Top 12 Best Horse Grooming Kits: Reviews & Guide

Having a horse means lots of grooming!

And grooming is the perfect get-together time, in combination with beautifying and bonding between you and your horse.

This is why the best horse grooming kit should make the grooming process easier.

Factors To Consider for Horse Grooming Kits

The problem is, horse grooming can be much harder than grooming any other animal. In particular, their mane is comparatively larger, and their hooves need some attention, too.

Therefore these factors should always be considered;

  • Tools Included – Not all grooming kits will include the tools you want or need. It varies from brand to brand; thus, you need to figure out which tools you need first. On average, a horse grooming kit usually contains 5 – 10 pieces of grooming tools. Prepare to buy extra separate tools if needed. The most common included tools are;
  • CURRY COMB – Curry combs the first tool you use in the grooming process since it is used to loosen debris and dirt from your horse’s skin and bring it to the surface for easier cleaning. It also helps stimulate your horse’s natural body oils to achieve a healthier and shinier-looking coat. Curry combs can be made in metal, rubber, or plastic. Metal curry combs can be too harsh on your horse’s skin, but it is better for scrapping dirt and hair out than other brushes. Meanwhile, rubber curry combs are better for the main body but not for the bony areas. It features teeth on one side and a convenient handle on the other. Your hand should slide into the handle to ensure a firm grip. They come in various colors and sizes, from small to large, depending on your hand size.
  • DANDY BRUSH – Dandy brush features stiff or hard bristles that remove loosened hair, dust, and dirt that the curry comb brings to the surface. This brush helps clean your horse’s coat and makes it more comfortable to wear a saddle. Grooming needs to begin at the top of the horse’s neck, and then special care should be observed when grooming the underneath of the halter. Also, a dandy brush can be used on your horse’s leg area since it is soft enough not to cause any discomfort. The bristles of dandy brushes are usually made from plastic or natural fibers such as goat or horsehair, with the handle of the brush can be either wood or plastic. Dandy brushes made of plastic offer a longer life span, but organic brushes are usually much better quality and environmentally friendly.
  • SARVIS CURRY COMB – This kind of comb is made from hard plastic, which is designed to help remove sweat, mud, and loose hair. It features long teeth designed for better grooming on long winter coats and highly effective at removing debris and dry mud. Also, some people use it for the tail and mane as well. It is inexpensive and a good item to add to your kit. Although unnecessary, the Sarvis curry comb is recommended for those stubborn dirt patches and particularly useful in winter.
  • MANE AND TAIL BRUSH – As its name implies, this brush is for tail and mane grooming. It is not needed every day; however, some owners use it to prevent knots and tangles. And if your horse has a thick tail or mane, then you might need it more often. A tail and mane brush is a hard brush featuring plastic bristles, often with plastic handles. Organic versions come in natural organic bristles and a wooden handle that minimizes the damage to your horse’s hair and works on knots better.
  • SOFT BRUSH – Yet another brush, the soft brushed, is essential for proper horse grooming and is used as the finishing tool. Soft brushes are used to clean the finest and last dust from your horse’s body and are generally used for the more sensitive parts of your horse, including the inner legs, face, and head. Soft brushes are used like hard brushes; however, they have more flexible and forgiving bristles made of goat or horsehair or soft synthetic fibers that are set close together, offering the final cleaning and removing of the finest dirt and debris.
  • HOOF PICK – An important piece of any horse grooming kit, a hoof pick is used to pick and remove muck out of your horse’s hooves. Horse hooves need to be picked every day to keep them healthy and prevent thrush or any other problems that can lead to your horse becoming lame. Also, a hoof pick allows you to look for any injuries on your horse’s hooves so that they can be treated immediately. Hoof picks come in various designs, including magnetic picks that stick to any metal surface and prevent misplacement. Also, hoof picks can be folded into pocket-size while others fit perfectly into your hands. You can even get with or without a brush; however, having a bush helps get the last bit of dirt and debris away from your horse’s hooves.
  • SHEDDING BLADE – Also known as the reversible curry comb, a shedding blade is used when a horse starts to shed its coat. It is a metal blade that can be curved or straight and features teeth. Mostly used in spring, when your horse starts to lose his winter coat, the shedding blade is effective for the main body areas. It helps remove mud and loose hair without force and should only be used in areas with lots of hair and not on sensitive parts such as the legs and face.
  • SWEAT SCRAPER – As its name implies, this tool helps removes sweat from your horse after training or riding or removing excess water when your horse has been bathed or washed down. Sweat scraper is often combined with a shedding blade as a single tool. In general, they are made from either plastic or metal and features a smooth edge.
  • Bag or Box – All grooming kits come in either a bag or a box. It is needed to keep your tools from getting damaged and keeping you organized so you can always find them in an instant. Bags are typically preferred holding units since they are lightweight, handy, and easy to carry around. They also have straps for easier carrying and various pockets to organize the tools. Meanwhile, boxes are sturdier and longer-lasting, protecting the grooming tools from the weather. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that the container can fit all the necessary tools and have space to squeeze in some bottles of brush cleaning liquids and conditioners.
  • Material – In terms of brushes, you get various material choices— metal, synthetic and natural bristles. Each kind offers different feels and impacts the costs of the tool. Brushes that feature natural fibers use fibers such as horse, boar, or goat hair. They are softer and tend to be much denser, effectively removing dirt. Brushes that feature synthetic fibers usually cost less than natural fibers and offer a stiffer bristle that lightly scratches your horse’s skin. Meanwhile, metal bristles usually feature little balls at the end so that they do not poke your horse’s skin and can be used in removing tangles in your horse’s tail and mane.
  • Comfort – Since horses are large animals, you should know that you will be spending some time grooming them. Most people need at least an hour to groom their horses properly. This only means that you will be spending a long time holding onto the grooming equipment. If your horse brush does not have an ergonomic handle, you will probably hate working with it. Thus, it would be best to make sure that the tools are ergonomic and comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. Handles usually come in plastic or wood. Plastic can be slippery when wet, so you need to see some slip-proof covers. Meanwhile, wood handles need to be sanded and polished to get splinters in your hands. If possible, look for handles that feature rubber coating and padding that help reduce discomfort and pain while grooming your horse.

