Top 20 Best Guinea Pig Toys Reviews & Guide

Guinea pigs are highly intelligent and curious tiny creatures that make great pets, offering their owners endless entertainment.

And you’ll be excited to know that these fluffy balls actually love playing with objects and interacting with humans.

So, in addition to lots of vitamin C, stacks of alfalfa hay, and a sparkly clean cage, you will need to get the best guinea pig toys you can find to keep these energetic pets healthy, happy and less bored.

Important Factors to Consider

So, how do you choose the best guinea pig toys? Here are some important things that you need to keep in mind.

  • High Quality and Safe Materials – If you wish to get the most out of your guinea pig toys, you need to make sure that you get one made of durable and high-quality materials. Besides, cavies love to nibble and chew, so you do not want your adorable pet chewing on something toxic and potentially hurt them. Carefully read the description thoroughly to ensure that the toy is made with pet-safe and long-lasting materials.
  • Choose The Right Size – You need to choose a suitable toy for your pet’s size. Choosing a too-large toy for your guinea pig will cause it to ignore the toy altogether and sit in the corner of the cage without giving it any attention. Getting a toy that is too small, on the other hand, can cause accidents such as choking.
  • Variety is Key – It is quite beneficial that your guinea pig has various toys to choose from. Not only does it prevent him from getting bored, but some toys have particular benefits. For instance, Chew toys help strengthen your guinea pig’s teeth. Some toys also help promote exercise to prevent your cavies from being completely sedentary. Tunnels, igloos, or similar toys, on the other hand, help promote instincts and is available to help them sleep or hide when your pet needs some privacy.

Reviews: Best Guinea Pig Toys

Below are some excellent choices and ideas for Guinea Pig Toys;

  • First off on our list is your guinea pig’s own playpen! Boasting over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, this multi-color playpen from Prevue Pet Products is Amazon’s Choice for “Guinea Pig Playpen.”
  • Instead of letting your adorable pet roam around the house and risk losing him, this playpen is the perfect solution to keep your guinea pig contained but entertained and getting some fresh air. At 13-inch long x 9-inch high with a 36-inch diameter, this playpen provides plenty of room for your cavies to roam and run around.
  • And for an even larger space, you can purchase multiple pens and create the guinea pig wonderland filled with other toys for your guinea pig. Once your furry friend got tired of playing in the playpen, you can fold it down and easily store it until the next use.

  • For those who want a cute, colorful, and multi-purpose toy, this adorable hideout is Amazon’s Choice for “Guinea Pig Wood.” Shapeable and bendable, brightly colored wood helps encourage your cavies’ natural chewing and hiding instincts.
  • You will have fun creating a tree stump, log cave, or stick stairway for your pet. Plus, these colorful logs are a safe source for your pet’s instinctive chewing behaviors. At 7 inches long and 12 inches wide, this Fiddle Sticks is the ideal and cozy place for your guinea pig to play, sleep, or hideaway.

  • Once all the running around and chewing is done for the day, your furry friend might be a bit tired and want to cozy up. This fuzzy hanging nest will give your adorable pet a comfortable and warm place to rest. It features a super soft texture and supple material that allows your furry friend to enjoy asleep cozily.
  • It features a firm structure with refined stitching for long-lasting and durable use that could last for years. The hammock includes 4 anti-rust hanging clips that allow you to attach it firmly to the cage. Plus, the fluffy hole in the middle gives your pet the ultimate view above.

  • Get your guinea pig moving with this adorable and vibrant treat ball. Fun and interactive, this ball is designed to be rolled and pushed by your cavies for a great physical and mental workout.
  • It features an adjustable treat opening where you can add your guinea pig’s favorite snacks— kibble, small diced carrots, dried fruits or herbs, or Weekly Pea Flakes— and watch them go nuts as they try to get their favorite treats out.
  • A great boredom buster, it engages your furry friend’s natural foraging instincts and keeps them active. Measuring only a 2.8-inch/7cm diameter, this treat ball is the right size for your guinea pigs. Plus, its bright yellow color and orange decorative carrots will surely take your cavies’ attention.

