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Ferrets are brilliant animals with great problem-solving skills. They enjoy new challenges and love to play. This is why the Best Ferret Toys can stimulate and interest them.

A Bored Ferret is an Unhappy Ferret, and trust me, Ferrets do become bored quite quickly, which means they will seek their own means of amusement that may not always be suitable.

Thus investing in some good Ferret toys will keep them happy and entertained.

Do Ferrets Really Need Good Toys

As I have said, Ferret gets Bored fast, and they can cause much damage to your home or their enclosures when they seek amusement in other ways.

Bored Ferrets are also unhappy Ferrets that will not be the best pet. Ferrets need constant stimulation when they are awake. They sleep most of the day, but Ferrets are very active and need stimulating Toys to play with when they are awake.

Toys need to be safe and not pose hazards such as swallowing risks to your Ferret.

Thus it is worthwhile investing in proper, safe toys for your Ferret.

Types of Ferret Toys

So now we come to the fun part. Here are some ideas for toys for your Ferret;

  • Puzzle Toys – Ferrets love solving problems. That is why the treat-dispensing Puzzle and ball toys are ideal for them.
  • Treasure Hunting – Ferrets have a way of finding a favorite toy that they will hide and re-hide, almost like a piece of treasure. You can have plenty of fun by hiding their favorite toy in a different area and watching them find it and take it back to its original hide location.
  • Digging Box – Because Ferrets Love to dig, and well to keep them out of your pot plants. You can use a tall sided container or box with dirt, substrate, or pebbles in it, and another favorite STYROFOAM NUT for your Ferret to dig in. Hide a few treats or toys in it for them to find.
  • Tubes and Tunnels – Any form of Tubes, Tunnels, Sleeping sacks, and Cubes are fun for Ferrets. Just make sure that the Tunnels are large enough not to get stuck.
  • Chewing Toys – With chewing Toys, you need to be careful that your Ferret does not ingest harmful substances. Kong makes a Ferret safe Hard rubber chew toy that is ideal and featured on my list. Other than that, I would suggest edible chew toys only.
  • Noise Toys – Toys that jingle, crinkle, or rattle are so much fun for Ferrets. They love noisy toys, so you can get anything that makes a noise.
  • Toys in Motion Toys that move, such as balls, cat toys with a rod, and other moving toys, are also a favorite among many Ferrets.

Features of a Good Ferret Toy

 A Ferret Toy in Red

  • Tunnels – Plastic or fabric Tunnels, hammocks, and sleep sacks are ideal. Make sure that they are safe and have large enough holes and tunnels for your Ferret.
  • Chew Toys – I recommended Hard rubber Chew Toys such as the Kong toy or edible, safe chew toys.
  • Treat Dispensing Toys – Safe plastic or wood Treat dispensing Toys are ideal for problem-Solving skills.
  • Balls and Motion Toys – Softballs that they can carry or push and motion toys are ideal, ensure they are safe.
  • Noisy Toys – Toys with Crinkle material, balls with bells, and other noisy toys are ideal for Ferrets.

Reviews: The Best Ferret Toys

Below we have some of the most favored toys that are ideal for Ferrets to play with;

1 The Marshal Thru-Way Tunnel is a multiple tunnel option that interlinks and adds to each other to create a fun play environment for your Ferret.

  • I love these tunnels because you can buy sets and singles to create fun attached tunnels for your Ferret.
  • The Tunnel consists of high quality and safe materials that are very durable.
  • The Clear design allows for see-through fun and enjoyment.
  • You can expand the tunnels up to 15 feet and combine them with other Marshall toys for more fun.


The Jong Rubber design chew toy and treat dispenser for dogs is a great option for Ferrets as a fun and interactive toy.

  • The Perfect safe Chew Toy.
  • The Kong toy is a Chew Toy and a Treat dispenser all in one ty.
  • It is constructed of a tough rubber that cannot be ingested and broken off.
  • Recommended by vets as a safe toy for dogs and Ferrets alike.
  • The Kong ball comes in different sizes and color options.


The Marshall Ferret toy Balls come in a set of two soft toy balls that Ferrets can push and carry around easily.

  • The Sports Balls are soft and very colorful.
  • They can be carried and pushed around by your Ferret.
  • You will get a pack with two sports balls inside.
  • They are the perfect size for Ferrets and consist of safe materials.


The Marshall Octopus Toy is ideal if you have more than one Ferret and will ensure the hours of fun activity.

  • This is a great toy for multiple Ferrets to pull around.
  • It consists of soft and safe fleece.
  • The toy is straightforward to clean and dries quickly.
  • There are tunnels in the head for interactive playing.

5 A Great fun Tunnel toy for Ferrets is the Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel that comes in a set of two tunnels.

  • A two-pack Tunnel set that makes fun Crinkle noises that Ferrets Love.
  • The Crinkle between two fabric layers will make a unique crinkle sound when your Ferret moves through the Tunnels.
  • It consists of durable Polycotton and will withstand multiple items of washing.
  • The Tunnels come in a fun and colorful set of two tunnels.


A favorite Ferret Toy that is quite popular among Ferret Owners is the Fun Tunnel design. I have chosen the Ware Manufacturing Brand.

  • This is a smaller Tube design for Ferrets in Medium and Large size options.
  • It consists of durable and stain-resistant, safe plastic and is ideal for Ferrets and similar sized animals.
  • The unique design is straightforward to store and clean.
  • It measures around 30 inches in length and four inches in depth.

Index Table: Top Rated Ferret Toys

1Marshall Super - Thru-Way Toy for a Ferret
  • High Quality Design
  • Durable
  • Attaching Pieces
2Kong Classic - Rubber Ferret Toy
  • Natural Rubber
  • Dispenses Treats
  • Great chew Toy Design
3Marshall Sport Balls - Ferret Toy balls
  • Easy To Hold In Ferrets Mouth
  • Soft
  • Safe
4Marshall Octo-Play - Octopus Toy for a Ferret
  • Easy To Clean
  • Bright Color
  • Great for Multiple Pets
5Super Pet 2 Pack - Crinkle Fun Tunnel Ferret Toy
  • Color Options
  • Two Tunnels in Pack
  • Crinkle Design
Super Pet96.5
6Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels - Tunnel Ferret Toy
  • Size Options
  • Long Tunnels
  • Easy To Clean
Ware Manufacturing95.5

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