Top 13 Best Hedgehog Cage Reviews & Guide

When taking care of hedgehogs, a cage is one of the main requirements. The cage should provide them with enough space to move around.

Hedgehogs are highly active, so they need to have sufficient room in their enclosure cage.

If you can’t decide which one is best to buy, read on, and learn from our recommendations and pick one of the best hedgehog cages below.

Types of Hedgehog Cages

Hedgehogs are tiny creatures that make an unpopular choice for a household pet. For those who think that dogs and cats are too mainstream, this spiny mammal will make a great alternative.

These nocturnal creatures are low-maintenance pets, so this is a great choice even for those who do not have a lot of time and effort to spare.

Before we start listing down the top products that should be on your radar, let’s first talk about the types of cages available on the market.

  • Wire Cages – It has a solid bottom, usually made of plastic. The side and top parts are made of wire. This is excellent if you want a hedgehog enclosure that offers excellent ventilation. The wires use strong materials to make sure the cage is durable.
  • Pans – Plastic and metal are common materials for pans, both of which are lightweight. Many people prefer plastic because it is lighter and it does not rust. Plastic is also good because it does not conduct heat.
  • Aquariums – As an alternative to traditional cages, you can also consider a glass aquarium. At a minimum, the size needs to be 20 gallons to give the hedgehog plenty of space to move. It is heavy, expensive, and difficult to clean, so it is not as popular as wire cages or pans.

How to Choose the Best Hedgehog Enclosure Cage

Below are important factors to consider to narrow down the options for a hedgehog cage.

  • Size – Hedgehogs move around a lot, so the size of their cage is crucial. Most pet owners recommend a cage that is 4 square feet. If you intend to put accessories and toys, you need to choose a larger cage.
  • Safety – The cage needs to be stable despite the movements the hedgehog makes. A solid floor is necessary. Stay away from those with wires or sharp edges that can hurt hedgehogs.
  • Ventilation – This is important to ensure the comfort of your pet. Good ventilation also prevents foul odor from urine. It effectively keeps the humidity level down.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Care and the cage’s maintenance should be effortless. Poop, pee, and food particles can get stuck on the cage, so it must be easy to clean.

Must-Haves in a Hedgehog Cage

To make sure that the cage creates an ideal living environment for a hedgehog, here are the most important things that the cage needs to have:

  • Bedding – This is the bottom of the cage. It can be a substrate or recycled paper. Do not use wood shavings as they can injure hedgehogs.
  • Food and Water Dish – Keep your hedgehog full and hydrated by making sure that they have easy access to food and water in their cage.
  • Wheels – Hedgehogs are ferocious runners. They can run up to 12 miles in one night. This makes it a good idea to have an exercise wheel that they can play with.
  • Toys – Whether it is small plastic balls or toilet paper rolls, you can improvise toys in the cage. Climbing structures will also make good toys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we end this post, allow us to answer some questions you might have about hedgehog cages quickly.

What is the Best Size of a Hedgehog Cage?
This depends on individual preferences and the size of your room or house. While hedgehogs are small, they are active, so it is best to have a big cage. The best cage is 4×4 square feet. Although, for young pets, a 2×2 cage can suffice.

How Many Hedgehogs Can I Have in One Cage?
Hedgehogs are solitary and antisocial. With this, you need to put only one hedgehog in a cage. If you put two or more together in one cage, they might end up harming or injuring each other.

Where Should I Place a Hedgehog Cage?
The cage should in a comfortable place. It should be well-lit and warm. Keep it out of direct sunlight or any source of direct heat. The best temperature is anywhere from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the Best Bedding for a Hedgehog?
Get bedding that is soft and comfortable for your pet. It should not be made of materials that can get stuck on the spines. The material needs to be absorbent. Towels and pillowcases will make good beddings in hedgehog cages.

How Do You Clean a Hedgehog Cage?
Deep clean the hedgehog cage at least once a week. Remove all toys and accessories. Wash the cage with soap and water. Clean all the things you will put in the cage—dry everything before assembly.

Reviews: Best Hedgehog Cages

To make things easier for you, here is a quick rundown of the top-rated cages that will make great choices for hedgehogs.

Cages for a guinea pig, rabbits, and rats, among other pets, are also suitable for hedgehogs.

  • This cage’s size is one of the best reasons to consider this for your hedgehog. This is an extra-large cage, so your pet will have plenty of space to move around. Even if you add toys, the cage will not limit the hedgehog’s movements.
  • At its size, the cage has several parts. It has a balcony and access ramp, ensuring that hedgehogs will have somewhere to channel their energy into. There is a food dish that secures on the floor, making sure that it won’t tip and create a mess on the floor.
  • The hybrid design of this cage makes it use two materials. Both the materials are exceptional in terms of quality. The bottom base is plastic. The upper frame, on the other hand, is wire.
  • There are two entryways. You can open it from the door on the side of the top part.
  • Lastly, this cage receives praise words because of the ease of assembly. It is a breeze to put together the components of the cage. It comes with plastic connectors, and you won’t need any tool to complete its assembly.

