Top 15 Best Hamster Wheels Reviews In 2020

A happy and well-grown hamster is a result of the best hamster wheel in the market. Are you looking for one? We offer you our top picks in a bit, so read on!

The pet will experience good exercise by giving him toys like an exercise wheel. It also reduces boredom upon hamsters inside a cage, yet makes them healthier and more active.
Hamsters also run in search of food in which hamster wheels, so-called running wheels, let them do just that even in a cage. Exercise wheels are a perfect outlet for hamsters to feel their natural habitat in your home.

As promised, let’s now proceed to the main point of this post – the top picks for the hamster wheel in 2020.

Best Hamster Wheel in 2020: A Buyer’s Guide

Now you have gained ideas of what hamster wheel to pick; the next problem would be on how to choose the right tool.

The wrong ones might put your pet in danger, and no one wants that. We all desire to add exercise tools in a hamster cage that promote safety and a more active lifestyle for our pet.
The following are the best features you should look into buying an exercise wheel for hamsters;

  • Brand – The product’s brand matters the most in consideration of quality performance. We sometimes neglect the brand’s reputation because of the low price. But, cheap products only last in a short time of use. It is better to pay extra now than to regret as time goes by. Slightly expensive running wheels can provide better operation than cheap ones.
  • Design – Hamster wheels come up in different styles to suit your liking. It adds beauty in a hamster cage, for that matter. Most units are designed for various life stages of a hamster. Some are intended for small hamsters, while larger exercise wheels are available for bigger ones. Go for the latter option as hamsters grow fast. There are four types of a hamster wheel you can buy, including a flying saucer, silent spinner, comfort wheel, and rodent wheel. They differ in design but have the same safety to offer on your fluffy pet.
  • Setup – A wheeled toy is a great addition to a hamster cage, but how will be the setup? They can be placed in a cage in two positions, to hang or to just standalone. The choice will depend on how you want your pet’s cage look. Both setup options are good anyways in any type of cage.
  • Surface – Its surface can be wired or just solid, but the latter is much better in terms of safety and comfort. It must be solid and not easy to break even when made in plastic to support hamsters effectively. They are typically designed flat or shaped like half of a tube.
  • Noise Levels – This is an important factor to consider as hamsters are nocturnal pets which might cause distractions at night. Most brands offer a quiet exercise wheel, so no need to stress out. The remedy upon squeaky wheel is vegetable oil to be dropped on where the wheel spins.
  • Safety – One of the main purposes of having a hamster wheel is to keep the pets safe while exercising. Make sure its parts won’t hurt your pet’s small feet while running onto it. Some units have been receiving complaints on sharp edges that seriously hurt hamsters. Check whether the product you are buying conforms to safety standards just to be sure.
  • Price – Get a hamster wheel that will suit your budget more than just you want. And yet, pick the tool that is fitted to your pet’s needs. That is why the price is the least factor you needed to consider because it will yet fall to the previous features.

Reviews: Best hamster Wheels

To help you in searching for the best choice, our product review goes over the best hamster wheels online. We include their top features for you to look at in deciding which to buy.

  • To top the list is the Silent Runner Exercise Wheel with a very simple design. Wall-hugger hamsters will surely love it due to its safety features like textured running tracks.
  • Plus, it has an axle-free design on which protects small pets from getting hurt at the center bar.
  • The structure has combined heavy-duty metal and non-toxic plastic material to ensure durability. It also provides great security towards the pet because of its close-off the design and natural bean-shaped openings with a solid rear wall.
  • Its metal stand promotes stability, which can hold running pets with ease.
  • A whisper-silent spin is well-played with the help of the dual ball bearings. It ensures a smooth and silent operation upon the wheel, unlike the ones made with a center axle.
  • It offers a lot of space for the pet to play around.
  • Completely disassemble the wheel in times of cleaning. It does not have nooks to catch up with a waste of the pet, so regular cleaning is necessary.

