Best Thrush Treatments for Horses (How to Choose Thrush Treatment for Horses)

Equine pets are commonly infected by bacteria, which will lead to thrush problems. It is an inevitable condition upon horses, not depending on how well you take good care of them.
The most common cause of getting thrush is wet stable floors and horses’ inactivity. Horses exposed to mud are less likely to develop fungal infection or thrush.
Having the best thrush treatment for horses is necessary to prevent such problems from getting severe. If not treated well, it may worsen the situation.

Our top picks are given away to help you choose which treatment product is best for your horse. This post also consists of other helpful guides in treating the horse’s thrush in a short period. Keep on scrolling!

How to Choose Thrush Treatment for Horses

Before you go through the product reviews, it is important to understand what thrush really means. There are questions often asked by buyers we would be discussing in the rest of this buyer’s guide. You can leave additional queries in the comment box later on.

How to identify a horse’s thrush?

Thrush infection is so visible in the human’s eyes. You can notice around the pet’s hoof that it is blackening due to thrush. Keepers always clean up horses’ feet, making them differentiate infected pets easily.

Its odor can also be observed, which results from the bacterial infection in the horse’s place. Keepers easily identify which one is infected without smelling them one-by-one in a stable full of horses.

At what level is the thrush on a horse’s hoof?

You should know three stages of thrush infection – mild, moderate, and severe thrush. By that, picking off the best remedies for thrush in particular stages is a lot easier to do. This is how they work:

  • Mild Thrush Treatment – Mild cases are easy to cure by using field-tested thrush treatment for horses. It is painful and does not cause lameness on horses due to no deep tissue layer attacks. You can recognize mild thrush with black discharge and odor upon the horse’s hoof.
  • Moderate Thrush Treatment – Copper and iodine-based treatment products are best for this thrush infection stage. However, it may slow down the healing process and cause tender issues over time. Its infection is more deeply rooted that some pain may be observed. Black discharge and odor are ever-present.
  • Severe Thrush Treatment – Thrush treatments used in field trials may not be very effective in severe thrush cases. This causes severe pain that leads to lameness towards horses because of deep tissue involvement. Microbes are harder to kill in severe cases, as surrounding tissues may get harm. You may ask for professional help when this occurs.

The Four Easy Steps to Cure Thrush on Horses

After getting the right treatment product to eliminate thrush infection, you may proceed to the next step. It is time to get rid of that thrush on the horse’s hoof!

There are four most effective ways on how to apply thrush treatment correctly, which includes the following:

  • Step Treatment for Thrush in Horses1. Make a Cotton Swab – Other than the thrush treatment, you need to prepare a cotton swab to wrap around the end of the hoof. It should be wrapped tightly not to get unattached.
  • Step Treatment for Thrush in Horses2. Soak the Treatment Solution – Some thrush treatments come with a brush while others have not. Use the cotton swab instead by soaking the treatment on it.
  • Step Treatment for Thrush in Horses3. Wash the Hoof and Dry – Clean the hoof before applying anything else to avoid further infections. You may use a pick and brush to remove mud debris attached to the hoof.
  • Step Treatment for Thrush in Horses4. Apply the Treatment on Hoofs – Start on the sides of the hoof to get into the cracks on which the formula shall penetrate. Apply a bit of pressure while putting the treatment to be more effective in reaching even the deepest tissues. Apply the thrush formula over the hoof’s surface and then repeat with fresh cotton to clean the area.

Things to Look For

Upon reading the product reviews above, you may now pick the best thrush treatment for your equine pet. Here are additional factors to look for in buying a thrush treatment online:

  • Price – Most thrush treatments are affordable and yet perform effectively in preventing thrush infections. Some products are a bit pricey and are still worthy of investing in. Check on the brands that offer high-quality treatments for thrush.
  • Packaging – A well-packed thrush treatment is to look for. It is for everyday use, making sure the container is easy to open and tight enough to secure the formula.
  • Effectiveness – You cannot hold the horse’s feet right after application to put up with the treatment. It needs to be more consistent and won’t easily melt. Some products are out of powder, which must stick on hoofs even longer.

Reviews: Best Thrush Treatments for Horses

We examined the fifteen best thrush treatments just for you. Each has to offer wonderful features to benefit your equine pets.
All of the products below are available online and in pet stores, so check them out!

