15 Best Horse Riding Gloves Reviews

A good pair of riding gloves is a plus to your riding outfit. Equine pets are sometimes too harsh and may hurt riders greatly.
Riding gloves will serve as an added layer to protect hands from holding on to the reins and cold weather. It provides more than a sense of style as gloves also take care of yourself.
You can now ride without hurting your palm and without losing control.

Read on to find out the best deals on riding gloves online!

The Buyer’s Guide

Buying any products via the internet is very risky, especially if you have no idea about the product you will buy. There are many horse riding gloves features, as they are shown below. All you need to think about is which riding glove will match your needs.

Without further ado, here is a list of features horse riding gloves must meet:

  • Price – While expensive riding gloves exist on the market, you can freely avail of cheaper hand gears. For under Horse Riding Glove30 you will get a quality glove for riding. The budget should be your priority in buying any products. Why pay extra if cheaper options offer the same features? Be practical.
  • Brand – When you buy a cheaper product, make sure it came from a reputable brand. Some popular brands are now dropping costs to meet anyone’s needs. This feature is important to ensure the best quality you could get from the product.
  • Durability – Since horse riding gloves are needed almost every ride, they must be tough against any condition. No one would want to buy a pair of gloves every month, as it shall cost you more money. Other features are to be considered in telling whether your chosen handwear is durable or not.
  • Materials Used – It is important to know where the gloves are made. The most popular riding gloves are out of blended materials to ensure the best quality. Mostly are leather-made, which can stand in any weather and situation. Others are made of mesh material to allow airflow for better comfort. It also foretells whether the hand gear can be used in the long run or not.
  • Breathability – Breathability is an essential factor to look in a riding glove. Sometimes our hands can get wet due to hot weather; what more when sealed in a glove? Gloves with a mesh design are the best option to use in summer. It prevents the occurrence of moisture and discomfort due to sweaty hands. If you plan to have a horse ride during winter, this factor may not be needed.
  • Double Stitching – This feature makes riding gloves more durable even on an intense ride. It will not easily break into pieces and can be worn in the long run.
  • Fitting – The greatest reward a riding glove can give is comfort. It will not be possible when the size is not right. Some horse riding gloves have an adjustable strap to achieve the best fit, while others have nothing. Picking bigger sizes is highly recommended as it tolerates the making of adjustments.
  • Grip – One of the riding gloves’ functions is to prevent the rider from falling off the horse’s back. A good grip is necessary to ensure the rider’s safety throughout the race. It also supports the controlling function while on the ride. Gloves with a textured surface could be the best possible choice for this feature.

Reviews: Best Available Horse Riding Gloves

You would have been overwhelmed by choices after browsing the internet, so here are the best horse riding gloves we could offer so far. Choose which ones will suit your needs the most. These are:

  • Heritage Products has been producing equestrian riding gloves for over 35 years and yet become part of the leading companies. They boast an innovative way of making riding gloves with technically advanced methods.
  • Performance Glove is created out of passion. The company keeps an eye even on the glove’s tiniest detail, from the materials used to its style. It can be too lightweight for winter season use.
  • It has synthetic leather, nylon spandex, and PVC materials. Its double-stitched design assures durability. The gear is still stretchable with the help of the Spandura material.
  • It is a rein-cut design with an elastic cuff and an adjustable strap for comfortable fitting. The sizing can be tricky for some buyers. Getting bigger sizes is more advisable due to an adjustable strap.
  • Anyone can wear the glove regardless of the riding skills. It is great for trainees to begin learning to ride a horse.

  • Some women are riding a horse nowadays. They have more delicate hands, so a pair of riding gloves is essential. It adds both function and fashion to the riding experience.
  • Masha offers a year of warranty for all the buyers at an affordable price. With that, the hand gear still promised to provide the best performance over several rides.
  • It comes in four different sizes, from small to extra-large. Masha sizes run a bit smaller compared to other brands. Black is the only color available they could offer. It has a simple design, just like a plain glove used daily.
  • It is made of lightweight and yet durable materials to comfort your hands. The finger portion has a reinforced stitching design to easily and tightly hold reins. Its stitching design is in a double layer for better protection. It works on touchscreen phones.
  • The fabric material used has a stretchable and breathable feature for added comfort. However, it easily collects dirt and dust while on the ride.

