The Top 15 Best Horse Shampoo Reviews

The equine pet needs to take a bath more often as they live outdoors. The pet might encounter mud, dirt, and many other bacteria that may stay on its coat.

A good scrubbing using the best horse shampoo is necessary to spot clean horses.

Look for equine shampoos that won’t harm the pet’s skin and coat and won’t cause hair loss. Keep an eye on the list of ingredients a particular formula has to know whether it will do good to your pet.

Now, let us proceed to the main reason why you clicked this post –our best picks. I hope you get what is best for your equine pet’s hair and skin. Let’s get it started!

Best Horse Shampoo: A Quick Buying Guide

Picking the right shampoo for horses will depend on the horse keeper and the pet itself. Every buyer should consider factors to end up with the right formula. Some features below are not present in all products, so keep an eye on those products with the best features.

Here are important factors a horse shampoo must-have before buying one:

  • Horse’s Skin Condition – The pet’s skin would be normal or highly sensitive. There will be no problem choosing the best shampoo for normal skin, but sensitive skin requires medicated hair products. The skin condition is essential to know what type of horse shampoo is appropriate for the pet. It aids the keeper in avoiding causing further skin irritations towards the horse.
  • Quality – See whether the horse shampoo is effective or not taking care of equine’s skin and coat. Do not just focus on the cost given up, but more on the value for your money. Some cheap products actually perform more than expected. Products at a premium price do not give assurance about the quality. Look out for more product options before sticking to a certain product. You may find a better product than what you find in a moment.
  • Deep Cleaning – Horses are mud monsters and prone to dirt and other bacteria around them. It is not only their feet that get dirty in a day but all over their bodies. You must pick a shampoo that can penetrate the pet’s thick coat while bathing. It must also reach out to the pet’s skin for deeper cleansing. A good-quality shampoo must effectively remove stains in a full bath. Some products have a moisturizing formula, which cannot penetrate the coat. It is not advisable to use conditioner more often, unlike shampoo for regular use.
  • Skin-Friendly – Harsh chemicals are dangerous to the horse’s coat, so look for shampoos that have no chemicals added. Those ingredients may irritate the pet’s skin that may cause skin infections if not treated accordingly. Most equine shampoos consider skin health during production. Proper care of the horse’s coat will fall into good health. Consider medicated horse shampoo to be on your list of options. They promote skin treatment while taking care of your horse’s hair.
  • Color Boosting – This is an optional feature to consider in buying a horse shampoo. Most keepers want to show off their equine beauty by boosting their hair color. There are horse shampoos with a special ingredient that helps to tone and create a shiny finish.
  • Fragrance – Showering a horse has two purposes, cleansing, and a good fragrance. Essential oils help boost the shampoo’s fragrance that is friendly to both the keeper and the animal. It needs not be too strong, but only a mild scent counts.

Reviews: Best Shampoos for Horses

We know how hard it is to look for shampoos suitable for horses with various options in the market. The search is over with our top-quality products below.

Readout and see which one will suit your pet’s needs.

  • Vetrolin WhiteN’ Brite helps bring out the best hair color of horses with regular use. They can also be suitable for ponies and dogs. A 32-ounce formula can wash up to 16 horses. You can buy one within a tight budget.
  • It has a concentrated formula in which only a small amount of the formula can clean a horse.
  • This formula works well in removing the spot.
  • Apply some formula onto the stain, and then rinse afterward. It deep cleans the horse coat, mane, and tail.
  • This shampoo also brightens the pet’s coat to make it look shiny and soft.
  • The formula contains coconut oil that serves as a hair moisturizer. It helps the coat to absorb the brightening agents of the shampoo.
  • The downfall is its deep purple color that may leave a stain on your grooming tools. Wash the involved tools after bathing the equine pet.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Eliminates Friction15%90
Total Score100%97

  • We will not conclude that the USA products are better than other nations’ other products. Pet MD is manufactured in the USA that ensures product quality.
  • It is sold at a reasonable price for most horse keepers can afford.
  • It is versatile for many pets, like dogs and other home pets.
  • This medicated shampoo has the power to heal all kinds of skin conditions of horses. It can cure insect bites and even cuts and abrasions.
  • This prevents discomfort for horses during a bath. Its antifungal formula can remove bacteria that harm the pet’s skin and coat. There will be no evidence of acne growth in using this product.
  • On the other hand, the antiseptic formula dries up the pet’s coat’s affected area. It maintains a good condition for its coat.
  • The shampoo is quite difficult to lather, as some users have observed.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Eliminates Friction15%90
Total Score100%96.5

