Top #15 Best Hamster Cage Reviews & Guide

One of the most popular rodent pets are the hamsters, because why not? They are so cute and adorable that anybody would love to have them as their pets.
In fact, hamsters are just one of the creatures that kids can easily take care of.
If you want to nurture your child’s love for animals, the hamsters can be your best friend.

They are so popular as pets because they don’t need many necessities; provide them with love, care, healthy, and of course, a nice spacey hamster cage.
This article will share the results we have found on the best hamster cages in the market.

Hamster Cage Buying Guide

Before you purchase your pet’s cage, you should first understand certain requirements crucial for your rodent’s well-being.
Like any other types of pets that are kept in enclosures, hamsters placed in non-suitable cages can develop health and behavioral problems, which can cause you or your child a headache from taking care of them.

Therefore, you should first look into this guideline that we’re about to provide you to keep your pet healthy and happy. Here are the things that you should look for before buying a hamster cage:

  • Consider the Size – Have you ever lived or slept in a small cramped place where you cannot even stretch your legs freely? It’s very uncomfortable. Then you would also understand how your hamster would feel when he’s kept in a small space with another hamster. Not only that, but this would also push your pet to escape its cage to roam in larger areas inside your house. So to prevent this from happening, you should provide it with a spacey cage with enough activities to do.
  • Types of Cages – There are three types of cages that you can use as your hamster’s enclosure. You can either use a wired top cage, plastic tank, or a glass tank aquarium. But the most popular type of hamster cage that owners use is the wired-topped cages. In our opinion, the wired cages are more suitable for hamsters, so try to consider only buying those types of cages.
  • Living Space – Aside from the cages’ size, you should also consider your pet’s sleeping and feeding area. This way, they’ll have certain places to play on to, feed, drink, bathe, and go to eh bathroom too.
  • The Depth of Bedding – As you know, hamsters love to burrow, so provide them with thick bedding that they can burrow, dig, or lain on to keep them comfortable. Put at least 2 inches of hamster bedding in their cages.
  • Easy Maintenance – Look for a cage with a removable tray at the bottom to easily clean your pet’s waste. But if the cage doesn’t have that kind of feature, then look for a cage that can be easily cleaned to prevent the build-up of your pet’s stink in your room or house. Wood and tank-type enclosures are heavy, making them hard to clean and maintain.
  • Great Ventilation – Unlike glass and plastic-type tanks, wired-top enclosures provide enough ventilation to your hamster, preventing them from suffocating inside their cages. Aside from that, it can also keep your pet’s cage smelling fresh, which helps minimizes maintenance.
  • Security and Safety – You might have heard that hamsters are excellent at escaping their cage; what you’ve heard is definitely a fact. Therefore, use a cage with good security to keep them from escaping; this way, you can protect them from getting killed by a cat or dog or by accidentally being stepped on to death.
  • Hamster Wheels – Exercising or hamster wheels is necessary as it keeps your pet occupied and fit. Most hamster cages are included with hamster wheels, but some might be too small for bigger hamsters species. Like the Teddy Bear Hamster, if you have a big hamster, get a larger wheel for it for its well-being.

Reviews: Best Hamster Cage

Below we have some of the most popular and best available cages for Hamsters;

  • If you plan to take care of a hamster for a long time now and want the best for them, you should consider getting this really fun hamster cage for your adorable pet.
  • This two-level cage is perfect for a hamster that loves to roam around.
  • This tall cage comes with several accessories, a portable design with plastic top and bottom sections, and a middle wireframe.
  • The Mcage cage is specifically designed for smaller species of hamsters.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Metal Frame25%100
Anti-Slip Ground25%100
Playing Area15%95
Total Score100%96.75

  • This is a unique habitat designed to be connected to other similar habitats.
  • This is what the Cristal habitat is for. Although it has a low affordable price, the construction is very durable as it’s made with durable materials.
  • With the right number of toys and accessories, you can keep your pet happy.
  • However, since this cage is pretty small, you should keep only 1 hamster to keep them comfortable. You can add another pet once you’ve expanded their cage.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Metal Frame25%100
Anti-Slip Ground25%100
Playing Area15%95
Total Score100%95.75