  • This one is more stylish than the previous exercise wheel on which gained so much attention in the market. It is highly recommended for small hamsters due to its compact design.
  • Despite its small feature, the Flying Saucer is yet effective in promoting exercise towards hamsters.
  • It has toe and tail safe design with a solid running surface.
  • Your pet will be kept safe from falling off the exercise wheel and will only give positive results on their health. They can freely run on the wheeled toy without any worries.
  • The exercise wheel has a quiet spinning operation that benefits the pet a peaceful place to exercise. It can run hours to avoid feeling bored without ripping off the running wheel. It is designed with the durability to stand with an active lifestyle of hamsters.
  • Its design is easy to clean, even without disassembling the unit.
  • Do not let bigger hamsters play with this exercise tool, as it may not work effectively.

  • Some hamster breeds are hyperactive, and other exercise wheels may not handle well.
  • Onpiece has to offer a suitable tool for such kind of hamster.
  • It is more spacious, about 30cm diameter than the other exercise wheel on the list.
  • It gives a more comfortable space for the pet to play on with safety. However, some buyers have complained a bit problem towards the wheel’s design.
  • They say the wheel is slightly stiff that may hurt pets over time.
  • It has an innovative design that allows hamsters to exercise freely without getting injured. The sturdy base offers stability to protect your pet while running onto it.
  • It won’t fall into pieces even when made in plastic material, as durability counts.
  • The non-slip feature makes the exercise wheel safer for hamsters.
  • They can enjoy a spacious exercise for a long time. Their cage will remain quiet even when the pet play on the wheeled toy.
  • However, the running wheel’s base is hard to attach during assembly but once put together; everything will be at ease.

  • An open-wheel is another option for the best hamster wheel with different features. It is literally open without any walls to keep the pet enclosed.
  • This type of wheel toy gives freedom on hamsters to go in and out, which is so unique compared to the previous options.
  • The problem here is the tendency of pets to slip off the wheel during exercise. It does not have a textured surface but only a plastic material which can be slippery.
  • The added humps do not take effect with such an issue.
  • Syrian hamsters are better off with this huge hamster wheel about 8.5”.
  • It provides more room for them to exercise. Smaller breed, on the other hand, can also try using the exercise wheel, with proper monitoring.
  • It is not as quiet as the other exercise wheels on the list.
  • Comfort Wheel does not achieve a whisper-quiet operation, so better to look for another unit if needed.
  • A stand is included for free which can be attached to any wire cage.

  • This has to be the best alternative for the previous option considering the noise level is produced.
  • As its name claims, this exercise wheel has noise-free spinning, which is a nice thing for hamsters. It won’t wake up little hamsters getting enough sleep at night while bigger ones perform their daily exercise.
  • It is measured with 12” diameter, which could be good on other small pets that have the same routine as hamsters.
  • The setup position can be either standalone or attaching it to the wire cage. It can be a permanent fixture inside a cage.
  • It has a plastic-made running surface that gives comfort toward hamsters. Your fluffy pet will be safe in times of exercise.
  • They might slip off from time to time but can get up easily.
  • Hamsters can use this wheeled toy in all life stages. They won’t feel bored as long as there is a toy like an exercise wheel.

  • This is the first ASCPCA-approved exercise wheel on the list you can purchase. Large hamsters are highly benefitted with the exercise tool due to its beyond compact design.
  • Other small pets can use the tool for exercise matters.
  • It comes with a steel stand that sustains the unit when the hamster gets so active during exercise. The unit will keep standing even when pushed by the hamster unintentionally.
  • This is not advisable for smaller hamsters, as they may get some trouble running on the tool.
  • It has an enclosed wall to prevent the pet from falling off the unit, thus lessens the possibility of injuries.
  • The added protection is the tube-like cylinder on its middle axle that prevents tangles from the pets.
  • Setting up the hamster wheel does not require attaching it to the cage. It is a standalone type of hamster wheel. It works silently, which will benefit the household and smaller hamsters at night.
  • Anyone can easily clean the exercise wheel with disassembling the unit.

  • If you desire to give your fluffy pet a uniquely designed exercise wheel, Petzilla has something to offer. It can be put in a cage with freestanding or just fix the unit to any wired cage; whichever you choose will benefit hamsters.
  • Its unique design catches the attention of many hamster keepers to buy one. It is wooden built that can last for years of use. The wood material is durable to stand in all conditions. The pet will not be able to chew the wooden wheel, so no worries.
  • The acrylic circle promotes a silent operation with the exercise wheel, with proper installation. Petzilla provides instructions on how to install the unit in the right order; just follow it for better operation. Contact them when a problem occurs.
  • It is hard to clean as compared to hamster wheels made of plastic. You can pick between four-color designs that will suit your pet’s cage.

