The Top 15 Cheapest Sugar Glider Food & Diet

The best sugar glider food & diet must have a sweet taste. Are you looking for one? Most of the sugar glider diets are now for sale, and picking the right one might be crucial.

We understand the trouble, and so we will share our top favorites just for you! Check them out below.

The sugar glider is both omnivore and insectivore that means providing them a complete nutritious diet is not too hard. A set of food, including vegetables, fruits, and insects, are good for the pet.

Although sugar gliders have a soft spot for sweet meals, sugar substitutes should not be fed on them. It is essential to look for a nutritious daily diet for sugar gliders to live a healthy and happy life.

Buyer’s Guide For Sugar Glider Food & Diet

Many things need to be considered in choosing the right diet for sugar gliders. Many end up with the wrong diet set for glider pets because of the ignorance of what is good for the pet.

Not all small animal diets are suitable for sugar gliders. This is a buyer’s guide to help every buyer look for the right sugar glider food and diet.

Sugar Glider Food and Diet Overview

The ideal diet for sugar gliders should consist of 75% pellets, 20% fruit and vegetables, and 5% small animal treats. Homemade diets are not highly recommended as they could lead to many health problems, like obesity, over-calcification, and too much protein. Commercial diets are a much better option for it already contains well-balanced nutrition.

How to choose the right food and diet for sugar gliders?

Commercial meals for glider pets are widely available online and in pet stores. You may use the following details in picking the best possible diet for your pet.

Below are the qualities a food diet must have to keep the sugar glider healthy and live fully. It includes:

  • Price – The best alternative for expensive pet food formula is to make one at home, which is not highly acceptable. We include cheap food products above for you to choose from. They are all under Sugar Glider Food Affordable30, and you can easily order online.No worries, as most sugar glider diets are just easy to pay for.
  • Brand – A reputable brand is essential to ensure you are getting the right food product for small pets. Do not be misled by the price, but also consider where it is from.
  • Packaging – The packaging of most food products must be resealable to lower down the diet’s effectiveness. Resealable food formula is better than those contained only in a plastic bag without a seal. Sometimes a written feeding instruction is added on the packaging, which is a good thing for beginner keepers.
  • Nutritional Value – The diets best for sugar gliders must not be in a can but fresh meals. Rich in protein diet formula is highly recommended for gliders, but only in small amounts. They are more interested in fruit and vegetable meals because of their sweet taste. A meal enriched with multivitamins and calcium is also good for the pet.
  • Odor – The odor is important because it affects the pet’s appetite. Choose a food product with less foul smell or a sugary smell. Sugar glider diets have almost the same smell, so the selection is easy tipsy.
  • Feeding Guide for Sugar Gliders – The feeding routines differ between wild and pet gliders. Pet gliders consume less food than the wilder breeds. We need to stop our pet from gaining more weight beyond its body weight. Overfeeding might lead to serious health problems or even death. Glider pets are best fed with morning and dusk routine. Leave a bowl of feed inside the cage if they feel hungry at any time. Small pieces of diet are necessary for them to digest their food easily. Remove the leftovers after feeding, as gliders do not eat meals that are not fresh anymore. Place the feeding bowl a bit higher to keep it cleaner and away from the animal’s waste. They are natural climbers, so it would be more interesting to mount their food bowls. The treats could be given every other day, not to encourage them to be picky eaters.

Reviews: Best Sugar Glider Food

Before going to the market, you should list the best food and diet for sugar gliders. We made a list of the top fifteen glider food products below.

Each product has to offer different levels of nutrients that could meet your pet’s needs. You can add up more sugar glider diets in the comment box later on.

Here are our top 15 picks:

  • Our first pick is a food diet specially formulated for sugar gliders. The food mix is full of vitamins and minerals that make glider pets healthier. It is made in the United States and is offered at an affordable price.
  • The diet is in a resealable bag that retains the meat mixture’s freshness. It is consists of freeze-dried mealworms, vegetables, fruit juices, flax meal, and honey for its sweet taste. Omega-3 acid is also added to promote pets’ mental and body development.
  • It tastes great that sugar gliders won’t resist. The meal is in a pellet form and is easy to digest by the small pet.
  • Each meal delivers an improvement for the pet’s heart function, vision, and brain health. This is indeed a complete nutritious food for gliders you can put your trust in. Plus, the brand is the best in producing quality diets for small pets.

