Top 12 Best Litter for Rabbits: Reviews & Guide

Finding the best litter for rabbits can be very difficult.

This is especially for first-time rabbit owners who don’t know what they are looking for.

That is why we created a list of the best rabbit litter pellets.

Not just that, we also included a comprehensive buying guide so you will be armed with all the essential knowledge.

How To Potty Train Rabbits?

Keeping up a clean cage requires the coordination of the rabbits.
Further, it’s better to begin training your rabbits at an early age before they even discover doing any bad behaviors.
Training your rabbits always takes patience and time. Here are some ways that you can keep your rabbits responsible:

  • Find a proper location to place the hutch or cage of your rabbit.
  • Put a litter box with an inch of litter and a little hay.
  • Place your rabbits in the cage and observe their bathroom behavior.
  • Keep the litter box dirty to justify its usefulness to your rabbits.
  • If your rabbits have been trained, try to expand their training area.

How To Avoid Filthy-Smelling Rabbit Hutch/Cage?

Bearing in mind that the factors mentioned above to consider in buying the best litter for rabbits might not be adequate in maintaining a nice smell on your rabbits’ habitat, here are some of the tips that will guarantee good smelling and hygienic litter box:

  • Put enough amount of litter.
  • Use air fresheners.
  • Regularly clean the cage.

Recommended Litter for Rabbits

Rabbits have very similar needs to us, humans, in habitat. They also demand comfort in each corner of their home. Since rabbits are furry, we often tend to cuddle with them.

That having said, they need to be fresh –and their freshness relies on their environment.

Their litter is one of the most important aspects of their environment.

The best litter for rabbits plays a vital role in reducing bad odors and creating a much healthier and cleaner living space for your rabbits.
There are so many litters for small pets available in the market. however, only a few of them are recommended for rabbit use, and they are as follows:

  • Wood Pellets – This helps in controlling odor and has zero chemical content. It’s available during the winter months.
  • Paper Pellets – This is offered in the cat section stores. What’s the bad thing about this is that it doesn’t have the capacity to control odor. Aside from that, this litter works very well.
  • Shredded Paper – This is the most economical litter you can have for your rabbits. It needs a recurrent replacement since it does not control odor. Moreover, it could also be dangerous for your rabbits’ health if they ingest the shredded papers.
  • Paper-Based Bedding – This is the most costly available litter in pet stores. It has high odor control and absorbency feature. Paper litter may not also stick to the fur of your rabbits.

What Defines The Best Rabbit Litter: A Simple Buying Guide

Even though many rabbit litter options are available on the market, not all of them fit rabbits’ particular needs. As a matter of fact, some litter is harmful to the rabbits to use and be around.

Hence, you will want to make sure that the one you’ll buy has the following characteristics:

  • Odor Control – The best litter for rabbits should have the capacity to control odor. It would be best if you considered this important factor. Furthermore, litter, which controls foul odor, may help your rabbits’ environment stay fresh. Of course, you don’t want your own house and your rabbits’ hutch to smell like rabbit urine.
  • Dust-Free – The best rabbit litter should have a low dust level. It isn’t unusual to look for a rabbit litter that is up to 99% free of dust. This will surely make your life easy when you need to clean the rabbit litter box. It is also so much better for your rabbit to live in an environment with no excessive dust.
  • Comfortable – It goes without saying that your rabbit should find its litter comfortable. If your rabbits react to their new litter or it is evident that something is wrong, your rabbits may find their litter uncomfortable. You should thoroughly gauge your rabbits’ initial reactions to establish the litter’s comfort levels.
  • Eco-Friendly – Of course, all of us are looking after the planet we are living on. This is why we suggest that you choose an environmentally friendly rabbit litter. It would help if you looked for something made from recycled paper or any recycled materials. Look for features like biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • High Absorbency – The best litter for rabbits is very much absorbent. A great rabbit litter needs to hold up to 3 times its weight in moisture. What’s the advantage of this is that it will stay much fresher for a longer period of time.

