The Top 14 Best Hedgehog Wheel: Reviews & Guide

Like humans, hedgehogs need physical activity to maintain their best state of health.

To encourage movement even in their cage, the best hedgehog wheel is a must-have!

Unlike dogs, you cannot put your hedgehog on a leash and take it out for a walk. So, please take advantage of a wheel to make sure it continually moves.

Are you looking for the best hedgehog wheel?

You will be overwhelmed with the abundance of options available. However, this should not be an excuse for you to decide in haste.

Keep on reading, and we’ll extend a helping hand.

Why Invest in a Hedgehog Wheel

Some of you might think that a hedgehog heel is unnecessary.

You might assume that it is only a waste of precious space in the cage.

However, that’s not the case!

Hedgehog wheels can deliver an abundance of benefits, including those briefly noted below. These will give you compelling reasons to buy the best hedgehog wheel.

  • Promote Physical Activity – It is bad for hedgehogs to live a sedentary lifestyle. With a wheel in their cage, they will keep on moving. This is good for their health.
  • Fulfil their Natural Instinct – Like hamsters, hedgehogs have the natural instinct to run. When they are not in their natural environment, providing a wheel will help.
  • Reduces Boredom – Living in confined spaces can be boring. Having a wheel in the cage will provide the hedgehog with something worthwhile to do.


Got questions about hedgehog wheels? Before we end this post, we’ll try to answer some of them.
Are Wheels Good for Hedgehogs?
Yes, wheels are good for hedgehogs. It is one thing that will complete their cage. As noted above, this will encourage them to move. Sufficient physical activity is critical for their health.
How Do You Clean a Hedgehog Wheel?
Use a stiff brush, warm water, and mild soap to clean the wheel. This will help to get rid of the feces on the surface. You might also need to soak the wheel. You can also use a spray to disinfect.
How Big Should a Hedgehog Wheel Be?
This will depend on several factors, such as the cage’s size and the hedgehog. Most pet owners prefer using a hedgehog wheel with 12 inches.
What Kinds of Wheels Should You Avoid?
It would be best to avoid mesh and crossbar wheels for your peace of mind. They can increase the chances that your pet will be injured.

How to Choose the Best Hedgehog Wheel

To narrow down the choices, below are the most important considerations:

  • Consider the type of the hedgehog wheel – Common choices include flying saucer, wire wheel, and bucket wheel.
  • Look at the materials that are used – Make sure it is made using non-toxic materials; otherwise, it can put your hedgehog’s health at risk.
  • Evaluate the options based on the noise they create – Ideally, you should pick one that is quiet This way, it won’t disturb you.
  • Choose between a wheel with a freestanding mode and one that you can attach in the cage – Even better, pick one that offers two modes in one product.
  • Find a wheel that won’t compromise the safety of the hedgehog – Avoid open hinges or axles that can hurt the hedgehog.
  • Speaking of safety, the hedgehog wheel needs to be stable – Otherwise, it can be easily knocked down and can hurt your pet.
  • If possible, try to avoid wheels with holes or small gaps – Your hedgehog’s tail, or feet, can get stuck, and this can be a cause of serious injury.
  • See to it that the hedgehog wheel is durable – It must handle the hedgehog’s intense movements. Look for one with minimal moving parts.
  • The hedgehog wheel should be effortless to clean and maintain – This will spare you from headaches in the long run.

Reviews: Best Hedgehog Wheels

Looking for the right wheel to complete your hedgehog cage setup? Keep an eye on our recommendations below.

  • This option for the best hedgehog wheel has a diameter of 12 inches. It is large enough for up to two hedgehogs in a single cage.
  • One of the things that we love in this wheel is how quiet it is. It has dual-ball bearings that allow it to minimize noise while rolling smoothly. You can also be confident about the safety of the hedgehog wheel. It has an axle-free design, which eliminates the center bar. It wouldn’t tangle the tail of your pet.
  • The hedgehog won’t easily slip while enjoying the wheel, minimizing the chances of an injury. This is because of the textured surface, which improves grip.
  • You won’t have a hard time cleaning the wheel. It completely disassembles, so you can easily clean each part.

  • You will love the versatility of this hedgehog wheel. There is an option to use it in a freestanding model or attach it in a wire cage.
  • It is available in three colors, so you can choose which one looks best in your cage.
  • The Giant version of the wheel has a diameter of 12 inches. On the other hand, small is 5.5 inches, and large is 8.5 inches.
  • Hedgehogs will enjoy the ease of entry and exit with the wheel’s design.
  • It is also commendable in terms of safety. It has a smart design that prevents its tail from getting tangled or stuck.
  • The solid construction is also a plus, making it last through the years. While the main material is plastic, you can be confident about its durability.
  • It is also notable because it has a stable base. This prevents the wheel from knocking down even when your hedgehog becomes more playful.

