Best Salt Blocks for Horses

When it comes to salt Rocks for Horses, they are a necessity.

There are a few different types and designs of salt rocks available for a horse to explore some of the best options.

Salt Rocks Differences

As you have most likely seen, there are a few types of salt and mineral blocks available at most feed stores and online.

  • Plain White Salt Blocks – The Plain White Salt Block consists of a natural white salt compressed into a block form and consists of 92% sodium Chloritride and other trace minerals.
  • Red Mineralized Salt Blocks or Himalayan Salt Blocks – The Pink or reddish colored salt Block can consist of either compressed salt or a solid salt rock containing pure Himalayan salt.
  • Rock Salt – Rock Salt can comprise natural white salt rock blocks or Himalayan salt rock blocks, a solid salt rock.
  • Brown Salt Blocks – The Brown Salt Blocks contains addede Minerals such as zinc and copper.

Why Do Horses Need a Salt Block

All Horses require salt in their diet. The type and amount will depend on your horse’s size, age, and activity levels.

Horses do get some slat rations from their grain rations and feed supplements daily, yet this is not an adequate amount. They can potentially require up to 200 grams per day.

Most horses can regulate their own salt intake; however, others need to be the monitor as they can over consume salt.

Sodium is one of the main electrolytes found in your horse’s body and is extremely important for fluid balance and optimal hydration.

Sodium levels will likewise influence how much water your horse drinks, and providing more salt can ultimately improve their drinking habits.
Chloride in the salt likewise improves nerve and muscle functioning in your horse,

You will notice your horse eating dirt or acquiring abnormal eating and licking habits when they have a slat shortage in their body.

Features of a Good Salt Block for Horses

  • Rope or Standing – A salt block will come in a compact block that either stands alon or hangs with a strong rope.
  • Compressed or Solid – Salt Blocks will contain either compressed fine salt or solid slat rock.
  • Salt Type – You can choose from either natural white salt, pink Himalayan Salt, red salt, or Brown Mineralized salt.

Reviews: The Best Horse Salt Blocks

Looking for the best available Salt Block for your Horse, well then look no further than our comprehensive list;


The Horsemen’s Pride is a salt block on a rope that is natural, containing Himalayan salt.

  • The salt blocks are 100% natural and contain only pure Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan mountains.
  • These Rocks of salt are rose-colored and renowned for the high mineral content vital for equine health.
  • The salt rocks have a high density of pure Himalayan Rock salt.
  • There is a rope in each salt rock so you can easily hang up the slat rock for easier access by your horse.

2 From Talisker Bay, we have another superb Himalayan Salt Rock for Horses.

  • Himalayan salt is over 550 million years old from the source and has been used as a health remedy and healthy salt by humans and animals for many years.
  • The Himalayan salt contains high traces of minerals such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, vital for horses.
  • There is a distinct rose color to the rock salt, and it comes in a solid rock form, which is the perfect color and natural form for Himalayan salt.
  • The Rock form also reduces biting and is much easier and smoother to lick.
  • The Rock of Himalayan salt also comes with a 36-inch rope for hanging, enabling your horse to easily access the slat rock.


We have a 7.5lb Himalayan salt lick rock designed specifically for animals such as horses from Salt Gems.

  • You can choose between different quantities and pack sizes in the Himalayan salt Rocks.
  • The Salt Rock consists of pure pink Himalayan salt with high mineral content.
  • The salt is 100% natural and comes from the best origins.
  • The salt rock’s versatile design makes it ideal for horses, rabbits, deer, goats, and other animals.


Milliard offers you smaller sized Himalayan salt rock for horses and other animals.

  • The Himalayan salt is mined from ancient deposits deep in the Himalayas. It is a natural and highly sought after salt that is high in minerals.
  • Himalayan salt is nutrient and mineral-rich and ideal for horses and other animals to enhance their diet and improve their health.
  • These bricks are designed to be resistant to rain and biting and are ideal for licking only.
  • You can also use your slat rock for other smaller animals.


The Redmond Rock on a Rope is an unrefined salt rock in a three-pack of small rocks.

  • There are two available size options in the three packs of salt rocks from which you can choose.
  • The all-natural salt rock is ideal for horses’ licking and contains many required minerals.
  • Sal helps to naturally restore balance in your horses, improve their health, and induce thirst for proper hydration, which is usually an issue in many horses.
  • Each salt rock in the pack should last your horse around one to six weeks, before you may need to replace the salt rock for your horses.


From Himalayan Secrets, we have a compressed Himalayan salt rock lick for horses and other animals.

  • The salt rocks are manufactured from 100% pure Himalayan salt in a compressed form and not a solid rock, which is easier to lick and access by horses and other animals.
  • The bricks consist of compressed salt that is easier to lick.
  • The bricks’ surface is curved on the edges with a smooth surface making it much more appealing and easy to lick and ingest.
  • These salt rock bricks are ideal for horses, cows, deer, buffalo, camels, sheep, and even goats.

Index Table: Top Rated Horse Salt Blocks

1Horsemen’s Pride Salt Block - Salt Block on a Rope for Horses
  • On a Rope Design
  • Magnesium Rich
  • Rose Colored
  • Purest Salt
Horsemen’s Pride98.5
2Talisker Bay Lick on a Rop - Horse Salt Block
  • Salt Block on a Rope
  • Himalayan Salt
  • High Mineral Content
Talisker Bay97.7
3Salt Gems Himalayan Animal Salt - Salt Block for Your Horse
  • Pack Size Options
  • On a Rope
  • Verstaile Uses
Salt Gems97
4Milliard 6lb - Himalayan Salt Block for Your Horse
  • Himalayan salt
  • Large Size Block
  • Natural
5Redmond Rock on a Rope - Unrefined Horse Salt Block
  • Unrefined
  • Natural
  • On a Rope
6Himalayan Secrets Compressed Salt - Himalayan Salt Block for Horses
  • Size Options
  • Brick design
  • Compressed Salt
Himalayan Secrets97

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