Top 15 Best Reptile Heat Pads

Reptiles come from a heated environment naturally. When you decide to pet one, it is essential to be careful about their needs and provide them as much comfort as possible. One of the mandatory purchases you can make is the best reptile heat pad to keep the reptiles contented.

Whether you had to increase the daytime temperature or provide all-time heating, these products are very dependable. The heat pads are really reliable and safe in usage.

This review is dedicated to helping you find the best of the products in the niche. Let’s take a look.

Best Reptile Heat Pad’s Buying Guide

When you have to decide on buying the best reptile heat pad, there are certain things you should know before selecting one. This section’s agenda is to help you find a safe and reliable product.

  • Size – So, the size of a reptile heat pad matters a lot. You should consider the cage’s size since the heat pad gets inside the cage eventually. The math goes most naturally. If you have a small reptile, you will prefer buying a small cage for it, and the heating pad should be sized accordingly and vice versa. Whether you have to place the heater on the bottom of the cage or the side, you should consider the factor of size vary carefully.
  • Wattage – These are electrically powered products, so you should be careful about their power consumption, i.e., the amount of wattage it consumes. One thing you should know is that the wattage of a reptile heat pad will largely depend on its size. As the size increases, its heat intensity also increases. However, this is not the case with every product. You have to check all the features related to power consumption and the size to determine its performance and the cost that will impact it. Don’t think that if the wattage is low, it will be a poor performer. It would be best to consider that the selected heat pad does not overheat.
  • Price – The last thing you might want to consider is the price of a reptile heat pad. It is important to put your pet’s needs over the cost, so you should never lookout for the cheapest product unless it is highly compromising on the quality. Most of these products don’t go up to Reptile Heating Pad50, and at this price, you get a decent quality heat pad. There are some splendid models with high-quality standards and available at a suitable price. Well, you don’t have to worry about it at all because, in this review, I am going to recommend some of the best products at the most cost-effective price. These are some of the essential things you should consider when purchasing the best product. It’s time to direct your interest to the next level and make some amazing recommendations. But before that, there are a couple of other things you should know:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does a heating pad consume?
Let me elaborate this with an example, a 15-watt heat pad, if used for 12 hours in a day, will consume 0.18 kilowatt per hour in a day. It is not too heavy on the electricity bills, so you will not have to worry about that. On average, it can cost you somewhere between Reptile Heating Pad2 – Reptile Heating Pad2.50 for a month.

Is it better to use heat tape?
Trust me; there are a couple of options that reptile pet owners use to keep their pets in the best living environment, a heat tape being one of the major choices. However, these tend to make the environment overly heated, which is also not good for reptiles.

How is a heating pad better than a ceramic heat emitter?
The ceramic heat emitters are not suitable for enclosed settings, given the fact that they heat super aggressively and consume more energy. These emitters are so hot that they burn in touch, and this is not what you want for your reptile.

Is hot rock a better substitute for a heating pad?
The hot rocks are also great; although they have a reputation for burning the reptiles to get in touch with their natural habitat, they are fascinated by the rocks and lay directly on them. These get too hot if left unattended for some time and might burn the reptile.

Is it safe to keep a heating pad on for the entire time?
The heat pads come with balanced heating, and they can be kept on for the entire day. Since the reptiles tend to bask, they need a certain amount of heat to stay active. If you haven’t made any other arrangements for the reptiles to bask, then keeping the heat pads working all the time is a good idea. However, if you have installed it on the cage’s side, make sure that it is not in contact with anything inflammable.

Installation and Testing of the Best Reptile Heat Pad

So, you are recommended to install the heat pad underneath the tank. It may or may not come with an adhesive, but you should make a selection of the method you prefer to use for installation.

One of the biggest benefits of not having the heat pad glued to the cage is that you can wash it easily and effectively. However, you are still recommended to read the manual instructions and follow them for installing the heat pad.

Another thing to focus on is leaving space between the pad’s bottom and the surface where the tank rests. Some products come with spacers to emit excessive heating out. The last thing is to check the substrate in the tank to separate your pet from the glass.

The reptile owners also use pet carpets at the bottom as well so that reptiles don’t burrow down to the glass and get burned. You then have to monitor the temperature with a thermometer before releasing the pet back inside the cage. Also, check the ambient air temperature with the surface temperature to be sure.

