Top 15 Best Electric Fences for Horses: Reviews & Guide

Choosing the best electric fence for horses is necessary to take care of equine pets. Ordinary fences may not work well on horses, which have the habit of jumping across to escape.

By investing in electric fences, you can easily secure horses away from other animals. The equine pets cannot easily escape due to their harmless voltage power. It also protects other properties and pastures in the land to the highest level.

This post will share our top 15 electric fences for horses with you. You can share ideas in the comment section about your best choice. Without further doings, let’s get it started!

Best Electric Fences for Horses: A Quick Buying Guide

With the top electric fences above, buying one will make you face many options.
Do not miss some factors to consider below before making a decision.
This is a buying guide to lessen the burden of choosing an electric fence.

  • Budget – Taking care of horses demands great investments. Since fences are part of the must-have tackles in growing horses, prepare a budget. Horse electric fences may break the bank. Look for fences at a reasonable price as maintenance expenses will come along the way.
  • Dimensions – Buying any kind of fences consider the horses’ growth. Measure the fence’s right height and width before deciding which to buy. The fence’s height will depend on the horse growth, whether miniature or warmblood horses. The width must be 4-feet in minimum to allow vehicles to pass through.
  • Type of Wire – Electric fences use various types of wire with their own pros and cons. Here is the list of wire for you to choose from:
  • – 1. Woven Wire – This is an expensive choice and not easy to install. It is usually installed with barb wire to stop horses from running away.
  • – 2. Steel Wire – Most fences are made of steel wire, which is cheap yet durable. It is compatible with any chargers but not over a distance.
  • – 3. Aluminum Wire – It can last a distance without even rusting, unlike steel wires. This is also expensive yet four times more efficient than the other options.
  • – 4. Copper Wire – Copper wire is a lot cheaper than the other alternatives. It is one of the best wires that can carry a charge in a long distance due to its high tensile strength.
  • – 5. High Tensile – It keeps both the pet and predators separated at all times. Its durability can last for 50-years with low maintenance required.
  • – 6. Poly Fencing – This type has three categories – Polytape, Polywire, and Polyrope. They used a new generation of materials to be more effective for electric fencing.
  • Durability – When it comes to the fence’s durability, take a look at the climate in your area. Other fences can only stand at moderate temperatures. More than that, durability also rests on the materials used in making the fence.
  • Visibility – Fence’s purpose is to set clear boundaries for the horses. It must be obvious to them. Some ties colorful flags to the fence to enhance visibility. This helps horses to recognize their boundaries easily.
  • Ease of Installation – No one ever wants to spend more time fixing fences. There are fence models easy to install by just a snap into posts. Seek help installing an electric fence for horses because you can never do it without assistance.
  • Safety – Keep in mind horses’ safety in protecting them through fencing. Electric fences release a sufficient voltage of electricity to discourage horses from escaping. It will not hurt the animal but only distracts them from leaning into it.

Reviews: Best Electric Fences for Horses Reviews

Now, which electric fences are best recommended online? To help you make the right buying decision, we searched for electric fences that will suit your pet’s needs. Each has the top features horse fencing must-have.

Here are in-depth reviews of our top picks:

  • If you are not yet ready for permanent fencing, you can go with Family’s Polywire Electric Fence. It is best for temporary use for portable fencing. It would be difficult for this fence to stand under extreme tension. The price is within your budget and yet designed for longer use.
  • The wire is made of UV stabilized polymer, which results in long-lasting worth. It contains six stainless-steel strands of electrical conductors.
  • They are lightweight and can resist rusting in the long run. It is 200 meters long.
  • The product is colored bright yellow and black for high visibility.
  • These colors may not stop some horses from escaping, but the electric conductors will take action.
  • You can easily install the fence to secure horses. It might be difficult to cut the wires because of how thin it is. It can be used over and over again by simply storing it properly.

