Top 15 Best Hermit Crab Habitat: Reviews & Guides

Hermit crabs are wonderful animals that love to burrow themselves. Aren’t they intriguing? They also live long, only If they have a proper abode to shelter them.

For this reason, it is important to set up a proper habit for a hermit crab. Most people refer to this as crabitat, a crucial factor that affects a hermit crab’s overall health and joy.

In this hermit crab habitat guide, you are about to see some of the leading crabitats with features that can benefit your pet.
Besides that, I have listed some of the important things you need to consider before buying one. Check out what makes the best hermit crab habitat deeper in this article.

Five Things About Hermit Crabs That You Need To Know

  • Hermit crabs can grow for only about six inches in length.
  • These tiny creatures can live up to ten years.
  • Hermit crabs don’t live in water; they live on land.
  • They also shed skin, called molt, and change shells as they become older.
  • These pets can also be handled safely. But take note that they will pinch if you scare them or feel threatened.

Important Things To Consider When Buying Hermit Crab Habitat

Hermit crabs naturally live in the seas. So, it is important to make sure that their habitat is appropriate for their needs.

Some hermit crabs are the aquatic type that loves to live in the corals. On the other hand, other hermit crabs are the terrestrial type that prefers climbing trees.

This little information is worth noting to get the most appropriate habitat for hermit crabs. Here is a list that you must check out to give you more ideas on what to look for in a hermit crab habitat.

  • Light And Heat – Before buying a hermit crab habitat, make sure to consider the light and heat that your pet can receive. If you plan to use an under-tank heater to keep your hermit crab warm, make sure that the terrarium you buy will allow you to place about one inch of bedding to moderate the heat. You can also find crabitats that comes with a built-in under-tank heater and thick bedding. While you can get an ordinary terrarium and install the under-tank heater afterward, buying a complete crabitat will save you time and effort. Hermit crabs can grow at between 50 to 80 percent humidity levels. For this reason, you have to mist their terrarium using freshwater. To make it easier for you to do so, choose crabitats that come with easy to open and close lids—most of the hermit crab habitats mentioned earlier come with such kind of lid. Hermit crabs also need proper lighting. You may find terrariums that come with LEDs, but if you prefer to DIY everything, you can place a fluorescent inside the habitat hood to illuminate the inside for about 8 to 12 hours daily.
  • Filtration System – The terrarium can get wide-ranging benefits from a strong filtration system. Not only do filters clean water by eliminating suspended debris, but they also render natural filtration and water flow across the crabitat. Knowing this, make sure to get a terrarium that comes with a good filtration system. You must also make sure that the product you pick has a filtration system that either meets or goes beyond the hermit crab habitat’s required filter size.
  • Additional Inclusions – While buying a high-quality terrarium for your hermit crab is enough, some pet owners want to buy a set where they can get additional items. Among the inclusions are live plants, hermit crab toys, shells, and so much more. But when purchasing such a set, make sure that it includes seaweeds or sea lettuce. These plants can absorb excess nitrates that reside in the water.
  • Easy To Clean – Another important thing to consider when buying a hermit crab habitat is the terrarium’s ease of access. Make sure to purchase a terrarium with an easy-open lid that will allow you to clean the inside more conveniently. Hermit crabs undergo molting as they grow. It is the process of shedding their skin or exoskeleton. After molting, pet owners must clean their hermit crab’s habitat. This is to keep their pets healthy and well.
  • Capacity – The capacity you require for a hermit crab habitat is also critical. If you plan to buy one or more hermit crabs, you need to choose a huge enough terrarium to accommodate them. Another hermit crab habitat is available in different sizes. It includes small, medium, and large.

Reviews: Best Habitats For Hermit Crab

Here are some of the best available Habitats for Hermit Crabs

  • The Repeat Reptile Carrier is the first position on our list as Amazon’s Option of Hermit Crab Habitat. This environment comes in an oval shape that makes it distinctive, unlike any other terrarium.
  • Besides being a cozy place for hermit crabs to live, Koller Products Repitat is also an ideal shelter for toads, newts, and other small creatures. It can keep your pets safe and secure, with a flexible access door totally sealed.
  • If you are curious about the material it is made of; The Repitat is built out of impact-resistant plastic material. Thanks to this, this hermit crab habitat gives a panoramic view that lets you see your pet inside.
  • This 1-gallon shelter can be the best environment for small animals. It features a basking island with a handle to serve as a backpack to carry your pet to school or a vet.

