The Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

Brushing your pet dog’s teeth could be a hassle, especially when your dog hates it. Every canine pet’s oral health is a serious matter for the keepers to deal with.

Can you manage to clean your dog’s teeth two to three times a week?

If not, many dog experts say the best dog teeth cleaning chews can help reduce plaque and improve dogs’ oral health.

You will not regret clicking this post as answers to your dog teeth care are on the way!

Buyer’s Guide for Dog Chews

Most consumers’ problem is on how to choose the best dog chew in a wide range of options. It is important to know the qualities a dog dental treat must have to say, whether it is a good buy.

Not only humans fall victim to oral diseases, such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, and bad breath. Our pet dogs are not excused from experiencing those pains.

We cannot remind dogs to take care of their teeth, and so we will be the ones to do the job. But sometimes or often, we neglect to provide our dog’s dental care needs.

Thanks to dental dog chews that will make the process more fun for dogs!

Here are the factors you should look at before buying dog teeth cleaning chews:

  • VOHC Certified – The Veterinary Oral Health Council is responsible for checking pet products whether they meet the required standards or not. A good quality dog chew must reduce at least 20% of plaque in one treat. Moreover, vet-recommended dog chews are better than anything else. The experts greatly know what products will be safe for dogs.
  • Price – Most dog chews only come up with few pieces, so considering the price is essential for dog keepers. No worries, as many brands are now selling affordable dog treats for most dog parents can pay for.
  • Ingredients – Treats are part of a dog’s diet; that is why knowing the blend of ingredients a particular product is made of is important. Those dog chews made of organic ingredients are the best options. Keep in mind the canine pets’ dietary needs in choosing the best dog chew. Most products above are grain-free and gluten-free. It is an advantage for dogs with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Size – Dog treats come in different sizes to match the need of every dog breed. Get the right size that will best accommodate your dog’s needs. Most brands offer multiple sizes of dog chews suitable for a proper weight range. For example, dogs weighing not more than 15-pounds will be better off with tiny treats. Extra-large dog chews are better for larger breeds.
  • Flavor – Natural flavors are better options for dog chews. The common flavors are beef, chicken, and other vegetables good for dogs. Most brands add parsley to the ingredient to freshen up the dog’s breath. Pick a flavor that is appealing to dogs to chew on.
  • Effectiveness – The most important factor you should look for is whether the dog chew effectively keeps the oral health in control. It must remove unwanted dirt on your dog’s teeth in just one feeding. Be consistent in giving dogs with such cleaning treats to achieve the best results.

Reviews: Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

We found a list of great alternatives to give dogs pearly white teeth instead of brushing them daily. The products below are all approved by the experts safely and effectively for canine pets. Our team had picked dog chews from different brands that would be good for your pet.

Here are our top 15 dog teeth cleaning chews you can choose from:

  • This is a potato-based dog chew. So, if your pet is sensitive to potatoes, this could not be a nice option. It is suitable for dogs up to 50-pounds and above. The chew comes in a bone-shape to easily attract dogs for cleaning their teeth.
  • Dental Bones are available in four sizes to feed any dog sizes. It contains wholesome ingredients to make it easier to digest. The formula is free from by-product meals like corn, wheat, and soy to keep pet dogs safe.
  • Not just that, it does not also include artificial alternatives and food colors. It is full of nutritious elements such as omega 3, minerals, and vitamins. They are a vegan-source dog chew that helps to freshen up the dog’s breath.
  • Its texture is a bit harsh enough to support teeth cleaning action among dogs. It has soft sides that render comfort for pets.

  • The veterinary oral health council has approved this item, which indicates how great the cleaning treats for dogs. They come in a toothbrush design that fights against plaque and tartar on the dog’s teeth.
  • It can be a daily dog treat that benefits your pet’s teeth and gums.
  • The grain-free treat is composed of natural and highly soluble ingredients. This formula is good for sensitive dogs, especially on the food they ingest.
  • It is a tummy-friendly dog treat containing pea flour and potato ingredients.
  • These elements are easy to digest, which have great taste. Greenies assure a dog treat with low fat to prevent overfeeding canine pets.
  • You can buy packages that vary in size. It depends on your dog’s need to consume one treat per day.
  • Grain-free dental dog treat smells different from the original Greenies’ dog chew.

