Top 15 Best Fly Mask for Horses

Fly masks are a practical and effective way to protect your horse from pesky flies and bugs. While there are many types of fly masks available, the best type of fly mask for your horse is one that provides ample coverage.

A good quality fly mask should keep your horse well covered but still enable him to see properly and move his head around comfortably.

Our quick buying guide and top 15 recommendations for the best fly masks will guide you in picking the perfect fly mask.

Best Fly Mask for Horses Buying Guide

When choosing the right fly mask for your horse, here are the key considerations you need to keep in mind.

  • How Much Coverage Does My Horse Need? – Fly masks come in different sizes. A full-face fly will protect your horse’s eyes, nose, and ears. It is a great option if your horse is ultra-sensitive to flies and other bugs. Fly masks can either come with ear covers or without. Fly masks with ears protect your horse’s ears from insect bites. However, if your horse is restless and uncomfortable with ear covers, go for ear-free fly masks. A detachable nose piece helps to protect your horse’s muzzle from flies and biting insects. Fly masks with nose coverage also protect your horse from harmful UV rays, which is a plus. Read more about why protecting your horse from flies is important here.
  • Which Fabric Is Best for a Fly Mask? – Comfort is key when picking a fly mask for your horse, and this will come down to the material you choose. Go for fly masks made from stretchy material that will not be too restrictive for your horse. Inner padding like fleece will make the fly mask more comfortable for the horse. The best fly masks have stretch seams that make them flexible and adjustable. Stiff, unyielding fly masks will only make your horse restless and uncomfortable. Avoid fly masks with rips or damaged seams. The loose material may rub your horse’s eyes or nose, irritating.
  • What Size of Fly Mask Is Best for My Horse? – A good fly mask will fit snugly but will not be too tight. You should be able to slip your finger underneath the fly mask. Use your horse’s bridle to guide you on the appropriate fly mask size. The right fly mask should be easy to put on your horse without struggling. If you cannot insert two fingers between the fly mask and the horse’s throat, then it is not the right fit for your horse. Avoid loose-fitting fly masks as they will not stay in position and may impede your horse’s eyesight and breathing. The fly mask’s right size should fit comfortably around the horse’s face and jaw. Ensure that the mask is a few inches longer than the cheekbone. If the fly mask has ears, make sure they are not too straight or floppy, as this would make them uncomfortable for your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Leave My Horse’s Fly Mask on Overnight?
A fly mask is not needed at night unless your horse has a special condition. It is generally advisable to take off the fly mask at night.

Should I Replace the Fly Mask Annually?
As long as the fly mask is not torn or frayed, you can use it for more than one year. If the fly mask is damaged or frayed, repair it or replace it to avoid irritating your horse.

How Often Should I Clean the Fly Mask?
Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent infections caused by germs and dirt. Two masks are recommended so that you can alternate and clean them regularly.

Reviews: Best Fly Masks for Horses

When it comes to the best fly mask for horses, you want a combination of effective coverage, comfort for your horse, and of course, durability. Our top 15 picks provide all these and more.

  • This fly mask from Shires is designed to keep your horse protected from pesky bugs without interfering with his comfort and movement.
  • It is made using a superfine, soft, and breathable mesh complete with puckers that protect your horse’s eyes.
  • The nose fringe protects your horse’s muzzle from flies without getting snotty or messy. It also makes a great barrier against dust and dirt.
  • The fleece padding on the inside of this fly mask is designed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Whether your horse is traveling, in the field, or the stable, this fly mask gets the job done.
  • This fly mask is designed with airstream ear covers to give your horse full protection from flies and bugs.
  • The Shires Fine Mesh fly mask is one of the best in terms of design, comfort, and coverage for your horse.

  • This fly mask is a perfect combination of comfort and protection. The stretchy fabric is made to fit snugly and make fitting and removal a breeze.
  • It comes with mesh around the eyes and ears that allow your horse to see clearly while still being protected from flies.
  • This fly mask has binding around the edges and a tab for better fitting and removal. The breathable material is great for humid and hot weather since it is lightweight.
  • This fly mask is available in two sizes to make it easier to get the right fit for your horse.
  • If you want a lightweight fly mask made from comfortable and stretchy Lycra, this is a great choice.

  • If you have a hard time keeping your horse’s fly mask on, then this sturdy fly mask from SuperMask is ideal for you.
  • This fly mask comes with a double latch closure for a secure and snug fit to ensure the mask stays on.
  • The breathable see-through mesh ensures your horse is protected from pesky bugs without their vision being interfered with.
  • The SuperMask fly mask protects your horse from both harmful UV and bugs. It also creates an effective barrier against dirt and debris.
  • If your horse has an eye injury, this fly mask will safeguard their eyes from dirt and flies, allowing healing to occur faster.
  • This fly mask comes in three convenient sizes to ensure you get a snug fit for your horse. This is one of the best fly masks for horses in sturdiness and comfort.