  • The Lee’s Hermit Crab Hideaway set is all you might need to collect a hermit crab. It arrives with a Hermit Hut, an ideal setting for safe and secure small crustaceans.
  • The set also comes with natural gravel, Medium Kritter Keeper, decorative plants, a detachable night-sky scene, and a watering sponge.
  • Unlike other crabitats available in the market, Lee’s Hermit Crab Hideaway takes the complete approach to your hermit crab’s happiness.
  • The dimensions of this crabitat are 11 ¾-inch X 7 ¾-inch X 8-inch. It shows that it is huge enough to keep at least two hermit crabs or a big one.
  • What makes this crabitat unique is the mesmerizing night-sky scene in its background. It gives a relaxing view not for the hermit crabs to enjoy but for the pet owners while watching their pet.

  • The House –Shape Glass Terrarium from NYCP is very stylish, showcasing its Geometric see-through design.
  • Aside from being a good environment for your hermit crab, this crabitat can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece on your table.
  • It is also ideal as a shelter for insects, reptiles, or live plants like moss, ferns, or both. With its framed transparent glass material, you can see your hermit crab inside.

  • The Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium, designed by European herpetologists, is an ideal reptile or amphibian habitat. It includes a front door opening that allows easy access to feeding and cleaning on the inside.
  • This arrives with a specially built lock that helps stop your pet from escaping. It also has full-screen top ventilation that enables infrared and UVB absorption and is entirely removable for easy cleaning or decoration.
  • Behind the screen, its lid comes with five tube inlets that can be closed or wire on both sides for mounting Waterfalls, detectors, Heat Wave Rocks, and more inside the terrarium.
  • This hermit crab habitat’s bottom plate is elevated to install a substrate heater.
  • Aside from that, its extra high built-in front window is ideal for thick substrate layers, allowing hermit crabs to burrow themselves as much as they want. The natural environment allows them to feel cozy and at home.
  • This house-shaped glass hermit crab habitat also comes with a swing lid for easier access. While keeping the inside accessible, this swing lid also helps prevent your pet from escaping the terrarium.
  • Unlike other crabitats, this hermit crab shelter comes with a copper alloyed frame. As a result, it does not absorb the water that hermit crabs and reptiles require.

  • Another amazing crabitat on the list is the New World Habitat by Penn Plax. It is ideal for sheltering hermit crabs and snakes, newts, gerbils, fish, frogs, bugs, and hamsters, among other small animals.
  • You can also choose from small, medium, and large terrarium sizes.
  • It is so you can get the one appropriate for the number of hermit crabs you want to take care of.
  • New World Habitat features a wide range of great features, depending on the size.
  • These crabitats are lightweight, compatible with different hermit crab sizes and numbers, compatible with hamster tubing, well ventilated, highly visible, and so much more.
  • You can also enjoy its simple design and durable built that can last for a long time. The most important part is that it comes in a visible clear plastic material that allows better monitoring of your pet.

  • If you are a beginner in taking care of a hermit crab, this crabitat is ideal for you. Nature Gift Store, Hermit Crab Starter Kit, provides an all-in-one solution for taking care of your little crustaceans.
  • It also arrives with a 2-gallon habitat along with a water treatment solution.
  • Additionally, the set arrives with plastic plants, water mister, choya wood for climbing, sponge with clamshell, coconut fibers, extra shell, and clamshell food dish.
  • This set is their best choice for those hermit crab owners who want to keep their pets safe and secured in a comprehensive terrarium.
  • It can accommodate two healthy hermit crabs and is great as a gift for kids, display for offices, classrooms, and science classes.
  • Like other crabitats, this starter kit features an easy-open lid on top. It allows easy access when feeding and hydrating your hermit crabs as well as cleaning the inside of the crabitat.

