Top 15 Best Ice Boots for Horses to Treat After Horse Injuries

Equine pets suffering from injuries and joint pains must wear the best ice boots for horses to get well.

A list of the said horse gear will be shared later on, so keep on scrolling!

Why Do You Need Ice Boots for Your Horse

Helping your horse recovering from a painful injury would be quicker with ice boots than other tools or methods. A hurting horse should be monitored right away to prevent greater damage. That being said, you must buy a pair of ice boots to help the horse continue its competition journey in the future.

Why Choose Best Ice Boots for Your Horse

Prevents Aching – Ice boots are not exactly what you imagine right now, but a gear to ease the horse’s legs from aching.
Speeds Up recovery – Horses have been as useful in entertainment and as a means of transportation in some areas.
Gives Their Feet a Break – Performing such strenuous activities may tire their feet and result in severe injury, if not treated straight away.
All You Need for Injury Treatment – The gear features everything a horse needs after an injury occurs, and many options are available in the market.

What to Look For In the Best Ice Boots for Your Horse

Among the best ice boot is the VanTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boot. It is a defense solution against possible leg injuries on horses. Dissimilar to the former items, this one works before and after the incidents.

These medicine boots can cover all four legs. Each purchase contains a full set of horse leg gear at a reasonable cost. Many horse riders gave positive feedback on the essential horse, thus investing in.

Several choices might be too overwhelming in choosing which gear is best for your equine pet. Make sure to pick a good pair of ice boots that will aid potential problems over your horse. No worries, only a shorter period shall be consumed for the gear to take in effect. Other things to consider in getting the best ice boots for horses are listed below.

  • Factors to look for – Before seeing the other features, prepare your budget first before shopping. The gear is offered at a wide range of prices, so look for an item with higher quality but suits your money on-hand. You may get to know the below features after that.
  • Materials Used – Only two materials are from where ice boots are made up. The most popular one is the neoprene material that is known for durability. It can last longer in keeping the sored parts cold and well. Another quality material is the denier nylon that could stand up against ripping. Either way, would make your horse better off.
  • Easy to Adjust – Perhaps you own multiple horses wherein adjustable ice boots are necessary. Most gears have a universal fitting to horses of different sizes. Choose the ice boots able to share between horses. Manufacturers add up zippers or Velcro closures for quick and easy adjustments. Most keepers more prefer the latter option with its trouble-free application.
  • Type of Ice Boots – Picking what type of ice boots for horses to buy will depend on personal preferences. Some gears require adding a cube of ice to take effect, while others make use of a freezer. Melting ice does no good for the the the horse’s legs,, which the latter type avoids.
  • Insulated Pockets – Every type of ice boots needs to be frozen to work appropriately. Select the gear that will not easily melt ice or cool down to last for hours of use. Most ice boots are made of insulated pockets, especially those under the first type. Others need to be stored in a freezer before functioned at the maximum coldness.
  • How do ice boots work? – How ice boots work depends upon the maker’s suggestion. It is regardless of the type of gear you choose to buy. Wrap the ice boots around the affected area, typically on the horse’s legs, to deliver cold treatment. Ensure the area is completely dry to prevent the occurrence of dermatitis. Do not place the gear longer than the suggested period to spread germs over the area. Sanitize the ice boots before and after use to free them from any dirt and bacteria. In this way, horses are away from infections and much safer.

Reviews: Top 15 Ice Boots for Horses

Here are our top picks of horse’s ice booths you can buy

  • Professional’s Choice Ice Boot has earned more star-rating online that speaks its success over horse’s wounds.
  • The pair is sold at an affordable price. No need to pick between various designs as it only comes with one style.
  • It has a neoprene exterior with nylon lining to keep it away from damage.
  • Prolonged therapy time could be done without heat intrusion.
  • This happens due to the inner frozen gel pockets that keep the boot cold even longer.
  • The ice boots are comfortable to wear with their extendable hook strap. It allows custom fitting for all leg sizes.
  • They fit well on both front and hind legs without damaging any tissue.
  • It is also easy to clean after and before use.
  • Mesh storage is included to secure the boots from dirt when not used.
  • The only design available suits every horse keeper liking.
  • It may look simple yet performs well for horses.

