15 Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Healthy muscle tone and body weight are essential for your horse’s well-being.

Horses thrive on a balanced and nutrient-rich diet that maintains healthy body weight.

However, if your horse is underweight, you do not need to fret about it; there are plenty of horse feeds designed specifically to help your horse gain weight.

Our quick and easy guide and top 15 recommendations for the best horse feed for weight gain will help you pick the best option for your horse.

Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain Buying Guide

What ingredients should you look for in the best horse feed for weight gain?

  • Equine feeds come enriched with essential minerals and vitamins that boost your horse’s health.
  • Protein should constitute the bulk of the horse feed for your horse. This is because protein boosts growth and is one of the primary nutrients that will help your horse build healthy muscle.
  • Go for feeds with healthy protein sources such as legumes, soybeans, and milk proteins. Horse feed for weight gain should also contain healthy carbohydrate sources such as oats, barley, and hay.
  • The best horse feed for weight gain should also be rich in vitamins and minerals. These healthy compounds are important for your horse’s immunity and overall health.

Is the horse feed for weight gain age-appropriate?

  • When buying horse feed for weight gain, your horse’s age should be one of the primary considerations.
  • Senior horses, which are generally 15 years or older, need easily digestible feed that will not cause them digestive issues.
  • There are plenty of options for a senior horse feed specifically designed to meet older horses’ dietary and health requirements.
  • Always go for a horse feed formulated for your horse’s age. This is important because horses at different stages of life have different activity levels, and therefore their calorie requirements differ.

Read more about healthy weight gain practices for horses here.

FAQs for Horse Feed for Weight Gain

1) What forages are best for my horse?
Grass and hay are ideal forages for your horse. Grass contains silica, which is good for your horse’s dental health.

Hay is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for boosting your horse’s health.

Supplements and horse feeds are additional sources of nutrients that can help meet your horse’s dietary requirements. They also help when a horse needs more calories in its diet.

2) Why do horses lose weight?
Horses can lose weight due to health complications, age, or even mental problems. Other than these reasons, some horses will naturally have a high metabolism that requires high-calorie intake to maintain weight.

Travel, excessive training or activity, and insufficient forage are also possible reasons why your horse could be losing weight.

It is always prudent to have a vet look at your horse if he is underweight and cannot seem to put on weight.

Reviews: The Best Horse Feeds for Weight Gain

Whether your horse is a picky eater, in ill health, or simply not getting enough calories from their pasture, a high-quality horse feed can help them gain weight and build healthy muscle.

These are the best horse feeds for weight gain that will have your horse gaining muscle and body weight in no time.

  • If your senior horse is underweight and needs to gain weight, the Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator is an ideal choice.
  • Specifically designed to be digestible enough for senior horses, this nutrient-dense horse feed is high in calories and essential minerals, and vitamins.
  • In addition to boosting weight gain, this horse feed contains omega 3, probiotics, and biotin. These supplements support proper digestion, a healthy and shiny coat, and boost hoof growth.
  • This senior horse feed for weight gain has double the fat and half the protein you would get in most brands, which is the best ratio for senior horses.
  • For easy digestion, it comes in a prilled powder form. This horse feed is highly rated for helping senior horses with long-term weight problems gain weight and is one of the best horse feeds for weight gain.

  • For horses with high activity levels, this Purina horse feed for weight gain is the ultimate choice for building muscle and increasing weight.
  • This feed is a high nutrient, protein-dense horse feed designed to help the most active of horses achieve a healthy weight.
  • It contains a rich blend of soluble carbohydrates for easy digestion and healthy fat for maximum calories.
  • In this Purina horse feed, the beet pulp is a great source of fermentable fiber that provides sustained energy release to support high activity levels.
  • If your horse is a picky eater, this palatable feed is bound to get his appetite back up and boost weight gain.

  • This horse feed offers a healthy dose of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins to keep your horse healthy and boost weight gain.
  • Rich in healthy protein sources such as soybean, this Total Feeds horse feed provides the necessary amino acids to build healthy muscle.
  • It is ideal for active and growing foals that need a high calorie and high protein feed to support high activity levels.
  • This horse feed also comes with healthy fiber to promote proper digestion and ensure your horse’s gut is in a healthy state.
  • The highly digestible carbohydrates, including alfalfa hay and bran, are a great energy source for your horse.
  • This horse feed is best for promoting weight gain and muscle health for active horses.