Best Litter For Rabbits: Top 12 Picks

Although it might be annihilating to even look at all the rabbit litter options out there, selecting a proper litter is not that hard when you base your decision on the simple buying guide above. Some litter options meet your rabbits’ particular needs, and we have gathered those here for you.

It is also vital that you bear in mind that the cleanliness of the litter box of your rabbit is an essential factor. You might have selected the best litter for your rabbits, but if it is dirty and is not changed habitually, it is just as operational as a bottom-shelf litter.

Here is the 12 best litter for rabbits available on, which will surely keep your rabbit clean and fresh.

  • As we have said earlier, paper pellets definitely work well as litter for rabbits.
  • So Phresh Fast-Absorbing Paper Pellets has 95% recycled paper away from defiance when wet.
  • Hence, it is an environment-friendly and biodegradable litter that is certainly in favor of your rabbit. They also add baking soda, thus resulting in active odor control.
  • Naturally, moisture locks in and possesses a high level of absorbency.
  • One pack of this holds about 2 lbs. of paper pellet that’s dust-free.
  • Not only that, but it’s also odor-free and thus does not cause your rabbits irritation. Despite being odorless, it still does its own job of controlling and eliminating stinks.
  • Perhaps the only disadvantage is that its sizes are larger than normal. Nonetheless, this does not count as a loss since it is covered with timothy hay.
  • Dust-free.
  • Odor-free.
  • Utilizes baking soda to control odors.
  • Pellets are rather larger than the normal.

  • Ferrets, as you may know, are closely connected to rabbits. Having said, what ferrets demand is also a great fit for rabbits.
  • The Marshall Ferret Litter is not the usual natural paper fiber that’s brilliant in absorbing urine and other odors.
  • Furthermore, it also fights ammonia in rabbits. The litter is also non-allergic due to the recyclable materials used throughout the production.
  • What’s more, this litter is also dust-free.
  • Hence, it may cause gentleness on the respiratory system of a rabbit. Nevertheless, some issues refer to its dustiness. Some other concern is that it is not the best for absorbing bad odors.
  • According to a few users, this matter does not outweigh the good arguments regarding the product.
  • Free prize inside of the package.
  • Hypo-allergenic feature.
  • Quite absorbent.
  • Controls odors well.
  • Some packages are a bit dusty.

  • This is one of the best litter for rabbits because it has a long-lasting odor control feature. With this litter, you and your rabbit will experience nearly 10-days of freshness underneath.
  • Therefore, it really saves effort and time to clean the box since it stays comfortable for the rabbits. Its own capacity to hold moisture is so great.
  • The litter will also stay fresh and dry thereof. Furthermore, it also has a white nesting stillness appearance, despite absorbing liquid.
  • Another amazing feature is it being dust-free, which is also essential for easy cleaning. It also provides a cotton-like comfort because of its nesting form.
  • Nevertheless, the pellets’ size is 25% bigger than the usual pellets. What’s another great thing about this is that it is affordable to every rabbit owner!
  • Very affordable.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Great odor control.
  • Some rabbit owners experience an allergic reaction.

  • This litter is actually just new in the market, but it already has amazing reviews.
  • It’s a recycled paper litter that features an ammonia locker.
  • The odor control is being sustained over the added baking soda, which maintains the cage’s cleanliness and freshness. Its astounding absorbency ability is the best compliment you could hear about it.
  • Not only that, but its boldness against wetness is also one to commend.
  • It is 99% dust-free and thus much easier to put up with the rabbit’s hutch or cage.
  • Biodegradable materials are mostly used to build this product.
  • Its price is greatly affordable and is obviously an eye-catcher to rabbit owners.
  • Nevertheless, there are some issues from customers that say it did not do its job of blocking the odors.
  • Some even say that the rabbit does not respond to the litter itself.
  • Regardless of what few consumers say, many of them are still into it.
  • Amazing absorbency.
  • Firmly built.
  • Sustainable and dust-free.
  • Some say it didn’t do its job to block odor.