  • This wheel has a diameter of 11 inches, making it slightly smaller than the two aforementioned products. The height from the base, on the other hand, is 12 inches.
  • The design is quite different since it is enclosed. The manufacturer claims that their studies showed that pets prefer having an enclosure in their exercise wheel.
  • It has a completely hidden axle. This is a good safety feature that will prevent the hedgehog from suffering from an injury.
  • The manufacturer of this exercise wheel has been in the business since 1999. This should make you confident about the quality of their products.
  • However, if there’s one complaint about this wheel, it would be that the assembly and disassembly can be tricky. This can make it challenging to clean.

  • This is different from the products mentioned above because it has a flying saucer design. Nonetheless, it is equally effective in promoting your pet’s physical movement.
  • It is toe and tail-safe, so there’s no need to worry that your hedgehog will be hurt while playing.
  • Like most of the recommendations in this buying guide, it also has minimal moving parts. Because of this, you can expect that it will be completely silent.
  • If your hamster is a runner, however, the flying saucer’s durability can be questionable. Some pet owners note that it might be quite flimsy.

  • The manufacturer markets this wheel for chinchillas. However, we cannot see why this won’t work for hedgehogs.
  • With a diameter of 15 inches, this is bigger than most of our suggestions. This will be a great option for large hedgehogs who need a massive wheel to play with.
  • It has an open-wheel design, which reduces the likelihood that the hedgehog will be trapped in the enclosure.
  • The manufacturer supplies the necessary hardware. It comes with high-quality and smooth bearings. With this, it will be effortless to mount the wheel in almost any cage.
  • Not happy with the wheel? Just let the manufacturer know, and they will issue an unconditional refund.

  • If plastic and metal are too conventional for you, go for wood. If that’s the case, then this product is worth your attention.
  • Wood is not just good for aesthetics but also for versatility. It provides a grinding surface for the hedgehog, which is a good way to strengthen their teeth.
  • Even the base is made of natural wood. It is wide and solid, so you can expect it won’t be easy to knockdown.
  • However, wood may not necessarily be a good option if you are after longevity. Hedgehogs can chew the wood, which can make it easily deform.
  • To prolong this hedgehog wheel’s functional life, the manufacturer recommends that you do not use it in extreme temperatures. It is also not for humid environments.

  • Like the exercise wheel mentioned above, this is also made of natural wood. This is a good choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly option for the best hedgehog wheel.
  • Since the wood is natural, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your pet. It does not contain toxic materials, such as paint or plastic.
  • However, some people noted that it could be quite difficult to clean. Urine can easily stick on wood and may be difficult to get off after some time.
  • To prevent odor, make sure that you wash it regularly.

  • One of the things we love about this product is its sturdy construction. Even though the years, you can expect that it remains functional.
  • The main material used in this exercise wheel is a metal wire with a powder coating. Aside from being rust-resistant, the wire is also chew-proof.
  • Meanwhile, some did not appreciate the short design of the base. It is also made of thin metal, making it prone to falling off.
  • Also, this can squeak this metal wire, unlike others that are silent. A good solution to this problem is to add coconut oil to minimize friction and noise.

  • This is very much reminiscent of the exercise wheel mentioned above. This is also made of wire mesh.
  • Its metal wire also comes with a durable powder-coating. This makes it rust-resistant. Not to mention, the wheel is also rust-proof.
  • This wheel’s diameter is only 4.5 inches, which makes it smaller than most of the options in this guide. With this, limit its use only to small hedgehogs.
  • The dual-function base is one of the notable features of this exercise wheel. This allows the wheel to stand freely or lay flat on any surface.
  • Lastly, it also comes with a fail-safe design. You can be confident that the wheel won’t pinch your hedgehog’s tail.

  • For those who prefer plastic over metal, this is another good choice for the best hedgehog wheel.
  • You will also love the versatility of this hedgehog wheel. You have the option to use it in freestanding mode or attach it to the cage.
  • If you are worried that it will be easily knocked down, it will be better to attach it to the cage.
  • However, it should be noted that this works best only if you have a small hedgehog. The diameter is only 8.5 inches, which can be quite small for some.

