Top 15 Best Helmets for Horse Riding: Product Reviews and Buying Guide

No matter what you are riding, whether a bike or a horse, you must wear a helmet for safety.
Finding the best helmet for horse riding is necessary for safer horseback riding. Read on for more details!

Did you know that most accidents result in head injuries?
Many cowboys unluckily fall off the horse these past years that cause traumatic brain injuries. It is so alarming, but the right helmet can save lives. Horse riding helmets may not eliminate head damages but increase the equestrian world’s surviving rate.

So, let’s show you our top horse riding helmet picks online. By the end of this post, you will find out the one that will suit your needs.

Best Helmet for Horse Riding: A Buying Guide

Having an idea of those best products above may not be enough to choose which is best. Lots are still making mistakes in choosing the best horse riding helmet. We assure you cannot go wrong with our top picks by considering the following factors:

  • Price – Helmet’s price will depend on the materials used and design. Plastic-made helmets are cheaper than those stylish ones. If you want to buy a helmet that will last longer, be willing to pay extra.
  • Materials Used – A helmet is composed of exterior and inner construction which is made of different materials. The most common materials are carbon fiber, fiberglass, ABS plastic, and polystyrene. Its inner portion contains foam padding to give comfort. They are easy-fit and adjustable mechanisms, too, for a firmer fit while wearing it.
  • Design – Look for a stylish helmet that is highly ventilated. It could offer mesh-covered front and rear vents to allow airflow. In other words, the right helmet must provide a cooling effect for your head.
  • Size – Checking out the sizing chart before buying a horse riding helmet will save you. It must fit like a glove, not too tight or too loose. Sizes range from XS to XL, so measure your head accurately. Not getting the size will make you uncomfortable throughout the ride.
  • Weight – In addition to the size is the weight. Lightweight helmets are the best choice not to compromise comfort. This benefits extended period of horse riding.
  • Certification – For safety purposes, check whether the brand meets those safety standards such as ASTM. This will ensure your right to complain when something goes wrong. It is also a sign of the genuineness of the gear.
  • Durability – Make sure the helmet won’t easily break after a severe dropping. This will take you back to the materials being used during the construction. Always keep in mind that the helmet’s primary purpose is to protect you against head injury.

How to make a horse riding helmet spotless after use?

Cleaning the helmet’s exterior is different from its interior parts. In preparing for your next horse ride, take into consideration the following ways of cleaning your helmet:

Avoid using strong chemicals like laundry detergents in wiping its outer shell. It may wear out its lining designs. Use a microfiber cloth instead to wipe away dust and dirt on the helmet.

The inner portion needs more time cleaning than the outside shell. It absorbs more heat and moisture after a ride, even though you choose to wear a damp hat. Some use deodorizers to eliminate the unusual scent caused by heat and moisture. The best way is by simply letting it dry in the fresh air. Washing it time and again may destroy the material strength.

Reviews: Top Horse Riding Helmets

No need to search for other helmets in the market. We list down the best helmets for horse riding with their top features. I hope this helps you develop your right buying decision. Let’s get it started!

  • First on the list is a riding helmet designed for both genders. The price is a bit expensive, maybe because of the leather material used.
  • Odor caused by sweating will not bother you anymore with liner material that can resist bacteria.
  • Its outer shell main material is ABS composite, which offers superior protection with lesser weight. It is available in a matte and glossy finish.
  • A certification from ASTM and CE EN standards exists.
  • The top part has a stainless steel mesh for ventilation. There are many other vents present around the helmet.
  • It has a removable and washable inner liner that brings comfort to your head. It dries quickly for the next ride.
  • The harness is also padded with hook and loop adjustment.
  • They used up Fastex buckle to lock the helmet in place.
  • This is a hygienic option in the world of helmets.

