Top 15 Trending Hermit Crab Food: Reviews & Guide 2020

Feeding a hermit crab will not require much detail, as they are omnivores. They can eat both plant and animal matter.

Most hermit crab keepers prefer homemade food for their pets because some ingredients are already present at home. Others choose the best hermit crab food sold in a pet shop for convenience at an affordable price.

Picking a commercial food supplement for hermit crabs is so crucial for the beginning crab owners. Read on. This post will help you out in finding the right and safe food for your pets.

How to choose the best hermit crab food?

The right options of food for hermit crab will affect the health of the pet. That is why in choosing the best hermit crab food you need to consider some important details.

Of course, no one would want to harm their pets with only a mistake on feeding.

Hermit crabs do get tired of eating the same thing in a day, so variety is nice in feeding them. As they live in a natural environment, a variety of foods is being encountered. Mostly are washed from the tide like decaying woods, plants, and other things.

They are not too picky about the food they consume, which makes it easier to prepare food for them.

  • Foods to Feed – Hermit crab has a sweet tooth, so they loved sweet-tasting food. Most food for hermits is a fruity flavor. Any fruit will work to grow a hermit crab. As for the meat side, blood worms and mealworms are the best options. They are usually dried for better ingestion. It should not be seasoned with spices and table salt, as hermit crabs cannot tolerate it.

  • Foods to Avoid – Before serving fresh fruits and vegetables to your hermit crabs, thoroughly wash it with dechlorinated water. This is to ensure it does not have a touch of fertilizers or pesticides. Another food to avoid is processed foods, for it contains table salt and preservatives that may harm hermit crabs.

  • Why choose commercial diets rather than homemade crab food? – Since I introduced more of commercial diets for hermit crabs, let me give you reasons why. Though commercial foods for crabs give crabbers only a few options in the physical market, there are still online sources available. Many popular brands constantly produce the best foods for crabs with the necessary ingredients. It can contain ingredients that are present on homemade meals. Pickiest eaters can be convinced by commercial diets, with many proofs coming from crabbers. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it won’t break the bank. Most commercial diets are fed once a day and can be mixed with your homemade recipes. It also lightens the crab keeper’s load in preparing a meal for their pets.

Reviews: Best Hermit Crab Foods

Several best hermit crab food is sold in the market that makes it harder to choose. With that, I came up with the 15 top trending commercial foods for hermit crabs. Pick out which suits your pet’s needs.

  • Hermit crabs wander around the beach in finding food, which is often a decayed wood washed up by the waves. Cholla Wood works great as bird toys and decorative pieces at any aquarium. More than that, it is perfect for chewing on by reptiles, birds, and other small animals.
  • SunGrow made sure not to cut live cacti in getting cholla wood for hermit crabs.
  • You will get three pieces in one pack. Soak for up to 48-hours until it sunk to the bottom of the tank. Another way to prepare the cholla wood is through the post-boil soak process.
  • It requires soaking the wood in freshwater with activated carbon.
  • It can be entertaining and work as a hiding place for the pet. The wood is thorn-free to make sure not to hurt your crabs. It takes a year for the wood to decay completely, so no waste is to be found.
  • Natural Looking.
  • Safe for Ingestion.
  • Lasts a Year.”
  • Causes Bad Odor.
  • grows Mold.

  • Mealworms are a good source of protein, amino acids, and fats, which hermit crabs consider as their best food ingredient. This is the dried version of live mealworms. It is easy to digest, and crabs love its taste.
  • Some keepers feed their pets with dried mealworms as a treat and not as the main diet. It has a long shelf life with no refrigeration needed. The treat is packed in a resealable bag of all sizes. To get it ready for a meal, soak in warm water for up to 15-minutes.
  • It is 100% natural dried mealworms that can be fed by hand or in a feeding dish. You can also sprinkle the treat on the ground.
  • The product is veterinary certified that met the highest purity standards, so safe for the pets.
  • Well Sealed.
  • Healthy
  • Years Use.
  • Bulky.
  • Pest Infestation.