  • This HARRIS shampoo has an all-natural ingredient suitable for the most sensitive skin. It is a combination of shampoo and conditioner, cleansing, and moisturizing ability.
  • Better use the product with horses with dry skin to make its skin healthier.
  • It consists of sunflower oil with a high vitamin E concentration that keeps the hair clean and shiny. A powerful blend of plant-based oils is also added, which benefits the skin in the long run. It does not cause any skin irritation along the way.
  • No artificial fragrance is used, and yet the formula has a heavenly smell through the added essential oils. It has a unique sweet and sour smell with no use of sulfates, parabens, and dyes.
  • Warhorse Solutions Natural Equine Shampoo and Conditioner is gentle to the skin and can effectively wash out dirt.
  • It may provide too much moisture on the horse’s skin, which would attract more dirt. If that happens, you need to wash the horse more often to remove stickiness.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Eliminates Friction15%90
Total Score100%95.25

  • This is a spray foam shampoo. It differs from the previous options due to its foam texture.
  • Foam Care Medicated Shampoo is easier to rinse and produces lesser mess than the other horse shampoos.
  • The best way to use this product is by simply spraying the formula on a certain horse area that requires scrubbing. Then, lather out the formula and rinse with clean water.
  • You will not notice any residue left on the horse’s skin after a bath.
  • There are no added harsh chemicals, like sulfate, paraben, and dyes, on the formula.
  • You will avoid skin issues as it is pH optimized, thus essential for the horse’s coat.
  • You can use it daily or as a treatment, whichever will work well for the pet.
  • Its ingredients include 1% of ketoconazole that promotes healing over any skin conditions, such as irritated skin, itchy, and dry skin. It has added anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic features to soothe skin infections.
  • Those ingredients bring up an unfriendly smell though zero harmful chemicals are used.

  • This item is originated in the USA, promoting a thick coat for horses.
  • It is appropriate for other home pets’ use, such as dogs, cats, and even livestock. M-T-G Horse Shampoo is packed in an 8-ounce transparent bottle with necessary labels.
  • An overall healthy hair look is provided for the horse, from mane down to the tail.
  • Hair growth is possible by using shampoo regularly.
  • It is perfect for applying on horses during cold weather, as it offers a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Some added essential oils to kill its bad smell, which is tolerable for horses.
  • The growth brings a visible result to the pet’s hair with only a few applications. It is also good for human use.
  • The item can treat many skin infections that could ever happen on horses. It includes dandruff, scratches, and other skin issues.

  • Horses exposed to bacteria are prone to skin infections.
  • To prevent skin issues, an antibacterial shampoo is essential for use. This option is veterinary-formulated and so a high-quality horse shampoo.
  • It has a pleasant smell for deodorizing the horse pet. This is because of the unique ingredients added by VetOne.
  • Antiseptic ingredients are also counted in to fight against skin infections.
  • If skin infections are not cured immediately, it could harm the horse.
  • Antifungal agents are also present to protect the horse against fungal infections. It also keeps the pet’s skin moisturized and away from skin irritations.
  • You can trust its veterinary formula to remove bacteria on the horse’s coat.
  • You can get 16-ounce of horse shampoo at an affordable price.
  • Buy larger quantities if several horses are in your care. And get ready to cleanse your pet deep every once and a while.

  • This is a double deal from Mane N’ Tail offering shampoo and conditioner for horses. They are both 32-ounces and budget-friendly. Larger packs are available for purchase.
  • Directions are written on its packaging. This can repair damaged hair within a few uses. It also improves hair growth while preventing hair breakage.
  • The coat will be soft and smooth right after rinsing the formula with water.
  • Moisturizers and emollients exist on the formula to comfort horses during a bath. It sometimes leaves a greasy feeling on the roots of the hair strands.
  • Those ingredients boost the thickness of the coat with regular use.
  • The conditioner has added hydration to the horse coat.
  • Its apple blossom scent is unique to other products that most horse keepers adore.
  • It is not tested on animals and yet works effectively over horses.