  • Second, to chewing just about anything, guinea pigs are quite interested in noises, including things that make a crinkling sound. And this crinkle tunnel from Kaytee brings out that inquisitive nature of your guinea pigs. At 23 inches long, it allows enough tunneling and exploration activity.
  • You can also get more than one crinkle tunnel and attach it, creating a fun maze of tunnels that your guinea pig will take hours to explore. It also features a small opening at the center that encourages hide and peek fun for both you and your pet.
  • Made of durable polyester and cotton material, this tunnel should endure years of use. Plus, the tunnel is machine-washable, making cleaning easy and convenient.

  • Timothy Hay, also known as alfalfa hay, makes up a large portion of every guinea pig’s diet— both to aid in digestion and provide essential nutrients. Now, kill two birds with one stone with this fun and nutritious hay chew sticks for your guinea pigs.
  • Made from Canada, high-quality Timothy hays are naked at low temperatures and shaped into chew sticks. Suitable for long-term storage, these chew sticks can be used to bond and interact with your furry friend.
  • The crispy treats also help in wearing your pet’s growing teeth. Besides, unlike raw Timothy Hay, these chew sticks create less mess to clean.

  • Rated 4.8 stars and having over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this stylish tunnel from Prosper Pet is a great cozy spot for your guinea pig to hide and explore. Although advertised for cats, small dogs, and rabbits, guinea pigs will also benefit from this 3-way collapsible tunnel.
  • It features a built-in crinkly paper complete with a bell toy at the end of each tunnel and a peephole in the middle; this tunnel gives your pet more ways to have fun and provide hours of self-amusement and exercise.
  • Made from tear-resistant and ultra-strong polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends, this tunnel should stand up against abuse from the rowdiest guinea pigs ever. This tunnel can fold down in seconds for easy storage or travel with an included elastic band.
  • Each tube is 10-inch tall and 17-inch deep, providing your pet enough space to explore. Prosper Pet also offers various stylish and colorful designs to choose from, including Polka Dot Black and White, Striped Black and Aqua, and patterned Teal and White.

  • The Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler is a colorful and unique play toy for small animals. This chew toy is made of 100 percent natural wood and used safe vegetable dye coloring that is safe for your guinea pig to chew on.
  • This nibbler encourages and satisfies your guinea pig’s instinct to chew and gnaw to wear down their frowning teeth. Watch as your pet chew its way in to get the tasty treat inside the nibbler.
  • Available in 2 sizes— medium and mini— this nibbler is ideal for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, and other small animals.

  • Your guinea pig will never be bored with this 3-in-1 activity log from eCotrition— it is a natural hideaway, a treat, and a chewing toy in one! The Snak Shak is a unique and nutritious blend of fresh ingredients scientifically formulated for your small pet.
  • The blend combines grains, vegetables, nuts, and premium seeds with added minerals and vitamins for your guinea pig’s healthy diet. It is also made of fresh alfalfa plus a delicious golden honey flavor that is 100 percent chewable, making it a tasty treat and snack for your furry friend.
  • Featuring a natural wood look, this tasty log also provides daily excitement and stimulation while encouraging your pet’s natural hiding instinct. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this activity log makes a perfect toy and accessory to your guinea pigs cage.

  • An Amazon’ Choice for “Guinea Pig Chew Toys” and measuring 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches, the Perfect Chews from Kaytee is specifically created for cavies. It features a wooden stack of logs, balls, and orange slices in brilliant yellow, red and orange colors.
  • Made of pet-safe natural chewable materials, this chew toy helps reduce your guinea pigs’ boredom and provide them hours of playtime while wearing down their growing teeth. This chewable toy is fully equipped with a metal attachment hook to make it easier and convenient for you to hang it inside their cage.

