Our 15 Best Rabbit Toys Keeping Your Bunnies Well-Entertained

Keeping your bunnies, well-entertained avoids boredom to take place. Our fluffy pet enjoys exploring new things around to fuel them mentally and physically.

We will be providing a list of the best rabbit toys to keep the fun going later on.

Why Do You Need The Best Rabbit Toys

Some toys are not safe for rabbits and could be hazardous. Let safety be your top priority in selecting new toys for your fluffy friend.

Avoid those toys made of toxic materials and have small pieces as rabbits might choke the stuff. Rabbit toys come in different forms, such as chew toys, interactive toys, and many more.

Tips on Choosing the Best Rabbit Toys

Now, let us jump into this post’s main point to complete the essentials of your fluffy pet!
Here are things to prioritize in buying pieces of stuff for entertaining your fluffy friend:

  • Materials Used – Toys made of rabbit-safe materials are to look for. Rabbits will surely chew on whatever toys are given to them, so choose things wisely. Untreated and aged wood is highly advisable in offering toys for rabbits. We can be sure it is non-toxic and safe for chewing. It must not be treated with toxic paints as well as not to injure your pet’s digestion. Avert from buying rabbit toys out of cherry, redwood, apricot, and plum, as suggested by the experts.
  • Effectiveness – Your goal in providing rabbits pieces of amusement is to boost their health, not just to make them happy. Chew toys help to improve the rabbit’s oral health while having fun. It also aids your pet’s digestion without causing any allergies or other sensitivities. Some other toys are good for stimulating the rabbit’s mental and physical health. It enhances the pet’s vigor even in and out of the enclosure. There are also sets of toys that bring excitement to rabbits in getting some rewards, like treats. You are not just spoiling the pet with treats but more of optimal training. Overall, you can tell the toy is effective when sorts of changes happen toward the rabbit, more of the fun part.
  • Safety – Do not believe that all toys are safe for rabbits, as some are not. Be aware of manufacturers claiming their product is good while some buyers are complaining about safety. Check on the product’s review to ensure getting the best and safe item for your cottontail. Sometimes the description is not enough proof to trust a product anyway.
  • Price – As most toys are chewable, desire to buy affordable items so that buying extra won’t hurt your pocket. Many inexpensive toys but with high-quality are offered in the market. Be practical in choosing the best toys for your fuzzy pet.

Reviews: Best Rabbit Toys

Rabbit toys are similar to other small pet toys, and yet we must never neglect choosing what is best for our pets. So here are our Top Choices in Safe and Effective Rabbit Toys.

  • One way to alleviate cage boredom is by placing a chewing toy inside.
  • This is a natural willow branch ball safe for ingestion while entertaining your pet. It is sold in packs of three or five, but you may try smaller packs to get started.
  • Playtime would be different from a branch ball in the cage. It allows rabbits to nibble and chew the toy in a day or more.
  • The chew toy also promotes healthier and cleaner teeth over the pets. It is more than amusement thereof.
  • Just place the branch ball inside the cage; no need to hang. Keep watch over the rabbits and see them having fun with the toy.
  • Start buying more pieces of the chew toy whenever you notice positive effects on the rabbits. Extra supervision is needed, as some rabbit owners said their pets experienced health issues.

  • An educational toy is another option to keep rabbits entertained. The pet will not only experience fun but also learn to think critically.
  • Smart bunnies are very satisfying to pet, and then Teach N’ Treat Toy would help.
  • It is a puzzle toy hiding some treats for rabbits.
  • Living World allows the pet to search for treats, thus enhances its curiosity level along the way.
  • This toy has eight compartments to hold the treats with some cover in hiding the surprises.
  • It will test the pet’s alertness level to find where the threat is located. Looking for the treatment may last for a couple of seconds until the pet engaged in the toy.
  • It helps to keep the rabbit active and entertained in the process.
  • Teach N’ Treat Toy is suitable for bunnies and other small pets at home. Let them enjoy its three-level difficulty.