Reviews: Best Reptile Heat Pads

These are some of the best products you can find on the market;

  • From Blue Spotted, this one is a primary and secondary heat source for reptiles, amphibians, and small animals.
  • You get this product in 8 x 18 inches in size, suitable for a small to a medium-sized cage.
  • To keep your electricity bills to a minimum, this product is highly energy-efficient. It does not use more than 24-watts of power.
  • The installation is also pretty simple as it adheres to the glass terrariums for optimal heat transfer.
  • To give you more peace of mind regarding the safety in usage, you should know that this product is UL certified and acclaimed to be safe for your pets.
  • This is best used as a secondary form of heat supplying to the cages and terrariums.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Regulation25%100
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%96.75

  • If you have smaller terrariums and cages in the house for your pets, then this product can be a considerable choice to make.
  • It comes in an 11 x 11 inches size and uses minimal electricity of 12 watts. You also get other sizes, as well as your need arises.
  • The construction of this product is very durable.
  • It is for an external application so that the reptiles don’t accidentally step on the pad while it is heated.
  • The heat distribution is also even.
  • As far as installation is concerned, this one gives you no hard time in that, and you can mount it on the top or side of the terrarium and ensure the desired heating overall.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Regulation25%100
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%95.75

  • People have reported that this heat mat is very impressive.
  • It is available in different size choices and is considered suitable for external applications.
  • This one is considered very helpful to all the reptiles and allows them to thermo-regulate daily activities while improving their appetite and metabolism.
  • The installation is ensured with adhesive on the back, and you have to follow instructions for the application.
  • It is also an energy-efficient resource for providing the necessary heat to the reptiles in your house.
Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Regulation25%100
Size & Space15%90
Total Score100%94.5

  • This particular product is for the terrariums in a high capacity of up to 40-gallons. It is very efficient and performance-centric.
  • You get two size options: 6 x 8 and 8 x 12 inches. The unit is UL approved and comes with a constant temperature, preventing overheating and burning your reptile.
  • Since it consumes only 16 watts of power, this one is an energy-efficient product to buy. Plus, you get multiple methods of mounting from bottom to side. You get adhesive installation.
  • But most interestingly, you get a 3-year warranty with this product, unlike many others on the market.

  • The next product is from Sequoia that comes with a temperature control feature.
  • It is affordable and comes in two sizes of 11 x 11 inches and 11 x 16.5 inches.
  • This is one of the safest products that you can use.
  • It comes with UL certification. Plus, there is an automatic thermostat that helps in regulating the temperature according to the needs.
  • Furthermore, there is a high-level nichrome heating wire and PVC material to increase the product’s durability.
  • Also, being waterproof and moisture-proof design can be cleaned and maintained effectively.
  • You can permanently adhere to it on the terrarium.

  • So, this product comes in 4 different sizes: 4 x 7, 6 x 8, 8 x 12, and 8 x 18 inches. You get a lot of versatility with it; however, none of these sizes are highly suitable for large terrariums.
  • You get uniform heat distribution throughout the cage, and since the application is on the outside, there won’t be any accidental touching as well.
  • The heat pad consumes minimal power of 15-watts, and it has a 6-feet power cord to connect to the electricity port.
  • The application is made with 3M adhesive on the heat pad’s back. This can make cleaning a bit challenging, even though the company says the heat pad is waterproof. But on the plus side, you get a year-long warranty with this product.

  • There are very few products that will suit the need for large terrariums.
  • This model is suitable for a terrarium with 30 – 40 gallons of capacity.
  • It is available in a pack of 2 and is considered highly suitable for reptiles, amphibians, and small animals and plants.
  • The energy consumption is based on usability, but it will keep between 4 to 24 watts.
  • Therefore, this is also energy efficient.
  • You can use it in conjunction with an additional heat source. You get adhesive on the back for application, but the downside is that this product is not waterproof.

  • Focuspet is one of the leading companies to manufacture high-quality heating pads that perform. This product improves the metabolism of your reptile, making it more active. The heat is so moderate that it does not hurt them or disturb their sleeping pattern.
  • It is available in 6 x 8 inches size and consumes only 8-watts of electricity to run. You should apply it outside of the terrarium and make sure that the glass does not heat too much.
  • As far as fixing the heat pad is concerned, this one comes with adhesive, three times stronger than normal adhesives. But unfortunately, it is not waterproof, so you will have to go through a hard time cleaning the terrarium.

  • This is a suitable heat pad with superior performance for large terrariums in 30 – 40 gallons of capacity. But most importantly, it is very reasonably priced.
  • You get two sizes in this model that individually suit the need of differently sized terrariums.
  • There is a 6 x 8 inches and 12 x 18 inches heat pad. The construction is done with PVC material, and the soft surface is flexible and folded.
  • The unit consumes 8-watts of energy, so the operational cost is minimal. This comes with stable performance, and the adhesive application is also pretty simple.

  • The next one that is very effective in performance is this product from Wuhostam that comes in large size of 16.53 x 11 inches.
  • This is practically one of the largest-sized heat pads on our list.
  • It is made of PVC material and in black color for dissipating even heat inside the terrarium. This one is a waterproof and moisture-proof design and very performance-centric.
  • Furthermore, there is temperature adjustment and power adjustment with this product, making it highly functional.