  • Another great guinea pig tunnel, this one from the Living world, provides additional space for exploration and play. It can be used alone or attached to a Living World Tent with Velcro attachment at each end of tunnels to provide a cozy, long, and secure extension for hiding, sleeping, or exercising.
  • The Hagen Pet Tunnel’s long cylindrical structure is constructed from a spiral wire frame wrapped with polyester fabric. This makes it easy for you to clean and wipe out and give off a crinkly sound that your small pet will love. You can get more than one Hagen Pet tunnel and attached it for a longer and more fun exploration tunnel for your furry buddy.
  • The tunnel also includes corner ties for you to tie it securely to the ground and prevent it from rolling over while your guinea pig is inside. It can be folded up easily for storage and traveling and is available in large and large sizes.

  • Get this fluffy and comfy E-Cup Bed from Kaytee and watch your guinea pig can’t get enough of the experience. The E-Cup Bed features a padded and ultra-soft faux fur interior that pampers your furry buddy and provides the ultimate cozy resting spot.
  • This guinea pig bed is constructed from sturdy polyester material to endure years of use. Machine-washable, this bed also offers you easy and convenient cleaning.
  • It is fully equipped with strong straps that secure the fluffy bed anywhere in your pet’s cage. Proudly made in the US, this E-cup bed is available in 6 colors.

  • Crispy and crunchy irresistible, these yummy rice pops from Ware Manufacturing are a wholesome combination of flavor and crunchy chews.
  • It is made of corn and rice that provides extra nourishment and fun nibbling.
  • Ideal for hand feeding or placed on treat dispensers, these rice pops help overcome cage boredom and promote healthy and clean teeth.
  • These Rice Pops are available in bright and fun colors that catch your guinea pig’s attention and come in large size or a pack of 4 bags.

  • Get your guinea pig running around the house without worrying about getting lost, stuck under furniture, or chewing on things that they shouldn’t, with this great exercise ball from Kaytee.
  • This exercise ball also light-up, providing a soft glow perfect for spotting and viewing your pet during their most active time. It features a fully protective lens cover that is safe for pets and is resistant to chewing.
  • Besides offering a gentle illumination during exercise, the Run-About Exercise Ball also has a 10-minute timer that notifies and reminds you when your guinea pig has had just enough running and exercising.
  • The ball is available in 3 sizes— 12 inches, 7 inches, and 5 inches— and comes in 4 random colors— pink, blue, green, and purple.

  • The Willow Branch Ball Toy from Ware Manufacturing adds a naturally fun playtime flavor.
  • It is a natural and safe chew for guinea pigs that is perfect for playtime and bonding, as well as tooth trimming.
  • Wholesome and appealing, it encourages nibbling, nudging, and chewing to reduce cage boredom. Measuring 4 x 4 x 4 inches, this willow branch ball comes in a pack of 1 – 5.

  • Most people call these the “hamster wheels” since smaller pets most commonly use them. However, with larger sizes, guinea pigs can also enjoy some exercise by running on these wheels. Measuring 12 inches in diameter, one of Kaytee’s biggest exercise wheels is available.
  • This wheel can be left freestanding or attached to a cage with the included 2-way attachment clip for more secure operation. It is also made of plastic and features a solid and safe running surface. It also has a quiet operation and a fail-safe design that allows your guinea pig easy exit and entrance to the wheel.

  • Niteangel offers handmade balls for your guinea pigs made of 100 percent natural material. Ade from natural seagrass, rattan, and water hyacinth, these balls contain no metal, plastic, or glue that may cause harm to your furry friend.
  • Your cavies will definitely love pushing the balls around as well as satisfying their nibbling or chewing instincts. It features an extra deep base for deep filling with treats and snacks inside that might provoke their interest and curiosity once again.
  • Watch as your adorable guinea pigs spent hours playing and chewing them down to a pile of sticks. The balls are available in packs of 3 or 4 and are approximately 2.6 inches in diameter.

