Top 12 Best Rat Cages: Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

We often consider rats as ruthless animals, but they can be incredible pets too. Taking care of rats has no big difference from taking care of dogs and cats.

They are only more active and rare to keep. A suitable habitat could bring them a happy and healthy life. You must provide the best rat cage available on the market, as shown in the rest of the article.

Before bringing home your rodent friend, make sure all things are set. It does not stop in the habitat. The cage should come with all the basics, until catching of waste. It makes sure your pets are in good hands.

I am here to help you out looking for the right cages for your pet. Keep on reading!

Things You Should Know When Buying a Rat Cage

Your new pet deserves a home with the necessary setup to make him feel secure under your roof. For those who have no idea what makes the best cage for rats, here are the factors you need to think about:

  • Price – Several rat cages are suitable for a budget and offer quality performance. More known brands are now selling their products at a lower possible rate due to many competitors. Be practical in choosing the best cage for rats.
  • Size – The size of the cage must be your primary consideration, as your pet’s comfort will depend on it. The optimal cage size for a rat is 2.5ft³, as they are more active than hamsters. Choosing a large cage is better for future use and cleaning and feeding purposes.
  • Design – Since rats are wise pets, check out the best cage design in the market. Consider all the factors, even the most insignificant ones, in choosing the right rat cage. There are portable rat cages and also those suitable for multiple rats. Do not be deceived by looks. You must check whether the cage is durable or not.
  • Materials Used – Most rat cages are made of metal and plastic, or a combination of those materials. Some metal-made cages are prone to rust, so look for a good-quality cage. Do not worry, as manufacturers use powder or PVC coats in finishing metal cages to prevent rusting. The additional components are usually made of plastic that will not crack after countless bleaching.
  • Security – Rats are very clever when it comes to escape, so you need to double-check the cage’s security level. You must tightly shut it with latches to ensure no escaping. Another thing to consider in security is the bar spacing. The direction of the bars does not matter. ¼” of bar spacing is right for baby rats while ½” is for larger breeds.
  • Ventilation – Air contaminants will always be present at any place, which can harm your pet’s respiratory health. A well-ventilated cage is necessary to avoid such cases. Both a glass or plastic cage is prone to contaminants, so a metal-cage is the best option. Pick an enclosure that allows excellent airflow towards the pets without the fear of getting escaped.
  • Accessibility – Accessibility is essential for feeding and cleaning the cage. You must check on entryways in buying a cage. A cage with more than one opening is advisable, one on top and one in front of the cage. Some rat cages build large dual doors for easy access. Or, the others make another door for feeding and cleaning. However, the important thing is to have easy contact with the pet and the cage’s interior.
  • Visibility – Seeing what your rodent friend is doing at all times is part of your job as a keeper. In most rat cages, visibility is on-hand, so nothing to worry about. Some enclosures have a transparent base to show what the pet is doing even when hiding.
  • Ease of Cleaning – There are no other ways to end up cleaning a cage after and before use. Easy access helps for a more convenient cleaning time. Some units require disassembling the entire cage in cleaning times, while others stay assembled. Rinse the parts with water and soap, and then let them dry.
  • Other Accessories – As rats love to play around their cage, putting some accessories inside is advisable. That includes ramps, platforms, hammocks, and a hideout. Most purchases include those things within a single price. Other things included are water bottles, a hay guard, and dishes to complete a feel-home rat cage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some questions you might dare to ask before buying a rat cage. After asking these questions, you will be surer of which to buy.

Where to place a rat cage?
Put a rat cage in place with a balanced temperature, not too hot or too cold. Please keep it away from other animals or the kitchen. Look for a secure and safe surface to lay down the cage. Find a sturdy spot to hold a cage with a pet inside.

How to prevent foul-odor inside the cage?
Daily cleanup is a wise action to prevent the cage from smelling too strong. Remove whatever needs to be removed and change the water regularly. For overall cleaning, spray the cage with water and soap and dry it before putting it back together.

How often should I clean the cage?
Do the cleaning at least once a week to ensure no ammonia smell fully will be left. Set a schedule if possible, not to forget the times of cleaning.

How to enhance the cage’s escape-proof feature?
Check on the possible ways wherein your pet can escape. Ensure the wires are sturdy and not easily break into pieces when chewed on. Eliminate unnecessary holes inside the cage, for it might cause escaping.

Are wirings included in the package?
Hanging all the necessary tools inside the cage is possible with its proper wiring connectors. Follow the instruction to install the accessories in the cage safely. Other brands require a separate cost for the connectors.

