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Ferrets are full-on Carnivores, which means they eat mostly meats.

Raw meat and whole prey are the best options for your Ferrets, although healthy pelleted foods are available with a high protein and meat content.

In this article, we look at some of the best available foods for Ferrets on the market in various options.

Ferret Feeding in General

As we have mentioned before, Ferrets are strict Carnivores, feeding on mostly whole meats in their natural environment.

They require a diet of meat and animal products that contain high protein and fats, with low Carbohydrates and fiber.

There are plenty of excellent quality commercial foods available for Ferrets that provide balanced nutrition, or you can feed your Ferret meats and whole foods.

Human Grade Raw meaty bones can be offered weekly to keep their teeth clean. NEVER feed cooked meats or bones. Meat Bones also need to be large enough as not to be swallowed.

Other than that, a healthy serving of Pelleted Ferret food is sufficient for their diet.

Safe Foods for Ferrets

Here are few Safe Foods that you can Feed your Ferret;

  • Meats – Stripped Chicken Wings and Carcasses, Turkey Necks, Rabbit, Game Birds, Pigeons, Minced Beef Lamb Offal, Lambs Heart Raw animal Bones, Chicken and Lamb are all safe meats in Human Grade. When you feed raw meats and foods, you must make sure that they are always fresh and remove any bits and parts from the cage or feeding areas as meat can rot and create bad odors and a very unhealthy environment for your Ferret. Meats should also be properly thawed before feeding them to your Ferret.
  • Whole Food – Whole Mice, rats and small Chickens can be fed. The same principles count here. All meats and meat particles need to be cleaned out of the cage or feeding area properly to prevent them from rotting, causing bad odors and disease. Make sure that while foods are properly thawed before giving them to your Ferret, and never give them frozen meats.
  • Dry Food – Dry Pellets or Kitten food is also safe and contains high protein levels for Ferrets. Vitamins and other nutrients such as Omega 3 and antioxidants are also usually added to dry Ferret foods for enrichment. Most dry foods for Ferrets offer complete nutrition for daily feeding.
  • Other Foods – Eggs and Milk can be given occasionally as a treat, yet never in excess. These are not to be given as a daily feed as they are only occasional treats containing high proteins.
  • What To Avoid – Ferrets are Carnivores and need a high protein meta diet. therefore always make sure that the Foods you select contain high protein ratios and little additives such as sugar and starches. Fruits and Vegetables are generally not suitable for Ferrets, and they are not likely to eat them. Check for zero to very low sugars, artificial flavors, and starches when choosing a Ferret food.

Features of a Good Food for Ferrets

  • Ingredients – Ingredeinst can Inlcude Chicken, other forms of meat, egg protein, added Vitamins, Minerals and Omega Oils.
  • Packaging – Look for stay fresh packaging, that usually has a resealable bag.
  • Pellet Size – Small bite-size options for your Ferret that is easy to chew. Also, look for adult or baby Ferrets’ food as the nugget options will be smaller for babies.

Reviews: The Best Ferret Foods

Looking for the best available Food for your Ferret, well then look no further than our comprehensive list;


ZuPreem is a well known and trusted brand offering you a nutritious daily feed for your Ferrets.

  • The food comprises of real chicken and egg protein.
  • The formula can be used as your Ferret’s primary food.
  • All the daily nutrients and vitamins are added for a complete daily meal.
  • The Balanced food is also highly digestible.


Wyson ferret Dry food also offers complete daily nutrition for your Ferrets and is completely starch free.

  • The Dry food comes in different size options according to your requirements.
  • The dry food is scratch free and has a very high protein content.
  • The unique formula is nutritionally dense and closely resembles natural flavors that Ferrets naturally eats.
  • Omega 3 oils and minerals are added along with essentials vitamins and antioxidants to enrich the food.


The Marshal Pet products, Uncle Jim’s Original Duk Sou[ mix is a supplement and dietary aid for Ferrets.

  • This is a supplement and dietary aid added to the Ferrets daily feeding.
  • The supplement improves and stimulates your Ferret’s appetite and improves their health.
  • You can also choose from different size options as needed.
  • All the ingredients are natural and safe.


From James Beloved, we have a complete dry food for Ferrets loved by most Ferrets.

  • The Dry food has a delicious taste, which many Ferrets liked and recommended by experts.
  • The food is healthier than feeding whole foods and raw meats and staying fresher longer.
  • The food comes in their favorite star shape and has a lovely meaty taste.
  • The dry food is nutritious and contains all their daily nutrients and proteins.


From Supreme Foods, we have the Science Selective dry food for Ferrets with Zero added Sugars.

  • The dry food is rich in essential protein containing 36% proteins.
  • There is no sugar added and no artificial colors.
  • The dry food is tasty and loved by Ferrets and comes in easy to eat bite sizes.
  • There is also essential Taurine added to the dry food.


The Kaytee Fiesta is a healthy ferret food that supports dental health.

  • Rich in natural antioxidants and prebiotic, this food promotes gut health.
  • The food contains both probiotics and prebiotics to enhance digestive health.
  • Furthermore, this food keeps Ferret’s teeth healthy and hygenic.
  • The food comes in an assortment for Ferrets.

Index Table: Top Rated Ferret Foods

1ZuPreem Premium - Dense Food for Ferrets
  • Natural
  • No Corn Added
  • High Protein
  • Chicken Flavor
2Wysong - Ferret Food
  • Dry Natural Food
  • High Protein
  • Size Options
3Marshall Pet products - Food for Your Ferret
  • Natural
  • Improves and Stimulates Appetite
4James Wellbeloved Complete - Dry Food for Your Ferret
  • High Protein
  • Minerals and Vitamins
  • Stays Fresh for Longer
James Wellbeloved97.7
5Supreme Pet Foods Science Selective - Ferret Food
  • High protein
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Zero Sugars
Supreme Pet Foods96.8
6Kaytee Fiesta - Food for Ferrets
  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Fruits and Veggies Added
  • Supports Dental Health

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