  • The ReptiZoo Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium aims to offer a cozy and safe living space for your hermit crabs. This crabitat is insulated and can hold water very well.
  • Its top is made from a metal screen to give adequate ventilation to allow the cage inside gets enough sunlight. Its cover arrives with feeding ports specially designed to enhance your pets’ experience.
  • The sliding door, which is easy to “push and drag,” is easy to close to avoid your pets from escaping. The habitat also provides wire inlets and a closable tube on both sides to mount waterfalls, alarms, and heatwave rocks.
  • The best thing about this crabitat is that it’s not that heavy. It is lightweight and is easy to move from one position to another.

  • Another terrarium from Exo Terra is Nano Wide Terrarium. It is also made out of glass that is ideal for reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals.
  • The terrarium includes a single door that allows easy access for feeding, misting, or maintenance inside the habitat. It also helps prevent the hermit crab from leaving their environment while maintaining the humidity and warmth inside.
  • This arrives with a secure lock that stops curious pets or kids from unwelcome opening. Aside from that, it adds an extra security measure to keep your pets in the terrarium secured.
  • On the other hand, the full-screen top cover enables infrared and UVB absorption. It is completely removable for simple terrarium decoration or cleaning.
  • This crabitat also comes with long-lasting locks on its side to protect the roof as well as built-in closable pipe and wire inlets on both sides. It is to safely run tubing and wire inside the enclosure while ensuring that your animals cannot escape.

  • Tetra is a reputable brand name that provides high-quality and aesthetic pet shelters and solutions. The TetraFauna Viquarium is among those products it can transform a traditional aquarium into an aqua-terrarium.
  • It is a combination of an aquarium and a terrarium that arrives with dry land and water section. This kind of setting makes it ideal for hermit crabs that naturally live in both water and land.
  • Unlike other crabitats, you no longer need to experience the agony of the hard set up process. This hermit crab habitat is easy to set up and is huge enough to accommodate several fishes and hermit crabs.
  • Aside from that, it has three-stage Whisper filtration for discreet operation. It also utilizes two ReptoFilter medium cartridges that add to you and your pet’s amazing experience.
  • Among the best features of TetraFauna Viquarium includes its versatility and the ability to work for different purposes. Like most terrariums, this natural-like animal habitat can shelter different animal species in one.

  • The MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit gives your new aquarium a fashionable and easy base.
  • This 3-gallon hermit crab habitat features curved glass along with an LED lighting system that utilizes white and bright blue LEDs to display your aquarium at any time of day.
  • It also comes with a glass canopy that slides back over the aquarium tank to maximize the space for routine feeding and water treatment.
  • Aside from that, it helps prevent your pets’ escape and keep the aquarium’s temperature under an ideal level.
  • Finally, the aquarium comes with a 3-stage filtration system that works seamlessly to ensure a healthy and clean aquatic environment.

  • If you want to get a multipurpose hermit crab habitat, Lee’s Kritter Keeper is something you must look forward to. It comes with a well-ventilated lid that slides back to secure your pets inside.
  • This feature also allows easy access to the inside of the terrarium. It also comes with a hinged viewer that can work as a feeding window at the same time.
  • It comes with small, medium, and large variations to provide the most appropriate size for your needs. These sizes feature a convenient handle for extra comfort on your side.
  • The extra-large, large, and medium sizes have attachment holes and airline access. What makes Lee’s Kritter Keeper worth buying is its space-saving feature that can keep your hermit crab comfortable.

  • If you opt for a smaller version of Zoo Med Labs’ screen enclosure, this is your chance to get one.
  • Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze is an aesthetic and durable hermit crab habitat that can last longer than other similar products.
  • Aside from its durability, this cage is made of anodized aluminum. It boasts a clear, full acrylic front door to provide a better view for pet owners.
  • Zoo Med Labs Nano Combo Dome And Nano Dome owners can also use this terrarium for better functionality.

  • If you want a longer terrarium for your hermit crab, this Flat Home Exo Terra Faunarium is your best choice. It measures 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high.
  • You can observe that most terrariums come with a higher ceiling so that hermit crabs won’t escape. But to provide a wider platform for your pet, Exo Terra comes with this wide Flat Home model that minimizes the vertical space it acquires by keeping its ceiling low.
  • This crabitat allows you to access the inside through its transparent plastic door on top. To let natural ventilation, it arrives with grid holes near the ceiling.