  • Rosewood Pet always desires pet’s welfare in the making of products. They come up with a rabbit toy unique from the others.
  • It is a great addition to the pet’s cage with its wonderful design and purpose.
  • Bunny Fun Tree will be fun for rabbits to play with. It is a blend of chew and scratch toy perfect for small pets other than rabbits.
  • The design is equivalent to a small tree with mimic branches and fruits.
  • It is out of seagrass and corn leaf safe for chewing and ingestion. There are dangling objects providing fun for rabbits. The objects are chewable.
  • Some buyers have issues concerning how the toy was made.
  • The used glue is not safe for bunnies to eat. There may be some health issues over this rabbit toy, but supervision helps to avoid further damage.

  • Rabbits are greatly motivated with treats to stay active. Make it more challenging for the pet to gain some treats using this Treat Ball.
  • It is an interactive toy helping rabbits to develop their mental and physical health.
  • Put some dry treats inside the Treat Ball to get started. It is large enough to contain more treats for your fluffy friend.
  • Only a small hole is formed to test the rabbit’s patience and skills in getting the surprise.
  • The opening can be adjusted for filling purposes. Its goal is to push inactive rabbits to get motivated into play just for treats.
  • They will roll the toy until something delicious comes out. Some rabbits spend hours digging for the treat, and that is good.
  • Cleaning the Treat Ball is not easy due to the small hole. That is why only dry treats should fill the toy.

  • Best toys for rabbits could make you frequently buy to meet your pet’s needs.
  • Therefore, inexpensive products are a great choice in entertaining rabbits to save larger amounts in the long run.
  • Kaytee offers to chew toys for rabbits at an affordable price. It is made up of various wood designs to attract rabbits more effectively.
  • The perfect chews are also colorful due to the added vegetable dye.
  • Hang the toy in the rabbit’s cage through a metal attachment hook for an easy attachment. It will keep the chews dry and easy to reach by the pet.
  • Pinewood is used and is as safe as chewing material for cottontails.
  • This piece of toy eases the boredom of small animals for longer hours. You can freely discard the chew toy once crushed through. Then, buy another set of chew toys for only a couple of dollars.

  • Since chew toys greatly satisfy rabbits, here is another option from Sharleen. It is one of the favorite snacks by small animals, with an entertaining factor to offer.
  • Sharleen made the chew toys available up to 500 grams per purchase.
  • Applewood branches are good for rabbits. It contains so many nutrients that would benefit the dental health of your pet. It is 100% organic to meet the molar activities of rabbits and other small pets.
  • The apple sticks are rich in vitamin C but have a sweet taste to attract rabbits even more. It ensures healthier small pet teeth and safe for consumption.
  • Watch your bunnies happily chewing the sticks.
  • Each pack contains various numbers of apple sticks about 6-inches long. No pesticides are added to keep pets safer. It is purely handmade and dry to last longer. Avoid putting the sticks in a damp place.

  • Another safe ingredient for rabbits to chew is a naturally dried yucca. However, some breeds do not find yucca appealing. It delivers hours of fun for rabbits living in a cage tossing the chew toy around.
  • This rolling chew toy is 100% biodegradable and safe to chew on.
  • It will roll around the cage when the rabbit plays with the toy. It could be a perfect alternative for destructive pets chewing on your belongings.
  • Yucca chew toy differs from the other chew toys relating to its simpler design. You may choose between an original version and a limited edition chew toy.
  • The latter version is more expensive but only in a small amount. Get what you think is best for your fluffy pet.
  • The item is a little bit messy once chewed on by rabbits. Owners have some trouble cleaning the cage after playtime, but it is well for a pet owner.

  • A combination of volcanic rock and pieces of wood would be helpful for your rabbit’s oral health. This hanging toy has to offer both to amuse rabbits and other small pets. Expect cleaner teeth for your pet while keeping him active.
  • It is built for hanging inside the cage. A natural wood hook is added for hanging purposes, durable enough to keep the toy in place. You may hang the toy anywhere, even outside the cage, to satisfy your rabbit’s joy. The hook would not fit other enclosures anyway.
  • The volcanic rock and wood pieces will greatly help your rabbit’s teeth. It cleanses the pet’s teeth effortlessly while keeping him amused toward the toy.
  • It may cause trouble in cleaning the dust from the pumice rocks afterward. Use a damp cloth to get rid of the dust from the surface easily.

