Top 15 Best Fly Sheets for Horses Reviews & Guide

A Fly Sheet protects your Horse against pesky flies, which can cause much harm and distress.

Getting the perfect Flysheet to protect your Horse is vital; following; we will help you get the best available Fly Sheets to protect your horse.

Why is the Right Fly Sheet Necessary for Horses

  • Protection Against Flies – The changing weather patterns have different effects on your horses. Summertime may be too much with the high temperatures, giving rise to high reproduction rates of flies and bugs. Protection from insects is one reason why a horse needs to have a flysheet. Flies and insects cause agitation on horses, resulting in them running fences leading to overheating and injuries. A flysheet will protect against flies, which will make the horse relax and stay calm while outdoors.
  • UV Protection – Fly sheets also protect a horse against ultraviolet rays that can bleach dark horses’ coats or cause sunburn and skin cancer on light-colored horses. The UV-protected sheets reflect sun rays away from the horse, thus provide much-needed protection.
  • Health Protection – Health protection is another benefit of fly sheets for horses. Good health is ensured when the sheets protect horses from flies and bugs that sometimes carry diseases. Horses with injuries also need to keep flies away from their wounds as insects and flies can infect the wounds through contact.

Reviews: Best Available Fly Sheets for Horse

Below are some of the best available Horse Fly Sheets for your horses;

  • The Derby Originals Fly Sheet is a specially designed product for protecting the belly, chest, and body from pests and insects.
  • The insects cannot penetrate the fabric mesh; hence cannot bite the horse. Your horse gets protection from irritation, sores, wounds, and any other allergic reaction from the bites.
  • This fly sheet is also comfortable as it is made from soft fleece that provides wither relief, preventing damage to the mane.
  • The edges have delicate trim, and the mesh does not irritate the horse’s skin. The Derby Original Fly Sheet has crossed straps that prevent chafing and slippage.
  • The flysheet has reflective material sewn on the back corners, making the horse visible at night and when far away from you.
  • You may need to locate your horse when in the pasture or when hunting, and the reflective material will help you with this.
  • The shoulder gussets are adjustable to allow free movement of the horse. The chest straps, belly band, and leg straps are also adjustable for the horse’s proper fit.

  • The Kensington Polymax Fly Sheet fully shield’s the horse against flies and bugs that can cause infections and sores when they bite. The bugs irritate the horse making it aggressive and not eat properly.
  • The sheet is also comfortable to wear and will not irritate the horse.
  • Plus, the sheets have a lightweight mesh for extra breathability; it is also lined with soft fleece for extra comfort.
  • During the summer season, you do not have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays on your horse as this fly sheet provides 97% protection against UV rays.
  • This will keep the horse’s body temperature acceptable and reduce agitation that may arise from high temperatures.
  • The pony fly sheets have a safety design that prevents them from falling off from the horse and keep the horse comfortable.
  • The material used to make the fly sheets is handmade to enhance quality and double-stitched to prevent wear and tear.
  • These fly sheets are available in six colors in different sizes for colors and sizes to ensure that you will find the right fit for your horse.

  • The Kensington Poly Cotton Horse Blanket is ideal in warm weather as it is lightweight. It guards your horse against UV rays, insect bites, and dirt.
  • Also, you can use it for layering during winter. This horse sheet is machine washable, which equals work made easier!
  • The poly-cotton material is more long-lasting than ordinary cotton; it is softer and more durable. This sheet wicks away moisture from the horse, retains body heat, prevents sweating, and repels cold all at once.
  • The mesh on this fly sheet aids ventilation and provides comfort to enable free movement.
  • Considering the different horse sizes, this fly sheet is available in various sizes, such as pony, miniature, yearling, foal, and draft.
  • The front closure has a keeper and buckles and a lined chest; to protect the mane, it has a padded wither. It also has detachable elastic leg straps, belly straps, and a tail cover.
  • The two materials used to make the sheet, that is, polyester and cotton, provide versatility for the horse—polyester aids in adding strength. In contrast, it offers breathability to keep the sheet fresh.
  • The lining on the flysheet is easy to clean, and it also prevents fading on the blanket.