  • Lee’s Fire-Belly Landing is among the most aesthetic hermit crab habitat on this list. While most products I reviewed earlier features a simple and minimalistic design, Lee’s seems to go beyond just comfort.
  • For this reason, people who want to showcase the beauty of their pets are loving this crabitat. It can be placed as an aesthetic centerpiece or an ornament inside your office.
  • Like the most terrarium in this list, this product comes with a self-locking lid.
  • It also comes with an 8-inch Dia, a viewing area, and handles to make handling easier and more convenient.
  • Aside from hermit crabs, this terrarium is ideal for salamanders, newts, frogs, and other amphibians. It is also easy to clean, making it one of the best options for a more hygienic

  • Unlike most hermit crab habitats, Hamiledyi Reptile Habitat doesn’t have a lid. It boasts a unique open-top where you can observe your pet crawling and playing around.
  • While it comes with a blue, clear body, this crabitat brings added visibility over your pet with its uncovered top. You can watch your hermit crab while it takes a bath on a little swamp inside, separate from the dry land.
  • Aside from hermit crabs, crayfish, small turtles, and other small creatures can also use this habitat. It weighs about 110 grams, and it is made of plastic, making it lightweight and easy to move.
  • What makes Hamiledyi Reptile Habitat useful is its multifunctional design. It has five separate areas, including a basking platform, docking ramp area, breeding hibernation area, feeding trough, and swimming area.
  • You can plant small live plants on some parts of this crabitat. Aside from that, you can place freshwater on its one side to keep your pet hydrated and refreshed.


To summarize, hermit crabs require a habitat that can give them an environment close to their natural abode. Today, most terrariums are designed for generic usage; however, hermit crabs have their unique needs that a regular habitat can’t provide. For this reason, make sure to consider some factors that affect the health of hermit crabs, especially in terms of their environment. Afterward, choose from this list of the best crabitats to acquire the best for your pet.

Index Table: Top rated habitats for Hermit Crabs

1Repitat Reptile Carrier - Habitat for Hermit Crabs
  • Cozy design
  • Secure
  • Basking Island Included
2Lee’s Hermit Crab Hideaway - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Full Set
  • Medium Size
  • Nigh Sky Background Scene
3NYCP Glass Terrarium - Habitat for A Hermit Crab
  • Versatile for Other Animals and Insects
  • House Shaped
4Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Ventilated Top
  • Full Screen Top
  • Cozy Home
Exo Terra97.6
5Penn Plax New World Habitat - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Size Options
  • Verastile
  • Lightweight
Penn Plax97.4
6Nature Gift Store Hermit Crab Starter Kit - Habitat for Hermit Crabs
  • All In One
  • Water treatment Solution Included
  • Full Habitat
Nature Gift Store97.6
7REPTI ZOO Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium - Habitat for A Hermit Crab
  • Insulated Design
  • Holds Water well
  • Waterfall Compatible
8Exo Terra Nano Wide Terrarium - Habitat for Hermit Crabs
  • Easy Access for Feeding
  • Full Screen Top Cover
  • Secure Lock
Exo Terra96.8
9TetraFauna Viquarium - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Easy Set Up
  • Discreet Operation
  • Versatile
10MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • LED Light
  • Glass Canopy
  • Escape Proof
11Lee’s Kritter Keeper - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Hinged Viewer
  • Extra Large Size
12Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze Crab Habitat - Habitat for A Hermit Crab
  • Reptibreeze Screen Closure
  • Durable
  • Aluminium
Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze97.2
13Exo Terra Faunarium (Flat Home) - Habitat for A Hermit Crab
  • Wide and Flat
  • Large
  • Easy Access
Exo Terra95.8
14Lee’s Fire-Belly Landing - Hermit Crab Habitat
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Ornament
  • Viewing Area
  • Versatile Uses
Lee’s Fire-Belly96.7
15Hamiledyi Retile Habitat - Habitat for Hermit Crabs
  • Uncovered Top
  • Ventilated
  • Easy Clean Plastic

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