  • Prevue Pet Products is a trusted brand offering important cage stuff for small pets, including exercise wheels. They sell products at a low price for everyone to afford.
  • Baby hamsters will be in trouble using this hamster wheel due to its wire mesh design.
  • Its wire mesh design helps to prevent the pet’s feet and tails from getting hurt. The 6-inch wheel toy is designed for dwarf hamsters, but this is an issue for some users.
  • It is lightweight and won’t take up more room in a cage.
  • You can hang the exercise wheel on mesh cage sides to provide more room for your pet. Small pets won’t be able to chew the unit that easy.
  • It can last up for many years of use as a result.
  • Some buyer complains about the product that starts squeaking after a few times of use. But then again, vegetable oil helps to stop such a problem.

  • Among the best hamster wheels is the one made by Suncoast. It is a Wodent wheel with unique features to offer.
  • Most hamsters prefer closed wheel design, as it considers their safety even more. It has a well-covered axle, plus a tail guard.
  • This wodent wheel is intended for sugar gliders and other small pets, including hamsters. It devotes quality and safety for the pets.
  • Suncoast has been producing such stuff for pets since 1999.
  • It is a small animal running wheel and is measured about 11” diameter. It has a wall-to-wall tail shield design for added protection. The wheel unit is made durable due to the ribbed plastic material used. It delivers a good grip towards the pet.
  • No loud parts are included and so operate at very low noise, except when placed over a plastic material. The vibration might cause a little noise then.

  • This wooden exercise tool is so versatile. It can serve as an exercise wheel, as well as a wooden chew toy due to non-toxic materials used during production. Unlike the other wooden wheel above, this one is quieter.
  • It is stable and sturdy to hold the pet while exercising. Freestanding is included for easy setup in a hamster cage. It cannot be fixed in a wired cage, though.
  • There are no gaps found with this exercise wheel, unlike the metal wire wheels. Unnecessary injuries are, therefore, prevented even more.
  • It is completely noiseless as a claim by the users.
  • The hamster pet will enjoy exercising without causing other animals and household any trouble.
  • Just like the other wooden wheel above, this one is difficult to clean. If you are looking for easy to clean hamster wheel, go for metal and plastic-made wheel toys.

  • Let’s go back with a plastic-made hamster wheel.
  • This could be perfect for female hamsters because of its pink color design. Just be mindful of the center axle design that received many reports of severe injury towards the pet. Some keepers are anxious about the said happenings. Anyways, the product is ASPCA certified for safety.
  • Both baby and an adult hamster can freely play on this wodent wheel. Its size is very versatile in all life stages of hamsters. It has five entry holes in a round-shaped about 2.1” in diameter.
  • To go in and out of the exercise wheel is now trickier because of the holes.
  • The pink hamster wheel is made from plastic. It is easier to assemble and clean than wooden hamster wheels. It stands alone in a cage and cannot be attached in a wired cage.

  • Kaytee is among the top brands in producing hamster wheels in the market. Their Run-Around Hamster Wheel is a good-grade exercise tool for hamsters, next to Comfort Wheel and Silent Spinner mentioned earlier. It is not advisable for baby hamsters due to its size.
  • It is wired and is available in varieties of colors. The metal wire mesh has a chew-proof feature and safe for hamsters. It will not break into pieces that easy.
  • The wheel is powder-coated to prevent rusting but promotes easy cleaning. It is extra-durable as compared to other exercise wheel options.
  • It has safety features such as tail-safe to protect the pet effectively. Another is the EZ exit design that promotes healthy exercise towards pets.
  • It does not promise quiet operation, as it produces a moderate noise level at night. You may attach the exercise wheel in a cage through its built-in hooks.