  • Like the previous Greenies dog treat, Weight Management Dental Dog Treat comes in a toothbrush-shape.
  • It does good to overweight canines with low-fat percentage ingredients. They are VOHC certified for quality control.
  • It has the same taste as the original series of Greenies.
  • The only difference is the included L-carnitine formula that boosts the pet’s metabolism. It also reduces body fat to prevent the obesity problem.
  • Feed the treats on less active dogs to boost their energy. It contains no corn and soy, or anything that could harm pet dogs.
  • Each piece is so easy to digest while being effective in cleaning the dog’s teeth. Overfeeding does no good for pets because of excess calories, so better practice a balanced feeding every time.
  • The metabolism-boosting dog chew is available in various sizes to meet dogs’ needs at any size.

  • The gaps between your dog’s teeth, on where tartar and plaque lives, must be cleaned thoroughly. Whimzees has made dog treats in a unique shape that could reach the gaps.
  • Each dental treat can last three times longer than the other dog chews.
  • It is vet recommended for daily dental health support for canine pets.
  • They are composed of six vegetarian ingredients without preservatives and other harmful elements for dogs. Pets suffering from allergies are better off with this dog treat.
  • It has a good amount of fiber to support digestion issues such as bowel movements.
  • Per meal aids the weight management of pet dogs with its grain-free formula.
  • They do not just come with a single shape, but also include alligators and sticks dog chew.
  • The company sustainably produced dental dog treats. They aimed to be a dog lover while taking care of the earth.

  • OraVet does not reveal the full list of ingredients due to some regulations.
  • On the other hand, the formula is clinically-proven to deal with the dog’s teeth plaque and tartar buildup. It has the ability to coat your pet’s teeth against bacteria, thus lessens tooth decay problems.
  • It is a plant-based formula that contains parsley to provide freshness over your dog’s breath. One of its ingredients is the delmopinol hydrochloride, commonly added to human oral rinse products.
  • It prevents bacterial attachment on the dog’s teeth, thus stops other oral problems from coming up. Every dog will love its flavor and is easy to digest.
  • Other dog teeth problems these dog chews can prevent are plaque and calculus. It creates a barrier to protect the teeth against such factors. As a result, it reduces the chance that a dog has bad breath.
  • Various sizes are available that will fit any dog’s needs.

  • Many dogs are looking for a flavorful dental chew to satisfy their cravings. Natural Balance delivers a tasty and yet nutritious pet treat that also deals with oral health.
  • Plus, the treats also smell good to humans.
  • You can buy with confidence as the product has gone with nine safety tests to offer premium ingredients. It is tested by nutrition experts that result in the perfect food treat for pets.
  • They are grain-free dental chews with antioxidant nutrients for the pet’s digestive system. It has added vitamin C to support the immune system.
  • Aromatic ingredients are included, such as parsley and spearmint, responsible for fresher breath.
  • It is sold in three different formulas, including fresh and clean, sweet potato and chicken meal, and duck meal.
  • Choose which one will suit your dog’s dental treatment needs. Each formula is available in two packages, whether medium or small.

  • Pedigree is a popular brand selling pet essentials in the market. Unfortunately, they are not VOHC certified, yet many dog keepers trust the brand.
  • Give your dog a piece of dog treat, which could be enough in a day for oral care. It will whiten and freshen up your pet’s teeth at maximum performance.
  • These x-shaped dental treats support longer cuddle moments with your pets. It minimizes tartar and plaque buildup that causes bad breath on pets.
  • They have a chewy texture and are easy to swallow with their best possible grip due to their shape.
  • Its recipe is wheat and rice-based, with added delicious flavors like bacon, beef, and chicken flavor. Most dog breeds will truly enjoy the dental treat big time.
  • They are bite-sized treats perfect for dogs more than 30-pounds. It can be served daily to your pet dog to support its oral health.