Reviews: The Best Horse Grooming Kits

That said, here are our top picks in Horse grooming Sets

  • The Weave Leather Grooming Kit is an Excellent Choice for Horse Grooming Kit. It is a 7-piece tool kit for your horse’s grooming needs.
  • The grooming kit includes a face brush with soft bristles, a coarse curry brush, a sweat scraper or coarse curry comb, a mane and tail brush with 7/8 inches bristles, a durable plastic comb for mane and tail grooming, a dandy brush, and a hoof pick.
  • Most tools feature a contoured handle or a rubber handle designed to provide less fatigue and a comfortable grip for an extended period of grooming time.
  • All tools come in a handy, durable nylon tote bag that features a roomy interior and an added 6 exterior pockets for added storage.
  • The bag also features a convenient top drawstring closure and plastic feet to protect the bag’s bottom. The bag features comfortable webbing handles and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for easy carrying comfort and convenience.
  • The horse grooming kit is available in various styles and colors— Aztec, Black and Beige, Blue Glitter, Gray and Pink, and Purple and Black— so you can freely choose your style.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.75

  • Next on our list is this Grooming Kit from the reputable company Oster. The Weaver Leather is a 7-piece horse grooming kit for easy and fast grooming.
  • It includes stiff grooming brushes, coarse curry comb, hoof pick, mane and tail brush, mane and tail comb, and soft finishing brush for all-around horse grooming.
  • Each tool features rubber control-touch handles that provide added comfort on extended grooming periods and better grooming grip for hands of all sizes.
  • The tools come in a handy storage bag for organizing and easy transport.
  • The Weaver Leather Grooming Kit is available in 2 styles and colors— blue and pink— so you can choose according to your style and taste.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%95.75

  • This ultimate grooming kit includes everything you need to groom your horse easily.
  • The kit features a hoof pick fully equipped with a scraper, a plastic sweat scraper, a 5 inches rubber curry comb, a 7 inches plastic dandy brush, a 5.5 inches plastic body brush, a 4 inches plastic mane comb, a packet of 500 braiding bands to maintain your horse’s mane, hoof oil brush/can for maintaining healthy hooves and a large sponge for cleaning or your tools.
  • All tool items are stored in a convenient, sturdy, and portable plastic box that is fully equipped with a removable tray for quick and easy searching of needed tools.
  • Measuring 12 inches L x 8 inches H x 7 inches D, this ultimate grooming kit from Roma is available in 3 fun colors— purple, blue, and yellow— to fit your style and taste.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%94.5