  • Are you looking for a simpler hamster wheel for your fluffy friend? Mojettooffers a comfort wheel that lets the hamster feel comfortable during exercise. With the right tool, the pets will be encouraged to do the running exercise.
  • You can choose between assorted colors at your liking. Choose the one that best fits the hamster cage’s color. Two options of setup are available, either by free-standing or wire cage attached. A two-way attachment clip is included.
  • It works well for smaller hamsters with its 8.5” diameter space. The said space is enough to provide comfort for hamsters while exercising. They can move freely and happily on this exercise wheel.
  • Like the other hamster wheels above, this comfort wheel features a tail-safe design for added protection to pets. Plus, its solid running surface ensures safety for those small feet. It operates quietly, as most households prefer.

  • This is the most reviewed hamster wheel among the list online. Its quality performance proved the positive feedbacks made by the users. It promotes a better grip in which benefits the safety of the hamsters.
  • Colors may vary depending on your liking.
  • The plastic wheel can either be hung on the cage or can standalone through the free-standing. Its solid running surface is gentle on the spine prevents any kind of injuries towards hamsters.
  • It applies lateral reinforcements to promote a safer grip on pets. They will not easily slip off the surface. The wheeled toy is properly sealed to prevent injuries due to attachments.
  • It turns in a smooth motion to sustain the comfort given on the pets. The operation is made quiet to avoid causing any disturbance. It can be cleaned at ease because of the plastic material used.

  • It is best to end the product reviews with a comfort wheel from Kaytee. This comfort wheel could be your top choice for many reasons. You can save a lot of space in a cage after adding this exercise tool.
  • It has a complex design through bubble wave funnels that promotes at ease grip on pets. There are assorted colors available, so look for a color that suits your hamster cage design.
  • The cage will be kept clean with the help of its removable waste collector cup. It is responsible for catching the animal’s waste, so cleaning will be easier now.
  • This is suitable for any critter trail habitats. It has a highly universal setup.
  • It only produces a little noise throughout the operation. No other small pets will ever be disturbed at night.

Final Words
To summarize, hamster pets need to be fast runners to get some food or to escape from hunters. That is hamster’s life in the wild. Bringing them in a cage will not disregard their running habit of about 10 kilometers per night. Keepers can make a hamster’s cage just like their natural habitat by adding an exercise wheel. From then on, hamsters will take advantage by running through the wheel to feel better and free.

Choose your best from the above list of hamster wheels. Upon deciding on which will be good for your fluffy friend, read the buyer’s guide over again to make things clearer.

Can you recommend other hamster wheels online? Share them on the comment box to let others know! Thank You.

Index Table: Top rated Hamster Wheels

1Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9” Exercise Wheel - Hamster Wheel
  • Protective Design
  • Safe
  • Promotes Stability
Exotic Nutrition98.2
2Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Easy To Clean
Ware Manufacturing98
3Onepiece Running Flying Exercise Wheel Disc - Hamster’s Wheel
  • Comfortable Design
  • Free Exercise
  • Safe
4Kaytee Comfort Wheel 8.5” Large - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Open Design
  • Roomy Design
5Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Attaches to Cage or Stands Alone
  • Larger Size
6Wodent Wheel 11” Exercise Wheel - Hamster Wheel
  • Steel Stand
  • Sturdy Design
7Petzilla Quiet - Hamster’s Wheel
  • Freestanding or Hanging
  • Easy Design
8Prevue Pet Products Wire Mesh Hamster Wheel - Hamster Wheel
  • Wire Mesh design
  • Safe
  • Prevents Feet and Tails Getting Hurt
9Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Closed Design
  • Safer
  • No Loud Parts
10Legendog Wooden Hamster Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Non-Toxic Materails
  • Safe Design
  • Easy To Clean
11Transoniq Pink Hamster Wodent Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • ASPCA Certified Safe
  • Pink Color for Lady Hamsters
12Kaytee Run-Around Hamster Wheel - Hamster’s Wheel
  • Silet
  • Wired
  • Color Varieties
13Mojetto Comfort Wheel - Hamster’s Wheel
  • Comfortable Design
  • Safe
  • Easy To Clean
14Trixie Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hamsters
  • Varying Colors
  • Hung on Cage or Stands Alone OPtions
15Kaytee Critter-Trail Snap-On Comfort Wheel - Hamster Wheel
  • Complex Design
  • Removable Waste Collector Cup

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