  • This is an insect-based diet and a great choice in feeding sugar gliders. It meets one nature of glider pets, an insect eater. There is no need for other food supplementation, as Mazuri Insectivore will be enough to provide for your pet’s health needs.
  • Like the previous food product, it is sealed in a plastic bag to last several feeding times. Each pellet diet contains various insects as its main ingredient. It is well-balanced as gliders are prone to obesity when fed beyond normal.
  • The insectivore diet is also high in fiber content to stimulate your pet’s digestion. Your pet would be better off with the added omega-3 acids on a diet. It is not too fatty, which is good for sugar gliders to avoid health issues, like obesity.
  • If you care for reptile pets, Mazuri Insectivore could also be a great investment. You can feed your pets with a single food diet resulting in the same levels of a healthy body.

  • A cooked diet is another best choice to feed sugar gliders. It eliminates more time and effort in preparing a meal for the pet. This option might be more costly than the previous food products and has a good value. It makes the glider pets happier than ever in every meal.
  • The ready-to-serve diet is kept in a resealable bag to maintain its freshness until served. It is coated with fruity flavors to make the food sweeter for gliders.
  • It is a great source of protein, minerals, and vitamins good for sugar gliders. Happy Glider Diet Formula offers whole grain nutrition through toasted grain ingredients.
  • The formula is safe for your pet and promises a high-quality level of ingredients. They are listed on the packaging, together with the feeding instruction.

  • Among the best foods for sugar, the glider is Instant-HPW, on which glider owners’ most favorite. It differs from the other choices in the way it is served. Add some water to the powdered mix and serve it to your pet. This meal is not a solid food like the other food options.
  • Instant-HPW is simple to prepare and comes at an affordable price. It is considered a homemade diet with pre-mixed ingredients. There will be mess-free feeding time and so easier cleaning time.
  • This is also a highly nutritious diet for gliders pet due to the natural ingredients used. It is consists of honey, eggs, bee pollen, and vanilla flavoring. The added vitamins, 3-fatty acids, and calcium supplements make this diet more nutritious for your pet.
  • It can be served in individual servings by bringing the mixture into the refrigerator after mixing water.

  • Providing some healthy treats to glider pets is necessary every once. This treat can be part of the pet’s diet because of its complete nutrition formula. Plus, its price is highly affordable. You may get up to 18-pounds of the treatment formula, whichever will meet your pet’s needs.
  • A unique feature Glider Complete has is the added yucca extract. It helps to reduce waste odor. Other than that, it is also recommended by most veterinarians.
  • It is a fruity treat with eight varieties of dried fruit chunks among its ingredients. There is also an added honey for its sweeter taste.
  • To make it more nutritious, Exotic Nutrition added five more vitamins, including A, B12, E, C, and D3. It is also high in protein, probiotics, and antioxidants for digestion. Other minerals are added too.
  • Glider Complete is an all-natural treat with no preservatives, and artificial colors.

  • Indeed, Exotic Nutrition is doing great in making diets for sugar gliders. Here is Insectivore-Fare, another cheap sugar glider diet. It works well by adding a bit of Instant-HPW into the pellet feed. A small amount is enough to avoid obesity issues on the pet.
  • It is a soft diet intended for every small animal. The Insectivore-Fare is a moist pellet food and highly recommended by the veterinarian. It has an enriched diet plan that can be prepared with less hassle.
  • The insectivore diet is packed with wombaroo protein supplements, fatty acids, omega-3, flaxseed oil, and other flavoring natural ingredients. It is also calcium-rich glider food with other minerals added.
  • Keep the food sealed in a dry, cool place. It has vanilla bean flavoring to deliver a sweet taste for your pet. The food product is fully supplemented with vitamins such as E, B12, D3, and vitamin K.

  • The fruit is another set of food that sugar gliders love the most. They love eating fruits as treats or as part of their main meal. It can be offered alone or be mixed with other glider diets. Other than the fruits involved, the diet is also loaded with insect larva and grains.
  • It is in a powder form stored in a resealable bag to keep it fresh. You can store up the diet for up to six months or twelve months if frozen. Mix the powder with water, and then make diet cubes out of it.
  • Two tablespoons of Berries and Bugs are enough for sugar gliders’ daily meal. Always remove the food that remains in the cage and place drinking water in every meal.
  • It is a 100% natural sugar glider diet. There are no artificial colors or flavors added to keep the pets safe. Only the vanilla bean gives flavor to the glider’s diet.

