Best Rat Toys

Rats are active and intelligent creatures that need good stimulation to obtain optimal health.

You can choose from many fun and easy toys to keep your rat well entertained and happy.

This article will look at some features and different types of the best rat toys.

Rats and Their Toys

Rats make some of the best companion animals, are highly intelligent, can learn tricks, and are also an excellent choice as pets for kids under the right supervision.

Like any other pet, Rats need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and entertained. That is why the right toys are necessary.

Rats love to climb and love to sleep and lounge in a hammock or hanging cube.

Generally, female rats are much more active and like to nest, while males are more placid and lazy.

Rats also love to shred paper and build nests. This is one of the many fantastic methods to keep them entertained.

Best Toy Types for Rats

That said, there are a few great toy options perfect for rats.

Here are some Toy types that work very well for rats;

  • Sleep Comforts – To sleep in, rats enjoy soft, comfortable beds such as Cibes and hammocks made from Fleece or cotton that hangs inside the rat cage. A small plastic dome hideout is also a great option for the cage’s bottom.
  • Foraging Toys – Treat-Dispensing Toys or a Foraging area where rats can dig and look for food is another excellent idea.
  • Push and Carry Toys – Rats enjoy a small toy they can carry or push around. Remember that rats may ingest some materials, so stick to safe toys.
  • Shredding Toys – Rats love shredding materials such as paper, straw, and sisal. You can keep them well entertained with these materials.
  • Chew Toys – Wood, Rahide and Nylabones are all great chew toys for rats.
  • Climbing Toys – Ladders, Ropes, Branches, bridges, and hanging toys are all great options for climbing toys for your rat.
  • Tunnels – Another great toy option is plastic or material tunnels, provided that they are large noungh.
  • Wheels – I personally don’t recommend a wheel for rats, and there are many controversies about this. If you insist on a wheel, make sure that it is at least 12 to 15 inches in diameter. The rat’s back needs to be straight and not curved when running in a wheel to prevent issues with the spine. Likewise, you will need a wheel for female rats rather than males rats, as they require more exercise.

Features of a Good Toys for Rats

Toys for Rat

  • Sleep Comforts and Tunnels – Cubes, hammocks and tunnels can be made from either plastic, fleece or cotton materails.
  • Treat Dispensers – Plastic or wood treat dispensesr are ideal.
  • Chew Toys and Bird Toys – Chew toys such as woods, rawhide, and some types of biscuits and bone for dogs are ideal, as long as they are edible materials.
  • Wheels – Wheels are not recommended and should be 12 to 15 inches in diameter with a solid floor and no wire where rats’ feet can get stuck in.
  • Climbing Toys – ladders, hanging Toys, and rope all make great climbing toys.
  • Paper – Safe ink free paper or straw are the best options for shredding.

Reviews: The Best Rat Toys

Looking for the best available Toys for your Rat, well then look no further than our comprehensive list;


JanYoo offers you a complete set of toys with a wide variety for your rat.

  • The Toys are made from natural wood that is non-toxic and safe for chewing.
  • These toys are ideal for rats and many other animals that are similar in size.
  • The set includes a Bell Roller, a Dumbell, A Unicycle, and small balls, all consisting of natural wood.
  • There are seven different toys in each packet that will ensure your rat hours of fun.


From Niteangel, we have a toy and sleep comfortably in one with the fabric tunnel.

  • The hanging Tunnel and sleeper are soft fabric with a fur lining for comfort.
  • There are a few different color options available from which you can choose.
  • The Hammock design is hung from the cage’s top with included hooks.
  • The design will comfortably fit up to two rats at a time.


Another excellent addition from Niteangel is their treat-dispensing toy ball.

  • The Toy ball has an adjustable opening where you can place treats in different sizes.
  • Rats will push and roll the ball and play with it n order to get to their treats.
  • There are three colors and two different sizes available in the treat balls.
  • These are the perfect boredom busters for rats and other small pets.


From Prevue Hendryx, we have the Natural rope and ladder toy, which works well for rats.

  • You can hang the ladder in your rat’s cage for a fun toy to place with, as well as a means for getting from one end of the cage to the next.
  • The Ladder consists of rope with natural fibers and natural wood that is safe fr chewing.
  • There are quick link attachments that allow you to connect the ladder to your cage easily.
  • The materials used are 100% natural and safe for animals.


Kaytee offers you the perfect Chews for rats, a safe and colorful chew toy set.

  • The set includes different chew toys in different colors and food designs and shapes.
  • The Kabob materials are safe and completely chewable for rats.
  • The toys come with metal hook attachments so that you can easily attach them to your rat’s cage.
  • After the toy is chewed, they are disposable and completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.


I am not a fan of Wheels for rats, but I have included this safe design and size wheel if you would like to get your rat a wheel for exercising.

  • The wheel’s size is perfect for rats if you take the 12-inch option.
  • The design is safe with a free-standing option or attachment to the cage option.
  • There are different colors available from which you can select as well.
  • The wheel encourages healthy exercise in rats and has a safe design that will not affect their spines.

Index Table: Top Rated Rat Toys

1JanYoo Toy Set - Toys for Rats
  • Safe To Chew
  • Full Set
  • enetertaining
  • Great Size
2Niteangel Tunnel - Rat Toys
  • For Play and Sleeping
  • Hanging Design
  • Fur Lined
  • Comfortable Fit for Adult Rats
3Niteangel Treat ball - Toys for Your Rat
  • Adjustable Opening
  • Interactive Design
  • Great Boredom Buster
4Prevue Hendryx Natural Rope - Bird Toys Toys for Your Rat
  • Hanging Design
  • Chew Safe Design
  • Hand Made
  • Natural Wood
Prevue Hendryx96.8
5Kaytee Perfect Chews - Rat Toys
  • Chew Toy
  • Disposable
  • Safe
6Kaytee Comfort Wheel - Wheel Toy for Rats
  • Correct Size for Rats
  • Safe Design
  • Free Standing or Attachable

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