  • Are you living in a warmer part of the equine world? If so, a glove mesh is best for you. It has a cool mesh that brings comfort to your hand while enjoying a ride. The mesh offers proper air circulation even when the handwear wraps your hand.
  • The price could be slightly higher than the first two options but still within the Horse Riding Glove30 price range. You better grab one for a warm weather riding experience.
  • There are different color designs available to meet every buyer’s likings. Each design has to offer a stylish ride, suitable for both men and women riders.
  • It has a double layer reinforced finger and palm design. The stretch mesh material features breathability during hot weather.
  • This glove mesh has touchscreen compatibility. The user will be able to use their smartphone while wearing the glove. No need to take off the hand gear to do such extra movement.

  • This is another riding glove Heritage Products has to offer. It is for summertime use due to its mesh design. It costs higher than the former and provides the best riding experience you could ever imagine.
  • It is fully ventilated with a mesh top design, while the palm side has air holes. This design allows the free flow of air towards your hand during a ride.
  • Comfortable fitting on both fingers and hand is possible with its Coolmax nylon flex panels. It has a patented rein-cut design with double stitched outward seams to ensure durability. The index finger has a wrap-around leather design to give comfort.
  • Pro-Flow Summer Show Glove is also a cellphone compatible for further use. There will be no hassle in removing handwear to reply to a message or call someone. Its overall design is made of Cabretta sheepskin leather, which has a soft texture.

  • Work-Flex Riding Gloves is a combination of style and fashion for every horse ride. It is intended for women riders in the equine world. The product is offered at a very reasonable price that anyone can pay for.
  • It is out of two high-quality materials, including polyester and spandex, but more of the prior. Each glove has a two-color design that easily identifies riders from a mile away during a competition.
  • Material reinforcements are added around the thumb and index finger. Those parts have the most contact with the reins and require additional protection.
  • They are elastic and easy to wear on every ride. Many hand sizes are suitable for these gloves with their pull-on closure. It has a textured spandex shell to better grip therein. For added comfort, there is a side-vented cuff design with synthetic pull.
  • It is allowed for handwashing when it gets dirty.

  • This Show glove is made for show and for riding as well. You can achieve a stylish riding experience by wearing this pair of gloves. Most riders can manage to pay for it within the said price range about Horse Riding Glove30.
  • It differs from the other Show Gloves on the list with the material used called micro-tec synthetic leather. The company uses a new, technically advanced material to enhance its gripping performance. It allows moisture to pass through the surface of your skin, which is perfect to wear in a competing event.
  • It is breathable, thus renders comfort throughout the ride. Plus, comfort is highly considered with the knuckles’ stretchable flex panel. The fitting would be more comfortable with its rein-cut design. It permits flexibility of the fingers in controlling the reins.
  • Premier Show Gloves allow a perfect grip on the reins. You may wash the gloves in a washing machine for the next ride.

  • Dublin Everyday Riding Gloves is somewhat pricey on the list, however within the low price range. It is good to wear for all kinds of weather, either in summer or winter.
  • These best in style riding gloves are out of synthetic leather material. It is easy to maintain sturdy even after so many rides. The leather material is durable enough to encourage many more riding experiences under any weather.
  • It has a stretchable insert for a better fit, thus delivers great comfort for the rider’s hands. The knuckle part has flex panels to control with ease.
  • Weatherbeeta provides four-color designs to choose from. Each will suit any rider’s needs of fashion while on the field.
  • Its fastening method uses a touch tape closure when it comes to fitting. You can find the best fit by simply adjusting the tape closure at ease. Its proper fitting will greatly affect your ride in a positive way.