Reviews: Best Rat Cages

There are too many rat cages in the market today that turns buying decisions so crucial. Here are some highly-rated cages for rats that you can check out:

  • Ferret Nation cage has kept in mind the number of pets you own. They offer a single, double, and three-story unit of home for the tiniest pets, aside from a rat.
  • Small pets can run and play around comfortably.
  • Placing some decorations and toys inside the cage is possible with ample space.
  • It is already equipped with ‘happy feet’ ramps, shelves, and removable base pans for easy cleaning.
  • According to your pet’s liking, the shelves are adjustable that prevent dangerous falls.
  • A secure environment is delivered to your pet through its dual-locking door latches. You can open it with a one-handed operation. The tiny pet won’t escape out of less than 1-inch bar spacing.
  • The materials used are chew-proof and sturdy.
  • Cleaning and feeding are done with no trouble with maximum accessibility.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Removable Base Pan15%95
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%96.75

  • Rat owners consider a ferret cage as their pet’s home because of its specific features. Perhaps you own several rats and want to sustain enough room to play around.
  • This spacious apartment for rats promotes physical and mental stimulation to raise a healthy rate.
  • It includes a well-built hammock, so no need to spend a separate cost.
  • The cage also has a complete setup with platforms, ramps, and a grille at the bottom. You can store other pet essentials on its bottom storage shelf.
  • Security is guaranteed with its two large, escape-proof doors.
  • They are rust-resistant and lockable. Top and bottom accessibility are better in interacting with your pets while doing some upkeep.
  • Anyone could move the cage around corners with the attached casters. It remains stable when placed in a certain spot. The overall construction is wrought iron that can withstand all kinds of weather.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Removable Base Pan15%95
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%95.75

  • Cages with multiple levels are getting popular these days, which promotes a better lifestyle for rats. Kaytee develops a comfy and secure place for small animals, including your rodent friend. It can climb up and down to boost energy and live healthier.
  • Putting up the cage does not require any tools.
  • It is a complete starter home that includes everything your pet needs. The purchase consists of plastic shelves and ramps to provide a safe environment for rats.
  • Unlike the previous cages, My First Home is more portable in size. It is only a small cage and is suitable for small rat species.
  • Its bar spacing is half an inch to prevent pets from escaping.
  • They have chew-proof latches to keep pets safe. It has a wide front door for easy access to cleaning and feeding.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Removable Base Pan15%95
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%94.5

  • Rat keepers on a budget could go with the Prevue Earthtone Dusted Rose Rat Cage at a reasonable price. The cage is entirely out of metal but not too heavy. Its eye-pleasing design is what makes it worthy of buying.
  • This cage is more than what it looks like with its amazing features. It is simple to assemble with all the tools needed.
  • Rats can freely explore their three-level platforms with solid and wide ramps. You can cover the ramps with a cloth for a more comfortable surface. Small wire spacing is built to prevent escape.
  • A pull-out bottom grille promotes a quicker cleanup process. It has a wind-bell lock that prevents pets from accessing the tray without the grille.
  • They say the metal used is prone to rust, which is dangerous. And other negative comments about its small door make other rat owners hesitate to buy one.

  • Beginning rat keepers can startup with a small animal cage. It is easier to put together for beginners having two rats. The habitat is durably built in a rectangular-shaped construction with iron wire on its upper frame.
  • Three sizes are available, so buy according to the number of pets in your care. AmazonBasics offer a year of limited warranty on every purchase.
  • It has a deep, plastic bottom that provides a cozy place for pets. Proper ventilation is considered upon construction.
  • It has a balcony where your rodent friend can rest and eat. There is a hideout space beneath the pet’s balcony to feel secure. The rat can use a ramp in going up and down the upper tier.
  • Other tools included are a hay guard and a non-drip water bottle. You can have access inside the cage through its large top and front openings.

  • Rats need a vet visit once in a while so that a pet carrier could be an excellent investment. It is a small hauler for a little pet designed with convenience in mind.
  • The pet carrier is suitable for traveling with a small pet, such as a rat.
  • It has two twin handles for easy transport.
  • They are durable and leveraging. Its bottom is non-slipping so that it won’t make your pet dizzy during travels. The carrier stays on its place even with persisting gnawing.
  • Its top lid is made of transparent plastic to provide a good view of your pet while on the road. There will be an airy interior with ventilated sides that allow optimal airflow.
  • Escaping is forbidden by its locking system. The base has a secure footing for the pet’s safety.
  • Living World Hagen Pet Carrier is just a temporary home.

  • It is the same as the first Midwest’ Critter Nation on the list, but this is a single-story unit. It occupies lesser space while providing sufficient room for more than one rat.
  • It’s a great option next to two-story cages if you have a smaller space to hold the cage.
  • Locking casters are added so you can easily move them around the room. It may take time to assemble the crate, but it is a great time spent.
  • It only has one adjustable shelf, a pan, and a covered ramp to protect those happy feet, and there will be no slip in between levels.
  • The rat’s small feet won’t have any issues with its solid floor base.
  • The security level is maximized with its ½” horizontal wire spacing. Its full-width double doors with dual-locking latches provide maximum accessibility in cleaning and feeding the pet.