  • The main ingredient in this rabbit litter is wheat –in the form of straw pellets.
  • Compared to the recycled paper pellet, the straw pellet is three times more efficient for absorbing wetness.
  • Its materials are natural and designed to provide better comfort for the rabbit. Moreover, wheat is also rich in fiber and consumable ingredients, making it essential to the bed.
  • There are no chemicals or fragrances added. Cleaning the litter box will be much easier, too, as the pellets are easy to scoop.
  • What’s more, it does not produce dust –that is much safer for your rabbits.
  • Changing each rabbit’s bedding will demand the rabbits’ wellbeing before doing it.
  • Great odor control.
  • Well-packaged.
  • Safe for ingestion.
  • Concerns of it becoming dust after being moist.

  • When it comes to each product being sold on the market, the packaging is the most important factor. Small Pet Select utilizes unbleached packaging to make sure that there is no chemical effect on the litter.
  • Furthermore, it is also made in the USA without any chemical additives. Also, this litter is great not just for rabbits but also for some other small animals.
  • It’s soft and is greatly absorbent, thus prevent stingy odor on the rabbit cage.
  • The final look of the litter is thrice in volume from its packaging. It’s a natural paper bedding that has a high-grade result. It is also not delicate to small animals’ feet and is not that dusty.
  • The company guarantees 100% satisfaction, and your pet will surely not be disappointed in the litter itself.
  • Larger expansion.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Well-designed packaging.
  • Doesn’t control odor effectively.

  • This particular bedding is ideal for small animal cages. It’s made of wood fibers, which become soft and comfy bedding and litter for your rabbit or small pets.
  • Additionally, its look is so much like soft granules and has a lavender scent. Although a fragrant rabbit litter is not highly recommendable, it still loves this rabbit litter as it offers so many features.
  • Mainly, it embellishes the rabbits’ habitat by just putting it into the cage.
  • Moreover, its wood fiber material is also greatly absorbent of approximately three times its weight. This is essential in preventing the early development of odor inciting particles and mold.
  • These may harm the health of your rabbits.
  • Various respiratory conditions might also be stopped as this product is dust-free. You may choose to buy unscented litter if you are somewhat sensitive to smells.
  • Easy to scoop.
  • Produce shallow dust.
  • Works so well as litter.
  • Not recommended as bedding.

  • This litter for rabbits is free of baking soda. It can control rabbit odor for over 14 days.
  • With this, you will need a lesser cleaning time. Hence, more bonding time is spent with the rabbit that is the best way for you to engage a strong bond with them.
  • Furthermore, the formula swiftly absorbs thrice of its weight moisture.
  • It’s also composed of recycled and crumbled paper.
  • What’s more, litter is not just essential for the pet, yet also for the environment.
  • In fact, it is almost 100% dust-free, thus resulting in a much healthier environment and lesser mess for your rabbits.
  • Further, both parties’ safety is guaranteed as the papers used in making it are unbleached and made in the United States.
  • Less expensive.
  • Effective in controlling odor.
  • May result in a dusty setting while you clean.

  • This particular material is superior to hardwood and cedar beddings and matches some other rabbit litter products’ quality.
  • Furthermore, Living World Pine Shavings Litter is 100% guaranteed pine shavings with a natural scent.
  • Therefore, the cages will smell clean and fresh in a much longer period of time. Not only that, but the absorption is also never forgotten and thus performs so well in sustaining dryness and preventing the development of bacteria and molds.
  • What’s more, the litter may also expand to over 2500 cubic inches to reside in the space allotted on the cage.
  • Nonetheless, it’s furnace dried shavings with no fragrant smell and debris. Your rabbits’ respiratory system isn’t affected due to its dust-free feature.
  • Great expansion.
  • Natural scent.
  • Concerns of not absorbing the odor well.