  • This is sure to be an acute and colorful addition to your hedgehog cage.
  • While most of its buyers use it for hamsters, there’s no reason why you cannot use it even for hedgehogs.
  • It uses a combination of two high-quality materials. The wheel is made of wood, while the base is made of metal.
  • We also love how it is 100% silent. It does not produce any annoying noise, regardless of how restless your hedgehog is.
  • However, since the inner diameter is only 9 inches, we recommend choosing this only if your pet is small.
  • This wheel comes with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer for your peace of mind. They also have 24/7 customer assistance if you need any help.

  • With a diameter of 12 inches, this is large enough for most hedgehogs.
  • One of the things that we love about this wheel’s design is the absence of a crossbar. This means that no section where the tail, or feet, can get stuck.
  • It is also a good thing that this wheel comes with a one-piece design. There will be no place where dirt or debris will hide, which will prevent a foul odor.
  • There are two sealed bearings responsible for delivering a smooth spinning action. This also eliminates noise.
  • The mesh design is also commendable. This allows the droppings to fall off the wheel instead of getting stuck and hardening.
  • Lastly, the main material that is used is ABS plastic. It may not be as long-lasting as those made of chew-proof and rust-resistant metal wires.

  • Do not be confused by the name. While it includes the word hamster, this is also a great pick for the best hedgehog wheel.
  • With a diameter of only 8.3 inches, the manufacturer notes that this is only for animals less than 3.5 ounces.
  • You will also like how it comes with a thick wall, which reflects durability. This also makes sure that the wheel stays quiet even if it spins.
  • It comes with a three-point seamless button attachment. This secures the parts of the wheel and makes it spin smoothly.
  • The high-quality and non-toxic material used in the wheel’s construction is also worth pointing out. It is proven not easy to crack, making it functional through the years.
  • We also love the unique shape and the non-slip surface. Regardless of how giddy and intense your hedgehog gets, the wheel is designed in such a way that your pet won’t slip.
  • It is also worth noting that the manufacturer provides a 6-month warranty. Plus, within 30 days, if you are unhappy, you can return the wheel, and you will receive an unconditional refund.

  • With this exercise wheel’s snap-on design, there is no freestanding base. It is space-saving because you can have it snapped on the cage.
  • This wheel only has a diameter of 6.75 inches, and the width is only 4.5 inches. This should give you the idea that this is only best for small hedgehogs.
  • It comes with bubble wave funnels as the surface where the hedgehog will play. This is more comfortable and quieter than those made of metal or plastic.
  • We also love how it comes with a waste collector cup. This makes it almost effortless to clean the hedgehog wheel.


The best hedgehog wheel is important to keep your pet physically active!

It is more than just an accessory in the cage. It is a functional toy that will encourage the hedgehog to move and be healthy.

Be cautious about which you should pick from the size to the materials. The wrong wheel can injure your hedgehog.

Is there any other hedgehog wheel you would like to add to our recommendations? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Index Table: Top rated Hedgehog Wheels

1Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hedgehogs
  • Quiet Design
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • Slip Proof
Exotic Nutrition98.5
2Kaytee Comfort Wheel Giant 12 - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Size Options
  • Durable
  • Stable Base
3Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel - Hedgehog’s Wheel
  • Smaller
  • Enclosed Design
4Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Flying Saucer Design
  • Safer
  • Easy Clean
  • Silent
Ware Manufacturing96.6
5Quality Cage Crafters Spin Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Larger Size
  • Open Design
  • All Accessories Included
Quality Cage Crafters96.4
6Bestmemories Wooden Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hedgehogs
  • Versatile
  • Natural Wood
  • Appealing Design
7Yoosoo Small Animals Exercise Wheel - Hedgehog’s Wheel
  • Natural Wood
  • Eco-Friendly
8Ware Manufacturing Metal Pet Exercise Wheel - Wheel for Hedgehogs
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Powder Coated
  • Chew Proof Wires
Ware Manufacturing95.8
9Kaytee Run-Around Exercise Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Rust Proof
  • Metal Design
10Mojetto Comfort Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Plastic
  • Safe
  • Slip Resistant
11Petzilla Quiet Exercise Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Colorful
  • High Quality Materails
12Nail O Matic Sugar Glider Wheel - Hedgehog’s Wheel
  • One Piece Design
  • Chew Proof
  • Low Mainetnanace
Nail O Matic96.2
13Love Hamster Comfort Exercise Wheel - Hedgehog’s Wheel
  • Small Size
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Unique Shape
Love Hamster96.8
14Kaytee Snap-On Comifort Wheel - Hedgehog Wheel
  • Snap On Design
  • For Smaller Hedgehogs

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