Best Horse Saddles: Safe for Both Rider and Horse

Horse riding has become so popular as a means of sport, hobby, and farm-related jobs. As a result, equipping with a horse saddle has also become necessary.
For some, it’s simply for aesthetics purposes. Nevertheless, for the security and safety of both the rider and the horse, putting a saddle is a basic rule.

In this article, some of the best horse saddles will be presented. Some tips on how to choose a suitable saddle will be discussed.

Different Types of Horse Saddles Available

Different kinds of saddles are designed for particular uses. The common ones are the general-purpose saddles, dressage saddles, jumping saddles, western saddles, saddles, side saddles, and racing saddles.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Safe Horse Saddle

Jumping to the conclusion that any type of saddles will be okay is a disaster. These saddles are designed for a reason.

  • Type – As I have already mentioned, and since there are various kinds of saddles, it is essential to know which is suited for jumping, racing, or other sorts. If you are unsure what to buy, it is best advised to pick the general-purpose saddle. As the name implies, it is flexible and works for all uses. It does take some detaching and attaching work, but the good thing is you don’t have to spend much on owning all the saddles. That is unless you prefer a better quality for each kind.
  • Size – It’s common sense to find one that comfortably fits your horse’s size. Horses have no particular standard sizes, so it must be a little troublesome to look for a good saddle. Something too loose and too tight can cause some concerns on the horse and the rider’s health and safety. I see no problem choosing something cheap or fancy but don’t regard what’s good for the horse. The actual measuring and fitting should give you a better idea. To fully understand what saddle best fits your horse, consult an expert or experienced saddle fitter in your local area.

Materials Used in a Good Horse Saddle

There are some important factors you should not overlook regarding materials and construction.

  • Grooming Materails – Literally, the saddle component is a good consideration but before even placing it, make sure to brush the body of the horse, especially the saddle section. This is to remove dirt that forms and eases possible discomfort.
  • Saddle Pad – Saddle pads directly touch the back of the horse. Some saddles, have different pad sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Depending on the kind of saddle, horse, and purpose, you decide what to get best. Something thick would be good for horses that work heavily. Moisture is a concern for horses. Use a pad that minimizes moisture. If you use a foam pad, it should be breathable.
  • Tree – The tree is the most crucial part of a saddle. Unfortunately, there are only three fitting sizes: narrow, medium, and wide. The tree underneath the saddle can pretty much affect your horse’s movement if not properly aligned with the angle of the shoulder. Consider checking what the parts are made of, especially its tree, fleece, and hardware. You may bargain for a cheap quality but don’t expect its performance to be on par with quality ones.
  • Quality – Real leather made is the best you can get since it can last for a long time and is well-suited material for your horse. Synthetic saddles usually come in various colors, which is completely fine if you value aesthetics. However, they also have good quality; most aren’t as durable as the leather type. There are imitations of saddle leather, which are usually made of vinyl. If the price is considerably lower than the regular leather saddles’ this must be a fake one.

Reviews: The Best Horse Saddles of Different Types

Take a look at these horse saddles. You may find one to your liking.


A 17 inches seat size, the Professional Equine English Horse saddle is a good fit for a medium adult horse.

  • The product is carefully thought which provides safety and comfortability. It comes in a somewhat fancy color combination of black and blue.
  • It has an easily detachable seat for care and maintenance.
  • Also, it is completely safe to wash.
  • The stirrups bars are made adjustable for the rider’s comfortable leg position.
  • The hardware used is guaranteed rust-resistant for better longevity.
  • Other parts are also seemed to be neatly designed for more suitable wear.
  • This fancy-looking synthetic tree horse saddle is a fairly good buy.


Wintec Wide Western Trail Saddle is known for three sounding qualities: durability, comfortability, and appropriateness.

  • It comes with the EZ-Fold Fenders System and Full Quarter Bar that provides great support. The material parts such as the square skirts, cantle, swell, jockeys, and fenders are all made from scratch-proof Dura-leather synthetic leader.
  • This Cheyenne roll Styled in a skirt also has a double fender feature.
  • The saddle pad is made of microfiber polyurethane, which gives a better grip and comfort on the covered section.
  • Its saddle skirt is fleeced, and other hardware parts are stainless. Moreover, the seats are available in three sizes, 15, 16, and 17 inches.
  • With the materials used, the product is made sure to be easily well maintained.
  • There is a need to use wax or oil. You need to clean it with soap and water regularly.
  • There are two available colors you can choose from brown and black. This product comes with a 5-year warranty.