  • Among the dental chews with no soy products is the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews. It is a rice-based formula designed to remove plaque and tartar buildup on the dog’s teeth.
  • They received a VOHC seal to deliver a quality pet product, plus it is made in the USA.
  • It is packed in a box made available for dogs weighing up to 49-pounds or more.
  • The oral chews are in a bone-shape with 65-calories per piece. You can give this treat to small and medium-size breeds.
  • The bone-shaped treat has nubs and ridges to act like bristles in cleaning the canine’s teeth. It can reach the gaps in your pet’s teeth that easily.
  • The treat formula contains 12 essential nutrients to benefit a dog’s oral health. It is chicken-flavored that sometimes not ideal for some breeds.
  • Some keepers say it does not freshen up their dog’s breath.
  • But overall, it keeps the teeth and bones of pets stronger than before.

  • As dogs have natural chewing behavior, giving them dog chews could be a practical way to clean their teeth.
  • Virbac made way for dogs to have fresh breath and stronger teeth. One chew per day could be enough to reduce plaque on your pet’s teeth.
  • This one comes in a Z-shape for a better grip. It has no animal protein, which makes the formula easier to digest. Wheat gluten is also not included in its main ingredient.
  • Canine pets with rawhide sensitivities will be better off with these dog chews. It won’t cause any allergies to your pet.
  • Each package contains 30 dog chews, which are enough for a month’s supply for your pet’s oral health. Some buyers say the price of the product fluctuates wildly over the years.
  • You will see the best results after a while. Do not stop giving your pet a treat, for it might just worsen its oral health.

  • We are not running out of good dog chews up to this moment. Nature Gnaws has to offer a treat for the dog’s oral hygiene, perfect for daily feeding.
  • It aids both the teeth and the gums of canine pets.
  • It comes in two sizes to meet every dog’s needs.
  • Get the thinner version for dogs below 15-pounds to chew easily. If your pet has serious chewing behavior, this could be a perfect treat for him. Each stick can last for minutes of chewing.
  • There are no fillers or additives found on this dog treat, aside from the beef meat ingredient. They are grass-fed cattle, which made the treat tastier for dogs. It is rich in protein and other essential nutrients for dogs.
  • The product goes through a five safety step process to ensure a quality end-product. They are fully disinfected to keep them safe for dogs.
  • Only a few sticks are inside the package that sometimes lacks dog owners’ overall need.

  • These are wholesome dog chews you can buy to take care of your pet’s oral health. Native Pet offers a full refund for unsatisfied customers returning the product. It differs from the previous dog treats on the ingredients used.
  • Yak Chews are out of milk, so dogs with lactose intolerant issues may not like these treats. This item is lactose-free anyways, which is still perfect for dogs with such a problem.
  • The chews are made of three main ingredients, including lime juice and salt.
  • The dogs will be enriched with protein, vitamins, and minerals in consuming one treat in a day. Vitamin C helps to boost their immune system and be more active. It is also free from gluten and grain.
  • It is stored in a jar for longer life.
  • The elements produce low odor, so dogs won’t hesitate to go near the treat. You may cut the treat in half to ensure there will be no waste.

  • In buying a dog chew, you must look for products with great texture. They are highly effective in polishing a dog’s teeth away from tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Some dog owners claim that this dog treat does not last long enough.
  • This is made of high-quality and wholesome ingredients good for canine pets. It includes potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and other ever nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  • They work together to make your pet’s teeth healthier than before.
  • It also has antibacterial properties by means of parsley. It serves as a natural deodorizer to freshen up the dog’s breath right away.
  • You can choose from two fruity flavors in three different sizes.
  • There are no artificial additives in the making of the dog treats. Dog parents can ensure a balanced treat for their pets with their low-fat formula.
  • Zuke has met high standards through trail-tested recipes to develop this product.