  • Some kids are into horse riding sports too. Finger Ten provides a 30-day return policy when the hand gear would not work for your kids. They are all-season gloves wherein kids can wear in the winter, feeling comfortable during summer.
  • Kids age 5 to 13 are to whom this pair of gloves were made. Three color designs are available to be used by both genders. It costs more inexpensive than those gloves made for adults, perhaps because of its small feature.
  • Serino fabric is used to produce such kid’s riding gloves. It is a high-quality material that provides comfort to children’s delicate skin. The material is lightweight and best for optimal fitting.
  • The fabric has a 4-way stretchable feature and elasticated wrists design. Riding a horse will be easier to control with its amazing grip. It protects kids’ hands from burns and abrasions caused by horse riding.

  • Among the riding gloves for both genders is the one from FitsT4 Sports. They are all-black designed riding gloves with fashion in mind. It has a slim design without extra trim on its finger parts, which provide an outstanding fit.
  • Lycra revolutionary materials are merged with stretchable nylon and flex panels that end up with comfortable gloves. It is super breathable, thus adds comfort to the user.
  • A superior grip is highly possible through its PVC dot pattern on the pinky, thumb, and forefinger. Holding on to the reins is now easier and safer in all weather conditions. There will be no slipping of hands when the weather is not good.
  • A secure fitting is also considered in the making of these riding gloves. It has Velcro hook-and-loop wrist closure to allow a customizable fit. The wrist part also has elastic material for flexibility and a snug fit feature.
  • The available sizes are from small to extra-large. Pick the size that meets the perfect fit for your hands.

  • Ovation’s kid riding gloves is more stylish than Finger Ten’s Riding Gloves for kids. Young ones appreciate a thing with a colorful scheme even more. The producer made the gloves more adorable by adding a logo design.
  • You can buy one of its numerous colors available, including black, brown, pink, and many more. Pick out the color that best suits your kid’s interest. They are two-color designed and are so pleasant in the eye.
  • The said logo design is a heart with a jumping horse embroidery design. It is built with sun-tec stretch suede material, safe for kids.
  • Since children demand more protection, Ovation added a hook-and-loop closure for easy fitting. It also gives an extra layer of protection for the child once the gloves are worn.

  • Indeed, Heritage Products has so much to offer in uplifting safety and comfort towards horse riding sports. Crochet Riding Glove has different looks than the previous gloves under the same brand. The glove’s beautiful design captures most riders in the equine world.
  • You can choose between three color designs, such as natural tan, black, and brown tan. Those colors are so beautiful to look at even from a distance. Being a stylish rider is achieved with such wonderful riding gloves.
  • It has a classic style design good for warm weather conditions. The top design is a soft cotton mesh, while the palm is out of leather material. It makes a good grip on reins and increases your control. Thus, they are breathable, thus providing more comfort for your skin even when it gets wet sometimes.
  • The pair of gloves has micro-porous holes to prevent moisture from entering the handwear. It is allowed for a machine wash for more hygienic use.
  • Its rein-cut design is in between the ring and pinky fingers. You can freely flex your fingers without hurting as bulky seams are eliminated from its design.

  • A pair of riding gloves made by Noble Outfitters is added to the list. It is an on-the-go riding glove you can buy at a lower possible cost. It considers styling the second priority, as performance is what it brags most.
  • Like the other riding gloves on the list, Ready-to-Ride Glove is made of synthetic leather material. The difference would be the flexible keystone cut on the thumb design that helps for a good grip. Many color options are available to choose from, and so it is easy to pick according to your liking.
  • It features double reinforcements on the thumb and index fingers to enhance safety upon wearing it. Also are the double-stitched seams for improved durability.
  • The side panels are built of stretch mesh to support breathability and good fitting. It also delivers a full range of motion throughout the ride.
  • The pricing would be beyond the range we promised, depending on the size you will buy.

  • This Professional Horse Riding glove is suitable for training, trail riding, and even competition for equestrian riding. It will only cost you a small amount to enjoy your first horse ride. The existing colors are black and coffee, which are almost the same at first glance.
  • They are a unisex pair of riding gloves made of microfiber material. It is light and convenient and so perfect for any horse riding level. Its design is so simple and plain that it could fit most riders’ hands.
  • You can adjust the gloves in two ways by its fastener tape and elastic band. It will render the best fit possible for the user to feel the highest comfort.
  • They are available in medium and large sizes, which are bigger than the other options. Thanks to its adjustable schemes thereof!
  • You may enjoy its touchscreen compatibility along the ride to answer important calls or messages. Taking off gloves will ever be demanded.

