provide the pup’s best comfort.
  • It is made durable with safety in mind through rounded corners to avoid injuries. Security is also improved by its slide-bolt latches present on both doors. There is a removable and washable plastic pan on its floor for easy cleanup.

  • This option is suitable for short outings because of its portable design. It is different from the previous pup crate in construction and design. Port-A-Crate is out of heavy-duty weave mesh fabric attached to a steel frame.
  • Its price is so affordable for most dog keepers. Setting and folding up the crate will only take seconds, with no tools required. There are six sizes available you can choose from. A size guideline chart is provided to end up with the right crate size. Measure your pet before buying this training crate.
  • The fabric material is water-resistant and can be cleaned in two ways. The first is by wiping down the material with stain and odor remover and then let it dry naturally. The second is simply throwing the fabric to the laundry for a full wash.
  • Proper ventilation is provided for the pet inside the crate through its mesh window. It can contain dogs weighing up to 70-pounds.
  • It has two doors, one on top and in front of the crate, with fastening straps. For added security, industrial zippers and latches are present. The doors allow easy access to the puppy.

  • One of Amazon’s pet crates’ lines is the Folding Metal Dog Crate. It is sold in various sizes, whether a single-door or double-door design. The metal wire is coated with plastic to support the dog’s chewing behavior.
  • It is the best use for potty training and is a great place for the pup to rest and relax. It has rounded corners that promote safety over the pet. The dog crate is easy to set up with no extra tools. Simply fold the crate flat for storage wherein the metal-loop side handle makes it easy to carry.
  • AmazonBasics made sure the crate has a versatile design by adding a divider panel upon purchase. It aids the dog to enjoy an appropriate living space as it grows bigger by simply moving the panel.
  • Escape-minded dogs have no right to get out of this durable metal construction crate. Its door design has slide-bolt latches to secure the dog. They are swing-open doors present in front and on the crate’s side. It also allows easy access for feeding and cleaning the crate.
  • This model is highly recommended for smaller breeds of dogs—no need to buy an extra tray, as it includes one.

  • Sky Kennel Pet Carrier met airline standards. And so, traveling with your pet under crate training is supported by this pet carrier. The best thing is, Sky Kennel is made from recycled plastic materials and is eco-friendly.
  • It affords extra security with the 4-way vault door design. Your buddy can feel safe even during air flights, with proper ventilation in mind. Heavy-duty materials shall keep the carrier strong enough against troubles on board.
  • There will be no hassles during travel due to clip-on food bowls and stickers necessary for airlines. A carrying handle on top of it makes the carrier easy to move around.
  • The crate stays connected through non-corrodible wingnuts attached on top of the crate. You must remove it before going on airlines. Its durable wire doors enhance the security of your pet.
  • It is easy to operate, like opening the door for feeding and cleaning. In addition to that, Sky Kennel Pet Carrier is easy to disassemble for storage.
  • This pet carrier is not only made for travel but also for home use. Some owners complain that its handle is a bit fragile sometimes.

  • Some puppies like to live in private at times. The Two-Door Top Load Kennel could be the best choice to meet that pup’s need. It has an isolated space design with few features perfect for small dogs.
  • Like the previous Petmate product, this one is also air travel approved. It meets the necessary airline travel standards for dog’s safety. It is designed with comfort in mind, thus gives a dog his own safe place.
  • Two-Door Top Load Kennel supports crate training and other dog activities. As its name says, it features two doors, one in front and one on top of the cage. Both doors offer the same function and have easy-squeeze latches to open with one hand.
  • It is plastic-made with ventilated walls to support privacy and comfort for the pooch. The ergonomic handle helps to transport the crate during travels easily. Petmate also included wing nuts. Remove the wing nuts when you need to disassemble the crate.
  • It is offered in four two-tone options, whichever will meet your liking. They all have a coffee ground design not to welcome mess stains. It can only carry a puppy weighing a maximum of 10-pounds. They are available in larger sizes to accommodate bigger dogs.

  • If a two-door crate is not yet enough to offer well-ventilated air for the pup, EliteField has to offer a dog crate with three doors. Most of the reported returns are because of wrong-sized crates, and to avoid such a problem, check your pup’s size first. You can pick from several color options.
  • The doors are placed on the top, front, and side of the soft dog crate. Those are mesh doors with two accessory pockets on top and side doors that allow sunlight and fresh air to enter the crate.
  • It is out of a durable steel tube covered by 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric material. The look is so stylish and is very lightweight for a durable crate. It is also well-ventilated to give the pup comfort during his rest hours.
  • The fabric can be removed for a wash when it becomes messy. Its frame is foldable, which is good for travel. You will need no tools to set up the crate for the next use.
  • Other than the crate, a carrying handle and fleece bed is included. The carrying straps are made for many carrying options, such as hand carrying straps and shoulder straps.

