Top 12 Best Reptile Thermometers: Reviews & Guide

Raising any pets mainly needs the proper heat to grow well. For example, reptiles normally live in dry areas; thus best reptile thermometer is a must.

Keep in mind the humidity level in fixing the reptile’s habitat. It ranges around 35 to 45 percent, identical to the wilds.

The next thing to consider is the tank areas that require a specific level of heat. Check all the corners your pet might choose to stay not to neglect its needed heat.

No matter how superb your pet reptile’s housing, the lack of a thermometer makes a huge difference. It will reflect upon the performance of the pet.

To a deeper idea of reptile thermometers, keep on scrolling!

Best Reptile Thermometer: Buyer’s Guide

Most buyers focus on buying a product, wherein affordable ones are the priorities. Other qualities should be considered aside from the price to pick the best reptile thermometer. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you choose a device that best suits your pet’s needs.
How to find the best thermometer for reptiles?

Product reviews may not be enough without personally knowing the qualities a product must-have. Many errors in buying devices come from limited ideas about the product. So I searched for the factors to consider in buying the most suited unit for your reptile pet. That includes:

  • Quality Brand – Just like the devices on the above list, they are all made by popular brands in the world of reptiles. Such brands include Zoo Med, Fluker, Zilla, and many other brands. It is vital to know where the item is coming from to know what to expect. Ask for a friend’s good word on the brands. Research if possible.
  • Versatility – Most reptile thermometers have combo purposes. It is better to buy a device with great versatility at a price. A unit with a hygrometer feature is a good choice in today’s market. We all know thermometers measure temperature, as hygrometer measures humidity inside the terrarium. Those devices working together are a great advantage for most reptile keepers at home.
  • Accuracy – Providing a proper temp level within a reptile’s habitat is a must. Error on this part may cause harm to the pets when not corrected straightaway. That is why it must be checked beforehand. Read on product reviews to know whether the unit delivers accurate results or not. Most buyers are now becoming honest and direct in telling what they have experienced with the product they bought. Be careful in being reliant on product descriptions as some come out as false advertisements, especially on this feature. As to observations, humidity reading devices are less accurate than temperature reading devices. Hygrometer causes most troubles in terms of accuracy.
  • Easy to Set Up – Since reptiles badly need a proper temp, get a device that is easy to set up. Some models require to be mounted, while some are fixed through a suction cup. Buy a unit according to your keeping experience. More years of keeping reptiles make anyone expert in setting up such a device on tanks. You do not have to worry about the process as only a few issues happen up-to-date.
  • Readable Display Screen – No matter how exact results are it won’t matter without being readable. Bigger displays are to look for in buying such a device. Look for a not-so-compact unit to ensure it is readable. The screen normally shows two measurement units, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Other models only show a single measurement unit. Labels are added to distinguish the two units. Some models add a backlight to read results from a low light distance easily.
  • Long-lasting Battery – There are reptile thermometers these days that are already USB-powered, but some reptile keepers still choose battery-powered devices. It is a lot convenient and has more time to operate. Find a unit with a battery that lasts longer than other models. A battery-powered thermometer is more expensive than those that are not.
  • What are the main causes of inaccuracy? – No one could say they never experienced inaccurate temperature readings the whole time using a reptile thermometer. Encountering inaccurate readings is part of the game, believe it or not. Did you know that accurate results are possible? Sometimes the problem is not the device itself but mostly the installation process. There are two main causes of readings inaccuracy, which includes the following:
  • Improper Calibration – The device needs proper tuning to control results with confidence. It works with specific adjustments until it achieves the desired performance. The right setting helps to state correct results by using certain parameters. Please keep it in tune to reduce faults in reading temp results. If you will ask, how often should a reptile thermometer calibrate? The answer is as much as possible if needed. It is a costly asset yet helps observe the tank’s temp with superb exactness.
  • Poor Installation – Perhaps the problem is the setting up process, which is the most common cause. Review the installation guide, if provided, and then follow the process. Placing the device in the wrong spot can affect the reading results. Install the unit by simply dipping the probe in the water and leaving the screen at any flat surface near the tank. Strip thermometers are easier to install on tanks but provide less accurate temp readings.

