15 Best Reptile Incubators for Reptile Lovers and Breeders

Reptile breeding is a progression for people who have a passion for snakes, lizards, Komodo dragons, turtles, and more similar species.

The process of new reptile hatching can be a gratifying experience for you. But, breeding a reptile needs the best reptile incubator. It ensures successful hatchling growth.

Reptile eggs are organic carapaces containing new life or living beings. This is the reason for buying the best reptile incubator for exotic reptiles are so important.

This reptile incubator buying guide will help you find the best reptile incubator for your loving reptile-family.

First, we will discuss the important things you should consider when looking for the best reptile incubator. Shall we?

How to Find the Best Reptile Incubator?

To get the best reptile incubator, you need to follow the following criteria.

  • Breed or Species – Every reptile species is different from others, and thus, their incubating requirements are also different. Slight variations in temperature and humidity can result in killing the reptile eggs. So it is critical to buy the right incubator according to your breed.
  • Temperature and Humidity – Reptilian eggs, whether it is of snake, lizard, turtle, or any other reptile, require a specific temperature humidity for incubation. The incubator should mimic a natural environment that is suitable for your reptile without substantial variation. You should purchase an incubator with a specific temperature range and proper humidity levels. This is because you need to control the temperature and humidity to end up with successfully hatching. Therefore, electronic incubators are the best reptile incubator for producing babies of turtles, lizards, snakes, and other reptiles. But a simple insulated box with a substrate and heating pad is also good.
  • Thermostat Accuracy – Thermostat accuracy goes hand in hand with incubators’ temperature and humidity. For consistent temperature, you should get an incubator with a quality thermostat. If your thermostat fails, it may kill or spoil reptile eggs.
  • Size of Incubator – The size of the incubator plays an important role in successful incubation of reptiles. If you buy oversize incubator may affect the incubation process of reptiles’ egg which are less in number. On the other side, a small incubator doesn’t work well for more eggs. So, to buy an incubator, keep in mind the size and requirement of your reptiles’ eggs. If you need to hatch more eggs, then go for a big incubator; else, a medium-sized incubator is also best for your reptiles. Whether you are planning to breed komodo dragons, leopard geckos, turtles, ball pythons or any other reptiles, the best reptile incubator is for you. It is important to buy an incubator that meets the above mention criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best reptile incubator?
A reptile incubator that features the right temperature and humidity is best for reptile breeding. Many automatic incubators can control the temperature as well as moisture accordingly. The still air or primary incubator, or the entirely automatic one, is best for you. We have mentioned the best reptile incubators in the above article, and you can choose any of them according to your needs and requirements.

What is the optimal temperature for the reptile egg incubator?
Overall temperatures range for reptiles hatching varies from 10 degrees to 70 or higher for desert-dwelling reptile species. Also, the temperature you incubate can determine the sex of the babies of your reptiles. Lower temperature can lead to the failure of the incubation process. Read the temperature instruction carefully for specific species and maintain that in your incubator.

Can I use a chicken egg incubator as, reptile incubator?
If your chicken egg incubator offers a temperature range beneficial for reptile incubation, then yes, you can use it for reptile egg hatching; however, if the chicken incubator doesn’t satisfy the temperature and humidity conditions required for reptile species. It is better to buy the best reptile incubator to breed your species.

How long is the incubation period?
The incubation period will depend on temperature, quality of eggs, and humidity. Here is a rough idea of the incubation period of some reptiles.

Snakes: 45-65 days, varies according to species
Lizards: 1-2 months, varies according to species
Turtles: Box turtles – 8 to 10 weeks, painted turtles around three months.

The period may vary depending upon the temperature you use for incubation.

How to keep eggs from drying out too quickly?
To keep eggs from drying out, use a moist medium by following the directions that come with the best reptile incubator. The above-mentioned reptile incubators retain water and keep the eggs from drying out quickly. Buy the one that suits you and your reptile.