  • Horse owners with a large farm are to whom this fence is made for. It offers 1000 feet white spool of fencing wire to cover up large areas.
  • The long fence offers lots of space for horses and more of the security it gives.
  • It is high-quality, tested, made of durable and sturdy material that won’t easily break.
  • ElectroBraid made sure this fence model can withstand many, including aggressive horses. They used a braided polyester fiber jacket with a strong polypropylene core.
  • This model can last for years.
  • Veterinarians recommend this electric fence for horse safety.
  • But, it cannot stand the Pacific Northwest climate. It will be easily worn off, so having other fencing models may work.
  • They add copper with a blend of metal and steel wire that exceeds stainless wires’ performance.
  • Copper is the best conductor in wiring to provide the most needed electricity.

  • Visibility is another factor in choosing the best electric fence for horses. Gallagher enhances the said factor by using ultra-white color in making this electric fence.
  • The horse can easily see the fences even from afar.
  • It includes a bonus roll of wire about 100 meters totaling 500 meters of fence. This is a cost-effective purchase at a reasonable price. It can last through the years of continuous use, thus lessen your expenses.
  • It conducts electricity through the included 6 stainless-steel wires.
  • Two people can roll them up with ease to be installed. The materials are lightweight and easy to cut. It has a UV-resistant feature that won’t wear off over time.
  • It won’t rust easily.
  • Then again, it is for portable fences. It won’t work so well for large farms. When you have decided to remove the fence, unroll it and store it in a safe place.

  • One of the best wires used in poly fencing is poly tape.
  • They might cost higher than the other wiring options but worth the penny.
  • It comes in 656’ rolls, enough to secure a standard size enclosure.
  • It is colored white for visibility. This benefits horses with poor eyesight to easily identify the electric fence.
  • Field Guardian Polytape is best in poly tape fencing for many reasons.
  • One is the UV protection added to the materials.
  • It makes the fence more long-lasting and looking great for a long time. This feature prevents the wires from rusting and severe damage.
  • The conductive wires cover up the entire surface. It functions very well in discouraging horses from escaping their enclosure. No other animal can also enter through the fence, which benefits your equine pet.
  • Unlike the other products, it may not have the grandest features, but it works extra in terms of visibility.

  • Among our top picks is from Premier 1 Supplies.
  • It is a poly wire fence that takes only 15 minutes to set in place fully. It might be a bit expensive than the other options but will not waste much power while in use.
  • The Poultry Net Electric Fence is a good conductor of about 48-inch poly wire.
  • It produces 35 ohms of resistance per 1000 feet area.
  • It does not include an energizer, but we recommend the Premier Solar or AC/DC energizer as an alternative.
  • The added double spiked spots make the fence extra durable. These secure the fence when place in moist or soft soil.
  • This electric fence is not only fit for horses but also for other farm animals. Check on the vegetation development surrounding the fence, which may lessen its effectiveness.
  • Contact their customer service to ask for help. They respond quickly, as said by the buyers.

  • Another best electric fence that is long-lasting is the YardGard Wire Economy Fence. It is available in different sizes, from small to large, suitable for horses’ demands.
  • Anyone can afford to buy this fence model at a reasonable price.
  • It has a well-made construction, which is manufactured in China. Some dislike its way of production, but no worries can last long.
  • The economy fence is flexible yet sturdy. It is easy to cut and set up for installation. They are also easy to shape to secure horses.
  • .It can stand up to the weather very well.
  • The wires are covered with galvanized and zinc material.
  • These materials help to increase the lifespan of the fence. It prevents the fence from rusting against all weather.
  • This is suitable for non-aggressive horses for temporary fencing.
  • It creates strong boundaries for horses to feel secure.

  • This is the second polytape fence on the list with the best features. It is obvious for horses to see, thus prevents them from stepping on it.
  • The cost of the fence is so affordable that anyone can buy it.
  • You can get either a pack or six-packs of poly tape at a single price. Purchase as much as you needed to secure your equine pets.
  • It can cover 200 meters of the farm area.
  • The poly tape screen is easier to install than regular wiring.
  • Its breaking load is about 150-pound, which is high enough to reach.
  • It has five stainless-steel conductors to provide a safe electrical shock for horses.
  • It will not harm equine pets. It is a portable type of horse fence thus works only for a temporary time.
  • This poly tape fence is not suitable to withstand extreme tensions. Non-aggressive horses are to whom it fits best.

