Top 15 Best Hay For Rabbits: Reviews And Buying Guide

Hay forms an integral part of a Rabbits diet, and the right type of Hay should be provided daily.

If you are looking for the best hay in the market today, I prepared a list containing the best hay products you find.

To help you choose the best, I also included a short buying guide that tackles the important things to look for in hay.
Let’s get into it.

Things To Consider When Buying Hay For Rabbits

There are many important factors to consider when choosing your rabbits’ best hay. Such considerations will help you decide whether the product you are considering is appropriate for your pet.

Here are the key factors that need to be taken into account before making a purchase:

  • Size – Size is the second important point you need to consider before buying rabbit hay. However, it will depend on the age of your pet. For example, consider getting smaller hay if your rabbit is still young. On the other hand, if it’s old enough, you’ll need larger hay to meet the increasing needs of your rabbit.
  • Brand – While the hay brand is not that much important, it is something you also need to note. If you want to give your pet consistent quality meals, choose hay products under the same brand. High-quality hay products will only be obtained with established brands. It is the reason why many customers stick to the most popular hay brands than those that are new.
  • Freshness – The hay’s freshness is also important when choosing the best for your rabbit. For animals like guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits, fresh hay is tastier. Usually, rabbits refuse to eat hays that lack freshness. For this reason, brands and customers put freshness as their top priority. To make sure that you are buying fresh hay, choose the ones that are hand-selected, stored, and handled in a breathable box or packaging. It helps keep the leaves and stem of the hay green and fresh for a longer period.
  • Your Budget And The Product Price – Always consider that hay is available at different prices. So before buying hay, ask yourself if you are willing to buy in a cheaper or pricey brand. If your budget is flexible, you can ignore this factor since you can freely choose what you want to purchase. But if not, you have to stick to your budget since it is better to buy hay under the same brand consistency. To get the best value out of your money, make sure not to be tricked by the price tags. Nowadays, you can get cheaper hay with quality that equals the pricey products.
  • Value – Naturally, rabbits eat a lot. Although the food they often eat is dried grass, remember that its maximum amount will add a lot of value to your rabbit’s lifetime. Search for hay that comes in huge value. Or a product that you can purchase at an affordable price in bulk.
  • Dust-Free – Dust is one of the terrible things that every rabbit owner faces when it comes to rabbit food and hay. Dust can irritate rabbits that may lead to detriments in their health. As much as possible, ensure that the hay you will buy is well-packed in clean and dust-free storage. Researching about the process of harvesting and packaging the brand also contributes to a better buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rabbit Hay

Here are some of the frequently asked questions of rabbit owners about hay. Check them out. Some of these queries might be one of yours.

Q: How Much Hay Should I Give My Rabbit?
A: Before feeding your rabbit with hay, you may wonder how much you should give them. But it is said that giving an unlimited amount of hay to your rabbit is safe because they have been exposed to a natural supply of such food in the wild.

Q: What Should I Do If My Rabbit Refuse To Eat Hay?
A: Rabbits don’t usually refuse to eat hay. On the other hand, they may do so. Let us take a closer look at this. If your pet doesn’t eat its hay even without partaking in other food, contact the vet immediately. Rabbits can immediately lose their health if they don’t eat food. For this reason, it’s always best to have a medical professional check your pet.

Reviews: The Best Hay For Rabbits

Here are some of the rabbit hay that I looked at to help you choose your rabbit’s best hay. Check them out;

  • This hay from Standlee Hay Company is hand-selected with rabbits in mind. It is 100% natural, contains no additives, and can choose from different sizes, including 48, 18, and 25 ounces.
  • If you are among those pet owners who want to test the product first before buying in bulk, this Premium Timothy Grass’s varying sizes are ideal.
  • These hay products contain a high amount of fiber, a moderate amount of protein, and low calories.
  • Aside from rabbits, this hay is also ideal for cavies, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, and so much more. It also promotes digestive and dental health since it requires chewing.
  • Generally, this rabbit hay can help you keep your bunny thriving, full, and happy. Let your pet enjoy chewing this high-quality hay all day and night.