A generous offer by Orlov Hill Leather Co., Ranch Team Roping Western Saddle, comes in an excellent fashion style.

  • It presented a waffle tooled leather and partnered with a roughout jockey, mainly a strong grip.
  • The suede seat is purposely designed for a comfortable riding experience.
  • The saddle includes a roping saddle, a front leather billet, a rear leather billet with free a headstall and breast collar. The promo runs for a limited period, so avail as early as now to get some freebies.
  • The product also features a full quarter horse bar tree, a padded brown suede, a 3 inches leather covered stirrup, a 30 inches long stirrup, a 3 inches horn, 14 inches, swell, a 7 inches gullet, a four inches cantle, a 26 x 26 inches skirt, a “d” rigging plus extra nylon support, a stainless steel fitting hardware, a floral hand-tooled, and an easy to adjust Blevin buckles. All the leather parts are of high quality. The saddle is a good fit for roping, performance, and trail.


A more elaborative and colorful barrel saddle, Orlov Hill Leather Co. Western Barrel Saddle lets wild horse riders stand out in barrel racing.

  • The saddle presents a nicely hand-carved floral on the leather leaving a good impression. It does pair with a rodeo-style rope border silver conchos and silver studding. The silver sections create a great contrast with the tooled leather.
  • The saddle also offers an additional headstall and breast collar for free for a limited period. Other notable parts are a wood and fiberglass tree with a semi quarter horse bar, a padded black suede, a 3 inches tolled leather-wrapped, a 30-35 inches long stirrup along with nylon support, a 3 inches horn, a 12 inches swell, a 6 ¾ inches gullet, a 4 inches cantle, a 26 x 26 inches skirt with “c” rigging, an oiled leather latigo, a billet straps, and an adjustable Belvin buckles. Like the Ranch Roping Team saddle, all material leaders are of premium quality.


The Eclipse by Tough 1 is a Treeless endurance saddle that is lightweight and comfortable.

  • The Saddle features a padded, molded, and synthetic material seat with micro-suede.
  • There is high-quality fleece underneath the seat for comfort and dryness for the horse.
  • The saddle comes equipped with two dee rings at the front of the saddle, and three dee rings at the back of the seat, for attaching gear.
  • Designed for more long-distance endurance and trail riding with a washable and waterproof gullet bar under the seat, which is more flexible for natural adjustability,
  • ideal for all types of horse riders and horsebacks for long-distance riding.

6 As the name implies, the Youth Saddle is specially designed for kids. Start training your kids with this great starter saddle.

  • The materials used are all synthetic, which means simple maintenance is required.
  • The cleaning process needs no leather cleaners. It is completely non-messy.
  • It has a good design for balance and stability, making it a perfect fit for young riders.
  • The pleasure of riding is fully enjoyed, and at the same, your kids’ safety is ensured.
  • They can ride in the arena and do some little adventure, like going trailing with your assistance. There are two small sizes you can choose from 10 and 14. The only available color is black.
  • Have you already decided? Let your kid ride a horse on his own with Redi-Ride Youth Saddle.
  • This is a great opportunity to witness your child’s growth. Ride with this beautiful offer.


Orlov Hill Leather Co. has a lot to offer with this western saddle. Gaited Western Saddle Horse Pleasure Barrel Trail is artistically crafted.

  • This silver-studded leather saddle greatly emphasizes its allure with the combination of detailed floral hand tooled.
  • Its finely padded black suede seat makes it pleasant to ride on top of that.
  • And even more, the tree is made of lightweight wood and fiberglass, ensuring durability. It has a good grip, a good balance, a good quality, and a presentable look.
  • The product includes a front leather billet, a rear leather billet, a leather latigo.
  • It also comes with a free headstall and breast collar for a limited time period.
  • It does highlight a tree with a gaited bar, a 30-35 inches long stirrup, a 3 inches horn, a 13 inches swell, a 6 ¾ inches gullet, a 4 inches cantle, a “d” rigging in a skirt, and an adjustable Blevin buckle.
  • Additionally, the fitting hardware is entirely stainless, and the leather is 100% first-rate.