  • This a poly rope fence made by Field Guardian.
  • There are only a few stocks left, so grab yours now. Its price speaks to the quality of its performance. It might be pricier than the other choices but very effective in keeping horses away from the land.
  • Once the poly rope fence got broken, it will not recoil but instantly drop to the ground. Some fences do recoil, which is dangerous for horses and people nearby.
  • With a poly rope, there will be no worries about sudden injuries.
  • The rope is colored white and blue for high visibility. The color white is more dominant than the blue color. Your pet will not mistakenly step on the fence at all times.
  • It comes in 656’ rolls that weigh 12.5-pounds only. Its break strength is 990-pounds, which is way higher than its own weight.

  • Polyrope has become so popular in horse fencing for so many reasons. It is an affordable choice for temporary horse containment. This type is stronger than poly wire fences that can last for many years to come.
  • It is lightweight with a 200-meter spool of poly rope.
  • It won’t touch any trailing grasses, thus preventing possible danger.
  • Twisted, tangled fencing will never be an issue again last the past years.
  • The six strands of electrical conductors create a mild shock on horses planning to escape. A poly-rope is far away from rusting compared to other fence models. To set up and disassemble the fence is easy to perform.
  • The wiring setup must be behind the horse’s eyes for the shock to work effectively.
  • The rope will not easily break unless it reaches a breaking load of 820-pounds.
  • Most of its metal parts are made of stainless steel.

  • A sure shock is a must to discourage horses from escaping or other animals to invade your equine pets. This fence line can protect not just horses but also livestock. Prepare for a mid-price to buy one roll of this product.
  • It is heavy-duty. The line is out of PVC-coated fiberglass poly wire with a UV-stabilized feature. Its quality performance will last for long life use.
  • Zareba offers a 5-year warranty, easy to repair whenever it has faulty parts.
  • It offers wide coverage. The product is measured 1,320 feet with three strands of the aluminum conductor.
  • Aluminum material can provide 20 times of shocking power than stainless steel.
  • The company uses a yellow color for better visibility. Its wiring is made thick that it can stand against all situations.
  • It will give a sure shock to horses in the field.
  • This item only weighs less than 6-pounds, thus easy to put together.

  • This wiring system may give you permanent or temporary fencing with a great deal for your money. It looks the same as the previous fence model in color.
  • A combination of black and yellow color makes the fence more visible to horses and other field animals.
  • This portable fence is lightweight, about 4.5-pounds per ¼ mile. It may sag sometimes but can be easily tightened by hand. It is excellent for all weather because of its UV protection.
  • You will get a 400-meter roll of PVC coated fiberglass cords. It contains three aluminum conductors with 50 times shocking power than stainless steel wires.
  • The horses will surely feel the shock that prevents them from escaping.
  • It is a heavy-duty wire strong enough to secure horses against all the odds.
  • The product is made in the USA, so quality is not compromised. They offer a 5-year warranty; if something bad happens, call the company instead.

  • EW936-660 offers maximum visibility, durability, and performance in guarding up horses of any kind.
  • Most horse owners use it for either permanent or temporary fencing. This premium poly wire fence is manufactured in the USA for higher quality performance. Plus, you will get a 5-year warranty.
  • Choose between 660’ or 1320’ depending on your demands. The wider field will require the latter package.
  • The wire is made of 36 strands of black and white polyethylene monofilaments. Its contrasting color blend enhances visibility for horses from a distance. They are treated with UV protection for longer use.
  • It uses up nine strands of stainless steel conductors that provide plenty of shocking power for escaping horses.
  • The pricing is reasonable for most horse owners to buy.
  • Its breaking strength is not over 600-pounds. It is also ideal for rotational grazing.

  • For those who only have a small area for fencing horses, Fi-Shock has something to offer. They provide a lifetime warranty for every buyer. This is the most affordable electric fence for horses on the list, with great features.
  • You can purchase up to 8-packs of this aluminum electric fence.
  • But according to what, your horse needs to feel protected.
  • Some aluminum materials do rust, but this one is different.
  • It will not rust against any weather.
  • It comes on a spool for ease of use, especially during installation.
  • The 17 gauge aluminum wire covers up 250-feet of horse enclosure. It has a tensile strength of 38,000 PSI. The item’s breaking load is about 90-pounds, so make sure to watch your pet.
  • Aluminum wire conducts 4 times shocking power than steel wires. It is enough to warn horses not to escape every once in a while.