  • Boasting an attractive carrot cage filled with nice, tasty treats in bright colors, witness as your guinea pig go nuts in playing and nibbling this chew toy from Kaytee.
  • It helps reduce boredom with its unique combination of loofah and wood pieces.
  • It uses pet-safe natural chewable materials that help trim down your pet’s teeth and while cleaning and flossing at the same time.
  • Available in sizes Large and Super, the Kaytee Carrot Carousel Chew Toy is suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals that love to chew.

  • Toys for Guinea Pigs19
  • The Walk-Up Barn from JW Pet is a fun place for your adorable cavies to hang out. They can climb up to enjoy their view or hide inside if they need some privacy.
  • Also, it comes in translucent and fun colors that make it easy for you to spot your cavies inside.
  • Made of plastic material, this decorative toy is washable and highly resistant to stain and odor. You get to choose from 4 sizes— Jumbo, Large, Medium, and Small.

  • This chew ball from Ware Manufacturing helps provide a healthy and safe playtime for your small pet. Made from 100 percent natural corn leaf material, this is totally safe for your cavies to chew on.
  • It can be attached to the wire anywhere in your pet’s cage and available in Small and Large sizes.


Your guinea pig may spend most of its day in a cozy and comfy cage; however, it does not mean that they do not need to get out and have some fun with the entire family like any other pet.

So, make sure that you get a variety of guinea pig toys from the above list and allow your cave to experiment and pick his favorite, preventing freedom while keeping him healthy and happy!

Index Table: Top rated Guinea Pig Toys

1Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Playpen - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Playpen for Roaming
  • Multi Colored
  • Safe and Easy to Use
2Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Multi-Purpose Toy
  • Safe and Fun
  • Colorful
3WINOMO Pet Hammock - Toy for a Guinea Pig
  • Soft texture
  • Fuzzy and Comfortable
  • Hanging Design
4Wheeky Treat Ball Toy - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Vibrant treat Ball
  • Fun to play With
  • Safe
5Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Crinkle Tunnel
  • safe and Fun
6ULIGOTA Timothy Hay Chew Sticks - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Hay
  • Safe and Delicious
  • Major Part of Meal
7Prosper Pet Tunnel - Toy for a Guinea Pig
  • Complete Bell Toy
  • Built in Crinkly paper
8Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Colorful
  • Unique Toy
  • Small Size
9eCotrition Snak Shak - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • 3 in 1 Activity Toy
  • Natural Hideaway
  • Natural Wood
10Kaytee Perfect Chews For Guinea Pigs - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Natural Chewable Materials
  • Fun Activity Toy
11Hagen Living World - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Safe Tent for Hiding
  • Velcro Closure
  • Safe
12Kaytee E-Cup Bed - Toy for a Guinea Pig
  • Bed
  • safe and Comfortable
  • Ultra Soft Lining
13Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops - Toy for a Guinea Pig
  • Crispy and Crucnhy Treat
  • Wholesome and Natural
Ware Manufacturing96.8
14Kaytee LED Run-About Exercise Ball - Toys for Guinea Pigs
  • Exercise Ball
  • Safe Design
  • Lights Up
15Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Willow Branch Ball
  • Chew Safe
  • Natural
Ware Manufacturing96
16Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Fun and Safe
17Niteangel Activity Ball Toys - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Handmade Balls
  • Natural Materials
  • Extra Deep Base
18Kaytee Carrot Carousel Chew Toy - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Tasty Treat Chew Toy
  • Colorful
19JW Pet Walk Up Barn - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Climbing Toy
  • Decorative
  • Washable
JW Pet95.6
20Ware Manufacturing Natural Corn Chew Ball - Guinea Pig Toy
  • Healthy and Safe
  • Natural Materials
Ware Manufacturing96

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