  • Having a limited space is not an issue with this medium rat cage.
  • It provides ample space for your pets while occupying only a restricted space. It can accommodate two large rats, and they are allowed to play around together.
  • The ferret cage is portable because of its foldable feature.
  • You can fold and hand-carry the cage during storage.
  • Or, you can choose to push it around with the help of its heavy-duty casters.
  • An active airflow is delivered towards your pet with proper bar spacing, which prevents escaping as well. You can visibly monitor every activity the rats are doing through the bars. It has full-width dual doors for easy cleaning and feeding.
  • This unit comes with everything a cage must have, such as a water bottle, dish bowl, slide-out tray, ramps, and shelves.

  • Prevue Pet Products has so much to offer under rat cages. This unit is more portable than those listed above. It still provides enough space for your pet to roam around. Any small animals can live with this cage, even your rodent friend.
  • Most rat keepers love this small animal home due to how it looks. It has a dark gray finish that seems so classic compared to other rat cages.
  • There are handles on the topsides for easy carrying. The enclosure is easy to assemble without using any tools.
  • You can put on lots of accessories inside the cage with a large tubby base. There is a balcony with a ramp for the pet to exercise routines. Other accessories are not included, so you need to pay extra to complete your pet’s home.
  • Doors are present both on top and on the side of the cage for easy access. There are no cases of escaping reported using this cage.

  • If we explore more rat cages brands, there are so many to mention. One is Ferplast who produces modular design small animal cages. Favola is originally a hamster cage but can be a home for rats as well.
  • The cage appears different than the other brands with its two-floor structure. A split-level design provides a separate room for relaxing and playing. Feeding and resting happen in the top area, while the bottom floor is dedicated to playing. The base is designed transparent for easy monitoring.
  • Easy maintenance is promised both on top and bottom levels. There is a small door on top for smooth feeding and cleanups. Cleaning the entire cage requires separating the base and the top by pulling the latch side clips.
  • The cage contains everything your rat needs to stay active. It includes a large exercise wheel, hideaway, water bottle, and a dish.

  • There are only a few Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage stocks, reflecting its worthiness to buy. It is primarily designed for hamsters and suitable for other small animals like rats. The habitat is compact in style and easy to place anywhere indoors.
  • Watching the rats is more visible through its clear tubing. You can see them hiding and playing inside the cage. It has high walls to give space for the bedding at the cage’s bottom.
  • It allows an easy connection to other items by purchasing patented lock connectors. You can add more and more accessories to it.
  • Excellent air circulation is provided through its bar spacing without allowing escaping. Cristal Hamster Cage includes a hamster wheel, a water bottle, and a hideout. All of its components are removable in cleaning times by simply pulling it apart from the cage.

  • Ending up the product review with another rat cage created by the Living World. It demands minutes of assembly, and then there you have it, a home for your rodent friend. You can choose between standard, large, and extra-large cage sizes, whichever suits your needs. All do not require tools for assembly.
  • Living World’s goal is to take care of small animal well-being by providing a better home. They offer accessories that rats and other small animals naturally need.
  • It is epoxy finished and is safe for chewing. The upper wireframe allows sufficient airflow, while its plastic bottom provides comfortable play space for the rats.
  • Your pet can take a rest on a balcony with a tip-proof food dish so that he can eat at any time. It is equipped with a ramp for easy climbing up and down. The rat can hide below the balcony when it feels to.
  • The top opening plays a big role in feeding the pet and cleaning the cage.

Final Words

The majority knows how much you love that little rat in your care. Your pet deserves the best habitat with fun accessories and improved security.
If you are still in doubt about what cage is good for your friend, then the list above might help.
You need to learn more about each unit before ending up with a decision. A friend’s recommendation can be a powerful tool in choosing the best rat cage among the best.

Are there any questions running on your mind? Leave a comment below and wait for a quick response.

Index Table: Top Rated Rat Cages

1Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit - Top Rats Cage
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Chew Proof
  • Quality
  • Sturdy Design
2Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage - Rat Cage
  • Spacious
  • Rust Resistant
  • Lockable
3Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Chinchilla Cage - Cage for Rats
  • Portable Size
  • Compact
  • Safe Design
4Prevue Earthtone Dusted Rose Rat Cage - Rat Cage
  • Affordable
  • Quick Clean Up Design
5AmazonBasics Pet Habitat - Rat Cage
  • Complete Habitat
  • Tools Includeed
  • Levels
6Living World Hagen Pet Carrier - Rat”s Cage
  • Small design
  • Durable
  • Portable
Living World96.8
7Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Single Unit - Cage for Rats
  • Two Story Design
  • Locking Casters and Stand
8Yaheetech 4-Level Indoor Ferret Cage - Rat”s Cage
  • Portable
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • All Inclusive
9Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home - Rat Cage
  • Portable
  • Small
  • Two Doors
10Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage - Rat Cage
  • Two Floors
  • All inclusive Design
11Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage - Rat Cage
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Good Circulation
  • All Inclusive
12Living World Deluxe Habitat - Cage for Rats
  • Extra Large Sizes
  • Accessories Includeed
  • Size Options
  • Easy to Clean
Living World97

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