Top 15 Best Sugar Glider Cages

Sugar glider bears similar qualities to the flying squirrels. They love to climb and jump in their environment.
Giving your pet home will boost their good health. The best sugar glider cage is on sale out there, just like the ones we will share later on.

Some sugar glider keepers create a special cage, as other commercial cages do not have enough dimensions.
There are patterns to follow in creating cages at home.
On the other hand, store-bought cages are best for those who have no time to build one. Those are pre-made to buy, so it is up to you to upgrade your pet’s cage.

Size and Design of a Sugar Gliders Cage

Sugar Gliders are very active creates, and they need plenty of space to climb and jump in their cage.

With a sugar glider, vertical space is much more important than square footage; it is important to go for taller cages with shelves rather than a large flat cage.

As far as sizing goes, you need a cage at least 24 inches deep, 24 inches wide, and 36 inches tall, although bigger is always better for a pair of sugar gliders.

You also need to consider where you will place their cage, as sugar gliders need to be out of direct sunlight in an area where there are no drafts. They need a temperature slightly higher than room temperature at around 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Sugar Glider Cage: A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Your sugar glider pet deserves to live in a comfortable cage. The buyer’s guide will show some things to consider in buying the right cage for the pet. Read on!

  • Budget – The very first thing you need to consider in buying pet stuff is your budget. Buy a cage for a sugar glider that you can afford.
  • Size – The kind of pet in your care needs plenty of space. Large cages are the best choice of a cage for sugar gliders. Taking care of a single pet requires small cages about 20”x20”x30” while having more than one animal requires a more sizeable option. Tall cage models will make gliders feel more comfortable in most cases.
  • Design – Cages with a few floors are necessary for sugar gliders to explore. They are arboreal animals, and so gliding from areas is their hobby. Add some toys and accessories to offer more fun in the pet’s habitat inside the cage. Most cages are customizable, which is a great deal for almost all keepers. Their design must provide overall comfort for pets in all conditions.
  • Durability – Look for cages made of high-quality materials such as steel or iron. They must not bend easily when sugar gliders play around the cage. The wires must be coated with a special coating to enhance durability. Go over the buyer’s reviews to check the product’s durability before buying.
  • Safety – The primary purpose of getting a cage for sugar gliders is safety. It must give you peace of mind leaving your pets alone during a busy day. One of the factors in a cage for safety is bar spacing. This is to avoid escapes and to hurt the pets. Half of the inch bar spacing is advisable not to hurt the pet’s small feet. Larger than the said bar spacing may allow escaping and other pets to sneak through the cage. Another is a metal lock on the door of the cage. Gliding pets are smart in escaping, so make sure to buy a cage with enhanced security features.
  • Accessibility – Feeding the pets might be easier with an easy-to-access passage like a front door. Most crates are designed with a large front door for feeding and cleaning purposes. Choose a cage that you can access any time of the day with ease.
  • Storage – There are many other things sugar glider needs, like food, toys, and many more. Having a cage with a bottom shelf is beneficial. It holds the stuff for easy access whenever be needed. Some cages do not have a storage shelf, but many options are available for a lookout.
  • Transportable – It will be hard to move a cage from place to place without the casters. The animals might be disturbed, and we do not want it to happen. Most large cages have locking casters for mobility. They are detachable to the main cage if there is no enough space. Other cages are easy to disassemble by simply folding the unit. Getting it back together is also composed.
  • Other Accessories – Most popular brands take account of additional items in a purchased item. They include feeding cups, ladder, ramps, toys, and others at a reasonable price. To save up money, products, as such, are the best choice.

Top 15 Sugar Glider Cage Reviews

We go over the internet to look for a sugar glider’s best cages. The search ends with the 15 best homes from the top brands in the market. Pick the cage that suits your pet’s needs at its best. Let’s get it started!

  • Midwest Homes for pets top the list of the best sugar glider cage.
  • They provide an ultimate habitat for small animals, like sugar gliders. It is a single-unit cage that offers enough space to keep the pet safe and happy going.
  • You can customize the cage through its attaching points.
  • Just add other accessories onto the cage to keep your pet entertained.
  • It also achieves maximum pet security with the narrow wire spacing design.
  • The pets will experience happy feet while stepping through ramp covers, expansive shelves, and plastic pan floors. They will be away from slipping in between passage levels.
  • The shelves are adjustable as to your liking.
  • Achieve the comfort the pets needed for their growth.
  • Deluxe Critter Nation also has a dual-locking door for accessibility and added security. You can open it with one hand. Cleaning the cage is as easy as feeding the pets.

