12 Best Hamster Toys Reviews & Guide

Hamsters are tiny creatures that always need something to do. Most want to bite on wooden sticks and run in the grass. Hamsters need a wide range of toys.

Toys that will encourage them to play, exercise, and explore.

The hamster doesn’t want to be bored, and you shouldn’t want it either. A selection of good hamster toys to buy is listed below.

Buying Guide for Hamster Toys

Hamsters are known to get bored at night. So, you got to entertain them the best way you can. You can’t just throw them one toy.
You got to throw them many toys. Fun items like hamster wheels and jungle gyms will encourage the hamster to run more and smile more. Here are some tips to get your hamster to be more playful.

  • Get Your Hamster a Wheel for the Cage – Wheel toys are enjoyable for your hamster pet. Your hamster can run on the wheel for hours and enjoy the view. Give it the view of a lifetime and let it run forever. Make sure the hamster wheel is big enough for the hamster to stretch. Your hamster should not have a bend in its back while running. If you see a bend when the hamster moves on the wheel, then the wheel is too small. The wheel always needs to be big enough for the hamster to climb and run in place.
  • Buy Many Chewable Toys – Buy multiple chew toys instead of one. Hamsters like getting their teeth wet on wood and things that look chewable. Hamsters have teeth that grow constantly. They must bite on objects daily to stop teeth from growing too fast. Hamsters tend to chew through toys fast. In only a couple of days, they will have the toy ripped up. It would be best to buy as many chewable toys as you can. When you sleep, hamsters awake and start biting on things. Make sure the hamster cage is full of chewable toys.
  • Put Your Hamster in an Exercise Ball Sometimes – All pets need space outside their cage, an area that provides them with time in another world. Hamsters are no different. They like playing in their cage, but there comes a time when they want to see the wild again. Let your hamster roam free with a hamster exercise ball. Exercise ball toys prevent the hamster from getting lost and lets them see the outside. Put them inside a clear ball toy. Let them travel by foot in the backyard to taste some wildlife. You won’t have to worry about the hamster enjoying life if you use a hamster ball.
  • Make Sure You Install a Hamster Jungle Gym in Cage – A pet owner with a giant hamster cage should consider getting a jungle gym. Get our pet something they can climb on and feel like they are with nature. Many jungle gyms at the store come with ladders, houses, bridges, tables, and open doors for the hamster to play. Your hamster will think it has a house if you get them a jungle gym. It would be best to let them feel more at home if you got one. A hamster needs to escape from reality as well. Get them a jungle gym and let them pretend they are back in the forest climbing trees and hills again.

Reviews: Best Hamster Toys

  • A cute little ball designed to give your hamster a mental and physical workout. It has a yellow color and is covered with carrot images.
  • Your hamster will push this little ball for hours. No more bordem when they bite and scratch to get a treat.
  • This toy also comes with an adjustable treat opening. Yes, you can store hamster treats inside the ball. Hamsters can scratch the ball for actual food.
  • You won’t have to worry about the hamster not getting exercise or the right amount of food. Hamsters often play with this ball for hours to get what is inside.

  • Want your pet to see natural wood and climb?
  • It would then be best if you got them a toy like this. This toy is from natural wood. It comes with a tunnel and a ladder.
  • The hamster will find themselves climbing wood like it once did in the wild.
  • Authentic wood will ease their mind and put them at peace.
  • You want your hamster to stop thinking and start doing it more often? Get them a toy like this to help achieve that goal.

  • Easy to set up a hamster house toy for your pet to sleep in it. Your pet will see doors, steps, windows, and tunnels.
  • It will think it is sleeping in its own little house.
  • All items included with this toy are 100% chewable.
  • The house comes with a double-layer design that you can fold easily.
  • You will have enough space to put this toy up when needed.
  • Your hamster will have enough space to roam around too.
  • Tunnels go outside and inside the pet house. Purchase this toy now and provoke your hamster to rely on its nesting instincts.

  • This hamster toy has a unique log design.
  • It comes with two houses, steps, and a bridge. The hamster will crawl inside and around this big wooden park.
  • The design is made of natural wood. Your hamster will be chewing on wood and not dangerous chemicals. You won’t have to worry about your hamster getting infections.
  • The log design also looks like a log house for humans. Interest your hamster with a little miniature log house with a bridge today.

  • A lovely wooden tunnel for hamsters that prefer wood over plastic.
  • It comes with a 20x7x7cm length tunnel. The tunnel features nine exits for your hamster to travel through.
  • Their little feet will pass through many holes and teach them the best ways to climb a wooden tunnel.
  • Hamsters can sleep inside the tunnel if they so, please.
  • A spaced tunnel enough to allow 1 to 3 hamsters to sleep in it.
  • If you have a hamster that likes nesting and biting on objects, then you should get them a toy like this.