  • Next on the list is the Orchard Grass Hay of Small Pet Select.
  • It arrives in a convenient and secure box that you can easily use and store.
  • Aside from ease and convenience, packaging also helps keep the hay fresh.
  • It means that your rabbits can eat excellent-quality Orchard Grass Hay once delivered.
  • If you want to keep your rabbits happy, give them an unlimited supply of this high-quality Orchard Grass Hay. You can also feed it to your guinea pigs and chinchillas.

  • Another great source of rabbit food is this Premium 2nd Cut Timothy Grass Hay from HayRabbit. What’s great about this product is that it is freshly packed within just a few days of harvest.
  • You can also observe that its packaging allows enough fresh air to circulate inside so the hay can breathe. This way, it prevents the reduction of the hay’s quality.
  • While its box lets enough fresh air go inside, sunlight can’t. So, you can ensure that the hay you’ll receive is still green and appealing for your rabbits.
  • HayRabbit shows impressive dedication in terms of improving its products.
  • All in all, Premium 2nd Cut Timothy Grass Hay is a great product that is safe and healthy for rabbits and other small animals like gerbils and guinea pigs.

  • For those who loved the quality and packaging and HayRabbit products, their Premium Orchard Grass hay is something you must check out.
  • Aside from rabbits, orchard grass is also great for a guinea pig, chinchilla, and more.
  • This rabbit hay is freshly harvested from the farm.
  • It is non-GMO, ensuring that your pet is healthy and away from GMO products’ possible risks.
  • With this high-quality orchard grass hay, your rabbit can get enough protein, calcium, and more fiber. If your pet is allergic to timothy grass hay, this product is a great alternative.
  • Provide plenty of water and orchard grass hay to your pets to keep them full and healthy. Chewing hay is good for their dental and digestive health, so you don’t have to worry if they consume it all day long.

  • Oxbow 15 oz. Oat Hay provides both nutrition and environmental enhancement for your rabbit. It is good grass hay, loaded with nutrition and a unique smell.
  • For little rabbits, the scent of Oat Hay is very irresistible. So, upon giving them this hay, you’ll be surprised to see your pet rushing towards it.
  • Like other kinds of hays, oat hay is rich in fiber, contributing to your rabbits’ health. It promotes good digestion, more energy, and so much more.
  • According to vets, OxBow Oat Hay contains high protein levels, making them beneficial. You can also feed them to chinchillas and guinea pigs, among others.

  • Rabbits are undeniably fond of eating hay and carrots. For this reason, Kaytee combines the chewiness of Timothy hay and the delicious taste of carrots in one product.
  • Aside from carrots, this product is also available in other flavors. Mixing the unique texture of different hay with various tastes enriches the band’s rabbit meals.
  • If you are looking for a suitable product for rabbits above seven months, Kaytee Timothy Hay Carrot Flavour is for you.
  • It is also loaded with high fiber levels, which promotes healthy digestion.
  • Rabbits also require protein and the high nutritional content of carrots, making the combination of carrots and Timothy hay ideal for your pet.
  • These hays are hand-selected to ensure that the product gets an accurate stem and leaf ratio.

  • For those who find it challenging to choose what kind of hay suits their rabbits, this Sampler Box from Small Pet Select will help you out.
  • It contains oat hay, orchard hay, and Timothy Hay in the third and second cutting.
  • Third, cutting hay is extremely soft, which is ideal for younger rabbits.
  • The second cutting hay is a perfect combination for adult rabbits because it contains the correct fiber and protein ratio, ideal for older rabbits.
  • With this sampler box, your rabbit gets unlimited varieties of fresh hay.
  • Other than using it to test which kind of hay fits your rabbit the most, it also helps to keep your rabbit excited every meal.

  • Small Pet Select is among the favorite brands of rabbit owners today. They provide high-quality hays for rabbits that are also perfect for guinea pigs, chinchillas, and many more.
  • Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay is well-packed. It is stored in a corrugated box that you can easily open and close whenever you have to feed your rabbit.
  • As a result, Timothy hay stays fresh for a long time. Second, cutting Timothy hay also contains many nutrients that can benefit your rabbits.
  • And because this product is hand-selected, you can ensure the accurate ratio of seed head and stem. Happy customers of this Small Pet Select product says that this hay is mostly green and soft.
  • It means that your money will never go to waste, and your rabbit gets the best meal.