  • For those starting a horseback riding sport, TuffRider has something to offer. They keep the costs down while providing adequate protection for your head.
  • This helmet can be worn with a ponytail and is super lightweight.
  • It has a low-profile graphic design to choose from.
  • The sizes run small. TuffRider does not provide a size guide to look out for, so make sure to fit the helmet before buying.
  • Its ABS outer shell is durable against impact falls. It is easy to clean with little soap and water and look great for years.
  • There is additional shock absorption with its EPS foam liner on the inside. They are removable and washable for a more hygienic helmet.
  • Vents are present at both sides of the helmet through stainless mesh covering. A YKK buckle harness closure secures the helmet in place, even during a rough ride.
  • This beginner helmet is suitable for adults as well as kids.

  • Having a tight wallet but desiring to buy a helmet with excellent quality? Troxel Spirit Performance Headgear is a low-profile helmet you can invest in. It is durable with its price and has a nice fitting. Plus, it meets safety standards.
  • Its best feature is the GPS II dial fit system, which provides a comfortable fit for everyone. You can make adjustments through its soft-touch dial to comfort the rider’s head.
  • You can get up to large sizes in various colors that will suit your mood.
  • The headgear has a full-coverage design to protect your head to the highest level. A flexible polymer is added to its construction to reduce injuries.
  • It also has a flip fold system in adjusting the padding for all head shape and hairstyle.
  • There are mesh covers to allow airflow for breathability. You can eliminate bad odor by removing its liners and then washing. Let it dry naturally.

  • This one is perfect for intermediate horse riders out there.
  • It can resist superior impacts, thus protects your head at its best.
  • Tipperary offers the helmet at an affordable price with the finest features, as shown below.
  • It is constructed with high-density ABS material.
  • They are lightweight when being worn but work very well to protect your head against impacts. Thanks to its drop-back shell and interior foam padding design.
  • Your head will be in relief with the help of its top and rear vents.
  • Air will freely flow on the inside to give better comfort.
  • Its style is in a carbon fiber print with an aggressive cut-away profile. The sports helmet has enhanced stability for increased protection.
  • Riding a horse at night while wearing this helmet will make you visible. There are a reflective strip and flexible visor for visibility on its rear portion. The product is also ASTM-certified.

  • The Ovation Protégé Helmet is just under a pound when it comes to weight.
  • A High-density ABS material completes this riding helmet with an extended back shell. A full-coverage of your head is possible in wearing this gear.
  • It is ideal for women and not fit for kids.
  • Available sizes are from XS to XL in four fashion colors. This is quality headgear at exceptional prices.
  • You can achieve snug-fitting with its easy-adjust dial and harness adjuster clips.
  • The buckle is also adjustable for easy fitting. It gives a comfortable fit for a ride.
  • This riding helmet is perfect for hot weather. It offers much ventilation on its top portion to keep your head fresh. Though the vents come with a large mesh, bugs and other dirt cannot penetrate the gear. It can absorb sweat without producing any foul odor right after.
  • It meets not just ASTM standards but also European standards.

  • Dakota Helmetis a good option when you plan to have a trail ride. Long hours on the trail won’t make you feel like you are wearing a helmet.
  • It is ultra-lightweight but will definitely lend an hour of use.
  • Troxel provides a fitting guide to get the correct fit up to XL size. Some sizes run small. They offer three beautiful graphic designs to choose from.
  • There is an extended sun-visor to protect your eyes from the sun.
  • It looks like a stylish hatband. It is under low-profile helmets offered at an affordable price.
  • This headgear took advantage of the technology in many ways.
  • One is the SureFit Pro for the fitting system. It includes adjustable straps and buckles to achieve your desired comfort. Another is the Air Channel Technology responsible for providing excellent ventilation with seven large vents.
  • It also features a FlipFold headliner that is both removable and washable. This ensures more hygienic headgear.

  • Equi-Pro Helmet offers a combination of comfort, custom fitting, and safety within a tough budget. Its main feature is the cool-on lining, which ensures excellent comfort while riding.
  • The lining dries up quickly and keeps moisture away from your head.
  • This is perfect for all levels of horse riding for young adults. Modern riders will look fashionable in wearing this helmet with matte color designs.
  • It also passes all the necessary safety standards, such as ASTM, SEI, and CE.
  • There are multiple front vents on the side and top of the helmet to allow maximum airflow. It does not compromise the rider’s safety. It helps to cool down the head during a ride, especially in hot weather.
  • IRH uses a dial-fit system in sizing adjustments. Just spin the dial on its back to tighten or loosen the fit.
  • It has a 3-point harness to wear on and off the helmet easily. The quick-release buckle helps younger users to wear the helmet at a snap.
  • Check the sizing chart to understand the right helmet size for you better.