Reviews: Best Reptile Thermometers

Should you add a thermometer to the reptile’s tank? The truth is at least two devices are advised to provide a proper temp in a tank. Many reptiles require a basking area wherein a thermometer helps.

The following are twelve top-rating thermometers you can buy online. Each device is well tested to ensure reptile’s good health and a better home. Without further ado, let’s go to our best choices!

  • Let’s start with Zoo Med, a popular brand that concerns most reptiles’ needs. They offer a digital thermometer right for many kinds of reptile cages such as a chameleon terrarium.
  • It is sold at an affordable price with proven quality.
  • It comes with a dry 39-inch long probe that can be sunk in water. The testing bath temperature is easier with this device bringing precise results.
  • Even the external sensor can go in the water for more precise results.
  • The device measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Readings are shown in LCD readout constantly.
  • It includes a suction cup attached outside a glass terrarium for better temperature readings.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Includes a suction cup.
  • A known reptile product’s brand.
  • Accuracy issue.

  • A consistent environment for reptiles considers the right temperature. Fluker offers a combo meter that delivers reliable temp readings.
  • Get two devices at one price. It might be a bit costly, but the cost paid is worthwhile for its performance.
  • Fluker’s Digital Thermo-Hygrometer is a small device and easy to mount on flat areas near a tank. It looks just simple but cannot be immersed in water.
  • The combo meter measures both moisture and enclosure’s temp for reptiles’ good. The readings display is readable.
  • There are buttons on the device to adjust the heat, with the on/off button. It is easy to operate by most beginner reptile keepers.
  • When it comes to accuracy, Fluker’s Combo Meter may not provide the best results as others. According to some product reviews, its accuracy was quite different sometimes. More than that, its price is lower than other digital devices in the market.
  • A combo meter.
  • Readable temperature display.
  • Sometimes deliver inaccurate results.

  • Inkbird ITH-10 is a combination of thermometer and hygrometer suitable for overall home’s use. It is sleek in design and easy to mount inside a reptile’s enclosure.
  • ITH-10 is a low-profile option but has ensured quality performance in checking the enclosure’s temperature.
  • It looks similar to Fluker’s combo meters when you look at the pictures online. They differ in logo but have almost the same features.
  • The device displays temperature and humidity on one screen with accurate readings. It only shows the Fahrenheit measurement.
  • You can easily set the temperature through buttons on the device. You can either maximize or minimize the temperature according to your pet’s needs. It only takes one device to enjoy its full function.
  • Turning on and off the device is so convenient with its one-button battery. You can place the device on any flat surface.
  • Delivers accurate results.
  • 2-in-1 reptile device.
  • A bit pricey.

  • Proper indoor humidity does help not only the reptiles but also the entire household. It delivers many health benefits and fights against mold growth and other asthma-inducing agents.
  • The indoor device works for 24-hours in recording both temperature and humidity. It sustains accuracy throughout those hours of use.
  • High and low-temperature levels are available on the device, easy to read.
  • Because of its bigger size, mounting the device on reptile enclosures is not easy. Though the magnet is included, it is not enough to hold the device in place.
  • Many concluded that this device was not meant for enclosure set up.
  • Some keepers choose to sit the unit within a terrestrial setup enclosure. That means no water must enter it as it will surely destroy the device.
  • To test its value, place one on the ground and another unit on top of the enclosure. This is to check the temperature gradient needed in the enclosure.
  • Easiest to read.
  • Performs a long-lasting operation.
  • A quality issue on magnet adhesive.