  • Another product from Oxbow made it to the best hay for rabbits. Oxbow Timothy Hay contains a high nutritional value, making it one of your best choices to keep your pet thriving and healthy.
  • Western Timothy hay promotes better function of rabbits’ digestive tract because it encourages chewing. Aside from that, it contains a high fiber level that also contributes to digestive health.
  • Vets highly recommend oxbow for rabbits, chinchillas, as well as guinea pigs. If you have these small animals at home, Oxbow Timothy hay can be your top option.
  • Unlike other brands, Timothy hay from Oxbow comes with a fresh and sweet smell. It is the reason why rabbits love this hay so much.
  • The hay’s quality is not reduced during the processing and handling of the product. Thanks to its impressive packaging, you can expect to see your hay fresh and still green before feeding them to your pet.

  • Aside from flavored hay, Kaytee also offers Wafer Cut Hay that arrives with the same quality as all the products under the brand.
  • It features a wafer-cut shape that attracts rabbits’ attention, and it usually makes little to no mess and is easy to peel.
  • Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay is a 100% natural product, just like the premium timothy hay. Unlike other products, Kaytee products don’t involve artificial colors and flavors.
  • Besides that, you can guarantee your pet’s safety; you are also sure that your money is invested in a quality product.
  • This wafer cut hay is grown in the United States under top-notch environmental conditions to ensure the quality and moisture control of the product.
  • This product is available in 60 and 16-ounce packs for those looking for varying sizes. Choose the one that fits your budget and suits your pet’s needs.

  • If you want to give softer hay for your baby rabbits, Small Pet Select presents their 1st Cutting Timothy Hay. Unlike 2nd cutting Timothy hay, 1st cutting contains more fiber and is softer for rabbits to chew.
  • It also arrives with more flower heads and leaves, contributing to its high nutritional value. Compared to other brands, this 1st Cutting Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select is sure to present the freshness and quality you need since it is made in the USA.
  • Timothy hay’s process and handling are improved to guarantee that fresh hay will be delivered right to your doorstep. For this reason, your rabbit will never be disappointed when they eat their meal.

  • Would you like to make sure that your rabbit gets enough amount of hay in its daily diet? Small Pet Select 3rd cutting Timothy hay is ideal for you if you do.
  • This leafy and very soft Timothy hay is ideal if your rabbit requires a chewy meal that won’t tire their gums and jaws that much.
  • It arrives with less stem and seed head, unlike 1st and 2nd cutting Timothy hay from the same brand.
  • What makes this hay very soft is that it is harvested during late summer and early fall. For the same reason, it is rare to find fresh 3rd cutting Timothy Hay.
  • Small Pet Select provides a money-back guarantee to ensure that you get the most out of your money.
  • If you are not happy with the product you received, you can report it to the seller right away.

  • For rabbit owners looking to purchase a premium quality Timothy grass hay, Vitakraft Timothy Hay is something you must opt for. This product is 100% grass hay that is grown in the US.
  • Aside from being a 100% US-grown product, Vitakraft Timothy Hay is also 100% all-natural. It is grown without using any pesticides or harsh chemicals that can affect your pet’s health.
  • Processing this hay does not also involve preservatives and artificial colors. As a result, Timothy hay stays natural, nutritious, and tangy for your rabbit.
  • To ensure your pet’s safety, all Vitakraft hay products are cleaned thoroughly. This process helps to prevent contamination of bacteria and molds.
  • This sweetgrass hay also arrives in little bales, which is good for one meal. Packing in this manner helps keep the freshness of the product and your rabbit satisfied.
  • You can also choose between 56 and 28-ounce packs according to your pet’s needs.