  • The Weatherbeeta WB ComFiTec Ripshield fly sheet protects your horse against flies and other insects. It has a long-lasting ripstop weave to prevent tears.
  • There is also a neck cover that is removable when the horse does not need it.
  • The flysheet is designed to provide a perfect fit, durability, and comfort.
  • The long-lasting polyester mesh with a cross-hatch weave prevents tearing to make the fly sheets last longer. The belly wrap and detachable neck cover provide versatility, while the shoulder gusset enables freedom of movement.
  • It has double adjustable chest buckles and leg straps and a complete tail cover to maximized protection. This fly sheet provides about 20% UV protection, which is still better than no protection at all. UV protection is essential, especially in the summer season, as the extra heat can cause agitation and discomfort for the horses.

  • The Challenger Horse Winter Blanket is mostly suitable for the winter season as it is heavy-duty. It is waterproof to prevent wetness from reaching the body when it is snowing.
  • The top of the blanket has a zebra design, which makes it unique from the others.
  • The denier cloth used to make the blanket provides insulation and makes it breathable and waterproof. The shoulder gussets on the sheet are a perfect fit as they are adjustable to fit different horse sizes.
  • There are double front buckles on the blanket and a tail flap, but a center seam is unavailable.
  • This blanket is available in three sizes but with the same zebra design.

  • Just as the name suggests, the Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet protects against sweet-itch for those horses that suffer from it.
  • Bites bring about Sweet-itch from bugs and other insects in warm weather.
  • This fly sheet protects the horse from bugs from its poll to its rear; insects love to bite the area around the ears. It is made from a breathable material, and it is lightweight, but it can resist normal wear and tear.
  • The neck area’s fabric is sufficient and stretchable to prevent obstruction when grazing.
  • The shoulders, neck, and chest areas have an anti-rub lining to provide extra comfort. The chest has double buckles, while the shoulders have gussets for smooth movement. There is also a belly wrap and a tail flap.
  • If you live in an infested area with insects, especially in the summer season, the Shires Sweet-itch Combo Fly Sheet will help keep the flies and insects away.

  • The Kensington Platinum Surefit flysheet is made with a quality fabric that meets the US set standards.
  • Its formulation is suitable for withstanding fading, soiling, fire, wear and tear, and mildew, even when the weather conditions are extreme.
  • Worry not about grime and dirt because the mesh keeps grime and dirt at bay to keep the horse dry, clean, and warm. It provides protection from UV rays up to 73%, and it is also 78% air permeable and does not transfer heat to provide comfort to the horse even in hot weather.
  • The Textilene fabric makes the flysheet mildew resistant and waterproof. You can also use the sheet to layer other Kensington fly sheets to prolong the turnouts’ life and keep away snow from the waterproof covering.
  • This sheet comes in various colors and sizes to suit varied color preferences. It also has a chest closure at the front and belly straps adjusted on the protective sheet.
  • The torso area has extra protection against flies and bugs to prevent the horse’s discomfort in warm weather conditions.

  • The Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet is a superior lightweight sheet that provides the horse with insect protection.
  • It also covers the horse’s coat to prevent fading due to UV rays. The polyester mesh falls comfortably on the horse; this does not cause discomfort.
  • This fly sheet’s shoulders have an extra smooth lining to prevent the cloth from rubbing on the horse.
  • There are stainless double buckle closures on the chest, adjustable surcingles, and leg straps that are both adjustable and removable for maximum safety and better fit.
  • This fly sheet guarantees your horse comfort while offering 50% protection against UV rays. You can wash the flysheet with a washing machine using cold water and a mild detergent under the gentle cycle.
  • You can machine dry the flysheet, but air drying is also allowed.
  • If you have several horses of different ages, you will find a size for each horse as this fly sheet is available in 14 different sizes from size 48 to size 84.