  • Regular ice cubes must exist for this ice boot to work on horses. They come in pairs with nine pockets to contain the ice cubes ready for cold treatment.
  • It is a versatile boot with a height up to 23-inches that may cover from the knee up to the horse’s pastern.
  • The nine-pocket ice boot promotes quick healing over a horse’s injuries.
  • Enjoy a 6-month warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee once you avail of a single pair of these ice boots.
  • It is an ice therapy with excellent quality to prevent further damage over an injury.
  • The nine ice pockets work with six hook fasteners for perfect fitting. The fasteners are adjustable to any horse’s leg size.
  • The pockets are made elastic to contain a standard size ice cube each.
  • It aids in healing sores quicker than the other tools.
  • The black ice boots are offered in universal size for all horse ages.

  • Here are premium ice boots that function well for pre and post-treatment therapy. The package includes two ice packs and panels, and a charger to support its massage feature.
  • However, this unique feature cannot be confirmed yet to ICE-VIBE.
  • Hot and cold inserts are included to deliver the said versatile performances. It eases inflammation by repairing damaged tissues on the horse’s tendons and ligaments.
  • Daily use is advised to see better results.
  • ICE-VIBE used neoprene on its outer design with soft binding inside. It has a Velcro closure to secure the boots upon wearing either front or hind legs.
  • The boots won’t easily slip; thus, keep all the insertions in place.
  • The cold packs should be wrapped around the legs before placing the ice boots to get started.
  • This is an updated look with beaded gel packs to ensure optimal fitting.
  • The item is also away from shaving due to its smoother outer design.

  • Thirty minutes would be enough to treat a horse suffering from swelling.
  • Finn-Tack ice wraps can last for an hour until the freeze is over. Curing two horses in a row is highly possible without icing the gear after the first use.
  • The wrap pair must be placed in a freezer before use to deliver the best results. It will provide great comfort to the horse’s legs every after exercise.
  • It can treat many illnesses on horses, like arthritic joints, tendons, and ligaments.
  • It’s easy to wrap and remove from the horse’s legs using Velcro fasteners.
  • Attaining the right compression on each leg could be so easy.
  • The company used a heavy denier nylon shell in making the ice wraps.
  • They stay soft even when frozen hence easy to wear. Its four quick-grip hook-and-loop fasteners aid for proper fitting.
  • Store the wraps in a plastic bag and refrigerate to protect them against frosting.

  • Another excellent choice in buying ice boots for horses is the Professional’s Choice Full-Leg Ice Boot. They are full-height boots that can cover from knee or hock down,, wherein the legs can still breathe.
  • It is built with a neoprene exterior that allows two things – a good fitting and breathability. Its elastic hook-and-loop straps support a good fitting. The standard sizing can fit on horses of all ages.
  • The insulated pockets will remain flexible when frozen. It has a non-toxic solution, thus releases comfort during the therapy. Its smooth nylon lining prevents hurting your horse’s legs while the therapy is going.
  • To keep the cooling effect long-lasting, slightly wet the horse’s legs before use. You may use a cooler at a later time of application.
  • Most stable owners suggest more designs to choose from. It is a great addition to the horse’s equipment as well.

  • Cooling Gel Ice Boot is sold not in pair and yet reusable. It reduces the stress and inflammation over horses experiencing leg tension.
  • Cooling gel offers maximum coverage to speed up the healing process.
  • The amount of compression must be identified in placing an ice boot on the horse’s hurting leg. Ensure not to put so much pressure as it may ruin the situation.
  • Elastic fasteners play a vital role in determining optimal fitting.
  • A 210 denier polyester is used in producing its gel ice pack ankle pad. It brings comfort to the swelling area when applied.
  • The cold therapy being provided hastens the recovery for only 30-minutes of daily use.
  • The cold ankle wrap must be frozen before placing around the affected leg. Adjust the fasteners on the area that needs more pressure.
  • Each session can last for an hour to stay cool. Some horses are too sensitive to cold and will require extra layers.

  • This horse boot is not suitable for larger equine pets, like draft horse breeds. Pro Cooling Horse Boot can offer an extended therapy time to deal with a swelling horse’s leg.
  • It will stay cold to deliver the best outcomes in a few therapy sessions.
  • Unlike other similar boots, cold therapy would be longer with this model. It must be kept in the freezer until frozen to take effect. The material will stay soft and comfortable to wear, even when frozen.
  • Pressure adjustment on the leg is made through its four Velcro straps.
  • It fits well to avoid slipping from the legs, however,, not to larger horses. There will be no stress putting on the boot to a hurt horse.
  • Pro Cooling Horse Boot is sold in singles at an affordable price. It is made durable with a heavy-duty denier nylon shell to keep it away from damage.