  • So, this one, you get in a combo of an underwater heat pad with a thermostat. The pad provides gentle and constant warmth for 24 hours, and there is no overheating to burn or hurt your reptile possibly.
  • There are rubber feet enclosed for bottom mounting. It is suitable to attach to the top, bottom, or side of the terrarium.
  • The technical specification includes the size of 8 x 6 inches, and it consumes the overall power of 8-watts.
  • The temperature control range is between 68 to 108 degrees F. You can see the thermostat display’s temperature settings.
  • This is a highly suitable product but available at a relatively higher price.

  • If you are more interested in buying a combo, this could also be a highly considerable product. It is available in 3 sizes of 10 x 20.5, 20 x 20, and 48 x 20.
  • This one comes in durable triple-layer construction, and the temperature range is between 40 – 108 degrees F.
  • This heat pad comes in versatile use, and you can install it on the top, bottom, or side of a terrarium. It is a highly suitable product. Overall, the thermostat is high in power consumption.

  • From PeSandy, this heating pad is available in three sizes of 11 x 6, 11 x 11, and 16.5 x 11.
  • The pad is constructed with upgraded material for balanced temperature distribution for reptile breeding.
  • One of the best features is temperature control, which does not let the pad overheat and potentially hurt the reptile inside.
  • You can install it directly on the terrarium glass.
  • The performance is very effective, and there is an adhesive taping on the backside to effectively stick the heat pad on the cage.

  • This is one of the most economical heating pads on the list today. It is high in performance and low energy consumption.
  • The size available is 6 x 11 inches and only consumes 7 watts of power.
  • The heat pad has the potential to distribute heat evenly. It works with US standard plugs and does not require adaptors.
  • The heat is waterproof and moisture-proof. You can install it on the top or bottom of the terrarium.

  • The last recommendation on my list is from MQ. This model is available in 4 sizes of 5.5 x 6, 6 x 11, 11 x 11, and 11 x 16.5.
  • One of the most interesting features of this product is the LCD that shows the screen’s temperature setting.
  • This one is made of durable material and tends to manage temperature between 0 – 95 degrees F. It can create a decent amount of warmth in 24 hours.


Finding the best reptile heat pad can be a quest for those who don’t have help from a resourceful place like us. In all the products that we have recommended, safety and balanced heating are the most crucial factors that you will find. These products are also not crazy expensive to rob you off of your money. Check them out and make a suitable purchase.

Index Table: Top Rated Reptile Heating Pads

1Blue Spotted Under Tank Heater - Reptile Heating Pad
  • Secondary Heat Source
  • Simple Installation
  • Saves Energy
Blue Spotted96.75
2Fluker's 29050 Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Durable Construction
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Easy Installation
3Zilla Heat Mat Terrarium Heater - Reptile Heat Pad
  • Thermo-Regulating
  • Energy Efficient
4VIVOSUN 16W Under Tank Heater for Tropical and Temperate Reptiles - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Size Options
  • Low Energy Use
  • Multiple Mounting Methods
5Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad with Temperature Control for Reptile - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Size Options
  • High level Nichrome Heating
  • PVC
6iPower Reptile Heat Pad Under Tank Terrarium Warmer Heat Mat for Small Animals - Reptile Heating Pad
  • Size Options
  • Low Power Use
  • Adhesive Application
7Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater - Reptile Heat Pad
  • Two Pack
  • Energy Efficient
  • Suitable for all reptiles and Amphibians
Zoo Med97
8FOCUSPET Under Tank Heater, Reptile Heating Pad - Reptile Heating Pad
  • High Qulaity
  • Good Size
  • Easy installation
9Tikaton Reptile Heating Pad - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Reasonable Price
  • Operational Cost is Minimal
10WUHOSTAM 20W 16.53 Inch x 11 Inch Reptile Heating Pad Warmer - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Large Size
  • Practical
  • Highly Functional
11Aiicioo Digital Thermostat Reptile Heating Pad - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Thermostat Included
  • Gentle and Constant Heat
  • No Overheating
12iPower 10 - Reptile Heat Pad
  • Combo Deal
  • Versatile Uses
  • Energy Efficient
13PeSandy Reptile Heating Pad with Temperature Adjustment - Reptile Heat Pad
  • Temperature Control Features
  • No Overheating
14Forliver Reptile Pet Heating Pad Mat Bed - Heat Pad for Reptiles
  • Economical Design
  • High Performance
  • Low Energy Use
15MQ 5-20W Reptile Terrarium Heat Pad with LCD Digital Thermometer - Reptile Heating Pad
  • LCD Display
  • Fast Heating
MQ 5-20W96

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