  • This fly mask is the ideal choice for full coverage. It comes complete with a lightweight nylon micromesh with ears to ensure your horse is fully protected from flies and biting insects.
  • The Cashel Crusader fly mask has a three-hole cap to ensure maximum comfort and prevent forelock damage. The snug design also ensures the fly mask fits comfortably and stays on.
  • It is made from soft coated nylon micromesh; your horse’s comfort is assured. The ear covers ensure added coverage from bugs.
  • This fly mask is made to fit securely whether your horse is in the field, traveling, or stabled. It is also one of the more durable fly masks available.

  • A fly mask should be both practical and comfortable, and that is exactly what you get with this Kensington fly mask.
  • Made using lightweight breathable material that will not weigh down your horse, this fly mask is designed to be comfortable.
  • The woven mesh fabric used to make this fly mask will keep the flies and other insects at bay. Since it comes with a double locking system, you can be sure this fly mask will stay put.
  • If you live in hot and humid conditions, the breathable mesh fabric is an ideal choice for a fly mask since it does not retain excess heat.
  • There are multiple sizes to choose from to ensure that the mask fits snugly on your horse for maximum protection from flies and biting insects.

  • This versatile fly mask from Farnam comes with or without ears to offer your hose added protection from pesky bugs and flies.
  • You do not need to fret about this fly mask coming off or getting dislodged because it is designed to fit snugly. It also comes with a double latch under the jaw for a secure fit.
  • Whether it’s dust, dirt, flies, or harmful UV rays, this fly mask offers your horse maximum protection. The fly-proof trim means that no bugs can crawl under the mask.
  • Abrasive material can rub on your horse, which is why the breathable mesh of this fly mask is a great choice.
  • This fly mask is affordable and provides a great mix of good quality and value for money.

  • This Cashel fly mask is one of the best options for full-coverage protection from insects, dirt, and harmful UV rays.
  • It comes with a long nose and ears to ensure that every sensitive part of your horse’s face is protected from flies and bugs.
  • This fly mask is made using soft coated nylon micro-mesh, which provides a snug and comfortable fit for your horse. The lightweight material does not transfer heat and is great for hot and humid weather.
  • The long nose offers protection for the muzzle and keeps sunburn to a minimum. It also acts as a barrier against any dirt and debris.
  • This fly mask is highly rated for its comfortable, practical, and efficient design.

  • This half-face fly mask is not just anti UV and rub-free; it is ultra-comfortable and designed to offer maximum protection against flies and biting insects.
  • The thick fleece padding ensures a comfortable and snug to keep the fly mask securely in place at all times.
  • Since this fly mask comes with ear coverage, your horse gets extra protection from flies and is less susceptible to insect bites.
  • The fabric panels over the nose and ears are midge-proof and have UV protection. The fabric is breathable and thus comfortable for your horse.
  • Overall, this fly mask is the best choice for your house if you want a secure, snug, and comfortable fit.

  • Along with protection from flies and insects, this fly mask is designed to protect your horse from harmful UV rays.
  • The solar screen fabric used to make this Kensington fly mask provides maximum UV protection. Therefore, this fly mask is the best choice for horses with sensitive eyes and skin.
  • The breathable material padded with fleece for added comfort makes for a great fitting and comfortable mask.
  • With this fly mask, the sturdy construction ensures that the mask stays in place and that your horse is protected at all times.
  • If you have a horse with sensitive eyes, this UViator mask will minimize sun damage, especially in the summer.
  • This fly mask is available in different sizes to help you get the perfect fit for your horse.

  • Durable fly masks can be hard to come by, but this Manna Pro Fly mask is a long-lasting fly mask that will offer your horse protection for a long time.
  • This fly mask is well designed with plenty of eye room to keep your horse’s vision clear. The material is also rub-free and will not harm your horse’s skin or eyes.
  • The Velcro fastening enables you to fit the fly mask securely in place. The snug fit means the horse will not be able to dislodge or rub the mask off.
  • The Manna Pro fly mask also comes in two options, with or without ears, so you can pick the one that best suits your horse.
  • Practical, efficient, and durable; this is one of the best fly masks to keep your horse protected from flies and biting insects.

  • This fly mask is designed to offer maximum protection from flies and other bugs. It comes with ears and a long nose to protect your horse’s sensitive parts.
  • The long nose is removable and comes with a handy zipper for easy fitting. The fly mask material is lightweight and breathable for added comfort.
  • This fly mask’s sheer mesh fabric makes this a great riding fly mask because your horse retains a clear vision, and head movement is not restricted.
  • The Betazooer fly mask also creates an effective barrier against dirt, debris, and harmful UV rays. This means your horse gets all-around protection.
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and practical is a fly mask worth considering. It also comes in three convenient sizes to suit horses of different sizes.