Reviews: The Best Reptile Incubators

  • This quality reptile incubator from ZOO Med is a trusted product that has been used by many reptile owners. This reptile egg incubator can control temperatures between 15°C – 40°C or 59°F – 104°F.
  • There is a foam insert at the bottom of this incubator, where you can add water to maintain the humidity level.
  • You can also easily add vermiculite into the unit, helping keep the eggs nice and moist. Therefore, the temperature and humidity range offers a proper reptile egg development, especially for species whose eggs may dry out quickly.
  • There is an LCD on the front of the glass, through which you can monitor the eggs inside.
  • Another great feature of the Zoo Med reptile incubator is the pulse proportional thermostat; its heating elements release regular pulses, which prevent sudden temperature fluctuations.

  • The Gurgaon Pro Digital Reptile Incubator from R-Com is one of the best reptile incubators that can breed around 90 eggs at a time.
  • If you are a full-time reptile breeder and want to grow your business, then this incubator is an excellent choice for you.
  • This inbuilt unit with various settings is suitable for a wide range of reptiles, including turtles, snakes, lizards, and bearded dragons.
  • Moreover, this quality reptile incubator features a large screen on the lid from which you can view eggs and make the inspection a hassle-free process.
  • The foam tray inside this incubator allows you to add the substrate to help the hatching process. Plus, there’s a waterhole where you can add water to maintain the incubator’s humidity.
  • All the features of this reptile incubator are user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Lastly, the R-Com reptile incubator comes with an alarm that will alert you if there are any sudden humidity changes or temperatures.

  • Another popular reptile incubator is Josh’s Exo Terra Incubator.
  • It has some great and unique features that you might want to consider when buying the best reptile incubator. It comes with digital temperature control between 36 to 140°F.
  • You can easily manage temperature using the digital control of this incubator. Further, unlike conventional incubators, this incubator starts automatic cooling when the temperature exceeds the set incubation temperature.
  • It automatically starts heating when the temperature drops below the set incubation temperature.
  • You can add water to the slide-out tray at the bottom to manage humidity.
  • Further, the Exo Terra incubator has a transparent door to check the process of reptile egg hatching. It has a bag of vermiculite along with two incubation containers.

  • The Happybuy reptile incubator is famous for its appearance and spaciousness.
  • It maintains the temperature between 59° and 104°F, depending upon your settings. This best reptile incubator comes with two compartments.
  • There is a tray at the bottom to add water for humidity.
  • This 23L reptile incubator with a built-in handle is easy to move around.
  • The large front window and blue digital display allow you to watch over the hatching process. The most convenient feature is that you can use its vehicles as well.
  • The unit comes with an easy-to-carry handle for transporting reptile eggs.
  • The ReptiPro has a cooling and heating setting, which makes superior control of the internal temperature. Moreover, you can use it for herpes, which requires a winter cooling period.

  • The Hova Bator is again the best reptile incubator and is the smallest in the market.
  • The brand has an excellent reputation for poultry keepers, and this reptile incubator follows the same status and is famous among reptile breeders.
  • In this quality reptile incubator, Hova Bator removed the egg turning functionality so that you can use it successfully and easily.
  • This incubator has two glass windows and features a chest-style design. It comes with a ventilation system, which prevents the buildup of “stale air” and encourages mold growth on reptile eggs.
  • Designed specifically for reptile lovers and reptile breeders, this reptile incubator comes with many handy accessories.
  • There are a stand-alone hygrometer and thermometer with which you can measure the incubator’s physical conditions.

  • If a simple and easy to use incubator are your choice, then the OMEM reptile hatchery box is for you. It is a plastic container that can hold a maximum of 14 reptile eggs at a time.
  • This small and easy to carry reptile incubator has holes for ventilation and a tray to hold eggs.
  • The Tray of this reptile incubator makes no contact with the base and allows maximum air circulation around the reptile eggs.
  • Thus, eggs do not touch the substrate, which improves the hatching rate.
  • For maintaining the temperature, you can place this box in a dark place, which is litter warm than room temperature.