  • An Exo Terra terrarium is a must on this combo meter, so having it already is again. You can only mount this device on no other than the said terrarium. If this device could be your choice, buy first the said terrarium.
  • The said terrarium has prepared a slot for the device at its back. Run the device through a single button with programmable memory.
  • It has a simple design and easy to operate. The construction is durable that can last for years of use. Its price might be slightly high but offers quality performance.
  • The meter deals with both the temp and humidity through a remote sensor. It shows an accurate Celsius measurement on a readable screen.
  • It comes with a hook and loop fastener to set up the unit. Exo Terra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer can still be attached to a terrarium by simply gliding it into place.
  • It has a long cable.
  • Provides a constant temperature reading.
  • The temperature reading is sometimes off.
  • Takes time to stabilize.

  • This digital thermometer can go with several purposes other than aquarium use. It has a unique design that can be put together in either flush mounted or surface mounted setup. The thermometer has a professional look and can update readings within seconds.
  • Its temperature range comes in two measurements that are switchable at your convenience. Connect the unit on a USB cable to start working, but that causes a little inconvenience on the keeper’s part.
  • The unit displays details on the screen with a backlight to see the recorded temperature even in the dark. The screen responds quickly whenever the temperature changes, thus provide accurate results.
  • It includes a stainless steel remove sensor probe that ensures small rusting chances even when frequently submerged in water. Just avoid adding corrosive liquid to the tank.
  • The meter also comes with a 3.3-feet cable for more convenient setup.
  • Excellent automation feature.
  • Non-rusting probe.
  • No need for batteries.
  • USB-powered and may consume extra power.

  • Zacro boasts on the large display screen of their digital thermometer.
  • It is simpler to comprehend with clear numerals even from afar. This device is also one of the easiest to use in the market.
  • Each unit includes an LR44 battery.
  • Replace the battery when needed to ensure quality performance. It is a small device that comes with a submersible probe. Do not submerge the thermometer in the water, only the probe.
  • Its screen can be attached outside the terrarium by simply sticking on the suction.
  • See the readings in a unit conversion option, which is changeable according to your pet’s needs.
  • It avoids conflicts on the temp range it offers, thus providing the most precise readings possible. It has a single power switch in turning on and off the unit within a split of seconds.
  • Has an efficient battery life.
  • Gives accurate temperature results.
  • Easy to put on a tank.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Requires battery changes over time.

  • Measuring both the temperature and humidity level inside the tank is what Zilla Digital Meter does best. There is a separate probe for humidity and temperature reading. Those come in a single unit at a reasonable price.
  • Positioning the two probes in a tank is easy with their 57-inch lead wires. They are remote sensor probes and easy to manage when submerging in water.
  • It uses a unit conversion option in checking temperature and humidity ranges.
  • Temperature is available in Fahrenheit and Celsius measurement while humidity ranges from 30 to 90 percent.
  • The unit seems like a phone with its advanced settings. There are a built-in calendar and clock wherein you can set alarms for tank related maintenance and even for feeding routines. It will keep you notified of what to do next while maintaining the proper temperature for your pet.
  • You can attach the device to large terrariums with the included suction cups and a built-in stand. These things make setup a lot easier.
  • Has to offer advanced settings.
  • Includes two manageable probes.
  • The battery is efficient.
  • It constantly resets.
  • A quality issue on its humidity sensor.

  • A wireless thermometer is perfect for reptile keepers who have no enough time to monitor their pet’s enclosure. This one is the most high-tech device on the list as it connects to the iPhone or Android to give a real-time temperature update.
  • It is more on the expensive side because of how it works. They are easy to use and have designed mobile apps to be installed free on suitable phone models.
  • Results are shown in graph form on the mobile app. Minute-by-minute updates have labels that are easy to understand. It also shows a complete history of the recorded temperature level throughout the day.
  • You can sit back and relax while monitoring the enclosure’s condition. It constantly alerts the user on any issues once it connects via Bluetooth. Temperature and humidity accuracy is at its best.
  • The smart sensor is not waterproof. Mount the device on the side of a terrarium with a vent hole to prevent direct contact with the water. It is more sensitive than the other devices listed and so requires extra
  • Be updated at all times.
  • Offers a free mobile app.
  • Shows a complete history of measurements.
  • Highly-priced.
  • Not waterproof.