  • Special wooden toys that look like human-weight dumbells.
  • They are shaped in a small wooden cylinder fashion.
  • Your hamster will appear to be lifting weights when they pick these toys up with their mouths.
  • There is a small object on the inside of these toys. It rings a little and can provoke the hamster to push the toy around more.
  • This little toy will make your hamster work out.
  • The hamster will get a good workout after traveling all around the cage.
  • The toy tends to move in different directions, which will work out all muscles on the hamster.

  • Nice wooden ladder for pet owners who need a connecting ladder.
  • The ladder is made of natural wood and shaped like logs. It is easy to connect to other toys and houses. Very suitable for chewing and climbing in circles.
  • A good toy for someone who wants a wooden ladder for their hamster cage.
  • It mostly connects to wooden objects, but you can put the ladder in the middle of the hamster cage. This will create a small wooden tunnel.
  • The hamster can then climb the ladder from the inside or dig a hole into pretending it has a cave.

  • A rainbow-colored tunnel set will entertain your little buddy for days.
  • Create your own hamster tunnel with this multi-color tunnel toy. Able to connect different tunnel pieces in any arrangement.
  • You can change the tunnel setup of this toy over time. You can buy more tunnel pieces to make the tunnel bigger and crazier for your hamster.
  • Each connection is universal for Jaytee Critter Trail Funnels Value.
  • You can buy this same toy multiple times, and it will be a guarantee to connect to your old pieces. You can connect this hamster toy in any way you feel it should be.
  • Create your own hamster tunnel in your own way.

  • Air hamster toy for hamsters like climbing high and swing on wood. Made of natural wood and connected by small metal chains.
  • You probably have one of those hamsters that are always climbing to the top corner.
  • Getting a toy like this will give them something to do when they fall.
  • It comes with 2 giant connecting ladders, 1 small ladder, and 1 rope.
  • The rope is put in the middle and has a circular shape.
  • The hamster can swing on the rope at any time. The 2 giant ladders connect the entire toy from head to toe.
  • 2 small metal chains also connect giant ladders. The hamster will look down below and feel the high wind. Make your hamster lover heights with this toy.

  • A simple rabbit house that is useful for a hamster. The house is made out of wood.
  • The house only has one opening, but it’s suitable for owners who want a simple home for their hamsters.
  • Not interested in some crazy jungle maze, then this is the suitable toy for you.
  • A nice little house for your pet to get away.
  • Hamsters will enter the area and fall immediately to sleep. They might even feel like nesting there.
  • The toy has one room but one big room for a hamster’s family.

  • A little quiet toy house with a ladder. This house is made of wood and only has one opening. It is not very complex, like other wooden house toys.
  • It could be used as a place for sleeping. Your hamster will look at it and take a break.
  • Made of real wood and comes with 2 houses.
  • You can easily see the first house on the second floor.
  • The second house is under the bridge. It is very dark and needs a tunnel to access it.
  • A hamster can hide in the dark or sleep in the open. Maybe this is what your shy hamster needs.

  • A long suspension bridge for hamsters that like to walk far. It is made of wood and long in length. It is about 21.8 inches in length.
  • That is long enough for you to connect houses on opposite sides of the hamster cage.
  • Yes, getting a bridge like this will save you the trouble of getting more for your little guy.
  • It comes with hooks that attach to other pieces of hamster wood toys.
  • You won’t need to stress about setting this bridge up. Purchase this bridge to connect any wooden hamster toy you have now.


Hamsters must run with the wind, you know. They need specific hamster toys to remind them of the wild they once knew.
A good hamster owner must be aware of their hamster’s feelings and actions. Make sure the hamster is always moving and exploring inside the hamster cage.
Keep them playful, happy, and actively running with fun hamster toys.

Index Table: Top Rated Hamster Toys

1Wheeky Treat Ball Toy - Toy for Hamsters
  • Scratch Ball
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Boredom Buster
2Activity Assault Course - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Natural Wood
  • Enhances Climbing
  • Chewable
Activity Assault98
3Bwogue Pet Small Animal Hideout Hamster House Deluxe Two Layers Wooden Hut Play Toys Chews - Hamster Toy
  • Sleeping Space
  • Safe
  • Easy To Clean
4Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Unique Log Design
  • Houses
  • Steps
  • Bridge
5Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Tunnel Design
  • Chewable Wood
  • Safe
6Pevor Pack of 5 Hamster Chew Toys - Toy for Hamsters
  • Wooden Cylinder
  • Safe
  • Great Work Out
7Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge - Hamster Toy
  • Natural Wood
  • Suitable for Chewing and Climbing
8Kaytee CritterTrail Funnels Value - Toy for Hamsters
  • Adjustable Tunnel
  • Entertaining
  • Safe
9Activity Suspension Bridge - Hamster & Small Animal Toy - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Natural Wood
  • Swinging and Climbing
10Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Rabbit House - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Wood House
  • Play and Sleep
11Niteangel Natural Living Mat House - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Toy House and Ladder
  • Sleep and Play
  • Safe
12Niteangel Suspension Bridge for Hamsters - Toy for Your Hamster
  • Bridge Design
  • Climbing and Chewing

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