  • It will look like a second skin upon wearing this pair of riding gloves. It has a colorful design with a great blending with your hands. The Velcro strap assures a perfect fit when you are wearing the gloves; thus, your ride will be more comfortable and safe.
  • Its overall scheme is made of synthetic leather and is lightweight yet durable. The comfort it renders is at its best quality that no other riding glove can give. They allow riding a horse while holding therein for a long time without feeling hurt.
  • It has been double-stitched and double-layered to enhance protection upon your hands. With that, comfort is still kept in mind. It is highly breathable as it allows air passage even without a mesh design. The leather helps in promoting breathability.
  • An added feature is the 4-way stretch upper for the flexibility needed on a ride.

  • Our top picks’ last riding gloves are the Lixada Horse Riding Gloves. It has a humanized design on which the user can freely control his fingers without aching. Other than that, the remaining features are almost the same as the previous riding gloves.
  • Lightweight riding gloves are on trend these days because of their comfort. They are easy to wear and wash for the next use. The microfiber fabric is both durable and comfortable to wear. And the price is so affordable for most riders.
  • To get the best fit, adjust its fastener tape until it fits your hands. It also has an elastic band to achieve snug fitting.
  • No need to take off the gloves upon answering phone calls. The hand gear is equipped with a touchscreen compatibility feature to let you operate phones while wearing it.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best riding gloves for horse riding are seriously needed for a safer riding experience. Horse riding will never be complete without one of the above hand gears. They are made in different styles to suit every rider’s needs. Any gender and age can enjoy wearing riding gloves with ease. What is more? You can get each pair not more than Horse Riding Glove30online.

Check out the important features before buying your best pair of riding gloves. It will save you big time when you know what you want for gloves.

Is there any horse riding gloves in your mind? Share with us in the comment section for others to know! Thank you!

Index Table: Top rated Horse Riding Gloves

1Heritage Products Equestrian - Horse Riding Glove
  • Larger Sizes
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Leather
Heritage Products98
2Mashfa Women’s Horse Riding Gloves - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Size Options
  • Stretchable
  • Breathable
3Noble Outfitters Glove Mesh - Horse Riding Gloves
  • Mesh
  • Ventilated
  • Color Options
Noble Outfitters96.8
4Heritage Products Pro-Flow Summer Show Glove - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Mesh Top
  • Ventilated
  • Durable
Heritage Products97.6
5Carhartt Women’s Work-Flex Riding Gloves - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • High Quality Materails
  • Two Color Design
6Heritage Products Premier Show Gloves - Horse Riding Glove
  • Advanced Materials
  • Enhancedd Grip
  • Micro-Tec Materials
Heritage Products97
7Weatherbeeta Dublin Everyday Riding Gloves - Horse Riding Gloves
  • All Weather
  • Leather
  • Durable
Weatherbeeta Dublin97
8Finger Ten Kid’s Horse Riding Glove - Horse Riding Glove
  • Color Designs
  • Comfortable
  • For Smaller Hands and Kids
Finger Ten96.8
9FitsT4 SportsHorse Riding Gloves - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Great Fit
  • Superior Grip
  • All Weather Design
10Ovation Child Heart and Horse Riding Gloves - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Color Options
  • Embroidered Design
11Heritage Products Crochet Riding Glove - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Color Options
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
Heritage Products96
12Noble Outfitters Ready-to-Ride Glove - Horse Riding Gloves
  • High Performance
  • Quality Materails
  • Comfortable
Noble Outfitters97.2
13Roeckl Professional Horse Riding Gloves - Horse Riding Gloves
  • Color Options
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Great Fit
14Allness Adult Men’s Horse Riding Gloves - Gloves for Horse Riding
  • Velcro Closure
  • Quality Materails
15Lixada Professional Horse Riding Gloves - Horse Riding Glove
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Snug Fit

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