  • For over 10 years, Tontron valued making helmets for various outdoor sports, including horse riding, until the company comes up with the Velvet Texture Equestrian Helmet, becoming popular in the market.
  • One thing that most riders notice about this helmet is its design. It is built with a high-strength outer shell with a Velvet textured finish.
  • It looks different than the helmets above. This can handle great impacts while on the ride.
  • It allows customized fitting through an adjustable dial for a snug fit. It only takes a snap to set your desired fitting completely.
  • The tackle passes CE safety standards, so nothing to worry about.
  • This equestrian helmet guarantees comfort by providing seven flow vents for breathability. It benefits users taking a horse ride on hot days.
  • Like the above products, you can wash its liner in harmless soap and dry it naturally.

  • Charles Owen offers both safety and style better than many of its competitors. It has updated styling in a contemporary low-profile. Both young and old will be in awe of how this helmet was made.
  • Superior airflow is passable through its front and rear ventilation system.
  • They are covered with mesh not to allow bugs to enter the helmet. It also promotes breathability when being worn. There are also side panels covered with microfiber suede for added cooling effect.
  • Unlike other helmets, this has a soft-leather harness to comfort even when it touches the skin. It won’t leave any marks when wearing off the helmet.
  • The harness provides a superb fit.
  • The fitting system also comes with grippers to easily achieve a snug fit. Your helmet will remain in place even after several impacts on the track.
  • This is a lot more expensive than the other riding helmets on the list. If you have enough budget, then you can buy one.

  • Wearing a helmet must consider visibility as a top priority. Check whether you will see the road while wearing it or not. IRH focuses on this factor by styling a helmet with an open large part of the face design.
  • They apply Velvet covering on this headwear to look more stylish. Some riders do not like such a design because they can be fuzzy. This riding helmet is a gold medalist when it comes to style.
  • A three-point harness exists for quick and easy adjustments.
  • They are colored black to match the overall helmet design. It is made up of buckles for better fitting.
  • It has an effortless design that makes it more impressive. They are just lightweight and easy to wear. Its top and rear vents ensure cooler airflow that inspires a ride.
  • You can be confident in buying this helmet to provide superior protection by meeting those safety standards.

  • This is another helmet option that suits all ages. You can pick between small to large sizes, depending on your needs. Schooling Helmet is not literally meant for beginners but also expert riders.
  • The third Troxel product on the list won’t fail to impress most riders.
  • Its slim profile and lightweight construction make the helmet perfect for horse riding learners. This gives them comfort all through the process.
  • You can make adjustments in a snap through a dial-fit system.
  • You can personally achieve the right fitting for your comfort. Harness and buckles are durable enough to keep the helmet in place.
  • There are also vents on the upper front portion of the helmet for proper airflow.
  • It has an extended sun protector to support visibility even in a ray of sunshine.
  • Just remove and wash the lining after a couple of uses to keep it clean and hygienic.

  • Fallon Taylor, a barrel racer, inspires this. It dominates the helmet market in recent years because of its fashion statement.
  • Its beautiful graphics come in five options with a matt or glossy finish.
  • The fact is an exclusive signature design is added to its façade.
  • It contours to the rider’s head with its lightweight construction.
  • Getting the exact fit is possible through the DialFit comfort system.
  • The dial will receive impacts before the helmet itself with its hard-pressed buildup.
  • It has large mesh-covered vents to allow your head to breathe. This lessens sweating problems, especially during a summer ride. It helps to cool down your head at a maximum range. Remove the headliner whenever you feel it is already unclean and hand washes it.
  • The buckles and harness ensure better security over the helmet, even on great impacts. The headwear will remain intact on your head after all.