The Double T Pony/Youth Barrel Style Saddle is a well-crafted saddle intended for a rodeo activity, barrel racing. This is the kind of saddle that adds allure to your game while maintaining its toughness and credibility.

  • The saddle highlights a tree with semi quarter horse bar, 6 inches gullet, a 2 inches horn, a 13 inches swell, a 3.5 inches cantle, 11.5 x 20 inches skirts, and adjustable stirrups. For the stirrup, extra holes can be added for better adjustments.
  • It also presents a unique coral colored alligator inlay seat with rough out jockeys’ extensions.
  • It also has a beautifully designed cut out floral and basketweave tooled on the skirts.
  • Along with the studded floral decorations, antique style rosette conchos, it forges the saddle into a top grade.
  • Other highlighted parts are the headstall and breast collar of which are all also sketched with cut-out floral tooling, alligator print pattern, and studded antique style rosette conchos.


The Henri De Rivel Memor-XClose Contact Saddle is good for flatwork, hunter jumpers, and equitation.

  • The saddle is commonly hooked up for equestrians, for it has all the elements necessary.
  • First off, it has a stronghold on the leather seat capable enough to put the rider on good balance.
  • It has a knee roll that is strategically placed. It has a high-density foam for good durability. It has forward flaps and covered and firm knee blocks for overall great performance.
  • The foam panels are made with cow leather, buffalo leather, and stainless steel.
  • These contribute to its good quality. The details look simple yet beautifully crafted.
  • An addition of reins is given for free plus a tree lifetime warranty.
  • Other leather goods for the saddle are bought separately.
  • Definitely a good choice for equestrians. Get one now and go for a long ride.


Are you having a hard time looking for a saddle that truly fits your horse? Max Pupanels Trail Saddle is here to help your needs.

  • KLS New Free Max Leather Pupanels Trail Saddle is a treeless trail saddle. Basically, it is designed to make the rider and the horse feel comfortable.
  • It is also a great fit for horses with unusual built. With this treeless saddle, you can do some activities such as trail or pleasure riding, and long trail riding.
  • Max Pupanels Trail Saddle comprises the English rigging system, leather PEU panels, girth, and stirrup leather.
  • The rigging is made to complement that saddle allowing little pressure.
  • The panels and stirrup come as a bonus. The saddle is a proud product of the USA.
  • Try something flexible. Try Pupanels Saddle.


KLS All Purpose Leather New English Jumping Riding Horse Saddle Kit is a good pick for beginners.

  • It is meticulously created with a deep glove leather seat, high cantle, and padded knee rolls.
  • These features allow riders to mount with little worries and adjustments.
  • Beginner riders can have quick and full control of the ride.
  • The front and the back section of the saddle are reinforced with two “d” rings each.
  • Basically, the strings are secured for strap and saddlebag attachments.
  • The kit includes reins, bridle, and girth, all of which are premium leather made.
  • The available saddle seat sizes are between 16 and 18 inches.
  • For the gullet, it’s 61/2 inches. The tree is medium size.
  • All leather parts are black.
  • It is hand-stitched by the finest saddle makers.
  • The product is proudly made in the USA. For more information, click on the link provided.


Paris Tack Laffite Series Close Contact English Saddle is nicely crafted to meet riders’ needs.

  • This great design by a distinguished French Saddle Designer is Paris Tack’s best seller.
  • This saddle can be good with activities like jumpers, hunters, fox hunting, and other equestrian events.
  • With its 15.5 inches width, riders are guaranteed good stability and grip.
  • The product is quite durable and expected to last for long use.
  • Though it may take minor damages and dents or marks, these can be barely noticed.


KLS appears to be ahead of the competition in producing beautifully crafted saddles.

  • KLS Barrel Racing Comfy Show Trail Tooled Leather Western Horse Saddle is another masterpiece designed to cater to cowboy riders.
  • The saddle features a rough out jockey fender, a 5 inches deep suede seat, a 7 inches gullet, a 4 inches longhorn, an oiled leather latigo, and billet straps.
  • Free accessories such as the matching headstall and breast collar are also included.
  • The tree has a full quarter horse bar seat, and the stirrup is padded with black suede.
  • The skirt is 26 x 26 inches wide. All the leather parts are first-rate, and the fitting hardware is brown stainless steel.
  • The handsome looking saddle is definitely a great addition to your cattle ranch.