  • Buying a versatile product is important these days, as it lessens the cost.
  • Other home pets can use this product for a bath with similar effects on horses. It is made in America, and so has quality performance assurance.
  • It differs from the previous hair products, requiring a time-based application. Apply the shampoo on the horse in 10-minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Longer than 10-minutes may cause harm to the horse coat due to its strong formula.
  • It produces lesser bubbles and so easier to wash off with water.
  • The Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo contain oils that help moisturize the equine’s skin. It also contains aloe to deal with skin irritations and make the skin healthier as before application.
  • They are medicated and have a concentrated formula that is best for horses with sensitive skin. It is free of harsh chemicals that could irritate their skin.

  • If you are looking for a therapeutic shampoo, here it is.
  • You may use the product on other home pets like dogs, cats, and many more. It protects them from all kinds of skin conditions throughout the day.
  • Its antiseptic agents kill the micro-organisms that are causing discomfort to your horse. The agent works together with antifungal and antibacterial formula.
  • The formula successfully kills dandruff and ringworms for everyday use.
  • Keto-C Shampoo also offers quick healing on skin infections.
  • It relieves and soothes the horse’s skin during and after a bath. Deep cleansing is highly possible in using the product and deodorizes your horse.
  • The company adds a pleasant smell to the shampoo product. It is not too strong for horses to handle. Your equine pet will smell good over a long day.
  • Keep the product away from children for safety.

  • A gallon of hair product is necessary for longer use, as bathing a horse requires more product. Miracle Care has to offer large sizes of horse shampoo at a reasonable price.
  • It could last up to months of usage.
  • It features a quick stain removal power over horses in just one wash.
  • The detangling agents help not to hurt the horse during a bath. Scrubbing the pet now becomes quicker and more comfortable.
  • Light-colored horses are better off with this shampoo, as claimed by most users. It spot cleans stubborn stains on the horse like manure and grass stains.
  • It does not require the use of water upon an efficient bathing method.
  • Therefore, no rinsing is required. It is recommended as an alternative bath and not a replacement for normal baths.
  • It will freshen up your horse after applying the product over him.

  • Eqyss used up human-grade ingredients with no harsh chemicals added.
  • The formula is also good for people and other home pets. It is also an all-natural product due to the ingredients used. Botanical ingredients are added for the fragrance.
  • It cleanses your horse’s dirtiest body parts, like the coat, effectively.
  • There are no essential oils removed from the horse’s coat and skin during the bath.
  • Micro-Tek Shampoo is safe to apply to genital areas with its perfect pH balance.
  • The quality formula has no chemicals added and free from synthetic polymers and petroleum. It has a very soothing formula that gives relief to irritated skin or the worst wounds.
  • Some say the product does not address many skin issues.
  • It is only applicable as general use shampoo, users quote. On the other hand, the product still claims its power of soothing skin infections and not the healing part.

  • Horse keepers have their own preferences on shampoo’s smell.
  • Some buyers dislike this hair product’s smell, while others liked it.
  • Aloe Shampoo has a fresh scent due to its botanical formula. Horses can tolerate its smell as other keepers can.
  • You will get a gallon of horse shampoo at a low price.
  • The pack has dual language instructions on how to use the product to understand.
  • Its main ingredient is aloe vera, which everyone knows how good aloe is on hair products.
  • No more damaged hair for horses as aloe helps to moisture and restore dry hair. Hair is also cleansed, resulting in a lustrous shine look.
  • Natural extracts are also added to this formula to be more animal-friendly. It prevents giving trouble to the pet’s skin while providing natural hair growth. It has no alcohol content or drying soaps.
  • Your horse can enjoy its minty scent while feeling deodorized. It is highly concentrated, so a small amount of the product is enough to wash off a horse.

  • To clean a mud-loving pet, a quality shampoo is to look for. Make sure not to leave any amount of residue after a bath.
  • Corona Horse Shampoo promises a no-residue formula, unlike other hair products. It is sold in a 3-liter container, enough for weeks of use.
  • Its lanolin ingredient promotes softness and smoothness on the horse’s coat over time. The horse’s hair will be stronger against shedding with lanolin’s help.
  • It is protein-enriched to make the mane and tail a lot stronger than before.
  • You can do over 400 washes with one pack of this hair product.
  • It does not cost the buyers that much and has a long-lasting performance.
  • Some buyers complain about the product’s packaging. They are issues of leakage and damage upon delivery. The only solution is to handle the product while using it carefully.