  • An excellent choice for “Horse Brushes for Grooming Set,” this horse Grooming Package contains all the necessary brushes and comb to maintain a healthy, well-groomed, and good-looking horse.
  • It features 7 grooming items— a sweat scraper, a sturdy comb, a tail and mane brush, a curry brush, a stiff-bristled brush, a soft, finishing brush, and a sturdy hoof pick for hooves maintenance.
  • All tools are ergonomically designed to prevent discomfort and pain when using them for extended grooming sessions.
  • All tools are also organized in a sturdy tote bag with lots of space for storing extra bottles of conditioners and other essential horse grooming items.
  • You also get to choose various rich, bright, and fun colors— blue, green, neon green, pink, purple, and red— to match your style and preferred taste.

  • This handy grooming set from Desert Equestrian features grooming, fun, colorful, and eco-friendly products.
  • All brushes are actually made with synthetic and recycled fibers, which are good for the environment and healthy for your horses.
  • All brush and tools are durable, lightweight, and features soft-touch grips that are comfortable to hold and super easy to use.
  • The grooming set includes a coordinating dandy brush, body brush, mane and tail brush, face brush, sweat scraper, mane comb, and hoof pick.
  • All tools are stored in a matching grooming tote featuring a roomy center compartment and surrounded by several pockets to keep everything organized and neat.
  • It also features an elastic retaining strap, web carry handles, and adjustable padded shoulder strap for easy carrying and portability, as well as plastic feet that protect the inside of the bag.

  • Perfect for beginners, this 8-piece horse grooming kit from Derby Originals offers matching grooming items for your horses.
  • It includes a hoof pick, mane and tail brush, mane and tail comb, sweat scraper and curry comb, dandy brush, a soft finishing brush, and a handy bathing sponge.
  • The hoof pick features comfort grip ribs, while the combs are ergonomically designed to be easy on your hands even after long hours of grooming.
  • Meanwhile, the brushes feature a round-backed design that fits snugly in the palm of your hands to reduce stiffness and discomfort when using.
  • All items come in a durable nylon tote bag featuring extra storage compartments inside and outside for storing other horse grooming items such as conditioners.
  • The tote bag features a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying and is available in 3 matching bright colors— magenta, purple and tan.

  • This large horse grooming kit has everything you need to keep your horse looking good and healthy.
  • All items or tools and the bag come in matching colors for an organized and neat-looking horse grooming kit.
  • The kit includes 10 items for grooming: sweat scraper, plastic handle dandy brush, aluminum mane comb, wooden handle medium bristle dandy brush, plastic handle reversible metal curry comb, glitter rubber curry comb, plastic handle hoof pick fully equipped with a brush, aluminum hoof picks comb, grooming gloves with a bristle brush on one side and curry knobs on the other, and a clear plastic bag.
  • The clear plastic bag features a reliable zipper closure and an adjustable strap for easy carrying and portability.

  • Unlike the rest of the grooming kit, this one from Southwestern Equine features a collapsible bucket packed with necessary tools and items for all your horse grooming needs.
  • It comes in different fun colors, including turquoise, pink, and lime green.
  • The collapsible bucket is easy to transport, open, store all your grooming needs, and make a great bathing bucket. It also features a cut-out at the top to make water pouring a lot easier.
  • Not only does the extra piece on the side helps in hanging the bucket for easy storing, but it also helps in keeping the handle from getting in the always, making shelf storage a breeze.
  • The kit includes 5 different tools that color match your bucket— a stiff crinkle brush, a hoof pick brush, a plastic oval brush, a plastic curry comb, and a face brush soft bristle.
  • Whether you decide to use the bucket alone or store the brushes inside, this comes as a kit for all your grooming needs.

  • Another great product from Tough-1, this horse grooming, is one tool less than the previous Tough-1 Horse Grooming Kit.
  • It is complete with 6 pieces of Great Grips grooming items: sweat scraper, comb, hoof pick, tail and mane brush, flex finishing brush, and stiff bristle.
  • All tools feature a secure and ergonomic grip that is comfortable to hold even after long hours of use.
  • The set comes with a handy all bag featuring a spacious interior compartment and multiple pockets on the outside for all the extra storage you need.
  • It also features a zippered lid and an adjustable carry strap for portability.
  • The bag and accompanying tools are available in matching colors of purple and blue.