  • This is another product from TuffRider that is also specially made to prevent bugs from biting the horse. It is soft but firm and also provides breathability.
  • The fabric made from is made from polyester, and it reflects the sun, thus reducing the amount of heat that gets into the body.
  • The front closure has two buckles made from stainless steel and a standard neck with a comfy shoulder lining to prevent rubbing.
  • The surcingles are low cross but adjustable, and the leg straps are also removable and adjustable.
  • The tail flap is large enough to cover the tail fully.
  • This fly sheet is available in horse and pony sizes. This sheet’s UV protection is approximately 50%, which reduces fading on the coat.
  • The Sport Mesh flysheet can be machine washed with a mild detergent and cold water. You can dry it outside or use the machine to dry it but do not apply heat.

  • This is one of the most long-lasting fly sheets available in the market. It is attributed to its manufacturing, which is done using ripstop technology on the polyester material used.
  • The nylon mesh used is ultra-strong, wrinkle, and stain-resistant.
  • It is also breathable and provides UV protection against harmful sun rays.
  • The Professional’s Choice flysheet is an excellent fit for any horse as it has an open design at the front accompanied by twin buckle closures.
  • The leg straps and surcingle secure the blanket correctly on the horse. The withers have fleece material that prevents rubbing on the mane, while the chest area has a nylon lining that averts hair rub-out.
  • If you have purchased a Professional’s Choice neck cover, fly mask, or fly boots in the past, then this fly sheet will be a perfect match for either of these products.
  • The flysheet is available in eight different sizes, starting from size 70. The various sizes ensure that you will find a perfect fit even when your horse outgrows its current flysheet.

  • The Tough-1 Zebra Mesh flysheet prevents flies from getting to the horse due to its zebra pattern. The idea behind the zebra pattern is that flies are not drawn to it.
  • The black part of the design reflects light that confuses flies hence deterring them from getting close to the horse.
  • The mesh is lightweight as it is made from polyester and nylon.
  • This material allows regular air circulation while on the horse, which keeps the insects and flies at bay.
  • The flysheet is breathable and waterproof; however, you need to monitor the temperatures as they continuously fluctuate even when using this type of blanket.
  • A twin buckle front and adjustable leg and belly straps are other additions that make this fly sheet an excellent choice for your horse.
  • When the flysheet gets dirty, you can machine wash it under a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.

  • The Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet is manufactured using a polyester mesh that is softly knitted to make it comfortable and breathable.
  • The sheet has 95% UV protection making it more suitable in areas that experience extreme temperatures. The UV protection will shield the horse against extra heat and prevent the flysheet from fading.
  • This fly sheet’s cost is affordable to the horse owner despite having high UV protection. It is also soft, which means that it does not irritate the coat when the horse is wearing it.
  • Horses with a dark coat need UV protection to retain a lot of heat from the sun without the shield.
  • Those with a light-colored coat can acquire skin cancer if they contact the sun rays for a long time, hence the need for the UV protection cover.
  • The sizes of this fly sheet range from size 54 to size 84; with this in mind, you can have matching fly sheets for all the horses in your barn as there is a size for every horse.

  • This is necessary for any horse or pony, especially in the summer and spring seasons. The Loveson Flysheet has a shoulder gusset that enables free movement of the horse or pony when rolling, grazing, and when taking a stroll.
  • The sheet’s primary purpose is to protect the horse or pony from the sun’s harmful rays and biting insects that may cause allergies and infections.
  • It also helps cover bruises and cuts on the horse to enable healing without contamination from bugs and flies.
  • With the breathable and lightweight properties of this fly sheet, they help avoid overheating on the horse, which can cause agitation and discomfort to the horse.
  • The Loveson Flysheet has a shoulder and mane lining for extra comfort and three surcingles for more protection.
  • The belly flap is extra large for maximum comfort to the horse and creates room after the horse has eaten. The neck design is all-in-one to enable more horse coverage and prevent insect bites.