  • Another form of electric fences for horses is a steel wire. We can observe that other types of wire are more popular than steel wire fencing on the previous products. This item from Field Guardian has a say.
  • The product’s cost is higher than the other items above.
  • It is out of class-3 galvanized steel wire effective for fencing systems.
  • It is not just an ordinary steel wire with a main color of silver. The visibility of the fence is high when strike by the sunlight.
  • A roll of this aluminum wire fence only weighs 22-pounds. It has a break strength of 250-pounds.
  • This wire fence model can surround up to 800-meter of horse enclosure about a half-mile.
  • It is commercial grade and has very high quality in securing horses. It produces enough electric shocks for horses leaning into it.
  • It might not be easy to disassemble a fence with this super-thin wire. In terms of installation, it won’t leave any problem.

  • Field Guardian has all the types of wire needed for fencing, including aluminum wire.
  • We all know how good aluminum wire works as a fence for horses. It is the priciest among other Field Guardian products.
  • It has the same packaging as Galvanized Steel Wire in a roll.
  • This one has colored silver as well for visibility. It is also made in the USA to ensure better quality.
  • The difference is on the flexibility side.
  • Aluminum wires are more flexible than steel wires on which they can be twisted and tied by hand. This is compatible with any electric fence charger and other accessories.
  • It is composed of 14-gauge aluminum wire. Its weight is 1/3 of the steel weight, which is very light.
  • It is perfect to use for controlled grazing. Aluminum wire produces four times of power conduction more than steel wire.

Final Words

By simply reading our list, you can now decide which electric fence is best for your equines.
Consider the important factors above in picking the right product to secure your horse.
It must be durable and long-lasting to keep horses safe even in an enclosure.
Electric fences won’t harm equines because of their tolerable voltage power.
Its greatest aim is to protect horses against escaping and other animals in the field. So, which one will you choose?

You can send any queries about the topic. Just comment on your thoughts below, and we will respond in a few seconds.

Index Table: Top Rated Electric Fences for Horses

1FamilyPortable Electric Fence Polywire - Electric Fences for Horses
  • Stainless Steel
  • Durable
  • Highly Visible Yellow
2ElectroBraid PBRC1000W2-EB Horse Fence Conductor Reel - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • High Quality Steel
  • Electroc Braid Design
  • Durable
3Gallagher Electric Fence Polywire Combo Roll - Electric Fencing for Horses
  • Uv resistant
  • Durable
  • Mild Shock
4Field Guardian PolytapeFence - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • Polytape Fence
  • High Visibility White Color
Field Guardian96.6
5Premier 1 Supplies Poultry Net Electric Fence - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • Polywire Fence
  • Good Conductor
  • Very Durable
Premier 197.5
6YardGard Wire Economy Fence - Electric Fences for Horses
  • Flexible
  • Sturdy
  • Mild Shock
7Fi-Shock Polytape Fence - Electric Fencing for Horses
  • Stainless steel Conductors
  • Medium Breaking Laod
  • Polytape Fence
8Field Guardian Polyrope Fence - Electric Fences for Horses
  • High Quality
  • Excellent Performance
  • Highly Visible White
Field Guardian97.2
9Zareba PR656W6-Z Polyrope Portable Electric Fence - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • Polyrope
  • Lightweight
  • Mild Shock
10 Zareba HDW1320YA-Z Heavy-Duty Polywire Electric Fence Line - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • PVC Coated UV Stabilizers
  • Wide Coverage
11Baygard Electric Fence - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • Affordable Quality
  • Secure Shock
  • USA Quality Made
12Powerfields EW936-660 Polywire Fence - Electric Fencing for Horses
  • High Quality Performance
  • Contrasting Color Design
13Fi-Shock FW-00018D Aluminum Electric Fence - Electric Fencing for Horses
  • Aluminium
  • Four Times Shocking Power
14Field Guardian Galvanized Steel Wire Fence - Horse”s Electric Fences
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Silver Color
  • Commercial Grade
Field Guardian96.5
15Field Guardian Aluminum Wire Fence - Electric Fences for Horses
  • Aluminium
  • Silver Color
  • Durable
Field Guardian96

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