  • If more sugar gliders are in your care, the bigger and wider cage could be the best choice. This 3-level of the small animal cage provides extra room for active pets. It allows them to climb and jump without limits.
  • Baby and adult sugar gliders can fit into this cage.
  • They are highly protected with their 1/8” crossbar spacing wherein no small feet will get hurt. It is also built with epoxy-coated shelves and wire ladders for added durability.
  • It has two front doors for feeding and cleaning purposes.
  • You can lock the doors for better security by buying a locking mechanism separately.
  • At the bottom is a removable grate floor to clean the cage easily.
  • There is a slide-out pan at the bottom of the cage. It ensures the floor’s cleanliness by catching the waste of the pets.
  • The unit is foldable and can be set up with no tools required. It is suitable for travel thereof.

  • This one is majorly intended for birds but can also accommodate gliding pets, such as sugar gliders. It is the best habitat for multiple pets due to its wider dimensions.
  • It has rolling casters to move from place to place if needed easily.
  • The product comes with three wood perches and four plastic cups at an affordable price. They are easy to assemble to end up with a durable cage. It is 31” tall in a vertical space perfect for gliding pets.
  • Its two large front doors allow easy access during feeding and cleaning.
  • A bottom shelf provides extra storage space for other pet stuff.
  • The cage has a bottom grille and sliding drawer to make the cleaning process a lot easier. Your home’s surface is safe from the pet animal’s waste.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • Its black wrought iron design captures most pet keepers to buy one.

  • The 58” Oriental Cage is made of quality material that is greatly valued.
  • They are vertically designed cages on which you can add elevated surfaces for a pet’s amusement.
  • Its whole construction is powder-coated and pet-friendly.
  • It is away from rusting due to its heavy-duty design. There are attached wheels for mobility.
  • The pets may grasp onto its ½” bar spacing without hurting their small feet. Its bar spacing and sliding door design avoid the issue of escape.
  • The front doors promote easy access for feeding pets. Cleaning the cage’s interior can also be done at ease—some complaints on the two narrow doors’ sizes.
  • Its bottom has a wired tray and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • They won’t rust in a short time when washing regularly.
  • The item includes two double-feed dishes and climbing posts.
  • The price is still within a tough budget, even with the added accessories.

  • We cannot highly recommend Congo Cage for sugar gliders because of its height space.
  • Four small gliders can stay in the cage comfortably. It can still store other accessories for pets.
  • Congo Cage applies iron tubing construction to increase durability for long time use. It also adds comfort and interior space for pets.
  • Exotic Nutrition 68” Congo Cage is 68” tall and 32” wide, enough to room multiple sugar gliders.
  • It features 0.5” bar spacing to prevent escaping, as well as injuries over the pets. The wires are powder-coated and safe for animals.
  • Exotic Nutrition completes the package by including all the important accessories within a price. Wire ladders, metal wire shelves, double-feed dishes, droppings tray, and wood climbing posts are all included. Spacious shelf storage is also added.
  • Accessibility is enhanced with two large front doors and two small side doors.
  • Feeding the pets is now more convenient, and cleaning the cage.

  • Are you in the care of numerous sugar gliders? Perhaps the previous 3-Level Wrought Iron Cage is not enough; you can avail of this 4-Level cage instead.
  • It offers more room for gliding pets in a vertical space.
  • Many keepers boast about this cage due to its wonderful features, aside from the space it provides. It has a removable stand with a bottom shelf for extra storage.
  • Casters are attached to move the cage from room to room easily.
  • The 4-level cage is animal-friendly, coated, and safe for small pet paws.
  • Their feet will not get stuck on the bar spaces, which stops them from escaping as well.
  • Its wire spacing is half an inch.
  • Like the other large cages, wire shelves and ladders are counted in. These make your pet happier and safer to roam around its home.
  • Its front swing-out door has a metal safety lock for added security over the escaping pet.

  • This brand is not as popular as the other brands, but many critics have dropped positive reviews. Everila cares for small pets, so they created a durable cage as such.
  • It appears like the other usual cages perfect for sugar gliders.
  • The material used is carbon steel wires coated with non-toxic epoxy painting. It is 100% safe for small animals and can last long.
  • A stand is included for better setup in an ample space. Remove the stand to save up space and place the cage on a flat surface.
  • You can place the cage anywhere with the help of its durable wheels.
  • YFT32 provides enough space for sugar gliders to play around its corners.
  • The small animal cage boasts many great features regarding pet security. It has a big swing-out front door with safety locks to prevent escapes. Plus, the wire spacing is too narrow, about ½”.
  • Quick and easy cleaning is possible by simply removing its slide-out tray.