  • A food supplement that boosts hermit crab’s immune system is to look for. Jurassipet has formulated a natural food that crabs will definitely like. No corn or soy is added, which can impair calcium absorption. It contains the necessary nutrients for hermit crabs such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Your pet can easily digest JurassiDiet. This requires a daily feed that lasts for an hour. Observe how will be your pet’s consumption every day to measure the right amount of food to serve. You can either increase or lessen the food amount, depending on what you observe. In this way, waste food could be lessened.
  • The food contains probiotics that help reduce waste. It does not contain harsh chemicals or preservatives that may harm the hermit crab.
  • JurassiDiet also helps to enhance your pet’s coloration and growth with constant usage.
  • Great Price.
  • Improves Crab’s Color.
  • Multivitamin and Food Suplement.
  • .
  • Did not Work for Some Crabs.

  • Hermit crabs, as omnivores, love to eat fruits and vegetables as well. Sweet-tasting food treats are one of the best hermit crab foods. They also have a sweet tooth just like us. Some create homemade fruit salad for crabs, but it can be hard to clean up that way. Thanks to Zoo Med, who made a way to lessen the load of preparation.
  • The fruit treat contains dried fruits like apples, cranberries, and mango. Those are safe for the pet with a very delicious and sweet taste. There will be less time to clean up the enclosure of the pet compared to DIY fruit treats.
  • It is best for a treat. Other crabs may refuse to eat it, but the majority of them really cannot just ignore its wonderful taste.
  • The downfall is it causes bad odor inside the tank when not cleanse regularly.
  • Sweet Taste.
  • Quality Food.
  • Fowl Odors.
  • Some Crabs Do Not Like It.

  • Most hermit crabs would like to dwell in a natural-setting enclosure, with sand on it. These sinking pellets are named suitably on how it is made. As crabs love to burrow in the sand bedding, sinking pellets are perfect as their main diet. It can sink to the bottom and stays edible. The crabs can find them through foraging.
  • It is made of a comprehensive formula containing vegetable matter and spirulina algae. It consists of over 35% of protein and calcium for faster growth upon the pet. The sinking pellets are packed in a resealable container holding bulk supply. It can last over a year with a proper amount of feeding.
  • One pellet is quite enough, so be aware not to overfeed. There are traces of copper sulfate ingredient that is good for blood cell production. It won’t cause harm to your pet, as promised.
  • Softens Easily.
  • High Vitamin Mineral Content.
  • Sinks Into Water.
  • Needs Water to Work.

  • Sometimes hermit crabs are picky about what they eat. These Variety Bites are adored by most crabs because of their highly nutritious ingredients. It bears real coconut as the main ingredient, without preservatives and chemicals. Plus, it is made in the USA, so quality is assured.
  • Beginners and experienced crabbers can depend on this food diet. All the necessary ingredients suitable for hermit crabs are present. That includes vitamins and minerals which benefit your pet at its best.
  • The diet also contains food oils that promote successful molting and extends its shelf life. This makes the formula easier to digest and dispense. Only put an amount of food that your pet can consume within a day. Do not leave uneaten products, so spot clean the area regularly.
  • This hermit crab food costs higher than the previous formulas. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction with the product.
  • Ensures Growth.
  • USA Made.
  • Extends Shelf Life.
  • Not All Crabs Like It.

  • Shrimp is another favorite diet of hermit crabs. You do not need to catch shrimp in the water area as San Francisco Bay Brand has done the job. The shrimps are freeze-dried for easy consumption. It is rich in flavor and highly nutritious for your pet.
  • Get a 14-grams pack of Freeze-Dried Plankton in the market. Feed your crabs twice with this food diet. At the end of the day, remove uneaten food to avoid bad odor inside the tank. One pack of a meal lasts depending on the amount of food you serve to your crabs daily. It could be the main diet or treat depending on the feeders. Most breeders feed their pets with dried shrimp occasionally because it is rich in fat.
  • It also contains beta-carotene that helps to bring out the hermit crab’s natural color. It will work with a constant feeding with this formula. No harmful ingredients are included and so healthy for crabs.
  • Enhances Crab Color.
  • Cost Effective.
  • natural Ingredients.
  • Qaulity Issue.
  • Not for Daily Feeding.