  • The Little Giant reptile incubator resembles the Hova-Bator incubator mention above. Like Hova, this incubator is perfect for a room where air stays between 65 and 72°F.
  • There is ventilation through which the warm air circulates in the box and gets out through the top’s vents.
  • This quality reptile incubator has 40 W radiant tubes at its bottom, maintaining the incubator’s internal temperature.
  • Keeping the right temperature is essential for reptile breeding and hatching eggs. The LCD also reveals the temperature, and you can adjust the hotness or coldness by adjusting the thermostat.
  • Little Giant incubator has moisture rings at the bottom, which allows you to add water and maintain humidity.
  • Further, this incubator for reptiles is made up of Styrofoam, which keeps it lightweight.

  • Do you want to monitor the incubation process of the reptile eggs? If yes, then Farn innovators are the best reptile incubator for you.
  • This is one of the fantastic egg incubators that make the hatching process easy for you.
  • Further, it provides a 360-degree view to you, and you can witness the hatching process. Besides this, the reptile egg incubator from Farn offers a capacity of 41 eggs.
  • Thus, it is the perfect hatching incubator for reptile breeders.
  • Furthermore, this quality reptile incubator features a high/low-temperature notification, allowing adjusting the temperature with ease.
  • When the temperature rises above 103-degrees F or falls below 97-degrees F, it will notify you. This incubator is easy to clean and move, as well.

  • Arksen automatic is a large reptile incubator that can hold the eggs of lizards, bearded dragons, snakes, and other reptiles.
  • It is also perfect for holding the eggs of turtles, ducks, turkey, and chicken. It is ideal for incubating several dozens of eggs of reptiles.
  • This incubator can hold a maximum of 96 eggs at a time for incubation.
  • Arksen Automatic incubator features digital temperature control.
  • It makes it perfect for specific temperature settings. It will automatically adjust the incubator’s temperature according to your temperature requirement.
  • This easy to operate temperature feature comes with a digital display.
  • With this, you can easily monitor the information.
  • The digital display on this reptile incubator shows the temperature and humidity and the hatching day. The incubator has dimensions of 19x18x14.75 inches.

  • This reptile incubator is best for both poultry as well as reptile eggs.
  • When talking about capacity, it can hold 56+ eggs at a time.
  • Further, this quality reptile incubator features an automatic time turner that helps keep eggs at a particular temperature and prevent spoilage.
  • It comes with a removable tray, built-in egg Candler and an instruction manual.
  • The best part about this egg incubator is that it automatically turns eggs with an LED egg Candler present at this machine’s bottom.
  • You can also add water to maintain humidity. You can easily carry this reptile incubator with you as it is light in weight and easy to move around.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, this incubator s an excellent choice.

  • Superland 23L is one of the best reptile incubators. It has a solid build large cabinet and offers more space for eggs.
  • You can place eggs of snake, lizard, bearded dragon, and other reptiles with ease for the hatching process.
  • The temperature range varies from 5°C (41℉) to 60°C (140℉).
  • You can easily adjust the temperature using LCD according to your reptile species.
  • This incubator’s shelves come with a front glass door that allows you to view eggs during the hatching process.
  • The handle on the top of this reptile incubator makes it suitable for transportation.
  • That is why an incubator that allows you to view the eggs easily without opening them up is so important.
  • This reptile incubator has a built-in illuminator.
  • Overall, this is the best reptile incubator with helpful features and a durable design.

  • Quincy reptile incubator is the analog thermal convection incubator with a temperature range from ambient 2 to 62 degrees C.
  • It offers an internal capacity of 2.0 cubic feet, perfect for more than a dozen reptile eggs. This incubator comes with a fixed and adjustable shelf for customization.
  • There is an illuminated power switch that indicates the power-on of this unit.
  • It also has a heat-cycle light indicator that tells about the heater cycle.
  • It has a see-through tinted acrylic door for safety and temperature consistency.
  • This incubator’s interior is aluminum, and the exterior is made up of quality steel coated in ivory colored paint.
  • This incubator is perfect for warming cultures, reptile eggs, and many other similar applications.

  • This hatchery box for reptiles has a round design and can hold up to eight reptile eggs. The egg tray size is 4*1.5cm; box height is 6.5cm.
  • This small and comfortable reptile incubator has four slots for eggs, and you can put around eight reptile eggs at a time for hatching.
  • The top cover of this incubator is highly transparent, through which you can view the entire hatching process and the condition of eggs.
  • The tray featured in this incubator is based on the safe incubation method with maximum air circulation.
  • You can use it to hatch Gecko, lizards, Reptiles, etc.; it is easy to clean and easy to carry. If you search for a portable, simple and useful reptile incubator, this is an excellent choice for you.