  • Are you looking for an on-the-go dental chew? Dingo offers mini dog treats that could reduce plaque and tartar buildup on teeth.
  • Each pack contains 24 chews on which you can bring anywhere you go with your pet.
  • The package is sealed to prolong the treats’ life. Its packaging may vary sometimes, but that is not a huge problem.
  • It has a classic bone shape that most breeds can easily digest.
  • The added vitamin E makes the treat unique from the other dog chews. It supports the pet’s gums and will turn them healthier than ever.
  • Mini Dental Chews are made of fruits like apple, orange, and bananas, with no preservatives added. Better purchase a number of treats enough for a particular time of feeding not to spoil products.
  • Dingo also offers other types of dog chews in different forms, such as jumbo twist sticks, dental sticks, and breakfast bites.

  • Some breeds are looking for fun in getting a dog treat. Bully Sticks Rings can provide a bit of tug-of-war before finally getting a treat. It has a ring-shape, that differs from the other types of dental chews.
  • It is a natural beef dog chew without any preservatives added.
  • They have the power to clean canine’s teeth to deliver a fresher breath. The cattle used are grass-fed to produce an all-natural product.
  • A single ingredient is good for dogs prone to allergies. It is enriched with protein but low in fat. It is good for the dog’s teeth and overall health.
  • There are no artificial ingredients added to ensure safety among canine pets.
  • It has very little odor not to overwhelm dogs to get some treats.
  • Each purchase includes three rings of dog treat. You can get more if necessary.

Final Words

Dental dog chews are only an added way to clean a dog’s teeth. It does not exclude the importance of brushing; however, dental treats lessen the job. Oral issues can be avoided by just giving your dog a treat due to its toothbrush-like texture. They are also made of nutritious ingredients to meet pet dogs’ dietary needs. Do not buy dental care products with food colors and preservatives to harm your pet.

Of all the best pet products above, which one will you choose for your furry friend?

Share your thoughts in the comment box to inspire others to add dog teeth cleaning chews on their pet essentials. Thank you!

Index Table: Top rated Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

1Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Adult Dog Treats - Dog’s Teeth Clean Chews
  • Size Options
  • No Artificial Flavors and Colors
  • Abrasive Texture
Blue Buffalo98.2
2Greenies Grain-Free Natural Dental Dog Treats - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • Tummy Friendly
  • Grain Free
  • Easy to Digest
3Greenies Weight Management Dental Dog Treats - Teeth Cleaning Chews for Dogs
  • Easy TO Digest
  • L-Carnitine Includeed
  • Low Fat
4Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • Unique Shape
  • Six Vegetarian Ingredients
  • High Fiber
5OraVet Dental Hygiene Dog Chews - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • Coats Teeth
  • Protects Teeth Against Bacteria
6Natural Balance Dental Chews Dog Treats - Dog’s Teeth Clean Chews
  • Flavorful Taste
  • Vitamin C Added
  • Freshens Breath
Natural Balance97
7Pedigree DENTASTIX Triple-Action Large Dog Treats - Teeth Cleaning Chews for Dogs
  • Minimizes Tartar and Plaque Build Up
  • Easily Digested
8Milk-Bone Advanced Oral Care Dog Treats - Dog’s Teeth Clean Chews
  • Essentail Nutrients Added
  • Stronger Bones and Teeth
9Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Dog Chews - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • Freshens Breath
  • Stronger Teeth
  • Great Flavor
Virbac C.E.T.96.8
10Nature Gnaws Premium Bully Sticks - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • Natural
  • Safe
  • High Qulaity
Nature Gnaws96.5
11Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • High Protein and Vitamins
  • Vitamin C Added
Native Pet96.3
12Zuke’s Dental Chew Dog Treats - Teeth Cleaning Chews for Dogs
  • Antibacterial
  • No Artificial Addatives
  • High Qulaity Ingredients
13Dingo Whitening Mini Dental Chews - Teeth Cleaning Chews for Dogs
  • Fresh Seal Packaging
  • Vegetable and Fruit Based
  • On the G0 Design
14Pawstruck Bully Sticks Rings - Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews
  • All Natural
  • Hypoallergenic Formula

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