  • Horses need protection not just from biting insects and flies but also from harmful UV rays. This EquiVizor fly mask is designed to offer all-around protection for your horse.
  • This fly mask is ideal for horses with eye sensitivity. It comes with 95% UV protection to ensure your horse’s eyesight is protected.
  • Fitting and removing this fly mask is super easy because of the quick release clips. This fly mask also has a snug fit that ensures the mask is secure and stays in place at all times.
  • The EquiVizor fly mask comes with a long nose for protection. The nose cover also provides UV protection while keeping flies and insects away from your horse’s muzzle.
  • This mask is available in various sizes to suit any horse size and provide the perfect fit for maximum protection.

  • If you are looking for a functional and durable fly mask for your horse, this mask is a great option. It offers maximum protection against flies and biting insects.
  • The material is stretchy and fits snugly enough to stay secure. The double closure also ensures that the mask will not dislodge or come off.
  • The breathable mesh makes vision easy and ensures your horse is comfortable. The material is also non-abrasive and rub-free, so the eyes and skin are protected.
  • This mask comes with ear covers for added protection against insects, harmful UV rays, and dirt. It is available in various sizes to suit different horse sizes.

  • This Kensington fly mask is designed for comfort and functionality. It protects your horse from flies and bugs as well as harmful UV rays.
  • It is made from a lightweight and breathable mesh fabric that is comfortable, especially in hot and humid weather.
  • The Velcro strip under the chin makes sure that the fly mask stays in place and does not get dislodged.
  • There is added comfort and protection from the fleece trim’s pesky flies on this fly mask. The variety of sizes available also means you can find a fly mask with the perfect fit for your horse.
  • For practical efficiency, comfort, and durability, this Kensington fly mask is a great choice.

  • Made with stretchy Lycra fabric and soft fleece lining, this is one of the best fly masks for comfort and full protection.
  • It provides full cover for your horse all the way to the muzzle. The ear covers also ensure that all your horse’s sensitive areas are bug-free and shielded from harmful UV rays.
  • This fly mask’s snug-fitting design is meant to ensure a secure fit that will not dislodge or rub off.
  • The convenient three-hole design keeps the horse’s forelock out of his eyes for added comfort. The rub-free fabric also keeps the eyes safe and well protected.
  • Insect bites, dirt, and debris are kept away by this sturdy full-face mask. This is a great choice for sun-burn-prone horses for full-face protection.


A fly mask offers protection from your horse, especially in the summer when bugs are abundant.
The best fly mask for your horse is one that fits them comfortably and affords them all the protection they need from bugs, dirt, and harmful UV rays.

Index Table: Top Rated Fly Masks for Horses

1Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Nose Fringe - Horse’s Fly Mask
  • Fleece Padding
  • Soft Breathable Mesh
2Professional`s Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask - Horse Fly Mask
  • Good Fit
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh Around Eyes
Professional`s Choice98
3SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask Shimmer Weave Mesh - Fly Mask for Horses
  • See Through Mesh
  • Breathable
  • Latch Closure
4Cashel Crusader Mule Fly Mask, Standard with Ears - Horse Fly Mask
  • Three Hole Cap
  • Soft Nylon
Cashel Crusader97
5Kensington ignature Fly Mask with Removable Nose - Horse Fly Mask
  • Practical
  • Comfortable
  • LightweightX
6Farnam Supermask II Fly Mask Eye Care for Horse - Horse’s Fly Mask
  • UV Resistant
  • Rub Proof
  • Soft Material
7Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask, Long Nose with Ears - Fly Mask for Horses
  • Uv protection
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
Cashel Crusader97.5
8Harrison Howard CareMaster Pro Luminous Fly Mask - Horse’s Fly Mask
  • UV Protection
  • Rub Free
  • Comfortable
Harrison Howard96.6
9Kensington UViator Protective Fly Mask - Horse Fly Mask
  • UV Protection
  • Insect Protection
  • Ventilated
10Manna Pro 667788 Pro-Force Fly Mask Standard - Horse Fly Mask
  • Roomy Fit
  • Preserves Horses Vision
Manna Pro97
11Betazooer Premium - Horse Fly Mask
  • Maximum Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
12EquiVizor 95% UV Eye Protection Horse Fly Mask with Nose - Fly Mask for Horses
  • UV Resistant
  • Protects Eyesight
  • Lightweight
13Prairie Horse Supply Horse Fly Mask Cover Ears Nose - Fly Mask for Horses
  • Durable
  • Stretchy Materail
  • Well ventilated
Prairie Horse Supply95.6
14Kensington Fly Mask with Fleece Trim - Horse Fly Mask
  • UV Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
15Horze Extra Long Nose Fly Mask - Horse’s Fly Mask
  • Fleece Lined
  • UV Resistant
  • Three Hole Design
Horze Extra97.6

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