Top 10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Reviews 2020

Choosing the best outdoor hutch for your rabbit can be tough, and whether you keep your rabbit out most or part of the time, you’ll need to take the same precautions.

There are a few reasons why you need a Good Outdoor Hutch for your rabbit when you have an indoor or outdoor rabbit.

So please see our extensive list of the best available Outdoor Rabbit Hutches.

Why You Need a Proper Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

  • Security – Your pet will need security, hygiene within their home, and enough space.
  • Food and Temperature – Aside from looking for the best outdoor rabbit hutch, you should also consider the temperature of their home, while having enough stock of food and water in it.
  • Isolation – And if you are planning on making them stay outside all the time, it is also important to not make them feel isolated. You should make sure that your rabbit has enough contact with humans, as this will prevent them from being scared of humans.

Reviews: Best Available Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Here are some of our Top Picks in Outdoor Rabbit Hutches;

  • If you are looking for a hutch that has a more colorful design, then you will love this rabbit cage.
  • This hutch from the Petsfit is a real eye-catcher as it has a pleasing green and white-colored design, which would perfectly complement your garden.
  • Not only are you giving your rabbit a comfortable, good-looking, and secure home, but it would also add value to your garden or house’s look and feel.
  • The roof is made of asphalt preventing rain from dripping inside the hutch and keeping the hutch dry. When it’s time to start your cleaning task in your rabbit’s hutch, aside from the hutch’s doors, you can also open the top of the roof to have easy access inside the hutch.
  • And as for the metal bars around the run area and a living area of the hutch, it helps keep unwanted visitors out while keeping your bunny safe and secured inside.
  • The assembling is not much hard to do as it can be assembled straightforwardly, it won’t even take you more than one hour in assembling the hutch.

  • This rabbit hutch from Advantek has a beautiful auburn and white finish that a lot of rabbit owners who are looking for a hutch will love it.
  • The stilted hutch looks more like a small house, while the lower is surrounded with wire mesh is connected with a ramp that your rabbit can walk down to. If you plan on placing this inside or outside of your house, it would surely blend in naturally.
  • This hutch might not be as spacious as other hutches out there, but it wide enough to accommodate two large rabbits.
  • This is a single-chambered hutch with a front door for easy access. At the bottom of the hutch is a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • The only downside of this hutch is its wired mesh, as it is not as sturdy as the other hutches in the market.
  • If your bunny tends to chew on their cage’s wires, you should get a 14 gauge wire mesh to prevent your bunny from breaking out of their cages.

  • Here is a smaller hutch option of the Tangkula brand for your pet rabbit. This may be a bit smaller than the 62-inch version of Tangkula, but it is still large enough to accommodate two rabbits with plenty of room to run around in.
  • The living area and run area of the hutch is connected with a ramp, which allows your bunny to easily run in and out of the hutch whenever it wants to.
  • If it’s raining, your pet can have a safe and dry place that they can rest in the hutch. And during the hot summer days, your rabbit can easily run down the ramp to get some exercise and have some fresh air.
  • Below the living area if the hutch is a pull-out tray to easily clean out the poop from the cage.The sliding tray is a common feature of rabbit cages to make cleaning easier.
  • Another common feature is the doors, which can be found in the running area, living area, and at the hutch’s rooftop. This is very convenient if you regularly keep your pet’s cage clean.

Score: 98.5
  • This a great hutch option to house your pet bunny.
  • The two-story hutch is made from a solid fir tree, and it is treated and coated in a way to handle all kinds of weather conditions, making it very durable.
  • The hutch has a living area and sleeping area on the second floor of the hutch, while downstairs would be its open area where your bunny can play.
  • Each area has doors in it to easily insert and remove your pet.
  • The wires that are used in this hutch are made of heavy-duty steel, which allows you to keep your bunny in a while keeping the predators out.
  • All wires are finished with an epoxy coat that is fade, corrosion, and rust-resistant, making it extra durable in all climates.
  • The top ramp has a flipping door that you can close to keep your bunny in either upstairs or downstairs; this is very convenient if you have to replace the hay in one of the areas.
  • Between the upper and lower floor is a removable tray that collects your pet’s poo, which makes it a lot easier to clean the hutch.

  • If you have at least two rabbits at home, then the kind of hutch that you should be looking for should be large enough for your rabbits to play around in.
  • Luckily, you have a couple of options in the market.
  • This Pawhut Deluxe hutch is about 91 inches, which means your pet bunny will have enough space to roam around without getting too far from home.
  • This is a great option if you want your pets to have a comfortable space.
  • However, if it means having a bigger hutch, it would also mean that you’ll have to spend more time and effort in assembling your bunny’s hutch.
  • But fear not, as, despite the size of this hutch, it comes with an easy-to-read instruction where you can easily assemble the hutch in just an hour or less.
  • Also, the rooftop of the hutch is in a slope position, meaning that even when it rains, the water will trickle downwards rather than sitting on top of its roof.