  • If you find it challenging to choose between Kaytee’s Timothy Hay Plus’s wide-ranging flavors, try this multipack.
  • This pack includes all the Timothy Hay flavors, such as marigold, spearmint, and carrot.
  • Besides helping you provide variation in your rabbit’s meals, this multipack will also allow you to see which flavor is your pet’s favorite.
  • These Timothy hay products are also hand-selected to ensure the highest nutritional value.
  • Consistent and high-quality hay is essential to the development of a rabbit. Knowing this, take note of Kaytee Timothy hay’s fully-protected storing and packing process.
  • Another reason pet owners love Kaytee products is that they come with low calcium and protein. It prevents urinary problems for your rabbit and keeps their digestive and dental status healthy.
  • If you own other small animals like chinchillas and guinea pigs, this multipack Timothy hay is your best option.

  • This organic meadow hay is another great option to compliment your rabbit’s timothy hay.
  • This product comes from a trusted brand and is 100% organic approved, so you can be confident that it does not contain any pesticides, artificial preservatives, or fertilizers.
  • It is also high in fiber and delicious in taste.
  • This meadow hay helps your rabbit’s digestive tract because it is one of the rabbits’ favorites.
  • This organic hay’s advantages include its 100% certified organic meadow hay profile. It is also low in protein and rich in fiber, making it healthy for your rabbit.
  • Since it promotes natural nutrition for your pet, this Oxbow product is naturally grown.
  • When it comes to price, this hay is ideal for those pet owners who want to feed their pets with good food without breaking the bank.


To summarize, good-quality hay doesn’t need to cost you so much money. Looking at the brands and products I have reviewed above, I realized that you could also get the same freshness and value of hay at prices that won’t hurt your budget.

If you consider the buying guide I presented in the first part of this article, you will also recognize that small details like freshness, size, value, and price, among others, can lead to a wise buying decision.

Don’t make the same mistakes done by most rabbit owners before, if you follow this guide, you’ll end up getting the best hay for your pet.

Index Table: Top Rated Hay for Rabbits

1Standlee Hay Company Premium Timothy Grass - Healthy Hay for Rabbits
  • High Fiber
  • Premium Product
  • Versatile for Other Animals
Standlee Hay Company98.3
2Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay - Rabbit Hay
  • Orchard Grass Hay
  • Stay Fresh Packaging
  • Easy Store Packaging
Small Pet Select98.2
3HayRabbit Premium 2nd Cut Timothy Grass Hay - Hay for Rabbits
  • Fresh Packed
  • Safe
  • Healthy
4HayRabbit Premium Orchard Grass - Rabbit Hay
  • Orchard Grass Hay
  • Premium
  • Stay Fresh Packaging
5Oxbow 15 oz. Oat Hay - Rabbit Hay
  • Oat Hay
  • Fresh
  • Nutritious
6Kaytee Timothy Hay Carrot Flavour - Healthy Hay for Rabbits
  • Flavors Available
  • High Fiber
  • Timothy Hay
7Small Pet Select Sampler Box - Hay for Rabbits
  • Oat, Timothy and Orhard Hay Mix
  • Verstaile
Small Pet Select97.8
8Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay - Healthy Hay for Rabbits
  • Hand Selected
  • Fresh
  • Great Qaulity
Small Pet Select96.6
9Oxbow Timothy Hay - Rabbit Hay
  • Vet Recommended
  • High Nutritional
  • Value
10Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay - Rabbit Hay
  • Wafer Cut Shape
  • High Quality
11Small Pet Select 1st Cutting Timothy Hay - Rabbit Hay
  • Cutting Timothy Hay
  • High Nutritional Value
  • Fresh
Small Pet Select97
12Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting Timothy Hay - Hay for Rabbits
  • Soft and Leafy
  • Money Back Guarantee
Small Pet Select97.2
13Vitakraft Timothy Hay - Hay for Rabbits
  • All Natural
  • No Pesticides Used
14Kaytee Timothy Hay Multi Pack - Rabbit Hay
  • All Flavors Includeed
  • High Quality
  • Low Calcium
15Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay - Healthy Hay for Rabbits
  • Easily Digested
  • High Fiber
  • Organic

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