The High River Ranch Roper is the top favorite of many a noble stallion.

  • The same basic design as the Winchester rancher Roper Saddle but with handcrafted decorative Floral Border Tooling and a hand-stamped basket filler.
  • There are a smooth jockey and fenders for comfortable seating with a Cowboy feature as well as a short postal Dally horn and a Rawhide Binder,
  • There is extra heavy stainless steel rigging, a high back cantle with rawhide binder, a rawhide deep roper stirrups, and rounded cutaway skirts.
  • There are also engraved silver conchos.


KLS All Purpose Jumping Leather New Tree Wooden English Saddle is a good piece for those who enjoy jumping and equitation activity.

  • The saddle comes with concealed knee rolls, padded flaps, and a seat.
  • All these are put together to secure riders allowing them to have a good balance and positioning.
  • The seat is added with a deep foam for better comfort to the rider and the horse.
  • This saddle is crafted with excellent leather material ensuring durability.
  • Other parts are well designed, making this a suitable saddle for equitation.
  • There is no need to wash it with soap or do oiling for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Hose off and air dry. You can select sizes from 10 to 18.
  • The only color available is black. This product right here a good partner to showcase your horse riding stunts.

In Conclusion

Looking for the best horse saddles doesn’t always mean it’s about which one is popular, but which actually suits your horse and your purpose.

Well, not excluding the product’s quality, one can’t suffice good satisfaction without the other variables. Always consider not only relying on the product alone. There are other important factors you always need to look into.

Think of what’s beneficial for your horse before you. A bad experience with a particular saddle doesn’t mean the product is faulty. We can’t conclude quickly. Perhaps you failed to read the situation. Anyway, these products are your references. They are not guaranteed the best, but they are something worth trying.

Index Table: Best safe Horse Saddles

1Professional Equine English Horse Saddle - Medium Adult Hosre Saddle
  • Adjustable Stirrup Bars
  • Rust Resistant Hardware
  • Synthetic Tree
Professional Equine98
2Wintec Full Saddle - Western Trail Saddle
  • Scratch Proof
  • Cheynne Roll Styled
  • Fleeced Saddle Skirt
3Orlov Hill Co Comfy Trail - Floral Decorated Saddle
  • Waffle Tooled Leather
  • Suade Seat
  • All Inclusive
Orlov Hill Co97
4Orlov Hill Leather Co Tooled Horse Western Saddle - Barrel Saddle
  • Additional Headstall and Breast Collar
  • Hand Carved Floral Engravings
  • Premium Quality Materails
Orlov Hill Leather Co97.5
5Tough 1 Ride Eclipse - Treeless Horse Saddle
  • Moldeed and Padded saddle
  • Extra Dee Rings for Attaching Gear
Tough 1 Ride96.7
6Kincade Redi-Ride - saddle for Kids
  • Starter Saddle for Kids
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Excellent Stability and Balance Features
7Orlov Hill Leather Co Gaited - Western Saddle
  • Lightweight Tree
  • Padded Suede Seat
  • Free Headstall and Breast Collar
Orlov Hill Leather Co96.3
8Double T Pony - Youth Saddle
  • Unique Inlay Seat
  • decorated Cutouts
  • Aligator Print
Double T96
9Henri De Rivel Memor-X Close Contact - English Saddle
  • Stronghold on Leather Seat
  • High density Durable Foam Padding
  • Firm Knee Blocks
Henri De Rivel Memor-X97
10Max Leather Pupanels - Leather Saddle
  • Treeless TRail saddle
  • Added Panels and Stirrup
Max Leather96.4
11KLS New English - Jumping Riding Horse Saddle
  • deep Glove Leather Seat
  • Padded Knee Rolls
  • Seat Sizes Available
  • Hand Stitched
12Paris Tack Close Contact - English Saddle
  • Durable Design
  • High Quality Materails
Paris Tack97
13KLS Barrel Racing - Comfy Show Trail Western Horse Saddle
  • Free Accessories Included
  • First Rate Leather Parts
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
14Billy Cook Saddlery High River - Roper Saddle
  • Suede Barrel Style Seat
  • Hamley Swirls and Feather Tooled Border
Billy Cook Saddlery96.8
15KLS All Purpose - Jumping Tree Wooden English Saddle
  • Deep Foam Seat
  • Easy Maintenance Materails
  • Concealed Knee Rolls

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