  • This horse feed for weight gain comes in convenient, easy to feed packs. The apple flavor means that even the pickiest eater will gobble this right up.
  • Formula 707 is formulated to increase your horse’s calorie intake and boost weight gain. It is rich in calories from healthy nutrients to create the best weight gain formula for your horse.
  • The highly digestible vegetable fat makes this horse feed easy to digest, and it, therefore, works great for senior horses that are underweight.
  • Rich in protein, you can be sure your horse is getting enough amino acids to support muscle growth, essential for their health.
  • The practical easy to carry packs means that you can carry your 707 weight gain supplements even when traveling. Your horse can get its daily dose of calories no matter where you are.

  • This nutrient-rich weight gain supplement contains 35% crude protein and 15% crude fat to ensure your horse gets all the nutrients they need to put on weight.
  • Since it is rich in protein, this horse feed delivers a healthy dose of amino acids that are important for healthy muscle growth.
  • This horse feed supplement is enriched with healthy probiotics to promote gut health. A healthy digestive system enables maximum nutrient absorption and boosts weight gain.
  • This product is enriched with plenty of minerals and vitamins to infuse your horse feed with a host of health benefits.
  • This high protein feed supplement will adequately meet the needs of an active horse. Your underweight horse will start to make progress with this high-calorie product formulated to help horses with weight issues.

  • Farnam Weight Builder is designed to meet horses’ dietary requirements at any stage of life.
  • Whether it’s an underweight senior horse or an active horse with trouble reaching the desired weight, this horse feed supplement is the best in the market.
  • This highly digestible supplement contains 50% fat to provide maximum calories and ensure your horse starts to weight.
  • The healthy protein content boosts muscle growth, while omega-3 fatty acids promote a healthy coat and boost the immune system.
  • Boost your horse’s weight with this effective weight builder horse feed supplement no matter how old or how active he is.

  • High-performance horses need a nutrient-rich feed that will help them stay energized while supporting healthy muscle growth and weight gain.
  • This Purina horse feed is one of the best options for weight gain if you have a high-performance horse that needs plenty of calories.
  • This formula contains plenty of protein to enhance muscle growth, vitamins, and essential minerals to boost health and healthy carbohydrates for energy.
  • The combination of ingredients in this horse feed is formulated to boost gastric health. A healthy gut promotes nutrient absorption and enhances weight gain.
  • This is a well-balanced horse feed supplement that will make a great addition to your horse’s diet and help him gain weight.

  • Horse Guard has formulated a highly effective horse feed for weight gain to enable underweight horses to gain weight and build healthy muscle.
  • Formulated using full-fat soybeans and flaxseed meal, this high-fat, high-calorie horse feed will boost weight gain and promote underweight horses’ muscle health.
  • As a plus, the omega-3 content will boost a healthy coat and boost your horse’s overall immunity.
  • The flaxseed meal in this horse feed delivers a healthy dose of amino acids, essential for building healthy muscle and boosting weight gain.
  • Horse Guard is low sugar and low carbohydrate horse feed that is ideal for horses that need a highly digestible formula that will not interfere with their digestive health.

  • For a combination of weight gain and stamina boost, this Purina horse feed supplement is an excellent source of healthy fat and protein for your horse.
  • This formula effectively combines healthy fats and protein to create a high-calorie horse feed supplement that will boost your horse’s metabolism and stamina.
  • Underweight horses will benefit from the high-fat content in this horse feed supplement. It also comes enriched with a host of vitamins and minerals for added health benefits.
  • Your horse’s coat will benefit from the omega fatty acids, which are great for boosting skin health and improving coat condition.
  • This Purina product is ideal for high-performing horses that need a lot of energy to stay active and a high-calorie diet to maintain healthy muscle and weight.

  • This Kalmbach horse feed is one of the best options for horses with weight problems. It provides your horse with all the nutrients and calories they require to achieve a healthy body weight.
  • Since this horse feed is low in sugar and carbohydrates, it is ideal for senior horses with insulin resistance issues to gain weight and muscle.
  • Made using high-quality ingredients, including beet pulp, this horse Kalmbach horse feed provides your horse with a healthy dose of protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • This horse feed also has a rich probiotic content that will benefit your horse’s gut health. A healthy gut facilitates better absorption of nutrients enabling your horse to gain weight.
  • With a dense nutrient concentration, Tribute Essential K horse food ensures that your horse gets all the nutrients he needs at a go.

  • When it comes to high-quality horse feed, you cannot go wrong with Purina products. This Ultium Growth horse feed for weight gain is a great choice for underweight horses.
  • This horse feed contains balanced nutrition from wholesome ingredients that will deliver sustained energy to keep your horse active.
  • Purina Ultium Growth is made from highly digestible carbohydrates. It is also rich in protein, making it the ideal horse feed for weight gain, especially for growing foals.
  • The high-calorie content also comes enriched with a host of vitamins and essential minerals. This means your horse will not only gain weight but grow healthy.
  • If you want a horse feed that will also promote a shiny coat, you will get both these benefits from this Purina horse feed.
  • It contains omega 3, which boosts immunity and promotes shiny and healthy coats. Overall, this is a great all-around horse feed for weight gain and healthy development for growing horses.