Here are our top 15 treatments for horse’s thrush you can now order:

  • Let’s start with an easy to apply hoof treatment by Treasure. It can be put directly into the affected area by hand. Thrush infections will be gone in just a matter of days after application. Daily apply the product on the horse’s hoof until the infection gets better.
  • It shall take a week of application to achieve the best results.
  • It has clay-like consistency that easily penetrates the infected areas, even tiny holes, and nooks.
  • The formula can take advantage of liquid products because of how it is made. It can remain in infected areas for a longer period, allowing more time to knock out active bacteria.
  • Treasure used non-caustic ingredients to prevent any other damage to horses. It won’t hurt the pet’s feet in every application.
  • The treatment clay consists of both active and inactive ingredients safe for horses.
  • It has a paint-like finish when applied, which most horse keepers enjoy. The product is kept in a jar container.

  • Here is another product with a different perspective on the previous thrush treatment. It is a powder formula that can effectively eliminate thrush on horses.
  • They are easy to apply to the affected area with lesser mess right after.
  • This horse care product is made in the USA to ensure your pet’s best quality. It comes in a 5.5-ounce slender bottle and is easy to grip.
  • It is quite expensive than other thrush treatments on the list but gives value to your money.
  • Before applying the formula, clear the horse’s hoof by removing debris or dead tissues. It would be more effective going through the cleansing step.
  • Put the powder formula either directly or indirectly to the affected area. It will be effective either way.
  • It gives natural healing upon horse’s thrush-like no other. You can think of fast results when dry treatment is used regularly.

  • Another factor that could enhance thrush infection is heat around the hoof. Hooflex Hoof Care Treatment deals with the heat factor by reducing it. Bacteria growth will be lessened, which is a great plus for a horse’s overall health.
  • You may order two or four-pound treatment products in a plastic container. Get the amount enough for your pet’s needs. It is made in the United States, thus ensures high-quality performance over equine pets.
  • It is another clay-based formula thrush treatment you can afford to buy. Unlike the other treatments, this one has a pain-relieving effect in thrush cases. Your pet would feel better while being in the process of getting well.
  • The hoof treatment maintains moisture upon the horse’s hoofs. It also prevents cracks with the help of its nine therapeutic ingredients. It features antibacterial and antifungal formula as well.
  • It comes with a brush for easy application upon horse’s hoofs. The clay formula shall reach the deepest tissues affected by the bacteria to cure.

  • This one is a tool used in treating thrush infection. It would be best to buy a treatment formula at a separate cost in this purchase. It is a hoof soaking bag that can fit the hoof’s size between 8 and 24-inches in diameter. Get one at an affordable price.
  • The curing thrush tool is made of heavy-duty polyvinyl-coated cloth with three self-stick straps. Those straps help keep the soaking bag in place when tied to the horse leg.
  • It is durable on which horses won’t rip off.
  • You can be sure of consistent hoof treatment using a soaking bag. It reduces stress in doing so. The bag is washable for the next use.
  • A plastic loop is included to hang the soaking bag for drying easily. It should be upside down to drain water more effectively.

  • Among the best cure for thrush is a veterinarian certified formula by Capewell. Many horse keepers have been using Thrush Buster for over 24 years with its trusted quality. Plus, the product is manufactured in the United States.
  • Many manufacturers have been trying to imitate this treatment product, but no one succeeded.
  • You can see a difference after the first application of the formula onto your pet’s hoof. Buy at least two packs for month-long use or more to accommodate the pet’s needs.
  • It is suitable for all horse ages.
  • It contains a bottle with a little hole to avoid spilling off much of the horses’ formula. This assures long time use thereof.
  • Thrush Buster works to guard hoofs against fungi and bacteria. It has all the ingredients that are needed to prevent thrush infection. It also maintains the natural moisture level of the hoof as necessary.

  • If you want a thrush treatment that is easier to apply in just a snap, Grooms Hand Thrush Solution could be the best choice. It is an aerosol thrush solution with a long-lasting formula.
  • Your hands won’t get dirty at all while treating the horse’s hoof. Just spray it on the affected areas and then wait for the best results.
  • It has a built-in pick to clean the hoof before spraying the formula easily.
  • It is very convenient to use with all life stages of a horse.
  • Thrush Solution originated from the USA. It continuously received many positive feedbacks from the users. It cures thrush problems and white line disease, common for equine pets.
  • There will be no need to prepare for other materials such as cloth in using this tool. It can treat a horse’s hoof by itself with one hand.