  • If more than one hermit crab is on your care, Florida Marine Research food product suits your needs. It comes with three packs of a meal for a hermit crab. You can stock up the unfed meal for the next feeding. The containers are just small and easy to be emptied, so no worries for spoilage.
  • A healthy life cycle will be maintained for your pet. It is formulated with natural oils that help prevent molting. The oil ingredient also keeps the pet’s shell in good condition. Other ingredients it contains are safe for hermit crabs, with no preservatives and harsh chemicals added.
  • No unpleasant odor will be expected coming out from the crab food. The problem is some crabs hate their flavor and not able to tolerate some of its ingredients. But overall, it is a portion of healthy food for most hermit crabs, =according to customer reviews.
  • Safe Ingredients.
  • Good for Shells.
  • Not Very Tasty.
  • Not Very Popular.

  • Some species of hermit crabs are identified with their brightly colored shells. Crabbers may have used secrets in achieving that beauty upon their pets. They might be feeding their crabs with Fluker’s Color Enhancer Treat.
  • This food treat is rich in beta-carotene and lycopene. Those ingredients bring out red color on the crab’s legs. It’s perfect for crab species like Crazy Crabs, Strawberry Crabs, and Cavipes Crabs. It may take effect on the consistency of use.
  • It tastes fruity with the simple ingredients counted in. Your pet can enjoy the treat daily with proper monitoring.
  • Many testified about its effectiveness in enhancing hermit crab’s color. It is also available in purple coloration containing anthocyanin. Consult your vet before buying this treat for certainty.
  • Enhances Colors.
  • Affordable.
  • Live Bugs Inside.
  • Delivery Issues.

  • As the previous cholla wood product, this has no huge difference compared to it. Except for the five pieces, you will get in one payment. It is pesticide and fertilizer free, so completely safe for ingestion. Cholla wood is not only great as décor but also as food for hermit crabs.
  • This wood could serve as an excellent hiding place for hermit crabs while chewing on it. Boil the cholla wood before use to ensure it will sink to the water for better use.
  • Each cholla wood is 6-inches long and an inch longer than SunGrow’s Cholla Wood. It is the best-seller among cholla wood brands that you can put your trust in.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Good Hiding Place.
  • Remaining Bits of Cactus on it.

  • I already said that hermit crab has a sweet tooth, let me say it again. They loved fruit treats because of the sweet taste it brings. A fruit treat can surprise your pet once in a while. Coconut treat is not a pellet diet but dried coconuts.
  • The packaging may not go as well as containers. It is only packed in a plastic that needs to be stored properly to avoid pest to enter in. With an affordable price, you will get 50-grams of coconut treat for your pet.
  • You can feed hermit crabs with these treats daily in a food dish or through hand feeding. The latter way is only effective on tamed pets.
  • It comes with three different flavors; all are naturally made. This is a healthy reward for your pet after giving you so much joy.
  • Affordable.
  • Delicious Taste.
  • Not the Best Packaging.

  • If you are looking for a natural and yet organic food treats for your hermit crab, look no other than Dungeness Crab Exoskeleton. The company applies small-batch processing in making the product to ensure quality results. It is made in the USA, which is a great plus.
  • The food treat does not undergo chemical processing though it is handmade. That ensures a safer meal for your pet. People behind the making of the product include animal science experts and nutrition degree holders. We cannot doubt that fact.
  • The exoskeleton is steamed and then extracted, because raw Exo may impact hermit crab’s health. It takes very minimal processing to finish the food treat, thus avoids adding too many ingredients on it.
  • It contains great healing properties for hurt hermit crabs. The treat is also rich in protein, calcium, and chitin, which are good for crabs. It has a seafood smell as a result of minimal processing.
  • Store the food treat in a cool and dry place to make it last for up to 2-years. In every purchased package, there is a freebie.
  • Wel Packaged.
  • GMO Free.
  • Healing Properties.
  • Not Hypoallergenic.
  • High price.

  • This purchase is different from the prior products, in things you have never expected. It comes in a custom mixed food diet for sea creatures, including hermit crabs. The showed photo online does not exactly look like the original product, as claimed by the owner.
  • It is packed in a bubble wrap or hard box for a safer delivery. The product is available in five options, from 2-ounce to 32-ounce of Gourmet Blend. Its price can be highly afforded by mostly crabbers.
  • A pack contains 17 blends of ingredients safe for hermit crabs and other sea monsters. They are shaped into pellets, sticks, and even some are crushed. They look good together when putting in a dish and seems attractive to hermit crabs. Anyways, hermit crabs love varieties.
  • It has combined protein, fat, fiber, and moisture, which are all good for the pet. There is an ocean nutritious bonus bag in every purchase.
  • Complete Nutrition.
  • Multipurpose Food.
  • Several Packaging Options.
  • Large Quantities.