  • While the manufacturer markets this product as a guinea pig cage, it is big enough to accommodate even hedgehogs.
  • It is affordable, making it a great alternative for a budget-friendly pet cage.
  • This cage has a total of eight square feet for the hedgehog to move around.
  • It comes in two areas. One part is a play area, and the other part is where you can take care of your pet. An access ramp makes it easy to move from one part to another.
  • The bottom part of the cage is made of PVC-lined canvas. It is durable enough to withstand the spines of the hedgehog.
  • It also has excellent traction that makes it easy for your pet to move. Best of all, the material is easy to clean and maintain. The PVC is also leak-proof, so liquids will not create a mess on the floor.
  • Lastly, this cage comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • The name says that it is a ferret cage, but it will be an equally impressive alternative if you are looking for the best hedgehog enclosure cage.
  • This double-unit habitat cage is one of the largest of the products included on our list. You can separate it into two cages, which is great if you want to take care of two hedgehogs.
  • The ramp’s design is one thing that many people will love about this product. It has a Happy Feet ramp, which has a special surface type that provides traction to prevent your hedgehog from slipping as it goes down.
  • Ease of assembly is another good feature of this cage. There are no tools required to assemble the pieces. It also comes with adjustable shelves, which will allow users to customize interior space.
  • It’s also great when it comes to portability. It won’t be difficult to move it around. It has casters to lock to keep it in a secure position.

  • Like the product mentioned above, this cage also comes with locking caster wheels, which will make it easy to transfer it from one location to another.
  • However, this one is slightly smaller. Despite this, you can be confident that there is still a lot of space for your pet to enjoy.
  • The smart design of this cage is notable.
  • The bottom grill is removable. It catches urine and water, among others. This makes it easy to clean the cage since there is no need to open the main door. You can remove the bottom part to clean it easily.
  • We love how it comes with all-metal components in terms of its construction.
  • They are chew-proof, so you can be confident that they will withstand the test of time. It also comes with a non-toxic powder coating.
  • The cage comes with two doors – one on the side and one on the top. This makes it easy to access your hedgehog and put food or toys inside the cage.

  • This cage is available in three sizes – standard, large, and jumbo. The best choice for hedgehogs is jumbo, spacious for your active pet.
  • Among others, we love the most about this cage because it comes with an easy access interior.
  • There are two large openings – one on the top and one on the side. Whether it is feeding your pet or cleaning the interior, the large openings will come in handy.
  • The balcony is a good feature of this cage.
  • This gives another area where the hedgehog can rest. There is also a ramp that makes it easy to go up and down the balcony.
  • Like most of the cages included in this list, you will also love the ease of assembly of this product. It is ready in seconds, and the assembly does not require the use of any tool.

  • It is another large and spacious cage perfect for taking care of your hedgehog pet. The size is large enough to accommodate two rabbits, so you can be confident that this is more than enough for one hedgehog.
  • The cage uses water-based paint for coloring. This is non-toxic, and hence, completely safe for your pet.
  • Compared to most of the cages included in our recommendations, this one takes quite more effort to assemble, but this is nothing that you won’t handle.
  • The holes are pre-drilled, so it is a breeze to connect the pieces.
  • It is also a good thing that the interior is easy to access. You can get hold of whatever is inside through the front or top opening.
  • On the wooden part, the top comes with a hinge, which will allow it to stay up and open while you clean.
  • Lastly, the manufacturer offers a guarantee of satisfaction.
  • If you are not happy in any way within the first thirty days of its use, just let them know, and they will issue an unconditional refund.

  • One thing that makes this different from the other products listed in this buying guide is that this is not a stand-alone cage.
  • Rather, this attaches directly to the top of a 10-gallon aquarium, converting the latter into a multiple-story hedgehog cage. There is surely more than enough room for the hedgehog to move around with its three-floor design.
  • The door access is on the rooftop.
  • This makes it easy to clean the interior. This minimizes the chances that the hedgehog will escape than cleaning with an opening on the side.
  • It has powder-coated wires that make the cage durable. They are also chew-proof, so they are safe from biting.
  • The cage already comes with a food and water dish as a bonus.

  • While the name of the product clearly states that this is an indoor bunny house, there is no reason why you cannot use it for a hedgehog.
  • After all, it is spacious enough to give your pet an ample amount of space to run around.
  • It is made of a strong wire, which is guaranteed to last through the years. It also comes with an arched roof, making it look like an actual house.
  • Moving the cage around does not need to be a problem as well.
  • While it is lightweight, it is a good thing to come with smooth-rolling wheels. When you want the cage to be stable, you can easily lock the wheels.
  • Like most hedgehog cages we have mentioned, it is effortless to assemble. You have to connect the main parts and clip.
  • You don’t need any tool to get the cage ready.
  • Lastly, at the bottom, there is a durable plastic tray. This catches urine and dirt from your pet, as well as from its food and drinks.