  • Ferret pet has similarities in sugar gliders on how they are kept. Pets with small paws are suitable in this cage, so perfect for glider pets. It has wider bar spacing than the other cages, and yet your pets will be safe.
  • It offers two large doors to get access to pets during feeding.
  • They are equipped with a two-finger locking mechanism that is hard for pets to open.
  • The entryways are also good for cleaning the cage even without disassembling the unit.
  • Take off the dropping tray for easy cleaning.
  • The ferret cage is built with chew-proof material through a solid frame.
  • No matter how playful the pet, escapes won’t easily happen.
  • There are neither gaps nor sharp edges within the cage that may harm your pets.
  • They can play around with comfort in mind.
  • Keeping the cage in place is possible with its lockable wheels for added stability.

  • It is another sugar glider cage by Exotic Nutrition, offering a different level of features. This is a 60″ tall cage made of wrought iron tubing for durability. It is a heavy-duty cage with so many features to offer.
  • Your small pets can safely play around the cage.
  • The narrow bar spaces prevent an escape and even sudden injuries over the animal. They are powder-coated to be more pet-friendly.
  • It is equipped with two lockable large front doors to provide a high-security level for the pet. The bottom part has a storage shelf to hold your pet’s things.
  • Within the cage are three metal shelves and ladders and feeding cups and wood climbing posts for entertainment.
  • For easy maintenance, pull out the debris tray and wash the metal grate with soap and water. It is easy to return for continuous use. It has wheels to change its location when needed easily.

  • Brisbane Cage is another good choice to house sugar gliders.
  • The 63” tall cage is shorter than the other Exotic Nutrition cages.
  • The same materials are used in this case, namely wrought iron tubing construction.
  • They are finished with a non-toxic powder coat, which is safe for animals. It also has a rolling stand for mobility.
  • You can store other things on the underneath shelf you may separate when needed.
  • They say it takes up more than half of the cage.
  • Its bar spacing supports your pet’s safety. It will never have a chance to escape from the cage nor get hurt while climbing onto it.
  • They may play on its climbing posts for fun, which sugar gliders usually do.
  • No need to buy feeding bowls, as those are included within the price. A pull-out tray is also included for easy cleaning of the cage. You can have free access through its two front doors.

  • Owning a family of sugar gliders requires the use of a larger cage to keep them all safe.
  • This could be the largest cage on the list, about 74” in size. It may contain more sugar gliders not feeling anxious in a cage.
  • It also gives space for other pet stuff at the cage’s bottom.
  • The storage shelf is equipped with casters and is removable if needed. It is enclosed with two large front doors with metal locks.
  • Mcage used up high-quality wrought iron material in coming up with this extra-large cage. It can stand for long periods of use.
  • Safety for the pet is also considered with its narrow wire ramps and bar spacing.No small feet will get hurt, never again.
  • The 74” cage features a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. Its bottom grille is easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Buying this option will provide you wood perches and plastic cups.

  • Prevue Hendryx has to offer a ferret cage suitable for multiple sugar gliders.
  • It is a spacious cage with four levels to support your energetic pet.
  • It gives the pets the freedom to roam around the cage with safety in mind.
  • There is a mid-level floor that separates the upper and lower cage.
  • They have separate doors as well for full cage access. Both have escape-proof locks for added security.
  • The debris tray has a wind-bell lock to stay in place.
  • Pull the tray out for easy cleaning. Its wrought iron construction is powder coated and easy to clean.
  • Below is a space-saving storage shelf to hold up other stuff. It has rolling casters to move the cage anywhere.
  • This is the only cage on the list that includes a hammock for the pet to rest on. Platforms and ramps are also included.

  • Another trusted brand is Yaheetech. They create a 4-level indoor cage for small animals, including sugar gliders. It helps to keep the animals active and safe.
  • The pets can climb over the ramps with an expandable area.
  • Its sturdy construction is coated with non-toxic Hammertone paint.
  • This works against corrosion and cage wear. The wire spacing is more than half an inch, which is still fit for small animals.
  • The two arched doors have latches for keeping the pets safe even when not fully monitored. It has double doors for maximum accessibility.
  • There will be easy cleaning and feeding with this cage. Get rid of the debris tray and clean it with water.
  • It can be rolled in all directions through ball-shaped casters. The indoor cage comes with a wall-mounted water bottle and a feeding bowl.