  • If you have more than three rabbits as pets, this hutch is a fantastic option as it is spacious enough for your rabbits to play in.
  • The hutch has two separate areas, and between the two areas is a ramp that can be moved easily to provide your rabbit with access on both levels of the hutch.
  • The woods for this hutch are Furniture-grade wood, coated and finished with waterproof antifungal, which adds to the water-resistance of the hutch.
  • The roof is made of asphalt for protection and durability.
  • As for the mesh that is surrounding the run area of the hutch, it is made of durable steel that not only withstands weather conditions but also protects your rabbit from predators. In addition to its security, the hutch also has two doors with latches to enable you to lock it securely.
  • In the mid-section of the hutch is a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • However, since this item is large in full-size, you might have problems in assembling the hutch.

  • This hutch is made from fir wood with a natural cedar stain finish for an eye-catching design. As for the running area, it is enclosed with a closely-knit wire mesh for proper air ventilation, keeps your bunny in, and keeping the predators out.
  • The length of this hutch is about 61 inches, which means it is one of the spacious hutches for rabbits in the market.
  • To enable your rabbit to have access to the running area, the hutch is also equipped with a non-slip ramp to make it easy for your rabbit to go in and out of its hutch.
  • Aside from the hutch’s doors, you can also open up the roof with locking arms so that you can easily access the cage without holding the roof to keep it open.
  • What makes this hutch one of the best hutches in the market is the construction’s quality.
  • The fir wood and wired mesh used to make this rabbit cage are both durable can easily withstand any extreme weather conditions.
  • However, you should still lookout for the possible formation of mold inside the hutch.

  • If you want a hutch that has a design that you can admire while also having enough space to accommodate a few bunnies, then this Trixie Pet Products Hutch is the one that you are looking for. Not only is it useful, but it is also a good choice for those who have more than two bunnies.
  • This is a two-story rabbit cage that has a wide running area at the lower level and a living area at the top level.
  • The living area has a removable tray at the bottom to make it easier for you to remove your pet’s poop.
  • A lot of customers said that they love this hutch for its solid construction; however, they did mention that they had a hard time assembling it because of the poor instruction manual.
  • But aside from poor instruction manual, the hutch is made with durable solid materials and has plenty of room to roam to for your pet bunnies.

  • If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind using a small hutch for a single bunny, then you might consider using this product.
  • However, this hutch is quite unique from the other hutches listed in this article; rather than having a rectangular shape, this one has a triangular form.
  • The great thing about using an A-frame hutch outdoors is that it can handle the strong winds of bad weather.
  • Not only can it handle weather conditions, but it is also very easy to set up and transfer anywhere you want to.
  • This rabbit enclosure has two doors that you can open to easily clean your pet’s cage. One door is at the wired mesh section, and the other is in the living area of the hutch.
  • Rabbits need enough space that they can run to get enough exercise, which is needed to keep strong and healthy. You can accommodate two small rabbits in this enclosure or one large rabbit.

  • If you are just merely looking for a small outdoor hutch that your rabbit can hide or sleep in, too, then you might consider using this product.
  • This outdoor hutch is used in or out of your house. If you often let your bunny roam out in your backyard, this product can serve as good protection for your bunny. However, this can only accommodate one pet at a time.
  • The great thing about this hutch is that it doesn’t consume a lot of space, which makes it ideal for those rabbit owners who keep their bunnies inside their houses.
  • The hutch has a short height off the ground, supported with four legs, and it also comes with a small non-slip ramp so that your bunny can safely go in and out of the hutch.
  • Unlike the other rabbit cages in this article, assembling this product is just a breeze. It doesn’t even take half an hour to assemble, so you can instantly provide you’re a pet a cage in a fast and easy way.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the right outdoor hutch for your bunny can be quite a challenge, as there are a lot of things that you need to consider.
When choosing the best outdoor hutch for your bunny, you should consider its durability, especially when it comes to bad weather conditions.
Not only that, but you should also consider the size, security from predators if it is raised and equipped with wire mesh, and the accessibility. If you have considered these characteristics, then you should be fine.

Index Table: Top Rated Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

1Petsfit Outdoor - Rabbit’s Outdoor Hutch
  • Painted
  • Easy Assembly
  • Asphalt Roof
2Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch - Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits
  • Single Chamber
  • Wired Mesh
3Tangkula 58 Inch - Rabbit Hutch for Outdoor Use
  • Smaller Size
  • Safe and Dry
  • Pull Out Tray
4Smithbuilt Crates Two-Story - Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
  • Two Stories
  • Large
  • Flipping Door on Top ramp
Smithbuilt Crates98.5
5Pawhut deluxe Wooden - Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits
  • Medium Size
  • Spacious for Two Bunnies
  • Water Proofing Slope Roof
6Tangkula 62 Inch - Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits
  • Spacious for Three Rabbits
  • Furniture Grade Wood
7Merax Wooden Rabbit Wood Hutch - Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
  • Wood
  • Cedar Stain
  • Large Size
8Trixie Rabbit Hutch with an Outdoor Run - Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
  • Removable Tray
  • Solid Design
  • Durable
9Pawhut A-Frame Outdoor - Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits
  • Affordable
  • Smaller Size
  • handles All Weather Conditions
10Petsfit Outdoor Shelter - Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits
  • Small Size
  • Compact for Small Spaces
  • Non-Slip Ramp Included

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