  • This is a bit smaller than most of the cages we recommended in this post, so we suggest that you pick this only if your hedgehog is young or small.
  • As it gets bigger, it will need a bigger room to move around, and hence, you will need to switch into a larger cage.
  • One thing that we love about this cage is how it is made using materials that resist stain and odor. Cleaning the cage won’t require a lot of effort on your end as well. It has powder-coated wires. The plastic is also durable. Plus, it is chew-proof.

  • This is quite more expensive than the products earlier mentioned, but the price is sure to be worth it.
  • One of the best things we love about this product is how it comes with four casters.
  • They are lockable, so you can secure the cage in a steady position when you don’t intend to move it.
  • The bottom part is made of plastic.
  • It’s deep and has sealed edges, which means that liquid, including urine, will not end up spilling. It will be contained inside the cage.
  • It comes with a large door that makes it easy to access your pet. The cage has a chew-proof latch and wires.

  • This is another premium option for a hedgehog cage that deserves your attention. It has three tiers, which gives your pet a lot of space to play.
  • It is shipped unassembled. However, there is no need to worry about its assembly since you can complete it easily and without requiring the use of any tool.
  • The materials have a non-toxic powder coating, so you can be confident that it is completely pet-safe.
  • One of the features that you will like the most in this cage is the urine guard. It also comes with a plastic bottom and a pull-out tray.
  • On the other hand, for portability, you will like how it has four lockable wheels.
  • Inside the cage, several plastic ramps will make it easy for the hedgehog to go up and down.

  • Like most of the products on our recommendations, this is another cage that is not purpose-built for hedgehogs. Instead, this is for rabbits.
  • Nonetheless, rabbit cages have designs that are also suitable for hedgehogs, so you can be confident that this makes another exceptional choice if you are looking for a habitat for your pet.
  • This cage’s length is almost six feet, while the width is almost two feet. For pets known for being energetic movers, such as hedgehogs, this space will be more than enough for their needs.
  • It comes packed with accessories to ensure the comfort of your pet. It has drinking bottles to ensure that they have easy access to water for keeping them hydrated.
  • We would also like to note that this is a knock-down kit.
  • This means that it will be easy to assemble and disassemble. It also folds almost flat to make it space-efficient when storing the cage.
  • During the assembly, you need to attach the parts using the supplied plastic clips, and no need for any tool.

  • This is another habitat designed for rabbits that can be equally impressive for your hedgehog. It comes with a feeding bowl and an elevated area.
  • If you don’t want the elevated area, you can remove it. This increases the size of the floor area.
  • The cage has a 5.5-inch deep pan that keeps the mess. On the other hand, the wires have durable powder coating using non-toxic and pet-safe paint.
  • It has one-inch spacing, which allows ventilation to keep your pet comfortable and manage humidity. The well-ventilated design makes it easier to get rid of a foul odor.
  • Lastly, the cage comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


If you have a hedgehog or consider owning one, a cage is one of the main requirements. The best hedgehog cage provides plenty of room for this tiny critter to move since they live an active lifestyle. Choose a cage made of strong materials and should ensure your pet’s highest level of comfort.

Is there any other hedgehog cage you would like to add to our list? Do you have tips to share? Do not hesitate to let us know by writing a comment below.

Index Table: Top Rated Hedgehog Cages

1Living World Deluxe Habitat - Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Large Size
  • Several Compartments
  • Two Entryways
Living World98.2
2Midwest Guinea Habitat Cage - Suitable Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Large Size
  • Versatile Uses
  • Good Traction
3Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage - Hedgehog Cage
  • feet ramp
  • Easy assembly
  • Good Size
Midwest Deluxe97.8
4Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand - Best Hedgehog Cages
  • Space Saving Design
  • Locking Caster Wheels
5AmazonBasics Pet Habitat - Hedgehog Cage
  • Two Large Openings
  • Balcony
  • Ramps
6Petsfit Wood Cage - Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Water Based Paint
  • Large Size
  • Easy Access Openings
7Ware Manufacturing High-Rise Pet Cage - Hedgehog Cage
  • Rooftop Access
  • Powder Coated Wires
  • large Size
Ware Manufacturing97
8Kennel-Aire A-Frame Bunny House - Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Durable
  • Large Size
  • Easy Assembly
9Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage - Suitable Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Compact Size
  • Stain and Odor Resistant
Ware Manufacturing96.6
10Kaytee My First Home 2-Level Pet Habitat - Beginners Hedgehogs Cage
  • Lockable
  • Deep and Sealed Edges
11Homey Pet CH-W38P 3-Tier Small Animal Cage - Suitable Cage for Hedgehogs
  • Easy Assembly
  • Powder Coated
  • Non-Toxic
Homey Pet96
12Ferplast Rabbit Cage - Hedgehog Cage
  • Large Size
  • many Accessories
  • Easy Assembly
13Midwest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe - Hedgehog Cage
  • Deep Pan
  • Elevated Area
Midwest Homes for Pets95.8

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