  • This fly sheet is available in a beautiful turquoise color with black piping. It is made using nylon/poly mesh that is of high quality, enabling air circulation and keeping the bugs and insects at bay.
  • The high-quality material also prevents sweating even when temperatures are at 90 degrees.
  • It also has UV ray protection to reflect excess heat away and prevent the horse coat’s fading. Horses with light-colored coats are also protected as they cannot get skin cancer from UV rays when wearing this flysheet.
  • The front has a double buckle and a belly and neck wrap with closures that ensure the sheet is properly fitted on the horse and it does not slip when the horse or grazing or in motion.
  • The neck is non-detachable, which is a useful attribute is also as it prevents it from falling off since it is part of the whole flysheet.
  • You can adjust the leg straps according to the size of the horse. The flysheet is also reinforced at all pressure points to reduce wear and tear.
  • The fabric does not irritate the horse as it does not rub its coat. Even with daily usage, it still maintains its excellent condition if the horse rolls often.

  • As with most fly sheets for horses, the Saxon Mesh Sheet is also made to protect your horse against bugs and insects.
  • This is because horses are easily irritated by insects, insects being a health risk to horses.
  • They are available in white/orange, white/mint/blue, unicorn, and strawberry print color.
  • The neck is detachable; hence you only need to use it when necessary.
  • Velcro is also at the top side of the neck, where you attach a fly mask when needed; this greatly helps prevent sunburn.
  • The belly wrap is adjustable to accommodate the belly when the horse is hungry and full. The shoulders have gussets that enable free movement and grazing.


If you are looking for a suitable fly sheet for your horse, consider one in the least above. Apart from their high quality, most of them are affordable and will not dent your pockets.

When choosing a flysheet, consider your area’s climatic conditions as some of them are heavy-duty hence not suitable in warm weather conditions. The flysheet should also facilitate the horse’s smooth movement when feeding or rolling.

UV protection is another quality that you should consider; the higher the percentage of protection, the better for the horse. This is especially important for light-colored horses as it is one way of preventing skin cancer in your horses.

Before you purchase a flysheet, make sure you have the right measure of your horse as a small or extra big flysheet can be uncomfortable for the horse. Then, you are ready to get one for your horse!

Index Table:

1Derby Originals Fly Sheet - Horse’s Fly Sheet
  • Mesh
  • Breathable
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight
2Kensington PolyMax Fly Sheet - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh
  • UV Protection
3Kensington Products Poly Cotton Horse Blanket - Horse Fly Sheets
  • Long Lasting Materails
  • Detachable Elastic Leg Straps
  • Easy To Clean
Kensington Products97
4Weatherbeeta WB ComFiTec Ripshield Plus DetachNeck - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Ideal Fit
  • Durable
  • Breathable
5Challenger 1200D Turnout Waterproof Horse Winter Blanket Heavy 547G - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Winter Design
  • Warm and Cozy
Challenger 1200D97
6Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet - Horse’s Fly Sheet
  • Itch protection
  • UV Resistant
  • Breathable
7Kensington Platinum SureFit - Horse Fly Sheets
  • Fade Proof
  • UV Resistant
  • Lightweight
8TuffRider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet - Horse’s Fly Sheet
  • Lightweight
  • Bretahable
  • Smooth Lining
9TuffRider Sport Mesh Standard Neck Fly Sheet - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Soft and Firm
  • Polyester and Reflects Sun
10Professional's Choice Breathable and UV Protective - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Nylon Mesh
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Fit
Professional's Choice96
11Tough-1 Zebra Mesh Fly Sheet 78 Purple Zebra - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • Zebra Pattern Design
  • Polyester and Nylon
  • Quick Drying Materail
12Horseware Ireland Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet - Horse Fly Sheets
  • 95% UV Protection
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable Fit
Horseware Ireland Amigo Mio96.2
13Loveson - Horse Fly Sheets
  • Uv Protection
  • Well Ventilated
  • Soft and Breathable
14Hilason UV Protect Mesh Bug Mosquito Horse Fly Sheet Summer Spring - Fly Sheet for Horses
  • UV protection
  • Mesh
  • Ventilation
15Saxon Mesh Sheet with Gusset Belly Wrap Combo Neck - Horse’s Fly Sheet
  • detachable Neck
  • Velcro Closure
  • Adjustable

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