  • Some dog owners prefer a single-door dog crate for training puppies. It is more convenient, and the puppy can easily follow instructions with that setup. Carlson Pet Products has made a dog crate intended for smaller-sized dogs about 25-pounds and under.
  • Enhanced security is sure with its all-steel construction with a secure locking system. Your pooch will have no ability to escape from the crate in times of training. Just keep an eye on the pet for better protection.
  • It can be used up to your dog’s adult stage, as long as it reaches 16” in height. In other words, they are small dog breeds, like Chihuahua.
  • In front of the crate is a single door with a multi-point locking system. It benefits easy access to the pet and in cleaning the cage. The training crate is delivered fully assembled, so make sure to measure your pet before purchasing one.
  • You can also bring it on travels because of its portability and foldable feature. Fold-flat the crate during storage. Washing the crate is made easy by the included removable bottom pan. Once it is removed, you can wash the pan with water and soap to clean.

  • Training crates of Paws & Pals are available in many size options to best fit your pet’s size. They are ideal for larger dog breeds because of their all-steel construction. It will give the pets an extra room to do other stuff inside the crate.
  • This is a no-ordinary metal dog crate due to the feature it claims. It is built with high tensile strength welded wire material with a mesh pattern. It results in an ultra-durable crate design that can withstand bigger pups.
  • If you are unsure whether your pup will fit inside the crate, get your dog’s size, and buy four to six inches longer crate size. Storing the crate will only require tight spaces, as you can fold it like a suitcase.
  • It has two doors with separate slide-bolt locks to allow easy access while keeping high security in mind. Remove the plastic pan for cleaning out the mess made by the pet.
  • The unique design of this metal crate is a black electro-coat finish. It discourages dogs from chewing on its crate unless the pet has a steel jaw.

  • Another type of puppy crate is one made of wood. Keep in mind that a wooden pet crate is only designed for pups with no chewing issues. We all know that chewing can easily destroy wood materials. The good news is, the solid wood construction used is chew-resistant.
  • It has an end table style that blends with any indoor façade. The wooden crate is useful in many ways, other than being a pet crate. A household can use the crate as a coffee table while the pet is resting in it.
  • Two sizes of this wood crate are sold in the market that will fit dogs up to 29-inches tall. No additional accessories are included in the purchase, like a removable tray. You still need to buy such a pet crate essential for easier cleanup.
  • Assembling the crate is so easy with the use of included hardware. The wood material is surely sustainable.
  • Its side slats allow proper air inside the crate. It has a lockable gate to secure your pet from escaping the crate. The lock is made of a latch. It will keep your mind at peace along the way.
  • Among the wooden pet crates in the market, Casual Home’scould is the best option.

  • The most destructive puppies cannot escape the Empire Dog Cage, which is great for dog keepers. It is a tough crate and is sold at a bit high price. This medium-sized cage has been approved for airline travel. Traveling with a dog will be much easier than ever. A larger size cage is available.
  • Empire Dog Cage is specially made for aggressive breeds concerning its construction features. The cage is built with 20-gauge steel with strong steel tubing.
  • Since the material is a bit heavy, ProSelect added rolling wheels to move the crate around easily. The wheels are removable to achieve stability while the puppy rests inside the crate.
  • It has a grated floor with a tray for easy cleaning. The dog’s waste will go directly onto the tray and not to the floor.
  • Its opening has dual latches for better security over aggressive pet dogs. It won’t be easily open whenever the dog tries to escape.
  • ProSelect features heavy-duty welds at the crate’s stress points. It means there is no way for the cage to be destroyed by the most clever dogs.

  • Among the best training crates for puppies is the Configurable Pet Crate. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate appears unique from the previous crate options, as it is more like furniture. You can convert it into a gate to close an area that does not allow your dog’s presence. It is only sold in one size, particularly a medium-sized crate.
  • A 2-in-1 pet crate can be easily assembled and turn into a gate. It is prepared with a solid wood veneer cover to complement any home décor. All of its sides are barred, allowing more air to enter the crate.
  • The item is not chew-proof, so check your puppy now and then. It is also not escape-proof, as said by the users.
  • On the other side, it is a great choice to train a pup with proper supervision by the owner. Its top design is not highly secured. Another feature is that the top and bottom part is separable, which later converts into a gate.
  • There is a removable plastic tray at the bottom of the crate. It permits easy cleaning for dog keepers.

  • A table-style crate is another best option for crate puppy training. It can work as a table while keeping a puppy on the inside. Additionally, zero assemble is required to use the pet crate finally.
  • This portable pet crate is made of eco-friendly wood material with a non-toxic finish. Its style is unique, unlike the other wooden crate. Only one step is needed to assemble the crate with no tools required fully.
  • The solid wood construction can hold up to 45-pounds of weight. It can function as a table while carrying a puppy inside. It is so portable which can be easily moved around your place.
  • The tray can be placed in two positions, either on the floor or underneath the crate. Both setups will not allow mess on the surface, which helps the cleaning process. You may open its top for feeding purposes.
  • One side of the crate is the only way for the puppy to get enough air. It has a lockable door to increase security over the pet.
  • When the pet outgrows the crate, you can turn it into a bookshelf or storage for your stuff pieces. It is for a lifetime use thereof.