  • If you are looking for a delicious diet for sugar gliders, go for Sun Seed’s Quiko Sugar Glider Food. It has a special formula that provides a complete diet to meet the pet’s needs. A balanced diet will be delivered to your pet at an affordable price.
  • It involves 25% of protein-rich ingredients from various fish and meat sources. The pelleted food also contains fruits and vegetables, about 50% of its ingredients. This assures a sweet tasty diet for gliders. The product also added omega 3s, DHA, and probiotics for the pet’s better digestion.
  • You may mix the formula with another glider diet to fully satisfy your pet. In contrast, the formula itself is enough to provide the nutritional need for sugar gliders.
  • Get three packs of food products at the lowest possible cost. They come in a durable plastic bag that can be stored for a long time.

  • Fluker is a trendy manufacturer of small pet food products globally. They offer varieties of meals for small animals at a very affordable price. Unlike the previous diets, Fluker’s packaging is unique, using a jar container instead of a plastic bag.
  • Freeze-dried mealworms are a great source of protein and amino acids that are essential for glider pets. Five to seven pieces of mealworms is advisable to serve in a day. It could come with other food items to complete a balanced diet.
  • It comes plainly as mealworms with no added other ingredients to keep the diet natural. All-natural glider diets are better and safer for the pet to acquire any nutritional diseases.
  • Mealworms are also high in vitamins and minerals. Other nutrients needed by glider pets can be found on mealworms.
  • A single purchase only consists of less than two ounces of freeze-dried mealworms. Buy more for a longer time of feeding.

  • This is the second sugar glider diet from Suncoast. It is the first time on the list to include an animal diet made of all human-grade ingredients. There are no fillers added like wheat and soy.
  • It is a wholesome, balanced, and high-quality glider diet anyone can pay for. With just a small amount to pay, you will get 1.5-pounds of food for your pet.
  • The Chicken and Rice Blend formula comprises 32% protein of its overall ingredients. It includes real chicken meat, brown rice, coconut oil, and many more wholesome ingredients.
  • This is the first dry glider food out of animal protein. Feed your pet with one tablespoon of wholesome, balanced formula in the evening. Uneaten food diet shall be put into the trash the next day.
  • You can search online for the complete nutritional information of this glider food.

  • Exotic Nutrition also offers a chicken-based glider diet at a low price. You may choose between three pack sizes depending on your pet’s consumption level. It comes in sticks that are easy to digest by all insectivores.
  • It keeps your pet’s heart healthy by adding omega-3 fatty acids to the ingredients. No need for added flavor, like chicken meat, is enough to give the formula flavor. Preservatives are also eliminated in this formula to avoid harming your pet. Calcium and phosphorus exist on the formula for added nutrients the pets would experience.
  • The product is sold in batches to ensure the food product’s quality and consistency. Some glider owners prefer buying small amounts of glider diet rather than bulk to prevent spoilage as much as possible.

  • When your sugar glider is getting old, about months, rewarding the pet with a snack is advisable. A simple snack will affect the pet’s overall health, like how to fish flavor snack works.
  • It is a mixture of real fish, chicken meat, sweet potato, good protein sources, and many essential nutrients—the snack benefits the overall wellbeing of glider pets, including the hair, teeth, and gums.
  • The flavored snack helps to nourish and keep the pet’s hair shinier like no other. It also helps keep the sugar glider’s oral health better after every meal. This rewarding meal also supplies energy toward the pet for everyday activities. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium, for oral health.
  • It looks different than the other glider foods earlier. Fish Flavor Snacks is in stick form with the thinner feature, thus easy to consume.

  • We are not running out of a food list for sugar gliders, anyway. This one is made in America to ensure high-quality. It has the complete details of what buyers look for in buying a food product for animals on its packaging.
  • Almost a quarter of its content is protein-rich ingredients and 5-percent for fat. These two main glider diet ingredients are as beneficial in making the pets healthier as ever. No need for additional supplements because it already contains the essential nutrients your pets wanted.
  • Glider owners planning to convert their pet’s diet into something new are better off with this food product. It has a fruity flavor, just like most of the sugar glider’s food.
  • Introduce the food to your pet with or without fruit and vegetable supplement. Make sure the water is always placed inside the cage.
  • It is available in 12-ounce in a single purchase. Do not worry about the price.