  • Here is a budget pick ice boot for horses that most stall owner loves. It is one of the best choices online due to its good performance. Tough offers a single boot with three colors to select from in one size.
  • This ice boot does best for horses with arthritic joints and other leg problems. It prevents any discomfort and cold therapy by maintaining its soft texture when frozen.
  • Applying the correct pressure on the leg is essential to ease the pain faster at the best results. The four Velcro straps are responsible for attaching the boot as it should be.
  • They are quick to adjust tto better fit the lower leg or hock part.
  • Only a single boot is included in one purchase, so buying more pieces separately is recommended to cure more horses’ legs.
  • Keep the ice boot in a freezer between uses to boost its effectiveness.

  • This one is different from the previous ice boots in appearance but works the same. It is a simple solution for horses suffering from sores and other injuries. You can get a pair of sore boots at a reasonable price.
  • A size chart is provided to ensure getting the right fit for your equine pet. Stall owners often go for the medium size to use on horses of all ages.
  • It features adjustable straps to fit on a wider range of leg sizes. You can easily adjust the boot to achieve the horse’s ‘ pressurelegs’ pressure. It has an open back design to bring extra comfort to horses.
  • Stall Sore Boots comprises neoprene exterior and soft fleece lining for therapy purposes. It stays durable against any condition to deliver quick healing upon a hurt horse.
  • Wash the material in cold water and air dry for the next use.

  • If only one leg of your horse gets injured, a single ice boot is enough to buy. It may ice two legs as the boot will remain cold for up to an hour. Before the ice melts, treat the other leg too. Some users say the pockets can only hold little pieces of ice.
  • This horse ice boot provides plenty of coverage up to the hock. The size can be adjusted to meet your horse’s needs. The boot is also easy to wear and remove with its tape tabs.
  • The neoprene material limits the water getting into the horse’s legs during cold therapy. Its nine pockets hold the little ice cubes in place to treat the aching legs.
  • Ice packs could be an alternative to reducingng the moisturandtherapy. Avoid overfilling the pockets with ice to spill water over the hurting leg.

  • Waterproof ice boots have finally arrived on the list made by Roma F.C. They deliver lesser mess and more effective in icing horse’s legs. Roma F.C. also ensures that the ice boots are stylish to wear by a hurt equine pet.
  • It can fit on different horse leg sizes about 26-inches long. An ice therapy session would be effortless with these icing gears. The overall design will surround aching parts of any horse leg size.
  • It differs from how the other ice boots are adjusted, as this one uses a zip style fastener. The zipper is designed full-length with two reinforced eyelets to hold more ice in place.
  • There are adjustable suspenders to keep the ice boots in place during the on-going therapy. The suspenders help to hold the ice inside. Plus, heavy-duty nylon is used to make the overall gear durable.

  • One hour of icing therapy may not be enough for severe cases; thus, Suspensory Wraps could be the solution. It offers up to two hours of icing therapy, and it is reusable. Put back the wraps pair into the freezer to use again. The coverage starts below the knee down to the pastern areas to maximize effectivity. It also allows heat by purchasing a deep heat of the same brand. Twelve reusable ice inserts are included and offer uniform compression over the injury.
  • A unique material is used, particularly Quadrispan anti-migration fabric. It is a breathable fabric capable of treating the horse’s injured legs. Velcro closures secure the fitting of the ice boots. The removal of the boots is also easy not to hurt the pet.
  • There is an adjustable suspender to support the wraps all the way. It will stay intact for more than an hour.

  • A stylish boot is to maintain the beauty of horses even when injured. In addition to that, Pro Cool Horse Boot has a therapeutic effect that could last for up to 30-minutes. It works differently than the other icing boots with its soak-and-go feature.
  • It has a contoured shape to avoid slipping. The support this boot gives over the fetlock and tendons is at high capacity. Water-reactive crystals are used instead of typical ice cubes.
  • This type of horse ice boot must be soaked in cold water four hours before the therapy. Over-soaking may puff up the crystals, thus soak the boot for only an hour prior to use. Use colder water to level up its effectiveness.
  • The boot’s tighteningld start from the top of the Velcro straps. Re-adjust the gear if needed. When the first session lasts longer than expected, you can soak the boot for another two hours and reuse it multiple times.