  • As wireless devices are becoming more popular, Qooltek comes up with an idea of a Mini Digital Thermo-Hygrometer. Qooltek widens its market from grill smoker products into the pet habitat world.
  • The mini device is versatile. You may put the unit on a tank and also to other tackle such as an incubator and guitar case. It is a small sensor directly placed in the area that needs instant monitoring.
  • The unit can even fit in the palm of your hand; that is how compact it is.
  • The large LCD monitor displays temp and humidity readings in real-time. It works with the use of two LR44 batteries within the purchase.
  • It consists of a manual guide to help you out using the device.
  • Do not place the thermometer on the heat source and humidification source. It affects the device’s performance and may even destroy it.
  • Compact in design.
  • A wireless thermometer.
  • No need to calibrate.
  • Accuracy issue.

  • This is another type of reptile thermometer available in the market. It is a digital infrared thermometer that points and clicks the area’s button to be monitored.
  • The device is compact, that you can hold it with one hand.
  • Many reptile keepers use the unit in monitoring terrarium temperature, basking area, incubation temperature, and hibernation temperature.
  • It gives instant and accurate results in seconds.
  • It can be set to read temperatures in both units with minimum and maximum function buttons. Change the temperature unit by pressing the provided button.
  • Temperature fluctuations are, therefore, monitored over time.
  • The purchase contains a battery that can make the device work for several days or weeks. You can replace the battery if needed.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Delivers instant results.
  • Has an infrared feature.
  • Confusions whether the device reads an ambient temp or surface temp.

  • Here is the final product on the list for your pet reptile. RISEPRO sells one pack of the device but two at an affordable price. The item fits a wide range of water tanks such as salt water, fresh water, and many more.
  • The packaging has written instructions for setting up the device. It is easy to mount in minutes on top of the tank. Lower the sensor probe into the water with the use of suction cups. It comes with a 3-feet cable to keep it right for any aquarium.
  • The accuracy level is high. The temperature measurement unit is interchangeable between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can read results clearly on its display screen.
  • Two spared batteries come together with the unit. It can last for weeks of use. Feel free to replace the batteries to enhance their performance.
  • Suitable for different aquarium types.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Some units are defective.

Final Words

To sum it all, finding the right thermometer will save the reptile’s life. They are delicate to the imbalanced temperature inside their habitat, so you need to do something as a keeper. Adding one of the best reptile thermometers above on the enclosure’s setup will make a huge difference in your pet’s health. Keep in mind the things to look for in buying a thermometer for reptiles.

Index Table: Top Rated reptile Thermometers

1Zoo Med Digital Thermometer - Reptile’s Thermometer
  • Versatile Uses
  • Digital design
  • Long Probe for Water
Zoo Med98
2Fluker’s Digital Thermo-Hygrometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Fine Quality
Fluker’s Digital97.7
3Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer - Reptile Thermometer
  • Displays Temperature and Humidity
  • Low Profile
  • Accurate
4AcuRite Indoor Thermo-Hygrometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • Temperature and Humidity is Measured
  • Bigger Size
5Exo Terra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • Simple Design
  • easy To Use
  • Accurate
Exo Terra97
6Keynice Digital Thermometer - Reptile’s Thermometer
  • Professional Look
  • Several Purposes
  • Unique Design
7Zacro LCD Digital Thermometer - Reptile Thermometer
  • Easy To Use
  • Precise Readings
8Zilla Terrarium Digital Thermometer - Reptile’s Thermometer
  • Digital Meter
  • Alarm Clock
9SensorPush Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • Easy To use
  • App Operated
  • Temperature Updates
10Qooltek Mini Digital Thermo-Hygrometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • LCD Monitor Display
  • Uses Battries
  • Digital design
11Zoo Med Repti Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer - Thermometer for Reptiles
  • Instant Accurate Results
  • Monitors Temperature Fluctuations
Zoo Med96
12RISEPRO Aquarium Thermometer - Reptile Thermometer
  • High Accuracy
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Measurements

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