  • Gliderade Nectar requires mixing with water to serve to the glider pets finally. The powdered mix is packed in a resealable bag to sustain its freshness. The company never disappoints most glider owners in feeding pets with their previous food products. Here is another high-quality glider diet you can try.
  • It has blueberry flavoring. Lactating gliders are better off eating this diet to improve their babies’ health. You can add this treat to the pet’s main diet. It must be 10% of the main food to be served 2 to 3 times per week.
  • It is a vitamin-enriched intended for sugar gliders that love sweet treats. Carbohydrates are part of its ingredients to replicate the glider’s natural diet, so-called nectar, and pollen.
  • Gliderade should be supplemented with a protein-rich diet like Glider Complete. It helps to complete the nutrition to meet the pet’s needs.
  • It is best to use it as a training treat to reward the pet’s responsiveness in every command.

  • Small pets like sugar gliders have a natural chewing habit. Giving them a nutritious treat could satisfy their desire to chew. Chewable diets greatly benefit the dental health of the pet.
  • You can offer treats to your glider pet during playtime or training sessions. It satisfies their stomach, especially when the treatment is added to various glider diets. Put the main diet in a bowl with 20% of this baked treat.
  • Only two main ingredients are added, including sun-cured timothy hay and sweet apples. They are high in fiber on which supports glider pets’ overall health. In every bite, your pet will enjoy the sweet taste of the treat.
  • The added timothy hay is naturally grown, so moisture and quality are sustained. It supports foraging for small animals.
  • Over-feeding your pet with treats is somewhat dangerous; that is why serving it with various diets is recommended.

Final Words

In conclusion, a full understanding of sugar glider’s diet is essential to provide the best meals. They are not picky eaters; however, choosing the right diet for this pet is sometimes crucial. Several meal types are not good for glider pets, like sweetened products and high-fat foods. Giving your pet the most nutritious diet is necessary so they could enjoy a happy and healthy life. So, which of the food and diet for sugar gliders above will you pick?

Share this post to anyone who is in the care of sugar gliders to remind him/her what to feed on the pet. You can also leave an additional glider’s diet in the comment box. Thank you!

Index Table: Top Rated Cheap Sugar Glider Food

1Vitakraft VitaSmart Complete Nutrition Sugar Glider Food - Sugar Glider Food Affordable
  • Resealable Bag
  • Nutritious
  • Natural
Vitakraft VitaSmart Complete Nutrition98.3
2Mazuri Insectivore - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Sealed for Freshness
  • High Fiber
  • Protein Rich
3Suncoast Sugar Gliders Happy Glider Fruity Flavor Formula - Cheap Sugar Glider Food
  • Ready To Serve
  • High protein
  • Minerals and Vitamins
4Exotic Nutrition Instant-HPW High-Protein Sugar Glider Food - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Powder Mix
  • Nutritious
  • Easy To Make
Exotic Nutrition97.5
5Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Yucca Extract
  • Reduces Waste Odor
  • Vitamins Added
Exotic Nutrition97
6Exotic Nutrition Insectivore-Fare - Sugar Glider Food Affordable
  • Protein Rich
  • Flavored
  • Natural
Exotic Nutrition96.8
7Exotic Nutrition Nutritious Berries and Bugs - Cheap Sugar Glider Food
  • Powder Meal
  • High Protein
  • Fruit Added
Exotic Nutrition97.3
8Sun Seed Quiko Sugar Glider Food - Sugar Glider Food Affordable
  • Protein Rich
  • Fruits and Vegetables
Sun Seed Quiko96
9Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Mealworms - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Freeze Dreid
  • Fresh
  • High Protein Worms
10Suncoast Sugar Gliders Chicken and Rice Blend - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Balanced
  • Complete
  • Wholesome
11Exotic Nutrition Premium Insectivore Diet - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Affordable Price
  • Calcium and Phosphorus Added
Exotic Nutrition96.7
12Polar Bear’s Pet Shop Fish Flavor Sugar Glider Snack - Cheap Sugar Glider Food
  • Flavored
  • Snack
  • Essential Nutrients
Polar Bear’s97.2
13Pretty Bird International Sugar Glider Food - Cheap Sugar Glider Food
  • Protein Rich
  • Low Fat
  • Nutritious
Pretty Bird International96.3
14Exotic Nutrition Gliderade Nectar - Affordable Sugar Glider Food
  • Protein Rich
  • Powder Mix
  • Complete Food
Exotic Nutrition96.8
15Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat - Sugar Glider Food Affordable
  • Chewable Treat
  • Timothy Hay Added
  • Sweet Apples

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