  • We are not running out of excellent ice boots for horses with the Cordura Pairs. It is a bit stylish than the other listed products above. They are sold in pairs to cure two legs at the same time with no trouble.
  • They are injury-preventing boots suitable for curing laminitis and other inflammations on horses. It has a different look than the previous ice boots but works the same.
  • It is out of heavy-duty 600 denier nylon material, durable enough to last for multiple uses. Proper fitting is supported by zippers on the boot’s side from bottom to top.
  • The suspender straps hold up the boot for added security upon the horse’s leg. It will not slip off due to the horse’s extra movements in times of therapy.
  • Foam is added at the bottom part of the boots for extra comfort and best fitting.

  • Among the best ice boot is the VanTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boot. It is a defense solution against possible leg injuries on horses. Dissimilar to the former items, this one works before and after the incidents.
  • These medicine boots can cover all four legs. Each purchase contains a full set of horse leg gear at a reasonable cost. Many horse riders gave positive feedback on the essential horse, thus investing in it.
  • You can pick on various colors available according to your liking. It may cover both front and rear leg parts. Additionally, it appears so stylish and fits on most horse breeds.
  • VanTECH technology used a neoprene exterior with limestone-based to ensure durability. It has an ultra-shock lining to provide better protection on the hurt horse. Its overall buildup is lightweight and contoured, effective to prevent lower limb injuries.

Final Words

There are other traditional ways to heal a horse’s injuries, but a pair of ice boots makes the treatment faster. Injuries may happen after a competition or exercise; hence icing therapy must occur. Ice boots help lessen the pain of hurting joints, muscles, and tendons on horses through cold compression. Learn ways on how your selected gear works for the best outcomes. Another benefit covers equine pets’ rehabilitation needs to speed up their recovery and go back to normal after a rest.

Mild cases require up to 30-minutes of treatment, while going to the vet is necessary for serious injuries. We recommend that the readers consult a local vet before proceeding to ice therapy.

For additional queries, leave your comment below and wait for a quick response. Thank you!

Index Table: Best Ice Boots for Injury Recovery on Horses

1Professional’s Choice Professional - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Extendable Hook Strap
  • Mesh Carry Bag
  • Fit Front and Hind Legs
Professional’s Choice96.5
2Professional’s Choice Equine Nine-Pocket - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Versatile
  • Nine Ice Pocket Included
Professional’s Choice97
3ICE-VIBE Horseware Boots - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Neoprene
  • Soft Binding
  • No-Slip Design
4Finn-Tack Ice Wrap Pair - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Ideal for Arthritis
  • Compression and Cooling
5Professional’s Choice Full-Leg Ice Boot - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Insulated Pockets
  • Long Lasting Cooling
Professional’s Choice97
6 Rural365 Cooling Gel - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Denier Polyester
  • Compression
  • Cooling Gel
7Finn-Tack Pro Cooling Therapy - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Larger Equine Pets
  • Pro Cooling Technology
7Tough 1 Professional - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Single Boot Purchase
Tough 195.5
8Cashel Stall Sore Boots - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Size Options
  • Neoprene Material
  • Open Back Design
Cashel Stall96.5
9Intrepid International - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Adjustable Size
  • Good Coverage
10Roma F.C Professional - Ice Boot for Horses
  • Adjustable
  • Less Mess Design
Roma F.C96.5
11Ice Horse Suspensory Wraps Pair - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Anti-Migration Fabric Technology
  • Adjustable Suspenders
Ice Horse97.3
12 Le Mieux Pro Cool Horse Boot - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • High Capacity Support
  • Water-Reactive Crystals
Le Mieux97.6
13Jacks Manufacturing Cordura Ice Boots - Horse’s Ice Boots
  • Cordura
  • Denier Nylon
  • Zipper Closures
Jacks Manufacturing97.3
13VanTECH Professional’ Choice - Elite Sports Medicine Boot
  • Four Leg Coverage
  • Neoprene Exterior
  • Durable

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