  • This can work as bedding, at the same time as a litter for rabbits and some other small animals.
  • Further, the product is also all-natural and is made with corn cob, which is highly processed.
  • We refer to this process to eliminate the wood debris and dust for the rabbits’ safety.
  • Additionally, there are no added artificial colors on the product itself.
  • Compared to some other corn cob-made litters, this is way cleaner due to its packaging.
  • Similarly, the litter also helps sustain a much better health status for your rabbits.
  • Moreover, Kaytee Kay-KOP Bedding and Litter will also have no sticky feel.
  • As a matter of fact, this feature aids, especially when cleaning the cage, since the remaining litter wouldn’t be fond of the hands.
  • You will need less time to clean the cage since dust-free.
  • Very affordable.
  • Reduces bad odor on the cages.
  • Dual purpose.
  • Not that soft.

  • Kaytee is a reputable producer of rabbit litter.
  • Aside from the other litter they produce that we mentioned earlier, the Kaytee Wood Pellets are wood-based litter that does not cause any stickiness to the habitats and so much easier to clean.
  • Further, the process that it goes through gets rid of dust and wood debris.
  • Not just that, it also has a great level of absorption and also helps in reducing bad odor.
  • No artificial materials added.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Doesn’t have a pleasant smell.
  • Quite pricey.

  • If you are training your rabbits, buying even a small quantity of litter is just fine.
  • Ensure that you put both litter and bedding in a cage to let your rabbit know the difference between the two. Kaytee actually consumes a hundred percent non-toxic bentonite to make this product.
  • Furthermore, it also helps in controlling odor too! Not only that, the moisture absorption capacity that it has is 10x more than its weight, which is the highest absorption level so far on the list.
  • What’s more, this litter is hypoallergenic, thus resulting in the safety of both the owner and the rabbits themselves. It’s available in 8 or 16 pounds pack.
  • These quantities are enough for the purpose of litter training.
  • High absorbency rate.
  • Well-packaged.
  • Doesn’t cover the floor well.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best litter for rabbits might make life so much better for you and your rabbits. It is not always easy to find the perfect product, yet following the guidelines in this article might mean that you will not be far off.

There are many kinds of rabbit litter in the market, and each of them comes with its own distinctive benefits. It goes without saying that rabbits have particular needs, which must be met by their litter, and if they are not, there might be some serious drawbacks.

Hence, after evaluating all of the rabbit litter available, we have determined that the best litter for rabbits is the So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter. This is an amazing choice for all rabbits! It isn’t just 100% safe for rabbits to be around, yet its absorbency is incomparable. Overall, this litter is easily the best for your rabbits!

But regardless of what you choose on the list above, you will surely be securing your rabbits’ safety, as well as the environment, of course! Let us know how’s your experience in choosing your own rabbit litter!

Index Table: Top Rated Litter for Rabbits

1So Phresh Small Animal Litter - Rabbit Litter Pellets
  • Absorbent
  • Fresh
  • Eco-Friendly
So Phresh98
2Marshall Ferret Litter - Litter for Rabbits
  • Odor Control
  • Absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic
3Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding - Rabbit Litter
  • Absorbent
  • Odor Control
  • Hypoallergenic
4Fresh News Paper Small Animal Litter - Litter for Rabbits
  • Odor Control
  • Affordable
Fresh News Paper97.6
5Oxbow Ecostraw Rabbit Litter - Litter for Rabbits
  • easy Cleaning
  • Absorbent
  • Chemical Free
6Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding - Rabbit’s Litter
  • Larger Expansion
  • No Chemicals
  • Safe and Natural
Small Pet95.6
7Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding - Rabbit Litter
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Low Dust
8Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding - Rabbit’s Litter
  • Odor Control
  • Absorbent
9Living World Pine Shavings - Litter for Rabbits
  • Prevents Bacteria
  • Furnace Dreid
  • Low Dust
Living World96.6
10Kaytee Kay-KOP Bedding And Litter - Litter for Rabbits
  • No Addatives
  • Natural
  • Absorbent
11Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pets - Litter for Rabbits
  • Absorbent
  • No Artificial Materails
12Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter - Rabbit Litter
  • Controls Odors
  • Ideal for Litter Training

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