  • Just like the first Cholla Queen hermit crab food within the list, this undergoes no chemical processing or preservation. It comes fully organic and natural and is safe for ingestion. Now, it comes in jars! You can choose between jar sizes and pick which food your pet wants.
  • It offers a great variety of food for hermit crabs. If you want to purchase more than one kind, it is very much approved as long as for the growth of your pet. It is suitable for the beginning crab owners that have no idea about the agenda.
  • Nutrition degree holders work together in putting up the crab food, which assures you trustworthy food for your pet. The formula contains vitamins A and E and more nutritious ingredients.
  • Variety.
  • Durable package.
  • Nutritious.
  • Organic.

    • Fluker’s Buffet Blend is a turtle food in real life. Upon seeing its ingredients, animal science concludes it could be best for hermit crabs too. A glass jar holds the product with great security. And it is one of the best choices online.
    • The bottle contains three ingredients, including freeze-dried shrimp, mealworms, and pellets. As you can observe, those exist from the above crab foods. You will be better off as now it comes in one container, rather than purchasing one-by-one.
    • The pellets float in water for easy feeding. They are rich in calcium that benefits the shell growth. Other ingredients contain protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals to provide a properly balanced diet for the pet.
    • Blend of Ingredients.
    • Affordable.
    • Majority Pellets.

    Final Words

    To summarize, hermit crabs are not too picky on the food they eat. That is why choosing the best hermit crab food is only basic. Search for the foods they eat and those avoidable ones; this is to prevent harming the pets. Among the enumerated best foods for a hermit crab, which is your bet?

    Come back here and share your feeding stories. Thank you!

    Index Table: Top Rated Hermit Crab Foods

    1SunGrow Cholla Wood - Hermit Crab Food
    • Decorative
    • Cholla Wood
    • Perfect for Chewing
    2TradeKing Dried Mealworms - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • High Protein and Amino Acid Content
    • Resealable Bag
    • Natural Dried Mealworms
    3Jurassipet JurassiDiet - Hermit Crab’s Food
    • Boosts Immune System
    • Easy to Digest
    • Daily Feeding
    4Zoo Med All-Natural Fruit Treat - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • Fruit
    • Sweet Taste
    • Loved By Hermit Crabs
    Zoo Med97.6
    5Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • Natural
    • Comprehensive Formula
    Aquatic Arts97.4
    6Pisces Pros Variety Bites Hermit Crab Food - Hermit Crab Food
    • Variety Food
    • Complete
    • Ideal for Beginners
    7San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Plankton - Hermit Crab’s Food
    • Nutritious
    • Reduces Bad Odors
    • Beta-Carotene Rich
    San Francisco Bay97
    8Florida Marine Research Natural - Hermit Crab Food
    • Oil Ingredients
    • No Unpleasant odors
    • Three Packs
    Florida Marine Research96.8
    9Fluker’s Color Enhancer Treat for Hermit Crabs - Treats for Hermit Crabs
    • Imprves Shell Color
    • Also Available in Purple
    10NilocG Aquatics Cholla Wood - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • Safe and Natural
    • Cholla Wood
    NilocG Aquatics97
    11T-Rex Crab Island Hermit Crab Coconut Treat - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • Sweet Taste
    • Fruit treat
    • Daily treat
    T-Rex Crab Island96
    12Queen Dungeness Crab Exoskeleton - Hermit Crab’s Food
    • Organic Food Treat
    • Handmade
    • Crab Exoskeleton
    Queen Dungeness97.2
    13Aquatic Foods Inc. Gourmet Blend - Hermit Crab’s Food
    • Custon Mixed
    • Complete Food
    Aquatic Foods Inc.95.8
    14Awesome Aquatic Cholla Wood - Food for Hermit Crabs
    • No Chemical Processing
    • Safe
    • Natural
    • Tasty
    Awesome Aquatic96.7
    15Fluker’s Buffet Blend - Hermit Crab Food
    • Blended Food
    • Three Ingredients
    • Protein Rich

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