  • About 100% of the product’s ingredients are from nature, which is evident in its goodness to ensure healthy hair on horses. It renders a 5-in-1 treatment to your horse’s skin, mane, and tail, including conditioner, detangler, cleaning, deodorizing, and moisturizing. Plus, it is made in the USA.
  • Natural Rapport avoids adding chemicals to the formula, for it can harm the pet; instead, they use natural ingredients.
  • Each bottle of the hair product contains plant-based surfactants, water, and natural preservatives.
  • You can see immediate changes on the horse’s coat, tail, and mane within a few uses of this product. Put some amount of the product on the horse’s mane and tail, and then rinse with water once.
  • You can expect for softer and smoother coat after grooming the pet.
  • It would be more comfortable to bond with horses that are properly groomed.
  • This item provides both shampoo and conditioner functions in just one wash.

  • Let’s end up the product reviews with Farnam’s horse shampoo.
  • It is intended for horses, ponies, and dogs. You can choose between 32-ounce and 64-ounce purchases, depending on your pet’s bathing needs.
  • It is a concentrated formula, and so only a small amount of the product will work in cleaning a horse. Each bottle can wash up to 16 horses to last for months of use.
  • The concentrated shampoo is enriched with protein, vitamin E, and sunscreen protection ingredients. All of the said ingredients are essential for a healthier-looking horse’s coat.
  • When the horse stays under the sun, its skin won’t easily get burnt or infected.
  • It lathers foam to get rid of dandruff and any other skin debris. You can easily rinse the shampoo for a finishing touch that is a lustrous and shiny coat.
  • Environmental pollutants will have no right to stay on the horse’s skin for a long time. Cleaning the horse regularly is an important task to do for better protection.

Final Words

In conclusion, horse shampoo is essential stuff in cleaning an equine pet. Shampoos do promote not only cleansing but also the healing of skin infections. It can be hard to choose which shampoo is best for horses within products with similar features to offer. With the list of horse shampoo’s earliest lier, no need to complicate picking the best formula. Plus, the buyer’s guide is provided to send help for all horse keepers, thus lightens the purchased load.

Among the hair products above, which one would you pick for your pet?

Share your thoughts in the comment section and interact with the equine owner community online. Go on and take your pet horse in a shower!

Index Table: Top Rated Horse Shampoos

1Farnam Vetrolin White N’ Brite - Horse shampoo
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Coconut Oils Added
  • Brightening Effect
2 Pet MD Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Shampoo - Shampoo for Horses
  • Antifungal
  • healing
  • Medicated
Pet MD96.5
3HARRIS - Happy Horse Shampoo
  • Sensitive Skin Formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizing
4Vetericyn Foam Care Medicated Horse Shampoo - Shampoo for Horses
  • PH Balanced
  • Healing Formula for Skin Conditions
5Shapley’s Original M-T-G Horse Shampoo - Shampoo for Horses
  • Added essential Oils
  • Visible Results
  • Versatile for Human Use
6VetOne KetoHex Antifungal and Antibacterial Veterinary-Formulated Shampoo - Horse shampoo
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Veterinary Formula
VetOne KetoHex97.3
7Mane N’ Tail Shampoo and Conditioner - Horse’s Shampoo
  • Moisturizers and Emmolients Added
  • Economical Choice
Mane N’ Tail97
8Nootie Dermatology Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo - Horse shampoo
  • Aloe and Otameal
  • Moisturizing
Nootie Dermatology Solutions96.8
9Dr. Muller Pet Solutions Keto-C Shampoo - Shampoo for Horses
  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Fresh Scent
Dr. Muller96.4
10Miracle Care Coat Horse Shampoo and Conditioner - Shampoo for Horses
  • Size Options
  • For Light Colored Horses
  • Brightening
Miracle Care97
11Eqyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo - Shampoo for Horses
  • Botanicals Added
  • Soothing
  • Hypoallergenic
12Aloe Advantage Concentrated Shampoo - Horse’s Shampoo
  • Fresh Scent
  • Affordable
  • Aloe Added
Aloe Advantage96.2
13Corona Premium - Horse’s Shampoo
  • No Residue Formula
  • Lanolin Enriched
14Natural Rapport Horse Shampoo and Conditioner - Shampoo for Horses
  • Five In One Treatment Shampoo
  • Plant Based
Natural Rapport97.7
15Farnam Vetrolin Ultra-Hydrating Conditioning Shampoo - Horse shampoo
  • Size Options
  • Essential Ingredients
  • Moisturizing

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