  • The horse keeper’s first defense line is no other than Mane n’ Tail’sequine products. They are one of the most popular brands for equine care. Mane n’ Tail always offers medicated products safe for horses of all ages.
  • This one is specially made to prevent more damage against the horse’s hoof due to thrush infection. It is a gel formula that penetrates the infected area’s deepest parts. Gently apply the formula onto the entire hoof for better results.
  • Its antimicrobial formula stops many more active bacteria over the pet. The healing process is faster than you could ever imagine using this broad-spectrum formula.
  • It is naturally water-based and safe to use in treating other hoof related diseases. It will not cause any skin irritation on horses.
  • The pet won’t be messed up, as the formula will not leave a stain on its hoof. No scorching feeling as well.

  • Another popular brand selling horse care products is Farnam. This option is different from the above products, as it comes in a cream formula.
  • It is available in shampoo formula for horses and other home pets, but the cream is for thrush treatment.
  • It is a non-greasy formula and is intended for healing minor cuts on a horse’s skin, including thrush infection.
  • The cream is put in an easy-open jar for immediate use.
  • The price is so affordable that it can last for several months of application. We all know how aloe vera works on the skin, its main ingredient. There are added vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E to provide the best outcomes. It also consists of oils from safflower and sunflower seeds.
  • It will make the wound moist even more for quick healing. Since the horse’s hoof has some hair, this product is good to minimize hair loss.

  • This is the second spray formula on the list, with different offers. Sav-a-hoof spray is intended to prevent thrush problems and other hoof diseases. It is good for horse keepers with lesser time in caring for the pet.
  • The 16-ounce spray formula can last for several uses.
  • After initial treatment, you can already see results. Do it regularly to achieve thrush-free hoofs.
  • It is enriched with protein that protects hoofs against thrush even better. Protein formula won’t harm newly grown tissues on the hoof. Thus, spraying more formula will have no negative effect on the pet.
  • It can easily penetrate nail holes and hoof wall without hurting your pet. The application will be at ease compared to creams or clay-based thrush treatments.
  • No harmful chemicals are added, such as formalin, copper sulfate, etc. Animal and human safety are highly considered.

  • It is like a spray formula is getting popular these days to treat horses thrush. With this another spray thrush treatment, you will never go wrong.
  • It is stored in a heavy-duty spray bottle, making it easier to apply on affected areas with one hand. There is no need to wear gloves while curing your horse’s hoof.
  • This is safe for daily use to get the best results. It can be effective in healing any bad case of thrush infection. You would not worry about your horse getting irritated or drying its hoof after application.
  • This treatment can heal the worst thrush condition due to its farrier formula. It contains natural ingredients that are better for horses. The hoof will be cleansed into its deepest part to obliterate the thrush. It must be done regularly so that thrush won’t come back again.
  • The bottle has an adjustable nozzle to choose between the harsh stream and just a mist spray in cleaning the hoof. It can go for deep cleansing with mud and manure on the horse’s hoof. A horse with white line disease would also be benefited from this spray formula.

  • A liquid thrush treatment is another best choice to prevent thrush infection on horses. It demands the addition of white vinegar and water for better performance. The additional ingredients are accessible at home, so there will be no added cost.
  • Only mix a needed amount of formula for one-time use. Experts do recommend White Lightning’s thrush treatment.
  • Its ingredient’s biggest portion is the active chlorine dioxide solution. CIO2 effectively neutralizes bacteria, yeast, and fungi, which are the causes of thrush problems.
  • The vinegar and water help to kill those unwanted bacteria in the hoof.
  • Purchase a soaked bag to secure the hoof while in treatment. Leave the hoof soaked in the formula for up to 45 minutes.
  • Anyways, the blended formula can last for 8 hours. It will bring results within 6 weeks; apply the formula 2-3 times per week. When changes are visible, you may reduce times of use to 1-2 times weekly.

  • We are down to the 12thbest treatment for thrush. It is sold in different sizes according to your horse’s needs. You can start up with the smallest one to see if it will work.
  • Thrush Stuff is priced the way anyone can effortlessly afford it.
  • It is an astringent solution for thrush, one of the best products you can buy these days. It has a consistency like water, which can easily penetrate the hoof’s deeper parts, unlike gel solutions.
  • The solution can easily enter the cracks and crevices to give them a cure. It will remain longer in those areas, which bring a better outcome.
  • Outlaw Thrush Stuff can work well in wet conditions in treating horse hoof problems. It is five times stronger than any astringent solutions in the market. You must apply the formula to the bottom of the hoof. Outlaw used a container with a screw cap for easy application.