  • This stylish and sturdy grooming bag from reputable company Rambo includes all seven essential tools to keep your horse feeling and look its best every time!
  • The kit includes a curry comb, hoof pick, mane and tail brush, dandy brush, body brush, face brush, and sweat scraper all in one!
  • The grooming bag itself is sturdy and durable. It features a spacious compartment on the inside and several pockets on the outside for extra storage of conditioner and shampoo bottles and other horse grooming essentials.
  • It features reliable zipper closure and adjustable straps that make it easier to carry to other places.
  • You also get to choose in 3 different color styles— navy Whitney stripes, Whitney gold, and chocolate Whitney stripes.

  • Another great horse grooming kit from Derby Originals, this one includes a total of 8 grooming tools to keep your horse looking good and healthy.
  • All tools are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold to prevent any discomfort and pain when using them in longer grooming sessions.
  • The kit includes a hoof pick, mane and tail comb, hard brush with 2 inches bristles, massage curry, soft brush with 1-inch bristles, a contoured sweat scraper fully equipped with rubber edges, a shedding blade, and a bathing sponge.
  • All tools are stored in a handy and durable grooming tote featuring a zipper lid, a spacious interior compartment, and an external pocket.
  • For easy carrying, the tote also has a shoulder strap that is adjustable for your convenience.

  • Southwestern Equine offers another sturdy grooming kit box that contains all essential tools to keep your horse looking good.
  • This all-plastic locking tack box is super sturdy as it is super easy to clean and maintain. You no longer have to worry about grooming items getting lost or scattered everywhere when knocked over with its locking mechanism that holds everything inside.
  • Enclosed in the box are 6 different horse grooming items with extra space for more essential items such as conditioner and shampoo bottles as you need them.
  • The kit includes a mane comb, hard plastic curry comb, hoof pick with brush, strong bristle brush, soft face brush fully equipped with a hand securing strap, and a square sponge.
  • You will also love the removable top shelf that allows you to stay neat and organized. The box and tools are available in matching colors of red, green, turquoise, and blue.


A clean and groomed horse is a happy horse.

Grooming is an enjoyable activity for your horse and a time to bond and increase the trust level between you and your horse. Plus, keeping your horse groomed boosts its physical appearance for horse shows as well as other kinds of competition.

Make sure that you purchase only the best horse grooming kit from the items mentioned above. This ensures that you have all your horse’s grooming needs in a single purchase.

Index Table: Top Rated Horse Grooming Kits

1Weave Leather Horse Grooming Kit - Horse’s Grooming Kit
  • Seven Pieces
  • Contoured Handles
  • Durable
2Weaver Leather assortment - Horse Grooming Kit
  • Storage B
  • 7 Piece
  • Two Styles Available
Weaver Leather95.75
3Roma Ultimate Grooming Kit - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • Convenient Storage
  • Portable
  • Durable
4Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Set - Horse Grooming Kits
  • & Items
  • Storage Case
  • Color Options
Tough 196.8
5Desert Equestrian - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Matching Tote Bag
  • Durable
6Derby Originals Ringside Horse Grooming Kit - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • Includes Hoof Pick
  • Comfortable Grips
Derby Originals97.4
7Partrade Trading Corporation Horse Grooming Kit - Horse’s Grooming Kit
  • 10 Items
  • Storage Bag
  • Reliable Zipper Closure
Partrade Trading97
8Southwestern Equine Collapsible Grooming Kit - Horse Grooming Kits
  • Fun Colors
  • Complete Kit
9Tough-1 Horse Brush Grooming Kit - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • 6 Pieces
  • handy Bag
  • Matching Colors Available
10Rambo Horse Grooming Kit - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • Full Kit
  • Reliable Zipper Closure Bag
11Derby Originals Premium Comfort Horse Grooming Kit - Grooming Kits for Horses
  • Full Kit
  • Contoured sweat scraper Includeed
  • Bathing Sponge
Derby Originals96.5
12Southwestern Equine Tack Box Grooming Kit - Horse Grooming Kits
  • Plastic Locking Tack Box
  • 6 Items

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