Best Gerbil Cages

Gerbils need a safe, secure, and happy home entertaining and caters to their specific need.

Keep your Gerbils home out of direct sunlight and drafty areas and in a safe area.

So if you want to know the best options for Gerbil Cages, then look no further, as I will tell you all the secrets;

Choosing and Setting Up a Gerbil Cage

There are three things to know about Gerbils: they CHEW through almost anything very fast, they like BURROWING, and they master ESCAPE ARTISTS.

I prefer a glass tank with a mesh or wire cover for Gerbils, the safest and most escape-proof option. However, there are other options to look at.

  • Wire Cages – A wire cage of around 10 by 20 inches is adequate fr two Gerbils. The bars need to be spaced together very closely, though, and the bottom must be solid and high up as you need to create a burrowing area for your Gerbils,
  • Glass Tank – A longer length Glass tank is most likely your best option, make sure that you cover it with a wire or mesh grid.
  • Tube Cages – Tube Cages with plenty of tunnels in size for a Syrian hamster are also acceptable and fun for a Gerbil. However, they are more difficult to clean. Keep in mind that Gerbils will chew plastic and anything else soft enough to chew to pieces.
  • Accessories – Gerbils need a solid and heavy food bowl, water bottle, and a place to sleep. A small nesting box to hide in and plenty of nesting material such as paper, cardboard, and various substrates for them to dig and burrow in. You can get your Gerbil some wood and cardboard chew toys, tunnels, branches, ramps, and an exercise wheel for playtime.
  • Setting Up Your Gerbil Cage

In the Below Video, you will see how to set up a Gerbil Cage correctly;

What is the Best Substrate to Use in a Gerbils Cage

Something significant to think of when setting up your Gerbil’s cage is the type of substrate that you will use in the cage; not every subsr=trate available is suitable, and you should take care to choose something that will not jeopardize the health of your Gerbil;

  • Aspen Shavings – Aspen shavings are acceptable and inexpensive. Shavings are absorbent and eliminate odors, but unfortunately, they may not be ideal for your pet if they are full of shaving dust.
  • Paper Based Bedding – paper Based bedding is also ideal; it is absorbent, relatively affordable, and relatively dust-free depending on the brand. Look for Carfress or Kaytee brands, which are the most favored bedding brands.
  • Hay – Hay is safe and edible but not suitable as an only substrate because it is not absorbent. So you will need an additional absorbent material underneath the hay.
  • Wood Pellets – Wood pellets are an excellent choice as they are absorbent, virtually dust-free, and very safe. However, they are quite hard to need something softer for bedding.

Cleaning Your Gerbil’s Cage

You will need to clean your Gerbil’s cage every week. Wash the water bottle and food bowl with a safe soapy solution and rinse well.

You can also wash areas of the cage that smell with soapy water ad rinses well.

Add clean substrate materials, wipe off any dirty toys, or replace destroyed toys.

Features of a Good Cage for Gerbils

  • Cage Types – A Tunneled hamster Cage, Glass tank, or Wire Hamster Cage can be chosen. Look for a Cage size of around 10-12 inches for two Gerbils and longer in length when you use a glass tank. Wire spacing needs to be very narrow, and the cage must have a solid bottom. Keep in mind that the wire cages and tunneled hamster cages are generally less easy to clean than a tank. With a tank, you have the freedom to choose your own accessories, while most hamster cages already come complete with accessories.
  • Accessories – A Wheel, some toys, a hideout, a solid food bowl, and a Water bottle are all your need for a Gerbil. You can also provide them with paper and cardboard to shred as a fun activity.
  • Substrates – Look for substrates suitable for Gerbils, rats, or hamsters and place a generous amount in the cage.
  • Cage Bottom – Always look for a cage with a deep bottom.

Reviews: The Best Gerbil Cages

Looking for the best available Cage for your Gerbil, well then look no further than our comprehensive list;


One of my absolute favorite cages for Gerbils is the Niteangel Bigger World cage, which is designed ideally for Gerbils.

  • The cage is available in different color options aesthetically pleasing in designs.
  • This spacious cage can hold two or more gerbils and comes fully equipped with all toys and accessories that are perfect for Gerbils.
  • The open design and easy view front are ideal for watching and enjoying your pet.
  • The cage is easy to assemble and just as easy to clean and maintain.


The Favola Hamster cage is a great design for Gerbils in turn.