  • A Troxel product is on the list, which speaks a lot about how good the company is in creating riding helmets. There are still different features Intrepid Helmet has to offer compared to the previous products.
  • It fits like a glove with the Sure Fit Pro System. The Intrepid Helmet will not easily fall off your head during an impact. Its buckle closure helps to secure the helmet in place highly.
  • It is designed with a Duratec finish.
  • The honeycomb mesh-covered vents ensure proper airflow while on the ride. Its vent pattern is very stylish compares to other helmet’s ventilation.
  • The front part of the helmet has a geometric visor that blocks the sun. It adds so much comfort to the eyes while aiming to finish the ride.
  • You can easily get rid of the bad odor caused by sweating by removing the headliner and wash thereafter. Let them dry naturally, not to destroy their form.

  • Among the IRH headgears on the list, Equi-Lite offers another set of decent features at a lower cost. It is effortless looking that conforms to safety regulation for helmets. You can wear this helmet model for a long time to gain protection in case of accidents.
  • You can buy one of its seven color variations available in three different sizes. They are all lightweight and simply fashionable to wear. It renders enough room to accommodate and protect your head against injuries.
  • The three-point chin harness keeps the helmet secure for added safety. It also has a fixed visor to protect your eyes from bright light. It uses up a dial-fit system for hassle-free custom fitting.
  • A total of nine vent ports provide maximum airflow throughout the ride. The removable inner lining will keep the helmet clean after washing.
  • But then again, IRH does conform to safety standards for assured quality.

  • Ovation has to offer a riding helmet perfect for starting your first riding lesson. This is the second Ovation helmet model on the list, suitable for beginners.
  • They are just light in weight and available in fashion colors in a metallic or matte finish.
  • It has a rubberized covering.
  • The deluxe riding helmet offers a good fit with its dial adjustments. It has harness adjuster clips for a more personalized fitting. Every age can wear it from the young to adults. The adjustment teeth are made durable for added helmet life.
  • The buckle is placed away from the rider’s face for comfort.
  • You can remove the visors when you are not feeling comfortable with them.
  • There are high-flow vents to keep your head cool during a ride.
  • You can wash its liner to remove dirt and get it ready for the next riding session.

Final Words

Remember that riding a horse is never a good idea without a helmet. The number of reported accident cases must be enough reason to invest in the best horse riding helmet.

Check on the important features listed above to end up with the right headwear for your riding session. Your comfort is guaranteed the entire time wearing one of the reviewed helmet models. Pick yours now, and tell your experiences with your friends!

Index Table: Top Rated Horse Riding Helmets

1One K Unisex Defender Protective Riding Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riders
  • Ventilated
  • Leather and Stainless Steel
  • Washable Liner
One K98
2TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Low Profile Graphic Design
  • Maximum Shock Absorption
3Troxel Spirit Performance Headgear - Horse Riding Helmet
  • Dial Fit
  • Ventilated
  • Lightweight
4Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Affordable
  • ABS Materail
  • Lightweight
5Ovation Women’s Protégé Matte Riding Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • ABS Materails
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated
6Troxel Low-Profile Dakota Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riders
  • Lightweight
  • SureFit Design
7IRH Equi-Pro Helmet - Horse Riding Helmet
  • Cool Lining
  • Modern Design
  • Safe Dual Fit System.
8Tontron Velvet Texture Equestrian Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riders
  • High Strength Outer
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
9Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Low Profile Style
  • Adjustable Fit
Charles Owen96.6
10IRH Medalist Riding Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Velvet Cover
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated
11Troxel Legacy Schooling Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Fit
12Troxel Fallon Taylor Riding Helmet - Horse Riding Helmet
  • Excellent Dial Fit
  • Ventilated
  • Color Options
13Troxel Intrepid Helmet - Horse Riding Helmet
  • Mesh vents
  • Well Ventilated
  • Odor Resistant
14IRH Equi-Lite Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riding
  • Color Variations
  • Roomy Fit
  • Maximum Airflow
15Ovation Girls Schooler Deluxe Riding Helmet - Helmet for Horse Riders
  • Excellent Fit
  • Adjustable Dials
  • Lightweight
Ovation Girls Schooler97

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