Best Hamster Cage Cleaners

It would help if you cleaned your hamster’s cage regularly to prevent smell and wetness, and ideally, to keep your hamster happy and healthy.

A safe and non-toxic cage cleaning solution with the right equipment can make this task easy and effective.

In this article, we will look at some of the best hamster cage cleaning solutions and tools that are available;

Choosing the Right Tools and Cage Cleaning Solutions or Saops

Let us look at some of the primary considerations when choosing the best cage cleaners for Hamsters;

  • Soap and Sprays – Non-Toxic liquids soaps and sprays are ideal to use for cleaning your hamster’s cage. Some solutions have addax fresheners that prevent odors’ development, and that also deodorizes your hamsters’ cage. Most cage cleaning solutions also disinfect and prevent the growth of harmful bacterias. You can choose either a liquid or a spray bottle, both easy and safe to use.
  • Cleaning Tools – You can use a Microfiber Cloth, brush, or scrubbing sponge to clean your hamster’s cage and accessories. A pipe cleaner is ideal to use to clean the tubes and tunnels. Brushes or a toothbrush can also come in handy to clean toys and hard to reach corner areas in the cage. Furthermore, you can allow the cage and accessories to air dry or use a normal towel for drying.

Steps in Cleaning Your Hamster Cage

  • Clear Out The Cage – first, you will need to remove all the toys and accessories from the cage, clear out all substrates and sand and throw it in the garbage. Open the Cage depending on the design. You can remove the bottom and wire part for easy cleaning.
  • Cleaning the Accessories – I usually pace all my hamster’s toys, water bottles, food bowls, and accessories in a basin of warm water with my Hamster cage Cleaning solution to soak for a while, when I am busy cleaning the cage. You can use a Toothbrush, microfiber cloth, or Pipe cleaning brush to clean the toys and accessories. Make sure to rinse everything well with warm water.
  • Cleaning the Cage – Use Your warm water and cleaning solution to clean the cage, wet the entire cage first. Use a cloth, brush, or sponge to clean the cage and clean properly between wires and corners. Rinse the cage well. I usually clean my cage outside and rinse it off with a hosepipe.
  • Drying the Cage and Accessories – It is important that the cage is thoroughly dry and all the accessories are thoroughly dry before you set up your cage again. You can either air-dry your cage outside in sunlight or use towels to dry the cage.

Features of a Good Cage Cleaner for Hamsters

  • Ingredients – Ingredients used in Hamster Cleaning Solutions must be safe for pets and non-toxic. Some cleaners have an added disinfectant and deodorize the cage to prevent odors and remove old odors.
  • Cleaning Equipment – A brush and tray for cleaning out substrate is quite handy. Cloths, Wipes, brushes, and sponges are all ideal for cleaning out your Hamster’s cage. Some brands offer Hamster Cage Cleaning wipes for a quick or thorough clean that disinfects and deodorizes.
  • Liquid or Spray – Most hamster Cage Cleaning solutions will either be in a liquid in a pouring bottle or a Spray bottle. The preference here is what works the easiest for you.

Reviews: The Best Hamsters Cage Cleaners

Looking for the best available Cage Cleaner for your Hamster, well then look no further than our comprehensive list;


Nature’s Miracle offers you a safe and natural cleaner for your hamster cage that also deodorizes.

  • The small animal formula cleans and deodorizes Hamsters’ cages and other small animals effectively.
  • Because it is a Bio-Enzymatic formula, it penetrates easily to remove odors and dirt and cleans much more effectively.
  • There will be no strong secrets left behind to hinder your hamster’s natural secrets and smell, or that can irritate their respiratory systems.
  • The products clean efficiently and easily and are completely safe and non-toxic for small animals.


Another superb product from Nature’s Miracle is the small animal cage scrubbing wipes.

  • The wipes come in a large pack of 30 wipes or a smaller 12 wipe packs for your convenience.
  • The wipes are ready to use and easy to use for a quick clean or just spot cleaning of your hamster’s cage or accessories.
  • The formula is safe and non-toxic, with no strong smells.
  • The wipe has plant-based enzymatic cleansing agents that effectively control and eliminate tough odors.


The No Scent Professional Pet Odor Eliminator and Cleaner is a great option for cleaning your Hamster’s cage sufficiently and safely.

  • The advanced formula contains probiotics and natural ingredients to eliminate odors and clean sufficiently.
  • There are no harmful chemicals or toxins.
  • The product also will not create a strong scent that could damage your Hamster’s respiratory system.
  • The formula’s design works optimally for small animals and is completely safe.


The Repeat Cage Cleaner is ideal for various small animals, and comes in two color options.

  • The Mini Dustpan and Brush works well to clean out a hamster or small animal cage and to gather all the substrate and bedding to be thrown out.
  • The pan consists of durable quality PP plastic, and the brush bristles are soft and flexible.
  • The advanced design has a hanging hole for easy storage and an easy to use broom and brush handle.
  • The handheld design is very easy to use and sturdy in design.


From Exotic Nutrition, we have the Kage Kleen Natural and Eco-Friendly cleaning spray for Hamster cages.

  • The 100% safe all-purpose cleaner is ideal for hamsters and small animals.
  • The solution comes in a convenient and easy to use spray bottle.
  • Natural materials ate use, and no ionic surfactants are in the formula.
  • The solution effectively cleans and eliminates odors without leaving a strong scent behind.


The Kaytee Clean and Cozy Extreme Odor Control cleaner are perfect for hamsters and small animals that leave strong odors.

  • You can choose between the cleaners and odor control bedding in this range.
  • The fresh-smelling formula cleans and deodorizes the cage with natural scents.
  • The formula is safe and non-toxic for small animals.
  • The generous 32-ounce bottle is very easy to hold and use with a trigger pump.

Index Table: Top Rated Hamster Cage Cleaners

1Nature’s Miracle Small Animal Formula - Cage Cleaner for Hamsters
  • Cleans and Deoderizes
  • Bio-Enzymatic Formula
  • Safe for Pets
Nature’s Miracle98
2Natures Miracle Small Animal - Scrubbing Wipe Hamster Cage Cleaner
  • Pack Sizes
  • Enzymatic Wipes
  • Odor Control
Natures Miracle97.8
3No Scent odor Management - Cage Cleaner for Your Hamster
  • Professional odor Resistance
  • Removes Smells
  • Safe for Pets
No Scent96
4Rypet Cage Cleaner - Cage Cleaner for Your Hamster
  • Broom and Pan Set
  • Small Design
  • Versatile Uses
5Exotic Nutrition Kage Kleen - Hamster Cage Cleaner
  • Multi Sirface Cleaner
  • Odor Reducing
  • For Cage and Accessories
Exotic Nutrition96.7
6kAYTEE Clean and Cozy - Odor Control Cage Cleaner for Hamsters
  • Size Options
  • Odor Resistance
  • Fresh Smell

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