  • This tunnel toy is also suitable for other home pets like cats and puppies.
  • Playing with a rabbit indoors makes this toy perfect to use. It promotes proper exercise toward pets and an added amusement.
  • The polyester material is used not to collect the rabbit’s fur.
  • It won’t easily lose its shape due to the steel frame around the tunnel. It’s formed with three entryways with one peephole at the center of the tunnel.
  • It is tear-resistant against aggressive rabbits.
  • The tunnel is collapsible, except the center part, in storage and so portable to bring anywhere you go with the rabbits. It is available in different colors to match your liking.
  • A swinging rattle ball is hanged on one of its entryways. It adds entertainment for the pets playing hide-and-seek in the tunnel.
  • The material is washable and easy to dry due to the polyester used. There is an elastic band to store the tunnel at ease after use.

  • Here is another form to entertain cottontails for hours. It is a play ball made of edible grass. This item is simpler than the other rabbit toy options but still effective in entertaining pets. It will render hours of enjoyment for the rabbit and can safely chew on it as well.
  • Natural grass is used to form the play ball.
  • You can purchase up to two packs of this chew toy at an affordable price. The play ball has enough size not to consume so much space in your pet’s cage.
  • It is woven but hollow inside on which other buyers disliked.
  • The mess it brings after hours of entertainment is another problem to deal with. But overall, it is lightweight for rabbits to push around their cage.
  • Small rabbits could be in danger of playing with this toy due to the choking problem. Other rabbit keepers put some treats inside the play ball to make the pet happier in getting rewards.

  • Did you know that rabbits are also rational thinkers? They liked playing with toys that will stimulate their minds, as well as benefits their physical activeness. Giving a rabbit, some treats would be boring when thrown to him. Why not make use of this Snack Board with a twist?
  • Trixie Pet Products has produced a logic toy perfect for cottontails. It encourages exercise and mental awareness over rabbits while having fun. Most keepers take advantage of this piece of toy for optimal training.
  • The board is made up of seven lids to hide the treats from the rabbit. They are easy to lift by the pet in getting the treats. Trick your fluffy friend by not placing a treat on some of the compartments and let him find the treasure.
  • It won’t take much space inside the cage and very easy to set up. Washing the snack board is necessary to keep it hygienic for the rabbits.

  • One of the bunny’s habits is to hide when scared or in finding some rest. A hideaway toy is a great addition to your pet’s cage to satisfy such needs. Prevue Hendryx made the tunnel toy ideal for small pets, including rabbits, ferret, and many more.
  • Only dwarf rabbits can fit into this Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy due to its size, about 6-inches in diameter. It has three exit points to accompany the rabbit. Bunnies will burrow naturally at times that this toy supports.
  • The grass tunnel is out of natural couch grass safe for chewing. It’s hand-woven to ensure durability for a longer time. It has a sweet fragrance able to attract rabbits to hide at ease and is perfect for fun playtime.
  • It could be a beautiful addition to the rabbit’s cage without the fear of harming the pets. Excessive chewers may destroy the grass tunnel shortly but buy for another set will not break the bank.

  • Shaping a hideout for rabbits is possible with Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout. It is more customized than the former hideaway toy. The wooden sticks are bendable to form your desired hideout for your pet.
  • Small animals, including cottontails, are better off with this hiding place. It features tropical color wood pieces to attract rabbits even more. You may form a log cave with the fiddlesticks or even a stairway for rabbits to enjoy.
  • Rabbits find the hideout the best place to have a cozy sleep or a play area. It also supports the natural chewing instincts of rabbits though the woods are finished. It is a safe source for rabbits to chew on.
  • This hideout will take an extra room in an enclosure, so better shape the fiddlesticks the way it will fit in the cage. The wooden hideout will stay durable for a long time use.