  • Any small animal is fit to live in this cage. It is large and fully accessorized to give comfort to your pet.
  • The 2-story cage has all the necessary features a cage must contain, like feeding materials, ramps, platforms, and even a hammock.
  • It differs from the previous cages, as this cage has three-door accesses for maintenance. The two doors are in front while the other one is on top. You can easily move it with the help of wheel casters.
  • The base of the cage is deeper to give room for litter.
  • Each story has its platform on which the pets run through the adjustable play tubes.
  • It features a latching system for easy maintenance. This allows a quick setup and taking part in the cage for routine cleaning.

  • The last possible option is a chinchilla cage. This pet is similar to a sugar glider in many features.
  • They are active pets that need extra space for living.
  • It is designed to last for years to come.
  • The ramps are made of metal, as well as the platforms. This is to support your pet’s safety while playing around the cage.
  • Two platforms are available for them to climb on through a ramp.
  • The chinchilla cage ensures protection towards the pets by providing a wind-bell lock. It also hinders the pet from escaping from the cage easily.
  • There is a space-saving shelf underneath the cage to hold more things, like toys, treats, and more.


The PawHut Rolling Sugar Glider cage has wheels for portability and a very roomy and tall design.

  • The cage is a large living space for small animals.
  • There are multiple doors for easy access.
  • A bottom tray allows for easy cleaning and contains litter.
  • the cage is a heavy-duty design with wheels for portability.


The Yaheetech birdcage is large and tall, with a great design for housing Sugar gliders.

  • you can add extra shelves and ladders in the cage to make it comfortable for a sugar glider.
  • The design is very tall and spacious, making sugar gliders ideal.
  • The doors have a lock design to stay securely closed at all times.
  • It is a strong and sturdy cage with wheels for portability and an additional storage shelf underneath.

Final Thoughts

To give your sugar glider a happy life, you should look for the best habitat in the market or online.
Consider the buyer’s guide before picking the right cage for your gliding pet.
You can go over to our top 15 products and decide which will suit your pet’s needs to a great extent.
Compare the features if necessary to make sure you will end up with the right item.
You may share your buying experience in the comment section.

Index Table: Top Rated Sugar Glider Cages

1Midwest Homes Deluxe Critter Nation - Sugar Glider’s Cage
  • Maximum Security Design
  • Spacious
  • Adjustable Shelves
2Mcage 3-Level Small Animal Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Large Wide Size
  • Protective Bars
  • Slide Out Pan
3Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage - Cage for Sugar Gliders
  • Three Wood Perches Inlcuded
  • Plastic Cups
  • Easy AssemblY
Prevue Hendryx96.8
4Exotic Nutrition Mansion - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Powder Coated
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy Access front Doors
Exotic Nutrition97.6
5Exotic Nutrition Congo Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Large Space
  • High Design
  • Durable
Exotic Nutrition97.4
6Songmics 4-LevelNew Large Wrought Iron Cage - Sugar Glider’s Cage
  • Spacious
  • Large Design
  • Swing Out Door
7Midwest YFT32 Small Animal Cage - Cage for Sugar Gliders
  • carbon Steel Coated Wires
  • Durable
  • Spacious
8Super Deal Ferret Cage - Sugar Glider’s Cage
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Easy Clean Design
  • Wider Bar Spacing
Super Deal96.8
9Exotic Nutrition Madagascar Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Lockable Front Doors
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Heavy Duty Design
Exotic Nutrition96.6
10Exotic Nutrition Brisbane Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Powder Coated
  • Non-Toxic
  • Tall Design
Exotic Nutrition97
11Mcage Extra-Large Small Animal Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • Large Size
  • Storage Shelf and Casters
  • Pull Out tray
12Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage - Cage for Sugar Gliders
  • Four Levels
  • Durable Design
  • Debris Tray with Bell Lock
Prevue Hendryx97.2
13Yaheetech 4-Level Indoor Ferret Cage - Cage for Sugar Gliders
  • Four Levels
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Two Arched Doors
14Ferplast 2-Story Ferret Cage - Sugar Glider Cage
  • all Accessopries Included
  • Platforms
  • Two Story
15Prevue Earthtone Dusted Rose Chinchilla Cage - Sugar Glider’s Cage
  • Durable
  • Metal ramps
16PawHut Rolling - Sugarglider Cage
  • Multiple Doors
  • Durable
  • Spacious
17Yaheetech Large - Large Sugarglider Cage
  • Large Size
  • Durable
  • Lock Doors

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