  • This is a two-floor cage with a deep base for burrowing and a plastic ramp.
  • The cage is easy to clean and maintain with top panels and an easy access door.
  • The living space comes fully equipped with most of the accessories you will need.
  • The design is also very spacious and ideal for Gerbils.

3 Habitrail is a trendy brand that makes some of the best Hamster Cages, which can also be used as a Gerbil cage.

  • The Cage is durable and safe for Gerbils.
  • The design is easy to clean and allows for good ventilation.
  • There are a few accessories and a hideout included in the package.
  • You can easily connect other accessories and cages from Habitrial and expand on your cage.


The You and Me Small animal High Rise Tank Topper is used on top of a Glass tank to expand gerbil tank cages.

  • Use your favorite tank; make sure of the sizes with this topper to expand and create more playroom for our Gerbil.
  • The cage topper has a safe and secure design with easy access.
  • The design is convenient and comes fully assembled.


One of my favorite cages to use for a Gerbil is generally any Glass Tank, which allows them to easily burrow and create s a safe and easy to clean living space.

The perfect starter aquarium or terrarium for a wide variety of fish and reptiles

  • This tank is the perfect size for one or more Gerbils.
  • The tank is effortless to clean and offers a safe ad spacious habitat for a Gerbil.
  • You can design your own cage and add your own toys and accessories to your liking.
  • This is also a very affordable Cage option for Gerbils.


The Savic Geneva Modern hamster Cage is a great design to use as a Gerbil Cage.

  • Cage has a modern design and two stories.
  • The Geneva comes complete with all the accessories you need for a happy Gerbil.
  • The see-through design allows you to check on your pet easily.
  • The design is likewise straightforward to clean and maintain.


The Crittervill Arcade Cage has a deep base for digging and comes with all accessories included.

  • This is an excellent multi-level play space for your gerbil that is spacious and interesting for many hours of fun.
  • There is an exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl, nesting nook, and interior play be included in the set.
  • The cage’s modular design allows for connector pieces to fit standard play tubes if you want to get extras.
  • The cage is generally spacious and large enough for two to three gerbils.


The MouseBro design is ideal for one or Two Gerbils and other small pets such as hamsters and mice.

  • This is a smaller design cage that can house up to two gerbils.
  • It is versatile enough to use for other pets such as hamsters and mice.
  • Everything includes e such as the water bottle;e, exercise wheel, food bowls, a seesaw, and many more.
  • The design is a durable and safe acrylic that is also very easy to clean.


The Large Acrylic Cage is ideal for Gerbils and offers a safe and see-through space for them to the aroma.

  • the Acrylic cage is see-through so that you can keep an eye on your pet gerbils.
  • The design is very spacious and comes with many accessories included.
  • There are large front and top access doors for easy access.
  • The flooring is designed to be paw-safe and anti-slip.


A tank is always an excellent idea for your Gerbil’s housing. The screen top and PVC substrate tray make this tank even more appealing.

  • The tank has spacious ten-gallon size.
  • There is a PVC tray for holding the substrate.
  • The sliding screen top makes a safe closure to prevent your gerbils from jumping out.
  • You can design and add your own accessories with this handy cage tank.

Index Table: Top Rated Gerbil Cages

1Niteangel Bigger World - Cage for Gerbils
  • Size Options
  • Burrow Space
  • Well Ventilated
  • Spaciouis
2Favola Hamster Cage - Gerbil Cage
  • Fully Equipped
  • All Inclusive
  • One Year Warranty
3Habitrail Small Animal - Cage for Your Gerbil
  • Durable and Safe
  • Fullly Accessorized
  • Esay Connection to other Habitrail Products and Cages
4You and Me Small Animal - Tank Topper for Your Gerbil
  • High Rise
  • Fully Assembled Design
You and Me96.5
5Aqua Culture - Aquarium Gerbil Cage
  • Large Size
  • Safe
  • Excellent Quality
6Savic Geneva - Modern Cage for Gerbils
  • Two Story
  • Burrowing Space
  • All Inclusive Design
7Midwest Critterville - Arcade Cage for Gerbils
  • Multi Levels
  • All Inclusive
  • Deep Base
8Mousebro Multilevel - Gerbil Cage
  • All Inclusive
  • Multiple Levels
  • Deeper Base
9Mcage Acrylic - Large Gerbil Cage
  • Acrylic
  • Seethrough
  • Secure Opening
10OIIBO 10 Gallon - Gerbil Tank
  • Ten gallon Size
  • PVC Tray
  • Sliding Screen Top

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