  • Sometimes puppies develop separation anxiety wherein owners need to bring them wherever they go. On-the-crates could be the best option to buy in this case. Ultra Vari Kennel is a travel crate and not a main crate for pups. So, it is good for crate training for short time use.
  • It is airline-adaptable, considering the features the crate provides. They meet airline specifications to ensure safety on every travel with a dog.
  • Bigger dog breeds will feel comfortable while inside the travel crate. It has wire vents on each side to allow enough air for the pet.360-degree visibility is offered through the vents. The interior is also raised to keep the pet comfortable along the way. Your pet shall experience the most comfortable travels with you.
  • Heavy-duty plastic materials are used to produce this crate. They are eco-friendly but not designed as chew-proof. Food bowls are not also included.
  • The users mention a challenge in handling the crate. It does not have any handle to move the crate from place to place easily.
  • It requires a stress-free assembly. Users can easily open the crate door, as the pet cannot.

  • Diggs created another unique dog crate intended for travel. It is a portable dog crate with an innovative design that collapses in just seconds. Putting the crate together is equipped with locks to keep it in place.
  • This travel-friendly crate is intended for small dogs weighing a maximum of 30-pounds. The manufacturer included a puppy divider for further use. It costs higher than most of the above options.
  • Diggs RevolCollapsible Dog Crate has a very spacious interior made of rounded edges and mesh pattern sides. It is a combination of reinforced plastic, steel mesh wire, and aluminum. They are all non-toxic and consider pet safe. The pooch crate has three ergonomic handles and two wheels for easy transport.
  • Its five-side mesh panels support ventilation. There are three access points provided for the owner to take care of the pet. Two of them are the crate’s main doors for cleaning and feeding purposes.
  • A ceiling hatch is added to allow easy access in petting a puppy without opening the crate’s main door.

  • Your last option could be the Training Retreat Crate made by Petmate. It is colored pink or blue, perfect for both dog’s gender. Compared to all the crates above, this one could be the simplest in terms of appearance. And yet, it is very effective to work as a puppy training crate.
  • Up to this point, Petmate does not disappoint buyers to put trust in their pet products. This item offers a different level of features to meet your puppy’s needs during crate training. You may get one at an affordable price.
  • The Training Retreat Crate is very versatile in terms of placement in rooms. It has two access doors, one in front and the other is on its side. Therefore, positioning the crate can be on either side; no worry to block the other way.
  • Each access door has a double latch to ensure better security over the pet. The keeper has easy access to both doors for quick feeding and cleaning.
  • Its overall door system has a 5-point locking system, which differs from the other Petmate products above. They exist on the top, sides, and middle of the crate’s door to enhance the pet’s safety.
  • It folds down flat for storage and even for transport.

The Final Words

Puppies under crate training can test your patience, and so do not give in. You may hear cries and whining but still pursue to buy a crate for training your pups. Choose a good crate, maybe one of the above options, to help your pup easily adjust for its new home. Always keep a reward to motivate the pup to do better in training sessions.

Can you tell other puppy crates used for training? Share your idea below for others to know!

Index Table: Top Rated Crates for Puppies

1MidWest Homes For Pets - Puppy’s Crate
  • Easy Assembly
  • Portable
  • Expandable
2PetNation Port-A-Crate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home - Crate for Puppies
  • Water Resistant Fabric
  • Portable
  • Two Door Design
3AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate - Puppy Crate
  • Easy No Tool Set Up
  • Slide Bolt Latches
  • Smaller Size
4Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier - Crate for Puppies
  • Well Vnetilated
  • Heavy Duty Materails
  • Easy to Operate
5Petmate Two-Door Top Load Kennel - Crate for Puppies
  • Two Door Top Load
  • Portable
  • Size Options Available
6EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate - Puppy’s Crate
  • Accessory Pockets
  • Three Doors
  • Carry Handle
7Carlson Pet Products Single-Door Metal Dog Crate - Puppy Crate
  • Enhanced Security
  • Portable
  • Foldable
8Paws and Pals Double-Door Metal Dog Crate - Puppy’s Crate
  • Foldable
  • Plastic Removable Pan for Cleaning
Paws and Pals96.8
9Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate - Crate for Puppies
  • Wooden Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Well Vnetilated
Casual Home96.6
10ProSelect Empire - Crate for Puppies
  • Medium Size
  • Removable Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Design
11Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate - Crate for Puppies
  • Two in One Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ideal for Training
Merry Pet96.8
12Lovupet Wooden Pet Crate - Puppy Crate
  • Large Design
  • Wood
  • Ventilated
13Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel - Crate for Puppies
  • Larger Size
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy Duty
14Diggs RevolCollapsible Dog Crate - Puppy’s Crate
  • Lockable
  • Non-Toxic Materails
  • Well Ventilated
15Petmate 2-Door Training Retreat Crate - Puppy’s Crate
  • Easy Access Door
  • Foldable
  • Training Crate Aswell

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