  • A clinically-tested hoof care product is necessary to ensure the horse’s safety throughout the treatment. Fungidye is one of those products that are highly recommended by experts.
  • Many vets have share stories of how good is Fungidye in healing thrush infections and other hoof problems.
  • It comprises two anti-bacterial agents and an anti-fungal agent that works together to give the best results.
  • They will not kill any tissue, which sounds good for horses. A dropper cap is included for easy application. Other product sizes have another set of accessories included, like a dauber and a sprayer.
  • It could also treat white line disease and hair infections at a reasonable price. The Fungidye penetrates infected areas effortlessly may be due to its consistency.
  • The said formula is insoluble in urine and water, which is essential for horses living in a stable. It will take effect even in moisture.

  • The last product we recommend to get rid of horses’ thrush is the Durvet’s Thrush Rid. It is only available in two ounces and so buying more than one bottle is advisable for longer use.
  • Thrush Rid is greatly used to prevent thrush from exiting onto a horse’s hoof. It won’t allow things to get worse, which is our goal.
  • Horse soles will be toughened as well upon applying this product.
  • Aside from being long-lasting, Thrush Rid also acts quicker than any other treatment products. The formula is colored purple to indicate its use to treat hoof problems.
  • Wear gloves in applying the formula onto the hoof, as it may turn your hands purple.

  • For over 45 years of service, Kopertox has proven its product’s effectiveness in caring for horses. It is reasonably priced for most horse keepers to buy. The treatment is intended for external use only and must be kept away from children and other home pets.
  • Kopertox only used two main ingredients to end up with the formula. They are effective in treating thrush due to active bacteria on the hoof.
  • It would be more effective when you first remove the hoof’s debris and then apply the formula. This prevents some dirt from getting into the affected area to worsen the situation.
  • Cure the horse’s hoof daily, if necessary. Keep curing it until fully healed. It is easy to say whether the thrush is getting better or still needs some treatment.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, thrush treatments are essential for horse care. Seeing signs of thrush problems upon horses must be treated immediately, not to worsen the infection.
Regular observation of equine pets helps deal with the problem ahead of time. Treatments are available in the market, like what is mentioned earlier.
Choose the product the best suits the level of thrush infection of your horse.

Please share the other thrush treatment for horses in the comment box with us. Thank you!

Index Table: Top rated Thrush Treatments for Horses

1Therazure Hoof Thrush Treatment Clay - Horse Thrush Treatments
  • Non-Caustic
  • Paint Like Finish
  • Active and Inactive Ingredients
2No Thrush Powder Dry Thrush Treatment - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Easy Application
  • Great Quality
  • Effective Ingredients
No Thrush Powder97.8
3Absorbine Hooflex Hoof Care Treatment - Horse’s Treatment for Thrush
  • Large Treatment Pack
  • Lessens Bacterial Growth
  • Pain relief Formula
4Less Side Horse Hoof Soaking Bag - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Hoof Soaking Bag
  • Durable Materails and Design
Less Side97.6
5Capewell Thrush Buster - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Veterinarian Formula
  • Long Use Packs
  • No Spill Bottle
6Grooms Hand Thrush Solution - Horse Thrush Treatments
  • Spray On Design
  • No Dirty Handls
  • Easy To use
7Mane n’ Tail Pro-Tect Antimicrobial Medicated Thrush Treatment - Horse’s Treatment for Thrush
  • Protective
  • Gentle Formula
Mane n’ Tail97
8Farnam Aloe Vera Veterinary Cream - Horse Thrush Treatments
  • Cream Formula
  • Easy to use Jar
  • Effective Ingredients
9SBS Equine Sav-a-hoof Spray Treatment - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Penetrates Easily
  • Easy Application design
10Happy Healthy Hoof Natural Thrush Treatment - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Heavy Duty Spray Bottle
  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • Gentle
Happy Healthy Hoof97
11White Lightning Grand Circuit Hoof Liquid - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Add White Vinegar
  • Lasts for 8 Hours
White Lightning96
12Outlaw Thrush Stuff - Horse’s Treatment for Thrush
  • Size Options
  • Astringent Solution
  • easy Application Design
13Nufoot Fungidye Horse Hoof Care - Horse’s Treatment for Thrush
  • Clinically Tested
  • Penetrates Area Easily and Fast
14Durvet Thrush Rid - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Fast Effective Releif
  • Colors the Hoof Purple
  • Small Tube
15Kopertox Water-Resistant Protection Without Bandaging - Treatment for Thrush in Horses
  • Effective Two Ingredients
  • Anti Bacterail

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