  • If your senior horse has a weight problem, this effective horse feed for Manna’s weight gain is an excellent choice.
  • It contains a healthy dose of healthy fats to provide a high-calorie feed supplement. Your underweight horse will benefit from the high-calorie diet and start to gain weight and muscle.
  • This fat supplement is highly digestible and suitable even for horses with ultra-sensitive stomachs and picky eaters.
  • It comes enriched with fatty acids that improve coat condition and stave off skin infections.
  • If you want a palatable, easy to digest, and high-calorie horse feed solution for your underweight horse, this product is a safe bet.

  • This horse feed fat supplement is designed to provide max calories that will help your underweight horse gradually put on weight.
  • This product is highly digestible and suitable for horses at any stage of life. It improves body condition by boosting healthy muscle growth and providing the calories needed for weight gain.
  • The apple flavor makes it appealing even for picky eaters, and most horses have no problem gobbling up this horse feed supplement.
  • This fat supplement is also great for active horses since it provides enough energy to your horse energized

  • This is a great horse feed supplement for underweight horses that need a healthy calorie boost to gain weight and build muscle.
  • It comes enriched with vitamins and essential minerals that promote more than just weight gain. The omega fatty acids will boost your horse’s coat and boost their overall health.
  • Horses will benefit from this high-fat horse feed supplement at any stage of life. It is a great source of sustained energy that provides enough stamina for active horses.
  • High-performance horses need a lot of energy and a healthy source of calories. That is why this horse feed supplement from Vita Flex is highly recommended for them.
  • If you want your horse to get more calories for weight gain without increasing his grain consumption, try this Vita Flex horse feed supplement.

  • This is the ultimate choice of horse feed for weight gain if you want an all-around health solution for your horse.
  • Marina Pro Flax for Horses is designed to boost your horse’s health and immunity in multiple ways. It boosts immunity, promotes a shiny coat, and helps your horse put on weight.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids, this horse feed will improve your horse’s skin and promote healthy muscle growth.
  • This balanced product ensures that your horse gets a healthy dose of nutrients and calories for optimum health.
  • The added probiotics in this horse feed make it great for gut health and ideal for senior horses that require feeds that boost their gut health.


An underweight horse is prone to illness and may lack the energy to stay active.
Fortunately, there are plenty of horse feeds and horse feed supplements designed to help horses put on weight and build muscle.
With the right horse feed for weight gain, you can easily and effectively improve your horse’s health.

Index Table: Top Rated Horse Feeds for Weight Gain

1Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator for Horses - Weight Gain Horse Feed
  • Digestible for Senior Horses
  • Boosts Weight Gain
  • Easily Digested
Manna Pro98.7
2Purina Omolene 500 Competition - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Muscle Building
  • Weight Gain
  • Soluble Carbohydrates
3Total Feeds Total Equine - Weight Boost Horse Feed
  • Weight Boosting
  • Healthy
  • Fiber Rich
Total Feeds96.5
4 Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Increases Calorie Intake
  • Easy Carry Packs
Formula 70797.6
5Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Supplement - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Probiotics Added
  • High protein
Horse Guard97.6
6Farnam Weight Builder Supplement for Horses - Weight Gain Horse Feed
  • Senior Horses
  • Highly Digestible
  • Weight Boosting
7Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Pellet - Weight Boost Horse Feed
  • High Performance
  • Protein Enhanced
  • Boosts Gastric Helath
8Horse Guard Glow - Weight Gain Horse Feed
  • High Caloroes
  • High Proteins
  • Healthy fats
Horse Guard96
9Purina Animal Nutrition Amplify Equine Supplement - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Protein Enriched
  • Healthy fats
  • High Calories
10Kalmbach Feeds Tribute Essential K for Horse - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Carbohydrates
  • Ideal for Senior Horses
11Purina Ultium Growth - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Digestible Crabohudrates
  • High Calorie Content
12Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 Fat Supplement - Weight Boost Horse Feed
  • Senior Horse Formula
  • easily Digested
Manna Pro97.4
13Durvet Gain It Fat Supplement Body and Digestive Care for Horses - Weight Boost Horse Feed
  • Maximum Calories
  • Apple Flavor
14Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution Horse Supplement - Horse Food for Weight Gain
  • Vitamins and Minerals Added
  • Omega Fatty Acids
  • High Calorie Content
Vita Flex96.7
15Manna Pro Simply Flax for Horses - Weight Gain Horse Feed
  • Immune Support
  • Weight Boosting
  • Easily Digested
Manna Pro97

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