  • Most Ferplast cages have very spacious areas for hamsters.
  • These little rodents usually play actively; therefore, they would need lots of large areas in their cages to have more room to roam. Luckily, this cage is included with fun accessories that your hamster can roam to.
  • The only downside of this cage is that it is not large enough to accommodate multiple hamsters.
  • The number of hamsters you can keep using this cage is a maximum of two.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Metal Frame25%100
Anti-Slip Ground25%95
Playing Area15%95
Total Score100%94.5

  • When you look at this black hamster cage, you might get confused about what kind of hamster cage it is.
  • The cage does look quite similar to a normally wired cage because of its upper floor, but the difference is its plastic bottom part that looks quite like a tank.
  • Furthermore, aside from its 2 level floor sections, the cage comes with an exercise wheel, drinking and feeding stations, and a cut hideout for your hamster.

  • If you are looking for a large hamster cage as another option, this XL Pico Hamster cage is definitely the one you are looking for.
  • This feature-packed hamster habitat is perfect for Russian or Syrian hamsters.
  • The cage features a tall, high-quality design and very durable construction.
  • This cage could last you for a very long time. The cage also comes with 3 colorful designs; you can choose translucent teal, silver, green, pink, and purple.

  • Does your hamster always escape its cage? If it does, you should provide it with a larger cage that he would love.
  • The main reason why hamsters escape their cages is that they are bored.
  • This cage comes with a long set of tubes and spacious areas that your pet can roam to.
  • It’s pretty much a hamster’s dream. However, the only downside of this is that it isn’t included with accessories, such as a hamster wheel, water bottle, hideout, and feeding bowl. So you’ll have to buy them separately.

  • Here is another great hamster cage from Critter Trail, but this time it is a 3-in-1 hamster habitat that provides a challenging environment to keep your hamster busy.
  • This way, your little furry friend won’t get bored and escape its cage.
  • The cage includes various essentials, such as tubes, water bottle, food dish, and a hamster wheel for exercise. You can also set the tubes in any style you want, like an arch, tower, or tunnel type habitat.

  • If you have a dwarf hamster and are currently looking for the best cage for it, then lucky for you, this Critter Trail X is specifically designed for smaller hamster species.
  • Not only that, but this cage is also included with awesome accessories that can keep your pet busy and entertained.
  • The cage has a detachable design for easy assembling and offers an enhanced lock to keep your pet from escaping.
  • The accessories include a food dish, water bottle, hamster wheel, and a removable petting zone.

  • Cage for Hamsters9.
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  • Not satisfied with a large cage? Then you should definitely check out this massive hamster cage.
  • The cage is included with 4 plastic platforms, including the base; it features a large exercise ball at the top of the cage and 3 other hamster wheels on each platform.
  • This cage is suitable for multiple hamsters as it is large enough to keep them all comfortable.
  • With this cage, your hamster wouldn’t even think about escaping from it.

  • This cage from the Prevue Hendryx has this simple classic look but still amazingly elegant and beautiful.
  • The cage features two hideouts, which are home-inspired, strategically placed on platforms accessible with the included ramp-like ladders.
  • The cage’s wireframe construction is sturdy and durable enough to last for a long time.
  • The bars also have safe spaces to prevent your furry friend from getting stuck between them. The cage is also included with a classic hamster wheel to keep your pet fit.

  • If you already have several accessories for your hamster and just looking for a good cage for them, then you could consider buying this large cage.
  • Since it large enough to fit multiple hamsters in it, you could even keep a chinchilla in this kind of cage.
  • The cage only includes 3 small platforms and 3 ladders for your pet to climb onto. Just add in the accessories you have and transform it into a hamster paradise.