  • When it comes to storage, functionality, and durability, jioMerit’s incubator is one of the best reptile incubators.
  • This incubator comes with multiple venting holes that help maintain the temperature and humidity.
  • It comes with eight breeding boxes made up of premium quality material.
  • By having this excellent reptile incubator product, you can observe and take proper care of your reptiles with ease.
  • The material used in this product is PVC and has a thickness of around 0.9cm/0.35inch.
  • The size of the cabinet is near about 18.5×12.2×7.5cm inch.

  • This incubator is specially designed for reptiles and has 14 slots where you can put 14 pieces of eggs for the hatching process.
  • The transparent cover of this incubator is clear and convenient from which you can observe the situations hatching situation, including temperature.
  • It is made up of PP materials and is highly durable.
  • The best part about this incubator is that it is easy to clean and carry.
  • That is why you can make the reptile egg hatching process easy and fun with this quality reptile incubator.


The incubation of reptiles is not as difficult as it seems. With the right machine and the best reptile incubator, you can have healthy reptile babies. Take the proper care of the required temperature, size of the incubator, humidity level, and other conditions for a successful reptile hatching process.

Make sure to research carefully about particular reptile species’ specific needs, including lizards, snakes, turtles, and more. Every species is different from other species in many ways, and incubation requirements are also different. So, it is crucial to buy the best reptile incubator to breed spices successfully.

We have discussed the fifteen best reptile incubators’ reviews in the article above. You can read the full article to know about the specifications and buy the best for your reptiles. Not only are you given a preview of the best incubator, but we have also discussed the required criteria for reptile egg incubation.

The bottom line is that the best incubator will fulfill your requirements and provide successful hatches every time.

Index Table: Top Rated Reptile Incubators

1Zoo Med ReptiBator Reptile Egg Incubator - Incubator for Reptiles
  • LCD Screen
  • Prevents Sudden temperature Fluctuations
  • Humidity Regulator
Zoo Med98.3
2R-Com Juragon Pro Digital Reptile Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • Advanced Design
  • Large Size
  • Large Screen on Lid
3Josh's Exo Terra Incubator - Reptile’s Incubator
  • Cooling technology
  • Unique Fetaures
  • Automatic Heating when Temperature Drops
4Happybuy Reptile Incubator 23L ReptiPro - Reptile Incubator
  • Bottom tray for Water
  • Cool
  • ing Technology
  • Spacious
5Hova-Bator Still Air Reptile Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • Versatile Use
  • Small
  • Compact
6OMEM Reptile Hatchery Box - Incubator for Reptiles
  • Plastic
  • No Contact Base
  • Medium Size
7Little Giant Still Air Incubator for Reptiles - Reptile’s Incubator
  • Large
  • LCD Screen
  • Exceptional Ventilator
Little Giant97
8Farm Innovators 2350 Digital Still Air Reptile Incubator - Incubator for Reptiles
  • 360 degree View
  • Large Capacity
Farm Innovators96.8
9Arksen Automatic, Digital Temp Control Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • Versatile for All Egg types
  • Easy to Operate for Beginners
10Wendsim Automatic Reptile Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • Automatical Turning
  • LCD Display
  • Portable
11Superland 23L Reptile Egg Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • LCD Screen
  • Adjsutable Temperatures
  • Built in Illuminator
12Quincy Acrylic See-Through Door Incubator - Reptile’s Incubator
  • Large Size
  • Aluminium
  • Painted Ivory
13OMEM Reptile Breeding Box - Reptile’s Incubator
  • Small and Comfortable
  • Compact
  • Transparent Top Cover
14joyMerit Reptile Egg Incubator - Reptile Incubator
  • Durable
  • Easy to Store
  • Eight Breeding Boxes Included
15GMSP Reptile Egg Incubator With 14 Slots - Incubator for Reptiles
  • PP Materails
  • Easy To Clean
  • Transparent Cover

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