  • Up to this point, a chew toy is highly recommended for rabbits now in the form of a seagrass mat. SunGrow ensures small feet protection with the additional flooring pad on the mat itself. It is unlike the other cage floors made of the wired surface.
  • This is multi-purpose bedding for cottontails. It works as a play mat and a resting ground for the pet. The bedding toy is made of seagrass that will not cause any skin disease in rabbits. It is also waterproof to keep the fluffy pet comfortable all day.
  • Seagrass is edible for rabbits and is high in fiber content. It will benefit your pet’s digestion while satisfying its foraging habit.
  • It also has an earthly scent, which soothes rabbits need for outdoor ambiance. Like the other seagrass-made toys for rabbits, it is hand-woven. It remains intact after days of usage.
  • Rinse the material with water and air dry to eliminate dirt and other elements.

  • The last rabbit toy listed is a bit expensive compared to other items. If you have a rabbit not more than 3-pounds, Mini Activity Zone is best for you. It will keep your fluffy pet active 24 hours without getting harmed.
  • This is a versatile rabbit toy that can be placed in enclosures or the living room. Bunnies can play on top or under the activity zone with great comfort. Keep in mind the weight limit to ensure safety.
  • The overall construction is nontoxic, both the wood material and coat finish. Your rabbit can chew on the toy safely. It is high-quality and made in the USA.
  • There are rabbits not responding to this mini activity zone, especially those bigger ones. The hanging toys add some fun to other cottontails.

Final Thoughts

Having a playful pet delivers priceless joy. It would be more joyful with the best toys in and out of their enclosure. Several items were reviewed above to keep rabbits healthier and away from boredom.
Each toy offers a different level of entertainment to meet every cottontail’s needs. Most of them are edible to satisfy the chewing habits of bunnies at their comfort.

A brief buyer’s guide is written above not to fail in choosing toys for rabbits for first-time shoppers. You may ask questions in the comment box and get a response in a few minutes.

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Index Table: Best Toys for Rabbits

1Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball - Toy for Bunnies
  • Safe for Chewing
  • Releives Boredom
Ware Manufacturing98
2Living World Teach N’ Treat Toy - Rabbit Toy
  • Enhances Cognitive Abilities
  • Keeps Rabbits Entertained
  • Safe
Living World97.8
3Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree - Toy for Rabbits
  • Unique Design
  • Safe To Chew
  • Safe Glue
4Niteangel Small Animals’ Treat Ball - Rabbit Toy
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Large Treats Compatible
5Kaytee Perfect Chews - Rabbit Toy
  • Affordable
  • Colorful
6Sharllen Apple Sticks Chew Toys - Toy for Bunnies
  • Safe Snack
  • Enetrtaining Design
7Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy - Toy for Rabbits
  • Simpler Design
  • Safe To Chew
  • Fun To Play With
Bunny Blast97
8Kaytee Natural Lava and Wood Hanging Toy - Toy for Bunnies
  • Natural Wood
  • Volcanic Rock
9Prosper Pet Rabbit 3-Way Tunnel - Rabbit Toy
  • Won't Lose Shape
  • Suitable for Other Pets
Prosper Pet96.6
10Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball - Rabbit Toy
  • Safe To Chew
  • Edible Grass
  • Enetertaining
11Trixie Pet Products Snack Board Logic Toy - Rabbit Toy
  • snack Board
  • Compact design
Trixie Pet Products96
12Prevue Hendryx Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy - Toy for Rabbits
  • Great Hideaway
  • Edible Grass Design
Prevue Hendryx97.2
13Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout - Toy for Rabbits
  • Tropical Colors
  • Chewable Wood
  • Keeps Teeth in Shape
14SunGrow Seagrass Rabbit Mat - Rabbit Toy
  • Protects Feet
  • Multi-Purpose
15Timali Pet Rabbit Toys Mini Activity Zone - Toy for Bunnies
  • For Smaller Dwarf Rabbits
  • Non-Toxic
Timali Pet Rabbit Toys95.8

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