  • If you are just a beginner taking care of a hamster, you might want to start with a smaller cage but with complete accessories.
  • This hamster kit is suitable for kids who want to have a pet hamster.
  • The kit includes a hamster wheel, food dish, water bottle, a natural grassy nest, hamster wheel, Pro-health diet food, treat sticks, and even a sample of soft granule bedding.
  • You no longer have to buy separate additional items as this package has it all. The cage is also expandable and can be added with tubes.

  • There would be times that you would want to bring your hamster with you when you go out; most hamster owners place their hamster in a hamster to keep them safe, but if you want to keep them a bit more comfortable, you would want to use a portable cage.
  • This travel habitat is specifically made for that, which allows you to bring your hamster anywhere you go. And since it’s a temporary housing habitat, you can easily put some food and drink in it without making too much mess.
  • This is also expandable which makes it the perfect travel cage for your hamster.

  • Female children are mostly the ones who want to take care of a hamster, so if your little girl is asking for a pet hamster and loves pink, then she would surely love this transparent pink habitat for her hamster.
  • This cage also serves as a starter kit as it includes necessary accessories, such as a hamster wheel, food dish, and a water bottle.
  • The habitat can also be expanded by adding a tube to the hole located at the side of the cage.

  • Aside from its original name, this cage is also called the “Hamster Heaven,” and for a good reason. Despite its small size, it does provide enough room to roam and enough activities to do to keep your rodent entertained.
  • Packed with necessary accessories and very easy to assemble, you can easily and instantly create your hamster’s “heaven.”
  • The package includes a hamster wheel, tunnels and slides, a food bowl, a bathroom area, and a water bottle.


Hamsters are very easy to take care of; therefore, you really won’t have much trouble taking care of them, except when they always escape their cage. To prevent that from happening and keep your little rodent safe, provide it with the best cage that you can get with good security, which could keep him busy and entertained.

Index Table: Top rated Hamster Cages

1Mcage Pink 2-Levels - Hamster Habitat Home
  • Two level Cage
  • Spacious
  • Fun Design
2Habitrail Hamster Habitat - Cage for Hamsters
  • Unique Habitat
  • Expandable Design
  • For a Single Hamster
3White Ferplast Spacious - Hamster’s Cage
  • Spacious
  • Fun Accessories Included
  • For a Single Hamster Only
White Ferplast94.5
4Ferplast Black - Cage for Hamsters
  • Two Levels
  • Plastic Bottom
5Rosewood Pet Pico - Cage for Hamsters
  • Largere size
  • Durable Design
  • Tall Cage
6GNB Pet DIY Hamster Habitat - Hamster Cage
  • Larger Cage
  • many Fun Tubes and Toys
  • Escape Proof
7Kaytee Critter Trail 3 - Hamster’s Cage
  • 3 in 1 Habitat
  • Various Essentials Included
8Kaytee Critter Trail X - Hamster Cage
  • Small
  • All Accessories Inlcudeed
  • Fun Habitat
9Mcage 4 Level Hamster Habitat - Cage for Hamsters
  • Four Plastic Platforms
  • Multiple Hamster Use
  • Large Exercise Balls
10Prevue Hendryx Deluxe - Cage for Hamsters
  • Simple and Classic Look
  • wire Frame Construction
  • Safe bar Space
11Kaytee First Home Multi-Level Hamster Habitat - Cage for Hamsters
  • Multi Level Cage
  • Three Small Platforms Inlcuded
12Kaytee Critter Trail Starter Kit - Hamster’s Cage
  • Small
  • All Accessories Included
  • Full Kit
13Kaytee Travel and Go Habitat - Hamster’s Cage
  • Travel Habitat
  • Portable
  • Small Size
14Kaytee One Level Pink Edition Habitat - Cage for Hamsters
  • Pink Color
  • Easy starter Kit
  • Expandable
15Lixit Animal Care Hamster Cage - Hamster Cage
  • many Activities
  • Small Size
  • Easy assembly

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